‘The Flirt’ and John Milhiser’s Sweet-Funny


The Flirt just makes you feel good. It’s funny, though. That’s the whole thing. It makes you feel good AND it’s very funny. Written by and starring John Milhiser, co-starring Mike Lane, and directed by Ryan Moulton, the funny part isn’t surprising. Nor is the piece’s innovative method of delivery (just watch, okay?). All three of these gents have successful comedy careers. All three have written, performed, and directed enough sketch reams to identify a short worth calling in favors to make. So, the fact that The Flirt is good is great, but it’s not why I’m writing about it. I’m writing about it because it’s Milhiser.

I’ve watched John for years. On stage, on video, on TV, even on my podcast (which, full disclosure, he was on), but it’s taken me until now to realize why he’s such a special performer: he’s “sweet-funny.” In all of John’s work, there’s a rare mixture of wit and heart–a kind of cherubic sass that very few others, at any level–can pull off.

A walking juxtaposition of absurdity and earnestness, to watch John is to feel like all he wants to do is make you belly laugh. He always does. Not because he’s funny; because he’s willing to reveal a dimension of vulnerability in a way so few comedic performers can.

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‘The Flirt’ and John Milhiser’s Sweet-Funny