‘Freddy Derryl’ and the Best of Character Cringe


I know, I know, I wrote about Josh Ruben recently, but this piece is different, because it’s not just about him. There’s a larger story to Freddy Derryl and how it all came to be.

Shot on New Years Eve, 2016, in Ruben’s native Woodstock, New York, the short–which also stars Bettina Skye in a fabulous turn–has a 100% hometown crew and was shot on a 7D. Hear that? This beautifully simple, stirringly real character portrayal was done on a shoestring by people who knew these characters inside and out, because they’d lived with them most of their lives.

Like Fargo, Freddy Derryl boasts a quiet, inimitable indigenousness that could’ve only come to hilarious fruition in these sets of hands.

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‘Freddy Derryl’ and the Best of Character Cringe