Warren Beatty Knows That Oscars Envelope Brouhaha Was the Television Event of the Century


Poor Warren Beatty. This wonderful octogenarian will be questioned about the nitty-gritty details surrounding that Oscars moment until the day he dies (#FreeWarren), but if anyone’s going to ask him for a play-by-play of the evening’s controversy, it may as well be Britain’s finest, Graham Norton. So, what went down on that fateful night? “I thought, well, maybe this is a misprint and then I shouldn’t foul up the show because I made a little error,” the actor explained, before making it clear he didn’t throw his fellow presenter Faye Dunaway under the bus. “No no no! My instructions were: Take the envelope when I walked out. I couldn’t have it before that. Then I go out, I say something, I open the envelope, I give it to Faye, and she then says what it says.” Still, people attending those swanky after-parties weren’t as hot and bothered by it all as he expected them to be. As Beatty quipped: “People talk about themselves.” Touché.

Beatty: That Oscars Moment Was the TV Event of the Century