More ‘Somewhere in Highland Park,’ Please


Fresh off Channel 101’s April 29th showcase comes the pilot of Jason Gudasz’s Somewhere in Highland Park. A near perfect feat of low-budget camera tricks and razor sharp dialogue, Gudasz and DP Christian Klein set this baby up for Aaron Kee and Brodie Reed to spike it right back down.

Sitting in a sweltering all-purpose room-turned-theatre, where the sweet smell of Kirkland brand red fills the air and hoots and hollers from supportive friends force you to the brink of catatonia probably isn’t what most Los Angelenos would call a good Saturday night, but passing up a Channel 101 screening–where comedians present their no-budget shorts for audience voting and a chance to air another episode at next month’s show–means passing up the chance to become acquainted with the kind of raw talent that bootstraps a piece like this.

Next month, I’ll take one Solo cup full of Kirkland and Somewhere in Highland Park, Episode 2.

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More ‘Somewhere in Highland Park,’ Please