Despite Being a Very Good Boy, Downward Dog Has Been Canceled by ABC

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

After uncertainty about its future at the network, ABC has sent freshman comedy Downward Dog, which stars Fargo’s Allison Tolman as the owner of a hyperanalytical pup, to a beautiful farm upstate where it can run and play with Selfie and the other sitcoms that probably would have found their audience if given a little more time. The show’s creator, Samm Hodges, announced the decision to fans via Twitter in a message that started accurately enough: “Well, shit.” Hodges elaborated in a statement co-signed by co-creator Michael Killen, “Got the very surprising news that ABC is not moving forward with Downward Dog. They loved it creatively and really wanted to make more, but couldn’t find a financial path to do so.” The show’s last two episodes will air this coming Tuesday and, even without a monologue, you can go ahead and guess what your dog thinks about the whole thing.

Despite Being a Very Good Boy, ABC Has Canceled Downward Dog