Younger Recap: You Don’t Even Know What a Meme Is

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Gettin' Hygge With It Season 4 Episode 2
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You had me at hygge, Younger. Actually, you had me at naming Empirical’s latest release “Gettin’ Hygge With It,” because honestly what’s better than a play on a classic Will Smith jam? Nothing. Well, maybe a few things, like getting to watch Liza and Charles flirt while Liza helps her boss out with his back spasm. Sure, it’s completely inappropriate for the workplace, but when has anything at Empirical ever been appropriate? Never, and that’s why we love it so.

Anyway, if you missed the explanation, hygge is the Danish concept of cozy contentment. The only real thing getting cozy on Younger is Kelsey and Josh’s blossoming friendship: The new roommates bond over grits, their southern roots, and their newly formed Liza Recovery Group. The only rule is to never say the name Liza. It’s like Fight Club, but for very attractive hipsters.

I guess Maggie is getting cozy with her new barista friend, too. Her name is Montana, because of course it is. Maggie misreads Montana’s art fangirling for flirting, which leads to an awkward kiss. Montana is straight, but would love to assist Maggie with her work. I’m not 100 percent sure where we’re going with this, but I am 100 percent sure that I still miss Maggie and Lauren together. Those two were a hoot.

On the other side of the cozy spectrum are Liza and Kelsey, who is still icing her ex-bestie out. The only thing enjoyable about Kelsey learning the truth about Liza is that now we get to watch as Kelsey sees Liza with fresh eyes: One conversation about memes in a staff meeting later, and Kelsey is mostly just disgusted with herself for not being able to suss out the truth earlier. It’s like she’s finally in on the joke we’ve been privy to this whole time.

This broken relationship is a shame for so many reasons, but most especially because Kelsey could use some sage advice from a friend. Almost immediately following the news of terrible reviews for his debut novel, Colin is back asking for Kelsey’s forgiveness. She’s all too eager to let him back into her life. Okay, first she takes him on a double date with Lauren (bless you, Lauren, for coining the phrase “doppelbänger” in regards to Kelsey’s extremely predictable type) and Max to the House of Yes (think kinky Cirque du Soleil), and she and her full pleather outfit give him a little whipping as revenge — but after that, it’s back to normal.

I mean that in the worst way possible. Kelsey brings Colin as her plus-one to the Empirical hygge party and he barely gets one foot in the front door before he forces Kelsey to introduce him to Charles. Dude, I know Charles is one of a few select grown adult men who can pull off a chunky knit sweater, but slow your roll. Colin’s bad reviews led to Random House (you know, the publishing house he ditched Empirical for, what a sweetheart) dropping Colin’s second book option, and now he’s angling for a deal with Empirical.

Regardless of the state of their friendship, Liza can’t sit back and watch Kelsey get hurt again. She pulls her friend aside and tells her she deserves better than Colin. She deserves someone who treasures her. Who opens doors for her. Who walks on the outside of the sidewalk, LIKE A GENTLEMAN. Kelsey doesn’t take the advice well, and yells at Liza for following some old-lady handbook for romance. (She’s 40, Kels, not 100!) Liza doesn’t understand her — she never has and never will.

Unfortunately for Kelsey, Liza is dead-on about Colin. A fact that Kelsey realizes as she almost gets hit by a biker while walking on the outside of the sidewalk. Colin doesn’t even notice — he’s too busy texting his agent about his conversation with Charles. Kelsey makes like Random House and drops that dummy.

Just because Liza was right to be concerned doesn’t mean Kelsey has to be happy about it. She gets back to Josh’s in the middle of a house party — lord, did I miss that washboard (both instrument and abs) — but the rowdiness doesn’t stop Josh from consoling his roommate. It also doesn’t stop him from realizing that the word lie is baked into Liza’s name. They should’ve known. He’s mostly riled up from a run-in with his ex on the street that was very tense for all parties involved. So, if silly wordplay is going to get you through it, have at it. See “Will Smith jams” above.

Josh cheers Kelsey up and the two end the night Texas two-stepping in the living room. You guys, I am so conflicted here. This impending hookup feels like the ultimate betrayal, but also … I’m into it? Bless their southern hearts, Kelsey and Josh are pretty cute together.

It’s Trout Season

• Man, they are priming the pump for Diana discovering Liza’s secret. During the hygge party, Richard remarks to Liza how she is one of the few people Diana actually trusts. Is Diana going to take Liza’s betrayal the hardest? Or will she be the one person who totally understands? Either way, can Diana and Liza end up as BFFs?

• I love how Diana can barely hide how much she cares for Liza. First, in JCPenny, as she offers condolences for her breakup with Josh, and then as she eavesdrops on Liza and Kelsey’s fight. Sure, she snidely remarks to Charles that it’s just 20-something drama, but underneath that giant necklace is some real concern.

• Shout out to all the body-pillow aficionados out there. Unlike what Diana would have you believe, body pillows do not mean you’re sad and lonely, they just mean you enjoy sleeping with the utmost level of comfort. THEY’RE JUST SENSIBLE, GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.

• On ridiculous candle scents: “Nostalgic Snow? What is that, old snow? Isn’t that water?”

Younger Recap: You Don’t Even Know What a Meme Is