Zoo Recap: A Letter to Mitch Morgan

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The Black Forest Season 3 Episode 9
Editor's Rating 3 stars

Dear Mitch Morgan,

I write to you tonight with a heavy heart: Your body has been overtaken by a secret evil persona that you have been harboring for ten years. It was placed there by the nefarious Abigail Westbrook, a scientist as cruel as she is intelligent, stored in an infernal device known as a bio-drive. I understand that this may come as a shock, but please, I ask that you do your best to maintain your composure, because I have not told you the worst of it.

You’re calling yourself “Mr. Duncan.”

Yes, I know. It seems you have abandoned reason entirely, and I must say that it is true. I tell you all of this in the hopes that someday you will abandon this folly and assume proper control over your mind and body. I know not by what means or when that may be, only that it will likely occur sometime before September 21, 2017, the date of the Zoo season-three finale. Don’t worry too much about that, though. Your mind is addled and cannot handle the stress right now.

However, I do eagerly and earnestly await your return, and out of my great affection for you and a desire to aid you in your recovery, I have left you enclosed a record of your actions as Mr. Duncan.

To wit:

Having lost all semblance of identity as the aircraft I personally refer to as Zoo Force One began to fall from the sky from want of power, you, as Mr. Duncan, began to attack your dear friend and former lover Jamie Campbell, with the goal of keeping her from restoring power to the aircraft. (Shameful behavior, might I add.)

Despite having the upper hand in almost every conceivable way, you are unsuccessful, because Mr. Duncan obviously does not possess the considerable prowess in hand-to-hand combat that you do, Dr. Morgan. (One wonders if Mr. Duncan possesses prowess of any sort, but I digress.) In failing to see the plane and your former allies destroyed, you, as Duncan, chose to preserve your life, and abandoned the aircraft.

Upon reaching solid ground, you then made contact with Abigail Westbrook to apprise her of your failure, and of an unexplained pain in your head. She theorized that her bio-drive was malfunctioning, threatening to put you in your right mind and threatening her plans, and as such instructed you to rendezvous at her hideout. I’m ashamed to say you complied, and doubly ashamed to say that you then told her of all your colleagues’ plans to stop her twisted plot to unleash hybrids upon the world — as well as the greatest secret held within your formerly great mind, the pregnancy of Clementine, your daughter.

Completely in Ms. Westbrook’s thrall, you then hatched a sinister plan to both undermine your friends’ effort to restore mankind’s fertility and endanger your daughter’s life. With Ms. Westbrook’s help, you make contact with Sam Parker — the real one this time, the father of your unborn grandchild. Mr. Parker, it turns out, has a reason to loathe your former colleagues and conspire with you and Ms. Westbrook: Both of his parents sadly perished when you and your colleagues unleashed the razorbacks on Pangea Island ten years ago.

As horrible as that may be, it is still no reason to deceive him the way you did. That deception took the form of a solution to tarnish his blood and sabotage the blood transfusion Dr. Abraham Kenyatta desires to perform on your unborn grandchild in an effort to both save its life and also humanity’s future.

I regret to inform you this plan works, and last I heard, your daughter was imperiled. Both you and most of your team are completely unaware of this great tragedy unfolding aboard your plane, but it appears you may have been privy to a shocking revelation as your evil persona briefly introduced himself to Dr. Jackson Oz, only to be taunted by Ms. Westbrook. At that moment, Dr. Oz made a completely shocking inference: Ms. Westbrook could communicate with hybrids because she is herself a hybrid.

Despite your best efforts to thwart them, your former colleagues have located Ms. Westbrook’s hideout with the help of a captured Shepherd that has an interest in seeing Ms. Westbrook dead for superseding his deranged organization’s plans with a deranged plan of her own.

If I sound harsh or judgmental in my correspondence, Dr. Morgan, let me assure you: That is my intent. If my words achieve nothing else, I would want them to underscore the sheer folly of a life of crime, and the reproach that is deserved when one uses their intellectual gifts for the benefit of a plot to overrun the world with hybrid psychic animal monsters. I consider it some small comfort that you are only doing this under the duress of another personality stored in your brain and overriding your born identity, but the fact remains: You have much to atone for.

And perhaps you will. It seems like the scheme you cooked up as Mr. Duncan with Ms. Westbrook is beginning to fall apart. Dr. Oz has freed himself and apprehended Ms. Westbrook, who appears to be in critical condition. Meanwhile, your teammates have apprehended you and the hideout was largely destroyed in the aftermath.

However, there is still cause to worry. I have heard that newly minted IADG agent Logan Jones, whom I don’t know why anyone cares about, has made his way to the hybrid nest in Seoul after eradicating its sister nest in Black Forest. Before I leave you alone with your thoughts, you should know that Ms. Jamie Campbell has lied to your colleagues and pretended to restore your mind, because she has something she wants Mr. Duncan to do, something that Dr. Mitch Morgan would never do.

I hope it isn’t something you regret too much. And if it is, I’ll be here to tell you about how horrible you should feel next week.


Zoo Recap: A Letter to Mitch Morgan