The 12 Most Delightful Austin Rogers GIFs From His Astounding Jeopardy! Run

Photo: Jeopardy!

If you don’t regularly watch Jeopardy!, you probably don’t know who Austin Rogers is. But that’s all about to change: Rogers has won over fans with his remarkable two-week champion streak, amassing a vast amount of money thanks to his deep knowledge, quick buzzer fingers, and red-hot pantomiming skills. Well, okay, not so much that last one, but when was the last time a Jeopardy! contestant was as good on camera as this fella?

“Every subsequent episode after my debut, I forgot that I had to stare for ten-and-a-half seconds at a red light,” Rogers told Vulture earlier this week about his signature bits. “And I’m like, ‘This is a long time to just stare and awkwardly smile.’ So I realized I had to do something.” He most certainly has, in the form of everything from impromptu dance moves to snappy Daily Double celebrations. In honor of Rogers’s Jeopardy! domination, we rounded up GIFs of his best moments for your viewing pleasure.

The Daily Double Celebration GIPHY

The Balloon Animal GIPHY

The Wine Snob GIPHY

The “How Much Should I Wager?” GIPHY

The Symphony Conductor

The Jazz Hand GIPHY

The “I Can’t Talk Right Now, I’m on Jeopardy!” GIPHY

The Rubik’s Cube GIPHY

The Beyoncé Shimmy GIPHY

The Final Jeopardy! Shoulder Shake GIPHY

The Final Jeopardy! Shoulder Shake, Redux GIPHY

The Excitable Hello GIPHY

The Best of Austin Rogers on 'Jeopardy!'

The 12 Most Delightful Austin Rogers GIFs From Jeopardy!