How to Get Away With Murder Recap: The Greater Good

How to Get Away With Murder

It's for the Greater Good
Season 4 Episode 3
Editor’s Rating *****
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At one point during this episode, I just screamed out, “I’M SICK OF THIS WES STUFF. WE GET IT. YOU LOVE HIM. IT’S HIS BABY. HE’S DEAD. BLAH BLAH BLAH.” That is not a good reaction to have to a pregnant law student. That’s just bad all around, but I’m getting sick of everything that Laurel is doing or trying to do. I mean, I get the general sense of what she’s doing, but why is this happening. Is this going to be effective? I don’t care. I’m already bored.

I’m definitely excited about Annalise’s new legal adventures. Isn’t that why we all signed up? Before Shonda Rhimes tricked all our asses. That sneaky brilliant bitch tricked us. Let’s get to it. Annalise is walking into the public defender’s office to volunteer her time. She’s got her drinking under control and she’s ready to help. Her first case (and tonight’s case of the week, it feels SO good to have a case of the week again) is Ben Carter, a former gang member who is accused of pushing his girlfriend out of a window. Annalise meets with him and he tells her that he just found out that their baby wasn’t his. Annalise makes a case that his girlfriend was suffering from postpartum depression and committed suicide.

Meanwhile, Connor walks in while the Keating Gang is freaking out that Bonnie is working for the state and tells them that he dropped out. Again, WHO CARES?

Back in court, the prosecution is playing a message of Ben’s girlfriend asking for him to talk. The prosecution got it from … THE CLOUD. Nate comes into the court to testify and Annalise goes on the attack. She claims he’s making up Ben’s motives and reading between the lines. Annalise asks the jury if they’ve ever deleted a voicemail because if they have, they’re murderers. I’d like to offer that people who still leave voicemails are the real criminals.

Michaela is at her new office and they do this thing called the Hell Bowl, where they quiz the new interns about the company and the prize is a bottle of Champagne the size of a toddler and the chance to pick which lawyer you work with. She makes it to the final four of the competition because this is a television show. Meanwhile, Bonnie is chilling in her office and Laurel comes to visit. She’s asking for an internship and her sales pitch of “I have the lowest GPA in the class and I’m pregnant” somehow doesn’t work.

Annalise is talking to the public defender about the case when someone from the bar association asks her for a urine sample. I get that Annalise is still on probation, but I could do without seeing her pee in a cup while a lady in a pantsuit watches her. To add insult to injury, Laurel is waiting for her in the bathroom. Laurel.

Nate asks Oliver to use his hacking powers to get into Annalise’s phone. They find the audio clip of Ben admitting that his daughter isn’t his biological child. The prosecution thinks the best way to reveal this information is in court in front of Ben’s daughter. This isn’t an episode of Law & Order: SVU, but this is my favorite episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Nothing is going well so the public defender tells Annalise she should give her the case back. Annalise spots Bonnie and Nate in the parking lot and she rushes them. Annalise says they didn’t have to ruin a man’s life (they really didn’t) and she says she’s gonna beat Bonnie’s ass. No. THIS is my favorite episode of Law & Order: SVU. After throwing down in the parking lot, Annalise gets a call to identify a body in the morgue. It was Jasmine. She died of an overdose.

The Keating Gang has an intervention for Connor and I’m really not loving any of their story lines right now.

Annalise goes to visit Jimmy Smits because she felt the urge to get a drink after Jasmine died. He tries to get her to step away from the case, but she refuses to because she’s Annalise Keating! They’re gonna bang by the end of the season, aren’t they? When she gets home, there’s an envelope in front of her door. She opens it up and it’s a tape of Ben’s girlfriend climbing out of the window herself and Ben rushing to the window after she falls. Annalise calls Frank to find out who left her the envelope. It was some dude named Bill who works at a bar across from the building and he’s screwing the public defender. I’M SORRY, WHAT?!

Annalise calls the public defender to the stand and this is getting good. MAN. I missed the client of the week! She gets the public defender on the stand and asks if she’s able to provide adequate representation for all her clients. Oh? She is? WELL, EXPLAIN THIS. The defender claims that she never had time to review the security footage even though it was clearly a key piece of evidence. The case is thrown out and the public defender is disgraced. She confronts Annalise in the hall and spits on her. That’s a damn 1940s power bitch move.

Jimmy Smits asks Annalise why she chose to destroy a woman’s career. Annalise is ready to fight for Jasmine and Ben and everyone else who can’t afford to get a good attorney. She got the public defender to admit under oath that she’s overworked and underfunded. It’s class-action lawsuit time. I’m fully ready for this plotline. Annalise says it makes her feel better even if she is overwhelmed. Jimmy Smits asks her if her ego or ambition is worth ruining her life. These two are going to MAKE OUT.

Let’s just summarize what else happens because it’s all about the Keating Gang: Oliver gets Connor’s dads to show up while he’s wallowing in a strip club. Laurel pleads with Michaela to win the Hell Bowl so she can investigate her dad’s company. Michaela uses information Laurel gave her to win the Hell Bowl, so I guess we have to do this now. Two months later, Michaela is covered in blood, looking around a nursery and asking where Laurel’s baby is.

How to Get Away With Murder Recap: The Greater Good