The Mindy Project Recap: Which Meryl Streep Are You?

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The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project

Jeremy & Anna’s Meryl Streep Costume Party Season 6 Episode 5
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Well, this episode is full of pleasant surprises! Presumably, we’re saving the truly earth-shattering, Mindy-related developments for the back half of this final season. Instead, this week’s Mindy Project gives us a resolution we didn’t know we wanted (for the conversation-grenade-tossing office assistant Beverly) and the Meryl Streep costume party we didn’t know we needed.

It all begins with Jeremy and Mindy walking down the Mindy set’s fake New York street, past a brilliantly named secondhand store called Junk in the Trunk, discussing whether Mindy is ready to start dating again. “My masseur is single,” Jeremy hints, “and he has a beautiful ponytail.”

Mindy insists she’s not ready yet … until she spots a handsome guy about three seconds later. He’s looking admiringly at their office building. He introduces himself as David and says he’s an architecture buff. Mindy asks him out for lunch, and he accepts.

When Mindy and Jeremy get to their office, Jeremy freaks out when he finds that everyone on staff has RSVP’d “yes” to his and Anna’s housewarming party — the Meryl Streep one. It’s because everyone loves Meryl Streep, of course! And you know the costumes will be next-level. I don’t understand why it took the world so long to think of this brilliant idea.

Also at the office, Jody tries to talk a college student out of getting an IUD, so she stomps off, saying she’s going to the cool female doctor downtown that all of her friends have been talking about. When Jody checks the office computer to find out where her files were transferred, he discovers that this cool doctor is Dr. Mary Hernandez, whose office is on the Lower East Side. He heads there immediately to save his patient; after all, he says, “some of our most lecherous young actors live there.”

Downtown in the dangerously actor-studded Lower East Side, Jody, accompanied by Morgan, finds an office crammed with young women. He also finds Dr. Hernandez — played by Ugly Betty’s Ana Ortiz — and confronts her. He tells her he noted “a couple of red flags” when his patient mentioned her. “He’s referring to your gender and your race,” Morgan explains. She replies that her practice is the highest-rated women’s health-care clinic in the city and she provides free care — even if there are outdated O.J. Simpson posters on the walls.

At Mindy’s lunch with David, we learn that he is a mechanical engineer who wants to know way too much weirdly detailed information about Mindy’s job, specifically the staff there. He also agrees a little too eagerly to go to Anna and Jeremy’s party with her.

The party is as perfect as one would hope. Karen is there as Devil Wears Prada–era Meryl; Anna is Out of Africa; Jeremy is Florence Foster Jenkins. Even Dr. Hernandez is there as Bridges of Madison County because it turns out she went to Harvard with Anna. Jody (River Wild Meryl) is flustered by this fact, so much so that he asks her out. She, naturally, turns him down.

Mindy arrives dressed as Julie & Julia Meryl, along with non-costumed David. He finds Beverly, who is also non-costumed, and reveals that, in fact, he is Beverly’s long-lost son. Yes, Beverly has a son! She left him in a basket in front of a Jazzercise studio in 1982. Beverly runs away, which naturally brings the party to something of a halt. However, this allows Jeremy to emerge in his second Meryl costume of the night and utter a variation of one of her famous lines: “Looks like a dingo ate my party!”

At the office the next morning, as Beverly carefully picks the blueberries out of her blueberry muffin, Jeremy, Mindy, and Morgan confront her. She reluctantly returns a pile of stolen silverware and an inhaler to Jeremy. (Without it, he had to go to the hospital because he discovered he’s allergic to wig glue.) They explain that’s not why they are confronting her: What about her treatment of David? Though Morgan equivocates: “I never knew my parents and I turned out fine,” he says, coughing up a Lego.

Beverly agrees to meet David at the office that day. But first, she’ll need a makeover, since she is wearing a plaid shirt and bolo tie. “Your closet or mine?” Mindy asks. They choose Mindy’s (in-office) closet, from which they choose a lovely, flowery ensemble from the Patricia Heaton for Kohl’s line. They advise her about acceptable conversation topics. She repeats: “My cats, excitement for Christmas, Pier 1 … how to throw a knife?” No knives, they tell her. Then it’s time: “That son you abandoned is here,” Tamra announces.

Jeremy and Mindy watch as Beverly and David seem to have a lovely conversation in the conference room, complete with parting hug. “She did talk about taxidermy more than I would have imagined,” David tells Mindy afterward, “but at least now I know how much stuffing it would take to fill me.” But wait, his wallet’s missing! It’s been missing since … the hug with Beverly.

Afterward, Beverly explains to Mindy that she just wanted a picture of David — i.e., his driver’s license. “He looks just like his dad, Tavis,” Beverly says. (I could totally see Beverly and PBS’s Tavis Smiley having a kid who looks like David.) Beverly and David end things on good terms, with Beverly giving his wallet back and promising to visit him on Long Island. Um, oh right, he also has a wife and two kids, so Mindy’s out of luck on the romantic front, obviously.

Back on the dangerous Lower East Side, Jody and Morgan get the old Shulman mobile medical unit — complete with the old photos of Danny and Peter on the side — un-impounded. It’s the callback we didn’t know we needed! Jody parks it out in front of Dr. Hernandez’s clinic and starts offering free medical help to her long line of patients out of spite … but hey, he ends up feeling really good about himself afterward. And he’s looking pretty starry-eyed over Dr. Hernandez as he promises to return again next week. Looks like another character might be getting his happily-ever-after.

The Mindy Project Recap: Which Meryl Streep Are You?