Ryan Mazer’s Dire Warning About NYC


Creator Ryan Mazer is no stranger to deep, disturbing introspection, and we’re no stranger to covering it. Today’s feature is Mazer’s latest descent into the recesses of unbridled anxiety and anti-social behavior, framed as an Insider’s Guide to New York City.

A warning: For anyone who’s occupied “the city” for more than a holiday and does no more, you’ll be brought back to days when you felt imprisoned by your surroundings, propelled out only to seek intensive psychotherapy. For those who still fall prey to New York’s angry-eagle grasp, I invite you to feel the harsh sting of truth surround you like tepid bathwater filled with insane swimming bees, as you get a certain glimpse into your near, near future.

Anyway, have a dope Wednesday, ya’ll!

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Ryan Mazer’s Dire Warning About NYC