The Mindy Project Recap: Tamra’s ‘Braby’ Shower

The Mindy Project

Danny in Real Life
Season 6 Episode 9
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As suspected after last week’s episode, Danny has found out about his mom’s ongoing chemo treatments for breast cancer. And as befits Danny’s general dickishness (sometimes lovable, sometimes not), he’s quick to forgive Annette for ordering the deception, but pissed at Mindy for hiding it from him. Still, we’re obviously getting closer to some kind of final reconciliation for Danny and Mindy, who will always be linked by their child — and, it seems, their child’s grandmother. Incidentally, I love how Annette has grown to love Mindy. It makes some sense, if only because Mindy brings a sense of girly fun into her life.

Meanwhile, Anna is gearing up to host Tamra’s “braby” shower — that’s a bridal and baby shower, squished into one handy portmanteau, as Anna explains. Mindy had been hoping to throw Tamra a shower at the Rainforest Café with a screening of Boss Baby if they could find a TV to hook up. But Morgan explains that Anna is “classier and wealthier” and thus better equipped to host. (Also, Anna presumably does not share Mindy’s enthusiasm for Boss Baby.)

Things are also moving forward for Jody, who announces that he’s moving to Africa with Mary, and Colette is coming with him. This does not go over well with the other doctors, who will be unexpectedly left without any nurses for a time: Tamra and Morgan are going on their honeymoon to Essence Fest, and then Tamra will be on maternity leave.

Meanwhile, Annette and Mindy have been watching Gilmore Girls together at chemo, and so Annette wants Mindy there even though Danny doesn’t. For some reason, she prefers the fast-talking, quirky characters of Stars Hollow to Danny harping on her cancer, namely by saying cancer constantly. Finally, Danny snaps at Mindy, “Why are you even here in the first place?” As she later says, “Words cannot express … no, reaction GIFs cannot express how hurtful it was.”

At the Physicians on the Front orientation, Colette and Jody learn that the “pro” of going to Africa is “helping the less fortunate.” The “cons” include disease, kidnapping, child soldiers, no internet, and a sense of existential ennui. (It is a French organization, after all.) Jody still seems committed, while Colette appears less so. In fact, Jody is still even committed when later at the office, Jeremy ices him out when he speaks: “Did someone hear something?” Jeremy says. “It sounded like the brittle squeak of a former friend.” Jeremy refuses to let Jody in on the group wedding gift for Morgan and Tamra that he’s selected: a vintage chaise lounge from the home of Wallis Simpson, of course. Collette, however, proves that she’s definitely freaking out about Africa when she asks Morgan to shoot her in the foot so she can’t go.

Back at Mindy-free chemo, we get a sighting of Danny’s brother, Richie, apparently taking a break from being a dystopian chauffeur in The Handmaid’s Tale. (You have to admit that even chemo probably looks pretty good in comparison.) Danny is annoyed by Gilmore Girls: “Anytime anything happens, someone’s got a little remark … You want good writing? Let me show you a JAG sometime.” Danny turns the TV off and continues to harp on cancer, even reading aloud from Curing Cancer Through Prayer and Healthy Eating. Richie finally snaps at him: “Danny, you gotta pull it together. You’re really bumming everybody out.” Annette misses Mindy, who would bring celebrity-gossip magazines to distract her, not make her listen to recipes. Mindy also brought cupcakes, not jicama like Danny, who accurately explains that the vegetable has “all the crunch of apple with the taste of air.” Annette promptly declares Danny the worst part about chemo.

Everything, naturally, comes to a head at the braby shower. Dr. Montpelier of Physicians on the Front shows up with Jody, namely to deliver lines in a French accent like, “Thank you for having me. Where I work, there are such high levels of infant and bridal mortality that such a party would be impossible.” He also declares Colette totally fit for duty despite having been shot in the foot: “We have a doctor who is just a torso in a wheelbarrow.” At that, Colette cracks: She’s not going! Jody is touched, in a way: “You really shot off your toe to get out of going with me? Daddy would’ve been proud. That’s how he got out of Vietnam.”

Jeremy continues to give Jody the cold British shoulder, which feels much colder because of the accent, and Anna finally calls him on it after the party ends. At this, Jeremy realizes that his hurt feelings are fueling his punishment of Jody, and time is running out for him to set things right. So he adorably runs through the rain, romantic-comedy-grand-gesture style, to Toto’s majestic ’80s classic “Africa” (which I immediately added to my workout playlist). He runs all the way to Jody’s place to say. “Jody, you’re my best friend.” Aww.

Oh, right, and Danny shows up at Mindy’s, though in slightly less-dramatic fashion. (One should note, however, that he must have traveled in the same rain.) Though he does express chagrin that Leo is no longer reading The Red Badge of Courage because Mindy threw it at a neighbor who was playing the trumpet, he is also there to say some nice things. The bad news is that Ma is going to have a double mastectomy. The good news is that he wants Mindy to be there. “You have a good effect on Ma,” Danny says. “And on me.”

Alas, the sweetness of that moment is undercut a bit by the episode’s cliffhanger: Jody is pulling his equity out of Later Baby, because, as he says, “New York has taught me that women can do anything. So good luck, fellow feminist!”

The Mindy Project Recap: Tamra’s ‘Braby’ Shower