Late Night Hosts React to Historic Trump-Kim Summit


Today, two of the world’s most notoriously bad haircuts met in Singapore to talk about how they can avoid ending the world. And, of course, this meeting between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump was the big comedy nut to try and crack for Tuesday’s late-night shows.

Jimmy Kimmel took some inspiration from the event, at which both leaders signed a “declaration of friendship” and not much else. He decided it was time he and Guillermo sign such a declaration, and, together they agreed to protect each other from scary movies and unflattering photo tags.

Seth Meyers took his typically much closer look at the historic summit, and in doing so he stumbled upon the perfect way to make all this Trump news bearable: bring back old-timey newsreels instead! Also, be careful what you take a closer look at, Seth: those poorly fitting slacks will haunt you until the end of your days.

Over at TBS, Conan O’Brien took a moment to marvel at the president’s historic gesture of inviting Kim Jong-un to the White House. He then reminded the authoritarian ruler of North Korea that the invite would likely be rescinded if he at any point became eligible for the NLF draft.

Late Night Hosts React to Historic Trump-Kim Summit