Nas Unveils New Album Nasir Under the Queensboro Bridge

Under the bridge.

As celebrities and members of Nas and Kanye West’s inner circle gathered just across the river from a majestic skyline, in an open area surrounded by speakers, outside, at night, and about an hour late, it seemed to have become official: The Queensboro Bridge is the new Jackson Hole, Wyoming — but way easier to get to. Those on hand to listen to the newest album from Nas, called Nasir, included Pusha-T, 2 Chainz, Chris Rock, Fab, AZ, Havoc, La La Anthony, Kim Kardashian West, and of course, the album’s producer Kanye West. There was no evidence of Candace Owens making an appearance.

There was also one other key difference from the Wyoming event: as the lyrics from Nasir rang out, announcing, “Escobar season is here,” the entire livestream went down. Luckily it was back up in time for viewers at home to listen to the replay (which you can re-stream above), so we’ll all be prepared to discuss the many head-turning lyrics on the album, including “Reagan had Alzheimer’s,” and an entire song called “Cops” that samples Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” and features Kanye West asking, “Who do we call to report crime if 911 doin’ the drive-by?” Another major highlight, Happy Kanye showed up:

Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian West
Nas Unveils New Album Nasir Under the Queensboro Bridge