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Phil Collins Comes Out of Retirement to Sing at the U.S. Open with Hamilton's Leslie Odom Jr.

Phil Collins was in the air (and on the stage) tonight during the U.S. Open's opening ceremonies. Though Collins has rarely performed in the past few years during his temporary retirement, he had the help of a new "good friend" Hamilton's Tony Award-winning former star Leslie Odom Jr. The Broadway actor joined Collins for a duet of the rock legend's '80s hit "Easy Lover." Before the crowd-pleaser, Collins sang the song that is nearly synonymous with his name, "In the Air Tonight," backed by the appropriate level of moody blue smoke. According to Stereogum, ESPN plans to use Collins' oeuvre as the soundtrack to their coverage throughout the rest of the two-week sporting event, because tennis and Disney's Tarzan have a lot in common. 

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Well, Well, Wells

I'm Kathryn, and I'll be your guest Bachelor in Paradise recapper tonight! I am very sorry that you won't get the pleasure of an Ali Barthwell recap for this shouty, weepy, beach-yelling disaster, but I am deeply honored to take the baton. (And Ali will be back tomorrow.)

We begin, as we all knew we would, with Ashley I., the woman whose dramatic depths are so unending that her name gets a last initial even though there are no other Ashleys this season. When the episode begins, we're stuck watching Ashley and Caila and Jared, with Ashley saying that Caila is a "backstabbing whore of a friend," and Caila telling Jen that Ashley's here for "the wrong reasons." Two hours later, we're in the exact same place. Caila stares into the bottomless pit of insecurity that is Ashley. Ashley knows that Caila does not have the guts for this Jared-centric blood sport. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the — seriously, can we just move on with this plot OMG PLEASE.


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Watch This Woman Crush the American Ninja Warrior Course

Jessie Graff is not one to mess with. The stuntwoman who’s known for competing in custom superhero costumes on American Ninja Warrior has been a fan favorite to become the first woman to win the competition. And on Monday night, she came one step closer to realizing that dream when she became the first woman to complete Stage 1 of the finals.


Colton Haynes Accepts Human Rights Campaign's Visibility Award, Promises To Lead by Example

On August 27, Teen Wolf and Arrow actor Colton Haynes accepted the Visibility Award from America's largest LGBT civil rights advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Haynes, who officially came out of the closet just last spring in an interview with EW, cried as he made his speech thanking the HRC and its advocates. “I don’t necessarily feel especially deserving of this recognition," Haynes said, "We all know that there are many other ways, many other people who have come before me and blazed the trail as LGBT advocates and role models. And I’m walking in their shoes and I’m following their lead.” He praised the organization for their help in fighting for marriage equality and for their outreach to young people. "You guys inspire me more than you'll ever know. It's taken me a long time to get to this point, and I thank the HRC for the continued support." While admitting that there's still more that he could do to help the community, Haynes shared his commitment to the cause, "My promise is simple and real, and I’m not making it to you. I’m making it to the next generations of lesbians and gay men, bisexuals, and transgender youth, and I hope my example will give them the confidence and hope to be who they are as well.”

Zach Braff's Podcast-Inspired Sitcom Start-Up Hits All the Right Buzzwords for ABC

A scrub is the kind of guy who can get love from ABC, or at least the former star of Scrubs Zach Braff can. Deadline reports that the network has committed to a put-pilot deal (a contract that basically guarantees at least the airing of the pilot episode) with Braff for his new single-camera comedy. The series, which is based on Alex Blumberg's StartUp podcast, follows the life of a 30-something family-man (Braff) who decides to quit his job and start a new business. Scrubs executive producer Matt Tarses is writing the pilot, while Braff also directs. Tarses and Braff, to prepare, are staring wistfully up-and-to-the-side while fantasizing about W-9 and 401K based jokes. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Statue of David

Watching Shannon Beador pack is like watching a caribou stampede in slow motion, except the carnage is entirely emotional and psychological rather than physical. She's a whirligig of energy, rushing to and fro for her hormones, her herbs, her distilled water for her nose irrigation, her nipple covers for when she's in a bikini, her marabou molting scissors in case she wants to rock a boa, her enemas, her sage smudges, her smocks and caftans, her headwraps. It's all happening and it's all totally unnecessary. Then, when she arrives at her destination, she had forgotten to pack the essentials like a hair brush and some Alka-Seltzer for when her husband David wakes up with a Corona hangover and realizes that while he was incredibly intoxicated, he allowed his wife to film his dangle while he sloshed about the tub in the honeymoon suite of some hotel that provided "promotional consideration" for their visit.


A Guide to Where You Can Watch Gene Wilder Movies On Demand

Comedy icon Gene Wilder died today at the age of 83 due to complications resulting from Alzheimer’s. When we lose a beloved Hollywood figure, it has become a part of the national mourning tradition to flock to video streaming services and remember the greatest hits of the artists we’ve lost. In the case of Gene Wilder, his filmography is strangely difficult to access if you’re looking for free streaming options. A search of Netflix streaming, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Starz, and Showtime yielded no Wilder results, but there are plenty of payable on-demand options if you need to spend your next few days immersing yourself in the actor’s glory days alongside Richard Pryor, or watching him sing “Pure Imagination” on a loop. Here is a list of where to find Gene Wilder movies across the internet.


The Fosters Summer Finale Recap: In Too Deep

After an intense, chaotic, and ultimately moving summer finale, the Adams Fosters have left us to ponder their fates through the cold, harsh winter. These cliffhangers aren't messing around! Sure, Jesus 2 will survive that punch to his already nail-damaged brain, since Jesus 2 is the greatest thing to happen to The Fosters in recent memory. But what will his condition be? The past few episodes, I've focused on the #NotTheHouse movement, when in reality, I should've been hawking for #NotMyJesus2.

Seriously, guys: #NotMyJesus2, okay?


Leftovers Star Margaret Qualley Descends into Madness in Spike Jonze's Perfume Ad

Spike Jonze, with the help of original music by his brother Sam Spiegel, unleashed the true Margaret Qualley from the confines of the thought-provoking dreary drama of The Leftovers in a truly bonkers ad for Kenzo Perfume. Instead of appearing in some sexy hair-in-the-wind, dark shadows everywhere, shirtless horseman typical fragrance commercial, Qualley, a classically trained dancer, pulled out all of her best moves. There's flawless aerials and eyebrow wiggling, with plenty of aggressively energetic choreography. Not even Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" music video (also directed by Spike Jonze and also taking place in a mostly empty lobby) can compare to the glory. Here's a breakdown of the best moves:

Matt Bomer to Star as a Transgender Woman Opposite John Carroll Lynch in Anything

Matt Bomer, of USA's White Collar and the upcoming Amazon series Last Tycoon, will put away his snazzy suits, and his impeccable pecs, to star in Tim McNeil's drama Anything, reports Variety. Bomer has been cast as a Los Angeles transgendered sex worker who enters a complicated relationship with a recently widowed Mississippi transplant, played by John Carroll Lynch. The film is based on McNeil's play of the same name, and marks the playwright's feature directorial debut. The movie also stars Maura Tierney, Micah Hauptman, Margot Bingham, and Melora Hardin. Bomer's The Normal Heart co-star Mark Ruffalo is an executive producer.

Despite Major Star Power, VMA TV Ratings Crash as Digital Engagement Soars

It would seem that the MTV Video Music Awards can’t even buy traditional viewership anymore. Last night’s telecast, which was aired concurrently across 11 Viacom-owned networks, included four performances from Rihanna throughout the evening, an extended medley of Beyoncé performing her blockbuster album Lemonade, four minutes of totally unregulated Kanye West, and the VMA return of Britney Spears. But despite all that A-list gold and media saturation, the show still pulled just 6.5 million viewers. That’s down 34 percent from last year. At this point, the network will have to promise a cage match between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian to reverse the TV ratings slump, but it’s not all bad news, because alternative engagement in the show is skyrocketing, according to MTV. The VMAs reportedly raked in nearly 63 million video streams, up 70 percent from last year's day-of tally, and Facebook accounted for almost 46 million streams, an explosion of 938 percent growth since last year. The hashtag #VMA was even the top global trending topic for 13 hours yesterday.


Sturgill Simpson Slams the Academy of Country Music for Exploiting Merle Haggard

Before country outlaw Merle Haggard died earlier this year, he made sure to take another Nashville misfit under his wing and sat down for a conversation with rising star Sturgill Simpson. Returning the favor, Sturgill has now taken on the task of ensuring Haggard's legacy isn't sullied by those who never deserved it — namely, the Academy of Country Music. Earlier today, the ACM announced its inaugural Merle Haggard Spirit Award will be given to Miranda Lambert at this year's ACM honors on Tuesday. But just ahead of the news, Sturgill posted a lengthy takedown on Facebook calling the ACM's motive for the award "utterly disgusting." (He has since clarified that his fight is not against Lambert.)


Gene Wilder’s Genius Was in His Simmering Hysteria

As the news of his death spreads, everyone will think of his or her favorite insane-slow-burn Gene Wilder moment. The late Pauline Kael mentioned a quintessential one, the bit in Start the Revolution Without Me (1970) in which Wilder (as a haughty aristocrat) is informed that the noble bird on his shoulder is, in fact, dead. Wilder fixes the upstart with his laser-blue stare and says, with that eerie calm-that’s-being-slowly-strangled-to-death-by-escalating rage, “Repeat that.”

My own favorite is in Young Frankenstein (1974), which Wilder conceived and co-wrote with Mel Brooks. Here, with elaborate patience, Wilder’s Dr. Frankenstein poses the question to Marty Feldman’s Igor: What brain did the hunchback steal for the inexplicably brutal creature? “You won’t be mad?” asks Igor. “I. Will. Not. Be Mad.” By the time we hear, “Abby someone,” and the gentle but quivering, “Abby — who?” we are ready — eager — for the murderous explosion to come. No one built as exquisitely as Wilder from the genial, the gentle, the hopeful, to violent, no-holds-barred hysteria. At those moments, Wilder was unique — a genius.


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NBC’s Grimm to End After 6 Seasons

NBC's Grimm will be going off the air after its sixth season, and its conclusion will be coming sooner than expected — the final slate will only consist of 13 episodes, instead of the full 22 given to each previous season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The network touted that the final 13 episodes will see the long-awaited battle between Nick and Capt. Renard.” If you can, it’s always nice to go out with some fan service. Viewers can start counting down to the end when the final season premieres on January 6.

Famous in Love Trailer: More Pretty Little Liars on Display

If you're already mourning the impending loss of Pretty Little Liars, which showrunner I. Marlene King announced today will be coming to a close at the end of the current seventh season, there's a silver lining: King revealed that her new Freeform show, Famous in Love, will begin right on the heels of that series finale. Based on the young-adult book of the same name by Rebecca Serle, Famous in Love follows Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne), a girl whose life changes dramatically after she lands the coveted lead role in a film adaptation of a “blockbuster book series.” If we know anything about King, who specializes in preposterous and addicting family-friendly nighttime TV that also deals in the dark secrets of pretty girls, it's that Paige is in for a few rude awakenings when she leaves small-town life behind.

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Celebrities React to the Death of Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder, a Hollywood legend known for his work in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, The Producers, and much, much more died today at 83. After his passing, those who worked with him, admired him, and were inspired by him from afar, shared their memories on social media of his wit, his intelligence, and his love for his late wife Gilda Radner.

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Wait, When Exactly Did Rob and Khloe Kardashian Make Up?

Hello, Dolls. Welcome to Keeping Up with the Kontinuity Errors where we break down each and every lie and inconsistency on the greatest soap opera of our time, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I’m never one to waste time, so let’s dive right in.


Gene Wilder, the Original Willy Wonka, Dead at 83

Gene Wilder, the comedian who starred in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Young Frankenstein, and Blazing Saddles, has died of complications from Alzheimer's at the age of 83, the Associated Press reports. According to a statement from his family, Wilder preferred to keep the fact that he was suffering from the disease for the past three years private. "The decision to wait until this time to disclose his condition wasn't vanity," his nephew wrote, "but more so that the countless young children that would smile or call out to him, 'There's Willy Wonka' would not have to then be exposed to an adult referencing illness or trouble and causing delight to travel to worry, disappointment, or confusion. He simply couldn't bear the idea of one less smile in the world."

Born Jerome Silberman, Wilder took his professional name from the playwright Thorton Wilder, whom he admired; he got his start as a theater actor, training at the Bristol Old Vic and the Actors Studio. His role alongside Anne Bancroft in a Broadway production of Mother Courage and Her Children led to a meeting with Bancroft's future husband, Mel Brooks, which would prove to be one of the defining relationships of Wilder's professional career. Three years after first reading a Brooks script called Springtime for Hitler, Wilder would be approached out of the blue for a role in the film, and after passing a chemistry test with Zero Mostel, he got the part of Leo Bloom in what became The Producers. It would be Wilder's big break — he earned an Oscar nomination for the film — and the start of a fruitful creative partnership.


Pretty Little Liars to End After Season 7 — Or That’s What A Wants Us to Think

The time has come, Pretty Little Liars fans — the time to say good-bye. Showrunner I. Marlene King just announced via Facebook Live that when the second half of the current Pretty Little Liars season ends next spring, so too will the show. If you’re a devout follower of the goings-on in Rosewood, you won’t be surprised by the news, even if the acuteness of the sting is still the same. Troian Bellisario recently posted to Instagram about filming her final scene with a series-spanning love interest. Ian Harding shared his thoughts on how the series should end at the Television Critics Association press event earlier this month. King even called season seven “the beginning of the end” when it premiered, and the list of characters scheduled to make cameos in this run of episodes is a who’s who of “Do you guys remember that dropped plot point?” all stars, with Freeform billing this the season of “homecomings and reunions.” We may even get a wedding! The series finale will be a movie-sized two hours long, and while making her announcement, King took the chance to tell us that her new series, Famous in Love, will be debuting right as she throws the final shovel of dirt over the top of Liars' grave. Famous will focus on a character named Paige, and is mercifully not a spinoff about the PLL character Paige McCullers, who is the worst.

Why Bad Moms Succeeded Where Ghostbusters Failed

This past weekend Bad Moms passed $95 million domestically, continuing on a trajectory that will surely have it clearing $100m by this time next week. Soon to join it is the unabashedly juvenile Sausage Party, which finished this weekend at $80 million. No matter where the two movies wind up, their box-office yields will be seen as huge wins for their studios, since both films cost about $20 million to make. In a summer of flops, their success is noteworthy, especially when compared to the relative failures of two of the year's most-hyped comedies: Neighbors 2 and Ghostbusters. What that contrast reminds us is that few things are better friends to comedy than low stakes.



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