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Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele Are Working on Their Next TV Show, an Undercover-Cop Comedy

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's first TV project post-Key & Peele will be a single-cam, undercover-cop comedy featuring Vine star Andrew Bachelor, a.k.a. King Bach, Deadline reports. K&P's Alex Rubens is writing and EP-ing the half-hour show, for which Key and Peele are also set to be EPs. It will follow Bach as a more fleshed-out version of one of his Vine characters, an officer "who grew up on the streets and goes back to his old neighborhood to take down the bad guys who bullied him when they were kids," according to Deadline. The update comes roughly one month after K&P ended, because the co-stars wanted to explore more opportunities (which, up until this point, has dealt more with the feature-film arena). The show currently has no name, or other available logistical details. Yeah, but that timing, though — just when you were starting to miss them!

Tyler, the Creator’s New Song, ‘F*ck It,’ Is for All His Haters and Opponents

In a new song released Monday, Odd Future's capo, Tyler, the Creator, let all his critics know he's definitely still a force to reckon with. He's calling the track "F*ck It" because he couldn't figure out a proper name, according to his social-media accounts; he recorded it two weeks ago and evidently wanted to get it out quickly. "Tell Australia I'm sneaking in with a mic in my damn hand / Instead of the vegetables that I packed in my backpack," he raps in the lyrics, which refer to his Australia ban and are posted on the song's YouTube page in full. "When Marshall had this problem what the f*ck was they telling him? / Is it 'cause of status or his melanin lacks black?" Although the song's nightmarish, lo-fi production makes the song feel like it could be a bonus track on Goblin, the rest of the lyrics seem to take issue with part of his fan base's recent pleas for more of the "Old Tyler." As the artist has pointed out, he's a proponent of evolving artistically and personally. "F*ck It" is his scathing way of advocating for and driving that point home. Take a listen:

Gabrielle Union and Jimmy Fallon Make a Good Musical-Parody Team

After sending up Rihanna, the Weeknd, Walk the Moon, and Silentó as two spicy principals, Union and Fallon make one very important thing very clear: Jimmy's Nae Nae is improving.

There Are Two Different Versions of Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight debuts Christmas Day to kick off a two-week road show, but the version that will initially be available will play a little differently than the more mainstream one that opens nationwide January 8. The road show will project via Ultra Panavision 70mm film, and will feature a longer, more stylized cut, according to Tarantino. "The roadshow version has an overture and an intermission, and it will be three hours, two minutes," he told Variety. "The multiplex version is about six minutes shorter, not counting the intermission time, which is about 12 minutes." Tarantino purposefully edited the two this way to suit their respective destinations (because he believes they'll likely attract a different kind of fan and moviegoer).

Here's why he cut it differently: »

The Mindy Project Recap: The Motherhood Project

The mom stuff continues to deliver solid comedy for The Mindy Project: It’s still just plain funny to see Mindy try to be a mother. And the show has proven surprisingly adept at mining new parenthood for comedy. It isn’t new territory for sitcoms, but it feels fresh when Mindy does it — and, as always, with more great lines than one can even catch on the first viewing.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Series Premiere Recap: It’s Where Dreams Live

Musicals were made for embarrassing emotions. If the musical is good enough, it can blindside you with them. One minute you’re thinking, A musical? About Alexander Hamilton? Next thing you know, you’re wracked with violent sobs as Aaron Burr sings about his wife. Aaron Burr! The guy from that old milk commercial! Such is the power of musical theater. The earnest, borderline cheesy sincerity of the genre allows you to more easily access your most heartfelt feelings.


Fargo Season Two Premiere Recap: Griddle Me This

Things were never going to turn out great for humble butcher’s assistant Ed Blomquist (Jesse Plemons) and his wife Peggy (Kirsten Dunst). She wanted spontaneity and self-adventure, while all he could focus on was having a family and inheriting his boss’s business. The tension between those two extremes was liable to make Peggy seek solace in Lifespring seminars, which would likely have driven her somewhere close to madness, but certainly further away from Ed. So maybe he’s lucky that fate intervened and sent spastic criminal Rye Gerhardt (Kieran Culkin) careening through Peggy’s windshield, his blood leaking and gathering on her pleather interior like a driveway oil spill. Sure, the hit-and-run quickly unraveled into a series of events that left Ed and Peggy with a dead body in their garage freezer and a hastily idealized plan to evade legal intervention. But from Ed’s standpoint, at least he felt needed, and he and his ever-distanced wife were back to being bound and in sync.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Announce They're Expecting First Baby

Less than a month after publicly admitting they had trouble conceiving, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen revealed via social media that they're readying to welcome their first baby. "John and I are so happy to announce that we are pregnant," Teigen wrote on her Instagram. "As many of you know, we've been trying to have a baby for a while now. It hasn't been easy, but we kept trying because we can't wait to bring our first child into the world and grow our family." The two had reportedly visited fertility doctors, and after at least half a dozen years of trying, the moment's here. As Teigen notes, get ready for lots of belly pics. 

Jane the Virgin Recap: Three Villanuevas and a Baby

When we last left this crazily delightful telenovela, Jane had just given birth, Xiomara and Rogelio pulled a Ross and Rachel in Vegas, Petra discovered that Rafael had another sperm sample left in the bank, and most disturbingly, tiny newborn Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva had been kidnapped by Sin Rostro, aka Rose, Rafael’s ex-stepmother. The kidnapping plotline gave us season one’s most dramatic and upsetting cliffhanger, and going into season two, my primary concern was how this would be resolved. It’s a very tricky line to walk. If Jane the Virgin dismissed the kidnapping too quickly, the human stakes of the series would become impossible to buy. If this kidnapping has no meaningful impact on its characters, then how can any traumatic event hold any narrative weight in the future? But of course, drawing it out is equally problematic. The longer Mateo’s gone, the harder it is to imagine Jane ever returning to this warm, absurdly plotted but emotionally plausible series with any semblance of credibility intact.


Gotham Recap: There Goes the Cavalry!

How long has it been since somebody on Gotham promised that change was coming and/or here? Oh, wait, that was only last week, when Theo Gallavan told the people of Gotham City they’ve had enough of people like Jerome Valeska? And then Theo stabbed Jerome in the neck, thereby launching his mayoral campaign. Gotham is that kind of show, one that has worn out all good will thanks to its never-ending promissory style of drama: Don't like what you see on the show? Just wait, it'll change in a moment! Change has been a constant in season two, but none of the recent changes have suggested significant alterations to the status quo.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom on New Suburbia, Depression, and How One Comes to Be ‘Crazy’

Over the past few years, comedian Rachel Bloom found her niche online with a series of  music videos that balanced biting critiques of pop-culture tropes with a generally good-natured spirit. Her new rom-com musical, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (picked up by the CW after fellow CBS-owned property, Showtime, dropped it), which premiered Monday night, applies the same brand of humor to an hour-long, network comedy. The premise: Successful Manhattan lawyer Rebecca Bunch (played by Bloom) follows her high-school ex, Josh Chan, to the humdrum suburbs of West Covina, California. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s occasional musical numbers act as comedic interjections, but they also telegraph the show’s darker themes, reminding us that our protagonist is slowly unraveling. Bloom spoke with Vulture by phone about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's view on “crazy,” how a comedy can take mental illness seriously, and her own struggles with depression.


Theater Review: The Tired Little Tropes of Clever Little Lies

The voice of Marlo Thomas, so cavernously amplified it sounds as if it’s coming from a secret vault at an undisclosed location outside of Marlo Thomas, expertly sets up a joke: “If you had told Jane Austen that someday her epic masterpiece would be read by people on their telephone, she would’ve said, well — ” 

“What’s a telephone?” cackles a woman behind me.


Leonardo DiCaprio Is Producing a Movie About the Volkswagen Scandal

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Leonardo DiCaprio and the president of his production company, Appian Way, Jennifer Davisson, are producing a movie on the Volkswagen scandal. The rights to Jack Ewing's book on the subject, which hasn't even come out yet, sold to Paramount for "six figures," Variety adds. Leo has previously produced and starred in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, and produced but did not act in Runner Runner, Out of the Furnace, and Red Riding Hood. There are no acting, directing, or writing attachments yet. 

Famous Dog Hater Wes Anderson’s Next Movie Reported to Be a Stop-Motion Film About Dogs

Are you planning a charming yet deadpan autumnal wedding, packed with taxidermy and slightly too small corduroy suits, but are at a loss for how to dress your beloved pooch? (Assuming you're not in a rush) Wes Anderson is here to help! Indiewire reports Anderson's next movie will be a stop-motion animated movie about dogs. Not much else is known other than that. Considering his history of abusing dogs in movies, hopefully the film isn't just a well-dressed, center-framed canine version of faces of death.


Conan O’Brien Is Filming an Episode in Armenia

Conan O'Brien is taking his show on the road again. And by "the road," we mean the road to the airport, at which he'll catch an airplane that will take him somewhere. This time the somewhere is Armenia, the ancestral home of O'Brien's assistant Sona Movsesian. (This will be her first time there, too.) Last February, O'Brien filmed an episode in Cuba that was well-received, both critically and in the ratings. The Armenia episode will air on November 10. Because of the episode, economists estimate, in 2015, Armenia's chief import will be Kardashian jokes. Sorry, petroleum!

Escape From New York Remake in the Works From Luther Creator

Escape From New York, John Carpenter's classic dystopian depiction of Ed Koch–era New York as a gritty, gray scale fortress of concrete and chaos, is so utterly of its time that translating that archaic notion for the post–Lena Dunham generation is going to be difficult. Various writers and directors have flirted with possible remakes. Gerard Butler almost landed the role of Snake Plissken, and then the original film's star Kurt Russell said the role could only ever be portrayed by a real American. People started to think the remake was dead. But, like Snake himself, the film just won't stay down: Neil Cross, creator of the fantastic BBC show Luther, has been tapped to write the remake of the film, The Hollywood Reporter confirms. Though mostly known for his work in TV, Cross wrote the horror film Mama (2013) and doctored the script for Pacific Rim. Carpenter will serve as executive producer. There have been no casting announcements so far, but maybe this means Idris Elba will get to play that patch-eyed rascal Snake Plissken (even if he isn't quite American enough).

Daredevil Season-2 Teaser: Elektra and Punisher’s First Appearance

Today we got our first glimpse of Elektra and Punisher in Daredevil season two. "Glimpse" is the key word there, as we only see half of Elektra's face and the back of Punisher's head. The new season doesn't pop on Netflix until 2016, so until then, you'll just have to imagine what their faces would look like and what Hell's Kitchen would look like if it weren't all banks and below-average Thai restaurants.

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Billy Eichner Proves New Yorkers Have No Idea Who Chris Pratt Is

Even before Jurassic World made over a billion dollars, Chris Pratt's face adorned posters in subways for months. There were even velociraptors surrounding Pratt on the poster. Yet somehow, New Yorkers have no idea who he is. In the upcoming episode of Billy on the Street, the motor-mouthed host Billy Eichner asks people on the street who the incredibly attractive man standing next to him is. "Chris Evans?" one asks. "He's from VH1," surmises another. (They're both wrong.) The episode plays Thursday at 10:30 pm on truTV.

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Amy Poehler and Jack Black Sing Bette Midler’s ‘The Rose’ Like Beautiful Angels

Saturday night at Festival Supreme in Los Angeles, Amy Poehler and Jack Black joined forces to perform a soul-searing cover of Bette Midler's "The Rose." Poehler, decked in Janis Joplin–inspired garb and holding a cigarette, previously showed off some musical chops in a Golden Globes promo from 2013, and Black's ability to belt out a tune is no secret, but they come together with surprising tenderness here.

Gender-Swapped Fantasy Island Reboot Will Make Your Deepest Desires Come True, Hopefully

From 1977 to 1984, the ineffably suave Ricardo Montalbán portrayed Mr. Roarke, an enigmatic man of means who welcomed well-off vacationers to his Fantasy Island. Roarke endeavored to accommodate his guests' deepest desires for $50,000, often with cryptic results. If you've been fantasizing about a revival of the series, you're in luck: The Wrap reports that Up in the Air writer Sheldon Turner is working on a gender-swapped reimagining of Fantasy Island in which Mr. Roarke will be replaced by "a brilliant, dynamic and sexy woman who runs a San Francisco–based company that provides clients with their most intimate, dark or outlandish fantasy." Our most intimate, outlandish fantasy is that the revival will actually be good and not anything like the 1998 one starring Malcolm McDowell.


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