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Get Ready, Florida: Lil B Is About to Give You One of His Extremely Rare Lectures

Noted deity Lil B will head to the Sunshine State next week to share his vast stores of knowledge with the University of Florida. The rapper on Wednesday revealed he's doing so in lecture form, adding via social media that prospective attendees will be a part of history. Event posters unfortuately don't add much in the way of details (or lesson plan), but a Q&A session will likely be included. Though his speaking circuit might be touted as "extremely rare," the rapper's given similar talks on such campuses as UCLA's, Carnegie Mellon's, NYU's, and MIT's. This lecture, like some of his others, will probably underline the importance of loving, pursuing happiness, and not making the same mistakes as James Harden. (All important, valuable concepts.)

Here are the posters: »

  • Posted 2/11/16 at 3:04 AM

American Idol Recap: A Very Spayshoyrn Episode

Tonight, six full weeks into the FAREWELL SEASON of American Idol, we are finally seeing our FAREWELL crop of singers give full performances. It is about damn time.


Arrow Recap: Out of Hand

On a macro level, "Sins of the Father" features satisfying and shocking moments that set the remainder of the season in motion. But as they say, Malcolm Merlyn is always in the details.


Watch Footage From Arcade Fire's David Bowie Tribute Parade

Earlier this year, Arcade Fire unveiled plans to honor the late David Bowie with a parade in New Orleans. (Attendees were encouraged to come in their best or strangest Bowie-inspired outfits — and you bet they did! Some even Ziggy-fied their pets.) The indie group worked with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band there to arrange the January 16 event and lead the resulting mass of fans in song. A documentary of sorts was also promised, and Arcade on Wednesday finally released a snippet.

"We are here today to celebrate the life of David Bowie. There are few artists that could possibly bring together this incredible group of people — you all are amazing." Ben Jaffe, Preservation's creative director, explains above. "This is about him and all of you and how we felt about David," Arcade's Win Butler adds. "God Bless, David, wherever you're at." Roll the clip to see how the day turned out, and to hear their rendition of "Heroes."

Sia Mixes Up ‘Cheap Thrills’ With Sean Paul and a Very American Bandstand Lyric Video

Off the release of This Is Acting, Sia has dropped a new lyric video for "Cheap Thrills," which comes packaged with a new verse from Sean Paul. The video's a trip back to the televised dance competitions of American Bandstand — interrupted, of course, by a pair of contestants in that classic Sia wig. Meanwhile, with the help of Sean Paul, the bouncy "Cheap Thrills," which was originally written for Rihanna and later passed on by Icona Pop, settles into a different sort of reggae grove.

New Brothers Grimsby Trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Spy Now Has a Cosby Joke

Did you guys see Spy? Funny, right? Well, what if Jason Statham's character stayed bald but was now played by Mark Strong, and Melissa McCarthy was now an English soccer hooligan played by Sacha Baron Cohen? Then you'd have The Brothers Grimsby (as play-on-word movie titles go, that surely is one). According to the movie's latest trailer, Sir Ian McKellen, a donated goatee, and at least one Cosby joke will also make appearances. Roll the clip above for the second red band look, and check out the first below:

Danny McBride Might Hop Aboard Alien: Covenant

Danny McBride might change the face of professional space exploration next. The Wrap reports the former Eastbound & Down star is in talks to take a turn in Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, alongside a returning Michael Fassbender and recently acquired Katherine Waterston. Due in 2017, the film is being positioned as the first installment of a trilogy that reconnects Prometheus with the original Alien films and creatures. Per Fox's official synopsis, Convenant follows the crew of the titular ship who discover "what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world — whose sole inhabitant is the 'synthetic' David (Fassbender), survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition." THR notes McBride's role in the ordeal could be that of a technical expert with a flair for comedy. You know, just your average guy with exceptional space hair.

Nasim Pedrad Is Playing a 14-Year-Old Boy in a Comedy Pilot, Which All Makes Sense Once You've Seen Her Aziz Ansari

Nasim Pedrad, late of SNL and, after that, Mulaney, has sold a comedy pilot to Fox, which is cool, not-particularly exciting news, except for the fact that Pedrad will play a 14-year-old boy in it. The pilot's written by Pedrad and Rob Rosell and called Chad: An American Boy. It follows "14-year-old boy in the throes of adolescence who is tasked with being the man of the house." If it gets picked up, Chad will be a rare chance to see a Middle Eastern family on TV, and even rarer chance to see an actress portray a teenage boy that isn't animated. Still, Pedrad has the bona fides. Have you seen her Aziz Ansari?

Sutton Foster Joins the Gilmore Girls Revival, Because Netflix Has Apparently Decided to Bring Back Bunheads Too

Sutton Foster, who basically played a mirror universe Lorelai Gilmore on Amy Sherman-Palladino's late, lamented Bunheads, has joined the cast of Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival. Foster's role is being kept under wraps, though TVLine speculates she could play her Bunheads character Michelle, which might create some sort of glorious Palladino-verse that contains two Kelly Bishops, or at least risk breaking the land speed record for spoken dialogue. Foster is just one of many actors — including Milo Ventimiglia, whose role was announced earlier today — that Netflix has decided to spend money on instead of Melissa McCarthy. Foster currently pretends to be half her age on YoungerFor a moment of zen, watch her perform on Bunheads. You're welcome.

Taraji P. Henson to Play Math Genius Katherine Johnson, Help America Get What’s Ours, Space Race-Wise

In casting news that will make you excited for a movie based on a book that hasn't come out yet, Taraji P. Henson will play NASA math genius Katherine Johnson in Hidden Figures, which tells the story of a group of African-American women who were crucial to America's early efforts at space flight. Based on the book Hidden Figures: The Story of the African-American Women Who Helped Win the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly, the film will follow Johnson and her colleagues Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson, who helped plan the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit and later, in Johnson's case, calculate the trajectory of the Apollo missions. This marks Henson's first major casting news since she won her Golden Globe for Empire, though hopefully she hasn't listened to any of Terrence Howard's math theories on set.

Black-ish Recap: The School Mom Mafia

This week, Dre and Bow dive into a boatload of assumptions that lead to some much needed laughs. "Sink or Swim" almost seems dead in the water, too, until Ruby arrives to save it.  (Okay, okay. I'll put away all the puns.)


House of Cards Season 4 Trailer: Frank and Claire Are at Each Other's Throats

After months of teasers, the first full trailer for season 4 of House of Cards has arrived. As you might expect, it's full of dreary montages of long senate committee meetings and CSPAN-like debates over the minutiae of tax policy. No! Of course not. There's sex, scheming, more sex, limousines, energetic drumming, and a whole lot of Robin Wright's unfiltered anger. This season, which drops on March 4, will tackle an election, and will also mark showrunner Beau Willimon's last year on the show. Brace yourselves.

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  • Kanye

Kanye Shares the ‘Final’ Track List for His New Album, Which is Now Called The Life of Pablo

After weeks of indecision, Twitter polls, and a Redwall-like guessing game based on the letters T.L.O.P., Kanye West has finally settled on a new name for his album. It's called The Life of Pablo. Yep, you really couldn't have guessed it. Kanye shared the announcement on Twitter less than 24 hours before his Madison Square Garden show tomorrow, where he will supposedly release the album and maybe explain who Pablo is too. One guess: Kanye's been watching a little too much Narcos


Did You Ever Wonder If Larry David Giggled? Roll the SNL Outtake!

Larry David could not stop laughing. He could not stop laughing when he had to say the name "Kevin Roberts." He could not stop laughing when he wore the color orange. And he really could not stop laughing when he had to say the line "Can a bitch get a doughnut?" It was like Jimmy Fallon was back on set.

Milo Ventimiglia’s Jess Will Return for the Gilmore Girls Revival

Rory's love rectangle is expanding: Milo Ventimiglia will be back to play bad boy Jess Mariano on the Gilmore Girls revival, according to The Hollywood Reporter — setting up even more difficult choices for Rory if that whole dating-randos thing isn't working out. Logan (played by Matt Czuchry) has already signed up for the Netflix revival, leaving Jared Padalecki's Dean the lone ex not onboard to vie for Rory's heart ... yet. The best news of all? Milo's already back on set, confirming the news of his return with a tweet of his personal (and government-sealed, probably) script. Rejoice, Team Jess!

A Scandal Refresher: Every Last Thing to Remember From the First Half of Season 5

#Gladiators, I'm not sure how you spent the nearly three-month hiatus of Scandal, but much of my time was focused on starting my new charity called "Jesus Be Some Wig Glue," which is devoted to repairing the hairlines of watchers of Shonda Rhimes's TV shows, who, week after week, get their wigs snatched after some crazy plot twist has gone down. So far, I have fixed 27 people's scalps, and I'm pretty much waiting on the MacArthur grant to recognize my genius and give me an award. Until then, I'll keep working away, and it seems like I'm going to be working overtime this weekend, because at long last Scandie is returning this Thursday, and ABC dropped this awesome teaser trailer for the back half of season five!

Bob Costas Will Anchor NBC’s Olympics Coverage for the 11th Time; Also, His Eyes Are Okay Now

Bob Costas will host NBC’s prime-time Olympic coverage for a record 11th time with this year's Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the network announced Wednesday. Costas has served as prime-time host for every Olympics on NBC since 1992, including the London Games, which, with 217 million viewers, is the most-watched television event in U.S. history. Costas even tried his darnedest to host the 2014 Sochi Games but got an eye infection and had to stand down, giving the job to Matt Lauer and then Meredith Vieira. Let's hope his eyes will not betray him this year, because he'd better be on the lookout for all those mosquitoes. No, but seriously. It's kind of dangerous over there right now.

Ryan Phillippe’s Shooter Gets Ordered to Series (Yes, Like the Mark Wahlberg Film)

Grown-up tweens waiting for Ryan Phillippe's comeback have a glimmer of hope. TV Line reports that USA has picked up Shooter to series, based off of the 2007 movie starring Mark Wahlberg (the burger magnate is one of the show's executive producers). This time around, Phillippe plays Bob Lee Swagger (yes, that's his name), an expert sharpshooter who dusts off his periscope when he learns of a plot to assassinate the president. Omar Epps will join him as Isaac Johnson, a Secret Service Agent, who goes way back with Swagger at the Marines. (Semper fidelis!) This is another attempt for Phillippe to get in on the TV renaissance: He joined and then dropped a Greg Berlanti cop drama, did a stint on the final season of Damages, and most recently, dropped out of the widely disliked Secrets and Lies after the first season. Hopefully he'll make something he thinks is good?

Melissa McCarthy Raps That Classic Kanye Song ‘Butterscotch Man’ in Her SNL Promos

In this week's Saturday Night Live promos, Melissa McCarthy and Vanessa Bayer chat while they get their nails done, and those ladies seem so fun, it'll make you wish you were sandwiched between them getting a pedicure. Talking about Saturday's musical guest Kanye West (hey, that rhymes!), Melissa raps a made-up Kanye jam called "Butterscotch Man," which goes something like this: "Butterscotch man, tater-tot yam, put it in my ham, butterscotch man." A tater-tot yam doesn't sound bad, actually. It kind of sounds like sweet-potato fries.  This will be Kanye's seventh performance on SNL and McCarthy's fourth time hosting. It might, however, be Kanye's first time ever singing "Butterscotch Man."

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  • Serial

Asia McClain From Serial Just Did Her First Interview

Adnan Syed’s lone alibi witness has finally been given a chance to testify, and now she's given her first interview about the experience. At a hearing last week to determine whether Syed should get a new trial, Asia McClain took the stand to reassert her claim that she was with Syed at the time the state claimed he murdered his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Serial devotees will remember that McClain tried to come forward after Syed was arrested, but his original attorney, the late Christina Gutierrez, never followed up.

After taking the stand, McClain spoke to ABC News about why she testified. "I was compelled by my children," she explained. "Keeping that legacy, integrity, and stepping up to tell the truth was very important to me." McClain says she was "nervous" and "a little fearful" about what the prosecutor’s attitude might be, and made a point of not looking at Syed while she spoke. Her goal, she says, was simply to pass along pertinent information, not advocate for or against Syed. "I hope that enough information was presented to the judge for him to be able to make a rational decision … whatever that might be, is in his hands."


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