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Killer Mike Explains Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’

While most rational humans recognized the importance of Beyoncé's monumental Super Bowl performance, less-rational creatures, such as Rush Limbaugh, have decried it as being emblematic of the "social decay and cultural rot that is befalling our country." Speaking with provocateur par excellence Bill Maher, Killer Mike expounded on why Limbaugh, "hip-hop expert Rudy Giuliani," and other racist talking heads are so very wrong about "Formation." The Run the Jewels rapper and Bernie Sanders supporter, is, as always, honest, enlightened, and entertaining. "White people, it's not always about you," he says. He goes on:


How to Be Single Is Ready to Quietly Mingle

How to Be Single would have worked better as a TV show than a standalone film, but then it’d be Sex and the City, so here we are. Okay, maybe that’s not quite fair. Christian Ditter’s ensemble comedy is less flamboyant and more quietly self-reflective than the HBO behemoth, but it does feel like it needs room to breathe, to expand. Adapted from Liz Tuccillo’s novel (by a team of writers who were also responsible for the dreadful Valentine’s Day and He’s Just Not That Into You), it follows a quartet of women, each supposedly representative of a particular type of single New Yorker. The construction is facile and the characters are often thin, but the film has moments of surprising tenderness, and its vision of the city is romantic, yet life-sized. It doesn’t always work, but you could imagine returning to this milieu.


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Oscar Winner and Nice Person Jennifer Lawrence Is Donating $2 Million to Hometown Hospital

Jennifer Lawrence, who is a very nice person, has won an Oscar, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, an MTV Movie Award, and our hearts. She is donating $2 million to a hometown hospital and establishing the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Kosair Children's Hospital, which is in Kentucky. "My family and I have met so many wonderful children on our visits to the hospital. Their strength and courage is inspiring," Lawrence says in a video. She also encourages others to donate money as well. This would certainly count as one of Jennifer Lawrence's most delightful moments.

Adele’s Omnipresence Is Now So Total She Will Appear Behind You When You Least Expect It

Who is our greatest trickster celebrity: George Clooney, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, or Adele? After dressing up as an Adele impersonator, the British singer seems to have decided to try out a few more pranks, photobombing fans who decided to take photos with her Oscar before her BBC appearance. "Hello, it's me," Adele whispers to one fan, confirming your theory that, to quote grandmothers across the U.S., Adele is a total hoot.

Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan Will Play a Married Couple in a Movie That You Just Know Will Have a Great Press Tour

In the kind of pairing of funny and handsome, but approachable white movie stars that the bulk of slash-fiction is built of, Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan will play a married couple in An Ideal Home. The film, written and directed by Andrew Fleming (The Craft), is a dramedy about the pair who "live an extravagant life" that gets mixed up when Coogan's long-lost grandson shows up out of the blue. Coogan is a celebrity, while Rudd is his "more hesitant partner and sidekick." If you wanted a gay blend of The Trip and This is 40 (and who doesn't, honestly?), this may be the film for you.

Jack Reynor’s Performance Holds the Bleak Glassland Together

As Jean, an alcoholic single mother in Glassland, Toni Collette seethes and laughs and screams and flails, allowing herself to become animalistic, unbalanced, terrifying. She’s terrific, and terrifically committed … but believe it or not, it’s not her movie. The performance holding the film together belongs to Jack Reynor, as her son John, a young Dublin cabbie trying to keep her alive. Addiction dramas are a dime a dozen, and they usually traffic in the same kinds of clichés and broad, look-at-me-I’m-wild-and-fucked-up performances. Collette is better than most others at it, but Glassland smartly plays off Jean’s unhinged disintegration against John’s tense, subdued control. In that contrast lies the power of this film.


The Vampire Diaries Recap: What Doesn’t Kill You

I know what you’re all thinking: I’m gullible if I believe Elena’s dead. We saw her coffin in a flashback and Damon said he was waiting for her. And still, we are all holding out hope that (pretty please with a cherry on top ...) Nina will come back to the show for at least one final episode before the end. But in the world of the show, none of that matters. What matters is that Damon thinks she’s dead, which is where we start our recap. 


Kanye Wants You to Know That Chance (the Rapper, Not Random Happenstance) Is the Reason The Life of Pablo Is Late

Kanye West appears to have found that Life of Pablo album-cover generator. He appears not to be done with The Life of Pablo, which he previously promised would be out by the end of yesterday. The culprit? Chance — the Rapper, that is, not a random confluence of events. According to Kanye, Chance really wanted "Waves" to be on the album, even though it seems like it was cut in previous track lists. Anyway, Kanye is hard at work in the studio, though not so hard that he doesn't have the time to complain about his collaborator Chance (who already has a spot on "Ultra Light Beams," by the way) for slowing up the process. Also, Kanye's performing at SNL tonight. When is the last time you think he slept? Last Sunday? December?


Sleepy Hollow Recap: I’m Not Made of Stone

Dear Sleepy Hollow writers, do you somehow possess an all-seeing reflecting pool like the one Pandora has? I mean, I’m sure (I assume? I would hope?) that you drop in on Twitter to take a gander at what your fans and critics are saying, but do you take it a step further and go full NSA on our brains, acting as “witnesses” (ha!) to our deepest desires for the direction of the show? Because after last week’s lazy mid-season premiere — with its superfluous, mirror-demon antagonist and apparent lack of interest in addressing Abbie’s disappearance — this week, y’all got down to bidness and the result was intense, if imperfect. I could feel Sleepy Hollow reaching through space and time to find me and bring me back into its good graces. Mission accomplished.


Rihanna Wants Us to Dress Like We’re Going to Postapocalyptic Equinox

After the extravaganza that was the Yeezy show, it was refreshing to attend a celebrity fashion event that didn't involve the premiere of an album or video game, nor any monologue-length rants. For the debut of her Fenty x Puma line, Rihanna kept it simple, straightforward, and (relatively) on time. Fellow famous designers, take note! So what did the show have in store?

Supermodels and suspender pants. »

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ESPN Does Not Want to Hear Win Butler’s Modest, Polite, and Very Canadian Thoughts on Politics

Arcade Fire's Win Butler took home MVP at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game last night (yes, all those things do exist), winning major points for the winning team, Canada (a.k.a. team Drake), but as soon as he started to use his platform as a modest political stage to celebrate Canada's health-care policies (Butler is from the U.S., but he was feeling the team spirit apparently), ESPN's Sage Steele had enough. “So we’re talking about celebrity stuff, not politics,” Steele interrupts him as if Butler has violated a Fight Clublike secret rule of celebrity-sports matches. “Congratulations on your MVP.”

Ashley Judd Joins the Twin Peaks Revival, a Fitting Diversion From Appearing in Those Divergents

Actress, activist, and onetime almost-politician Ashley Judd is heading to Twin Peaks. Deadline reports that the Divergent actress has joined Showtime's ever-expanding reboot of David Lynch and Mark Frost's TV series in an as-yet unannounced role. Judd fills out a cast that includes returning stars Kyle MacLachlan, Sherilyn Fenn, and Michael Horse as well as newcomers Laura DernNaomi Watts, and Amanda Seyfried. Shooting has begun on the series, which is expected to air in early 2017.

Maya Rudolph and Martin Short’s Variety Show Is Finally Happening

The long development history of Maya Rudolph's variety show, which was first tested with an hour-long special way back in 2014, and then, nearly a year later, added Martin Short as a co-host, is finally coming to a close. Variety reports that NBC has greenlit Rudolph and Short's show, which is tentatively titled Maya and Marty in Manhattan. Episodes will air live from a set in NBC's 30 Rock headquarters with a premiere planned for late May. SNL's Lorne Michaels is producing the series, which will include sketches, musical numbers, and celebrity guests. For a moment of zen, watch Short and Rudolph (as Beyoncé) reminisce about SNL's history.

Oscars Promos: Chris Rock Readies the Wine and Popcorn for the Only ABC Show Shonda Rhimes Doesn’t Own

In the latest batch of Oscars promos, Chris Rock takes a meta approach to the ceremony, giving some probably unnecessary promo time to ABC's slate of Shonda Rhimes–run TGIT shows. Of course, if Rhimes ran the Oscars, they might not have that whole problem of looking ridiculously white, but ABC doesn't want you to think about that right now. Watch Rock's latest promos above and then get pumped for the February 28 ceremony with his other previews below.

Deadpool Is About to Make a Crazy Amount of Money

Green Lantern sure feels like a long time ago.

Ryan Reynolds's return to superhero movies, Deadpool, could break 50 Shades of Grey's record for the biggest Presidents Day opening weekend, according to Variety.


Revisiting Zoolander’s Weird History With 9/11

Though it later became a comedy touchstone, the original Zoolander wasn't a huge hit at the time of its release, earning only $45 million domestically. The reason? As you might recall, the movie was released only a few weeks after 9/11, a time when America wasn't quite ready to laugh at the antics of an airheaded supermodel. Besides possibly being the reason Zoolander had to wait 15 years to get a sequel, this terrible timing also meant that, over the course of its life, this seemingly innocuous movie managed to get embroiled in three separate 9/11 controversies. What better time to revisit them than now, as the reportedly terrible sequel arrives in theaters?


The Toughest Song We Wrote: Disclosure on the Year They Spent Getting ‘Echoes’ Just Right

Ahead of the 2016 Grammys, Vulture spoke with a handful of nominees about the songs from their latest albums that were toughest to write. Up next are Disclosure, whose Grammy-nominated 2013 debut album sparked a house revival throughout Europe and, more recently, North America. Their sophomore album, Caracal, nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album, saw the brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence refine that retro sound with greater attention to their individual crafts — Howard on his lyrics, and Guy on the duo's production. But sometimes splitting the workload turned out to take much longer than expected, as Guy explains proved to be both a headache and a blessing behind "Echoes."


Looking for a Deadpool Deep Dive? Here Are 5 of His Classic Comic-Book Stories

Marvel Comics’ most popular wiseass is about to make a big-screen splash in the Ryan Reynolds–led Deadpool, where audiences will revel in the character’s unique mix of mirth and mayhem. But he’s already had a long and varied history in print, which you can read about in our chronicle of his evolution. If you see the flick and want to dive into the comics sagas that spawned him — or if you want to bone up before you hit the multiplex — here are five great Deadpool collections you can snag in digital form or at a nearby comics shop right now.


7 Hidden Clues From the New Game of Thrones Images That Tell Us a Ton About Next Season

On Thursday, HBO released brand-new images from season six of Game of Thrones, and there are plenty of clues buried. Unfortunately, we have to wait until April for the real answers, but until then, this helps.

Produced by Matt Johnston, script by Jennifer Vineyard.

St. Vincent Made a Sexy, Funky Rolling Stones Cover for Tilda Swinton’s New Movie, As If We Weren’t Already Swooning

St. Vincent and Tilda Swinton? Say no more! Before Tilda plays a gender-ambiguous ancient one in Doctor Strange, she'll play the woman everyone understandably has the hots for in Luca Guadagnino's A Bigger Splash, also starring Ralph Fiennes. And in a perfect bit of fanfic come to life, your other crush, St. Vincent, has covered the Rolling Stones' "Emotional Rescue" for the film's soundtrack. Oh, did we mention Tilda plays a rock star in the movie? Yep, this was meant to be. St. Vincent channels Prince all over this sexy funk scorcher, on which she sings mostly in falsetto. The film's trailer looks like it's set in the midst of a heat wave — now you know what probably caused it.


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