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Joe Perry Returns to the Hollywood Vampires Tour Following 'Dehydration and Exhaustion'

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry collapsed backstage during a Hollywood Vampires concert at Coney Island’s Ford Amphitheater early Sunday night. In an Instagram video from the concert, Perry, in the midst of a performance with the band — a supergroup comprised of Perry, Alice Cooper, and Johnny Depp — looks ill and unsteady before he staggers offstage during the song. According to reports, he then collapsed backstage and paramedics quickly escorted the rocker to a nearby Brooklyn hospital. Police sources told Pix 11 News that, under medical supervision, Perry’s condition was upgraded to stable. The rest of the band finished the set without Perry. Cooper later addressed fans on Twitter: "Thanks to everyone asking about our brother @JoePerry. He is stable right now, with family & is under the best care." On Monday, Hollywood Vampires cancelled their late-night appearance together on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, with Blink-182 stepping up to fill the musical guest spot.


If You Were Stephen Colbert, You Too Would Drink a Beer on Live Television After Covering the Republican National Convention For a Week

Stephen Colbert don't care. Stephen Colbert don't give a shit. After a week of The Late Show's very good, very entertaining live coverage of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Stephen Colbert just wants to put his feet up, relax, and have a refreshing beer in the comfort of his own home. But Stephen Colbert can't go home. Stephen Colbert has one more show to do. So like any self-respecting late show host, Stephen Colbert picks up a nice cold brewski and continues on with the show. Mmmmm, Bud Light. Please drink responsibly. (Or not.)

Kanye Didn’t Call Amber Rose About Being in the ‘Famous’ Video

Amber Rose was there front and center when Kanye had his first run-in with Taylor Swift, way back in 2009 at the MTV Music Video Awards, when Swift won for Best Female Video over Queen Bey’s “Single Ladies” and Kanye interrupted her acceptance speech. Last night on The Amber Rose Show, she defended her ex in the latest Kimye-Swift brouhaha, but she was none too pleased about it.


Rolling Stones to Donald Trump: Hey! (Hey!) You! (You!) Stop Using Our Songs!

Donald Trump, a man of wealth and taste, has played Rolling Stones music for the last time. The band has issued a statement to Trump's presidential campaign, insisting the Republican presidential nominee refrain from playing their music at his campaign rallies and to "cease all use immediately." Sad day! Trump played "Start Me Up" at an event on Tuesday and frequently blasted "You Can't Always Get What You Want" on the trail — which is fitting, as those who go down to his demonstrations often get their fair share of abuse.


South Park's Parker and Stone on How Their Anti-P.C. Fight Differs From Trump's

At this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con Hall H presentation about the upcoming 20th season of South Park, an oddly poignant video opened the proceedings: a fake ad treating the show like some kind of trusted lifestyle brand, following a girl as she’s born, grows up, and moves to college, all with the show in the background. It was meant as a gag, but it was something of a comforting reminder: the world has changed a lot in the past two decades, but South Park has always been here for us when we need it.

Right before the panel, we caught up with the show’s creators and stars, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. As they sat behind a conference-room table filled with mediocre convention food (“You want some of the nacho chips? They’re fantastic!” Stone remarked), they chatted with Vulture about the ways their anti-P.C. crusade differs from that of Donald Trump, how they feel about Hamilton unseating their Book of Mormon as Broadway’s hottest ticket, and how they predicted Pokémon Go in 1999.


If You Like America, and If You Like Power Struggles Between Gods, You'll Probably Enjoy the First Trailer For Starz's American Gods

Good news for the millions of Neil Gaiman enthusiasts out there  Starz's upcoming adaptation of Gaiman's acclaimed novel American Gods is out of its long purgatory, and there's a new Comic-Con-approved trailer to prove it. The fantasy-drama follows a man recently released from jail who becomes deeply involved in the push and pull between the old gods (Odin, Loki) of traditional mythology and the new gods (Technology, Media) of modern society when he's hired by a mysterious man to serve as his bodyguard. Hannibal's Bryan Fuller and Heroes' Michael Green are serving as showrunners, with Gaiman also on board as an executive producer. Lead by a cast that includes Ricky Whittle (Shadow), Ian McShane (Mr. Wednesday), and Crispin Glover (Mr. World), American Gods will premiere sometime in 2017.

If Arcade Fire Could Just Continue Throwing Parades For David Bowie, That Would Be Great

Eager concertgoers have been flocking to Randall's Island for New York City's inaugural Panorama Festival this weekend, and boy, did the festival sure start off with a bang — Friday night's headliners were none other than indie-rock darlings Arcade Fire, and immediately following their set they threw an impromptu parade dedicated to David Bowie. (The band previously threw a raging tribute parade to Bowie with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans shortly following his death.) This time, Win Butler and co. utilized the jazz band to perform "Heroes," "Suffragette City," and "Rebel Rebel" as they made their way through the crowd with various instruments. Viva la Bowie.

America Ferrera Has Some Feelings About Trump

America Ferrera stopped by Real Time with Bill Maher last night to talk about Trump’s frothy-mouthed rants at last week’s RNC. Like most of us, she had a lot of feelings about them. Unlike most of us, she got to share hers on HBO and not just on Twitter or during uncomfortable family dinners. Ferrera, who is one of Hillary Clinton’s veritable army of surrogates, spoke directly to Trump’s stance on immigration, among other things. “Immigrants, undocumented or documented are less likely to commit crimes,” Ferrera said.


#Donutgate Cost Ariana Grande a Chance to Perform at the White House

12 months ago, Ariana Grande blessed the country with a truly ballsy act of young adult rebellion: She walked into a California donut shop with a friend, licked a bunch of donuts when the worker's backs were turned, and proclaimed, "I hate Americans, I hate America." (Three cheers for the red, white, and blue, folks.) She issued a statement and apologized for her "taken out of context" actions, and the aftershock of #Donutgate slowly waned as the summer passed on. However, thanks to the recent Democratic National Committee hack, #Donutgate and Grande are unexpectedly back in the spotlight for one last tongue-lickin' hurrah.


A Key to Success Is Listening to DJ Khaled's New Song 'Holy Key'

Musician, social media life coach, and all-around nice guy DJ Khaled if you weren't already aware has a penchant for passionately talking about keys. (What is a key, you may ask? Allow him to explain.) So on his Beats 1 “We the Best” radio show last night, it felt right that Khaled dropped the new key-centic track "Holy Key" featuring Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, and Betty Wright as a follow up to his other key-centric track "I Got the Keys" with Jay Z and Future from earlier this month. And to cap it all off, his forthcoming album, Major Key, will be out on July 29. Enjoy "Holy Key" below. Now go pick some locks...

Party Like It's 1999, Because There's a Trailer For a New Blair Witch Movie

Did you think that you were done with the woods of Burkittsville, Maryland yet? Surprise! Lionsgate has revealed that its forthcoming found-footage horror movie The Woods is actually wait for it a top-secret follow-up to the 1999 cult sensation The Blair Witch Project. Titled Blair Witch, the film follows a new group of young adults (lead by the brother of one of the campers in the original film) who return to the woods in the hopes of discovering what really happened to his sister and her fellow campers all of those years ago. Directed by Adam Wingard, you have until September 16 to mentally prepare yourself for the sequel's frightening release. (We're just pretending that Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 never happened.) Witches are very in right now, after all.

Comic Con: Scream Queens Is a Real-Life Sorority and Keke Palmer Is the President

At last year’s Comic-Con, Fox debuted Scream Queens  Ryan Murphy’s demented mashup of Heathers and Halloween —  to a packed but modestly sized room filled with the producer’s biggest fans. The event consisted mostly of horror legend Jamie Lee Curtis doling out verbose introductions for each of her young costars: Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Skyler Samuels, Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd and Lea Michele.

One year later, watching those same stars assemble (sans Samuels) for their Friday night panel in the upgraded Ballroom 20 was an almost meta experience. This time, Curtis didn't have to do all of the talking —  having one season of Queens under their belts seems to have emboldened and transformed her costars into a sorority of their own, mirroring the fake onscreen hierarchy of Kappa Kappa Tau to an almost eerie degree. And just like in the finale of season one, Keke Palmer has assumed the role of house president.


  • Posted 7/23/16 at 3:00 AM

Behind the Batman: The Killing Joke Movie’s Approach to Batgirl, Sex, and Sexual Violence

Spoilers for Batman: The Killing Joke below.

Few Batman stories are as iconic as Batman: The Killing Joke. Few are as controversial as it, too. Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland and John Higgins, the story first appeared in 1988 and has subsequently become one of the most-discussed tales in the Bat-mythos. It follows a particularly bad day for the Dark Knight. The Joker busts out of Arkham and kidnaps and tortures the incorruptibe Commissioner Gordon to prove that anyone can be pushed over the edge into madness. But before doing that, the Clown Prince of Crime shoots Gordon’s daughter, Barbara — also known by her nom de guerre Batgirl — and paralyzes her from the waist down, then takes a series of nude pictures of her.

The pain and violation inflicted on Barbara, combined with the fact that she doesn’t play any role in the story other than motivating Batman to fight the bad guy, has led to a tremendous amount of criticism of the story in recent years. So when DC Entertainment announced that they were producing an animated film adaptation of The Killing Joke, there was understandable backlash.


Comic Con: The Cast of The Walking Dead Promises to Ruin You With the Season 7 Premiere

Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead occupied the biggest room at Comic Con for two straight hours on Friday afternoon, kicking off a big day for TV fans in Hall H. Walking Dead took the stage for the second hour, functioning as a kind of main event for AMC’s SDCC programming schedule. And of course, with the dais packed full of actors and writers and producers, all conversation turned to the season six cliff hanger that left basically every meaningful character on their knees in front of the show’s new big bad, Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Morgan strutted onto the stage in full on villain mode, wielding his character’s bat, Lucille, and telling the crowd, “You can breathe. You can blink. You can fucking cry. Oh hell, you’re all going to be doing that!” And at that moment it became clear that Morgan wasn’t so much cast to play Negan as he was tapped to realize the repressed sociopath that has lived inside him his whole life. After everyone got seated, moderator and Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick queued up a brand new trailer for season seven that didn’t give fans any answers about who Negan ended up beating to death during last season’s finale, but did give them a first look at King Ezekiel and his majestic pet tiger, which drew massive roars from the crowd.


Comic-Con: Joss Whedon on the Problem With Modern Movies and How to Solve It

"Thank you guys for coming out to watch my nervous breakdown," Joss Whedon said, on a platform by himself in a 7,000-seat auditorium. 


The Great British Baking Show Recap: Soggy Bottoms

As we continue our peaceful meander through the verdant English countryside, there is barely anyone left in this silly tent. I have awaited Pastry Week for quite a while, eager to hear Mary Berry's arch warnings to avoid the travesty of soggy bottoms. My prayers have been answered.


Outcast Recap: Satanic Panic

In last week's recap, I failed to address a key plot point: Sidney branding Reverend Anderson with a switchblade. It's based on a similar scene from Robert Kirkman's comic, and it never sat well with me. True, it's a horror-tinged reference to the Book of Job. Being physically tormented is what makes Job snap, a parallel that isn't lost in Outcast, given how unhinged Anderson becomes in this episode. But still, and you'll have to forgive my nitpicking: Are we really supposed to believe that a man as stout as Philip Glenister could be overpowered by mild-mannered Brent Spiner? Yes, the man is probably the Devil, and Anderson is just a man. But beyond a basic plot-pushing need to establish his power, why did we have to see Sidney lay hands on Anderson?


Sophie Turner Made the Game of Thrones Team Take Vodka Shots Before Their Comic-Con Panel, Because She Rules

Game of Thrones is in a much different place than it was last year, and that difference was reflected in the show's Comic-Con panel. Last year, the cast, crew, and writers were inundated with tough questions about the show's frequent depictions of rape and sexual violence, as well as its treatment of gender. This year, pretty much everyone was like, "This show is great!!!," including a woman dressed as Melisandre who asked a question during 2015's panel about rape culture on the show. In 2016? "The women kicked butt," she said, before inquiring about the upcoming Cersei-Daenerys smackdown, a question which David Benioff and D.B. Weiss swiftly brushed aside.


The Great British Baking Show Recap: Fake Cakes

How are we halfway through this season already? Has it really gone that fast? No matter, we must enjoy a gift like The Great British Baking Show as it is given.

It is Alternative Ingredients week, which means the bakers must make desserts without the help of gluten, dairy, or sugar. This is basically porn for wellness enthusiasts, so call up your Aunt Carol who eschews bread and uses stevia in her coffee. It's time for her to tune in.


Comic-Con Trailer: Vikings Returns With Calamity, Chaos, Tragedy, Lots of Fur, and Death

Sure, Game of Thrones may have recently had a monopoly on televised depictions of raiding and pillaging, but Vikings is riding back across the waves to seize its crown. The show returns to finish out its fourth season this fall, and in a trailer released at Comic-Con today, we see a bit more of the stakes at play. After the time jump in the midseason finale, Ragnar is back, and yet, no one quite knows what his return will mean — other than there'll be more violence, possibly against England, and also more great hairdos, of course. 


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