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Ferguson Police Have Started Using Body Cameras

Outfitting police with body cameras is the most concrete solution that's emerged from the debate surrounding the situation in Ferguson, and less than one month after Michael Brown's death, police there are already giving them a try. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that two companies, Safety Visions and Digital Ally, donated about 50 cameras to the Ferguson Police Department a week ago. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said they are "still playing with them," but officers started using the cameras at a protest march on Saturday. Jackson said the officers captured video of protesters taunting them.


Eric Cantor Forgoes Fox News Gig, Chooses Cushy Job Behind Door Number 2

The tale of former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor just got a heartwarming ending: After being cruelly rejected by Virginia voters in June, the man once considered the unofficial liason between the GOP and Wall Street is getting a leg up from his friends in the banking industry. The Wall Street Journal reports that Cantor is joining the investment bank Moelis & Co. as a vice chairman and board member, effective this week. Founder Ken Moelis said he's hiring Cantor for his "judgment and experience," not just his ability to navigate Washington bureaucracy. "I've got a lot to learn" said Cantor, who has never worked in investment banking. "I'm very focused on my next step." He already knows how to drop $200,000 at steakhouses in just 18 months, so he should do just fine.

The FBI and Apple Are Investigating the Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Hack

Jennifer Lawrence has been in contact with authorities after nude photos of her and a number of other female celebrities, including Ariana Grande, Kate Upton and Victoria Justice, were leaked on 4chan yesterday. The authenticity of all the images could not be verified, although Lawrence's rep has confirmed that it is her featured in the photos. "This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence,” said Lawrence’s spokeswoman Liz Mahoney on Monday.


Here’s What Chris Christie Did on His Summer Vacation

They say it ain't over till the fat lady sings, but we'll take this video shared by New Jersey's increasingly svelte governor as a sign that summer 2014 has officially come to a close. On Monday night Chris Christie announced via Twitter that his summer was filled with "beautiful weather, new boardwalks, new babies, & lots of selfies." Judging from the accompanying YouTube video, it was truly the best summer ever. Christie kissed lots of babies, some guy told him he's doing a good job, a lady said "you look good," and a New Jersey teacher declared that she "absolutely" loves him. Even better: Christie wasn't charged with a felony this summer, unlike some Republican governors.

Grover Norquist Goes to Burning Man

It’s a hell-hot Friday afternoon, and conservative anti-tax activist Grover Norquist and I are walking down a dusty footpath at Burning Man, the annual New Age festival held in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. As we stroll past rows of parked RVs on Gold Street, we pass a large tent that advertises “Free Taint Washes." A man approaches us from inside, carrying a jug of water with a misting attachment.

“Would you like a spray?” the man asks.

“Not today,” Norquist says.

The man smiles. “Well, would you like a taint wash?”


What’s the Matter With Connecticut?

A funny-sad back-and-forth appeared in the pages of the Hartford Courant last month.

It started when one Christopher Edge wrote into the letters section to say he had had it and was moving out in a tirade entitled “Farewell, Connecticut.” More positive residents then chimed in with their support for the Nutmeg State. “Running away is not the solution,” chided one Patricia Karwoski.

But what problems could Edge possibly be trying to duck by bailing? Who would run away from Connecticut in the first place? It seems a state not afflicted, a lovely, hilly green hamlet nestled between Boston and New York. It has a low crime rate. It has stellar schools. It has the highest per-capita income of the 50 states. It’s home to Martha Stewart and America’s best pizza, for God’s sake.

Edge complained primarily about the state’s political incompetency and its “freeloaders.” But there’s a much deeper malaise afflicting Connecticut and its angry letter-writers. While there is great wealth, there is stagnant growth. Along with high incomes has come increasing poverty. Amid those million-dollar mansions, the middle class has eroded.

In short, Connecticut has somehow managed to become both the richest and worst economy in America. And what’s worse, America has started to look more and more like Connecticut.


Chris Christie Caused Another Traffic Problem

"A man who claimed a member of Gov. Chris Christie's motorcade cut him off got angry enough to follow the car until the drivers hashed it out in the parking lot of the Seaside Park Police Department," the Star-Ledger reports. The aforementioned motorcade member was not Christie himself, but a state trooper tailing the governor's SUV on the way to his summer home on the Jersey Shore. The two parties reportedly talked it out and no charges were filed, just like with the other thing.

The de Blasios Did Their Goofy Family Dance Again

It's been a while since we've seen "the Smackdown," a synchronized dance the de Blasios busted out more than a couple times while Bill was running for mayor last year. For the uninitiated: The Smackdown is an unusual routine that involves hand-waving, hand-licking, pavement-slapping, and leaping high into the air. While the dance's origins are unclear, the sheer goofiness of it is something that some people might be tempted to leave behind on the campaign trail. Not the de Blasios! As events such as the Mermaid Parade have taught us, these people are deeply committed to family fun, so we weren't too surprised to see Bill, Chirlane, Chiara, and Dante bring back the Smackdown at Monday's West Indian Day Parade.

There is video. »

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