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Your Boyfriends Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum Are Making a Movie-Musical About Pilots Who Sing and Dance

Channing Tatum has caught dancing fever ... and he's infected Joseph Gordon-Levitt! THR reports that the pair have signed on to star in an untitled musical project written by 21 Jump Street's Michael Bacall. Little is known about the project, but it's reportedly "an R-rated musical comedy featuring two pilots on a misadventure." Yes, that's right — Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, dancing, in pilot's uniforms. Sploosh.

  • Posted 2/5/16 at 11:37 AM

That Book #Girlboss You Liked Is Going to Become a Netflix Show You Also Probably Like

Befuddled boyfriends around the nation are getting one more question to ask today, as Variety reports that fashion magnate Sophia Amoruso's memoir #Girlboss will be turned into a Netflix comedy series, produced by the dream team of Amoruso, Charlize Theron, and Pitch Perfect's Kay Cannon, who will serve as showrunner. In book form, #Girlboss was often described as a Millennial version of Lean In, which is just going to confuse that adorable lunk you share a bed with even further. Just tell him the woman whose blog you like is teaming up with two women whose movies you like to make a show out of the book you like, no, not that one, that's the book you don't like.

James Franco Is Turning Zola’s Story Into a Movie, Because of Course He Is

In today's greatest troll: Remember Zola's too-good-to-be-true Twitter tale of sex work, drugs, lies, and murder that went viral last October? Well, James Franco read it, too, and he's turning it into the movie we all knew was inevitable. He's reportedly signed on to direct and star in Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted, based on Zola's infamous "hoe trip" to Florida, but, weirdly, adapted from David Kushner's Rolling Stone feature about the 20-year-old Hooter's waitress/stripper whose real name is Aziah Wells. And while it's unclear who Franco will play in this bizarre scenario, our money's on Jarrett, the mentally unstable boyfriend of "this white bitch" Jess, the woman who, in the story, involved Zola on a wild night of prostitution and stripping, along with Jess's violent pimp, Z. Andrew Neel and Mike Roberts — who both recently worked with Franco on Sundance entry Goat — will write the script. From this day forward, February 4, 2016, will forever be known as the date Hollywood truly got lost in the sauce. And also the day Black Twitter died. RIP.

Fox Just Gave the Lonely Island Their Own SNL

A decade after starting their TV careers at Saturday Night Live, the Lonely Island are getting a Saturday-night sketch show of their very own. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the comedy threesome will collaborate with Paul Scheer in producing a half-hour sketch-comedy series for Fox called Party Over Here. The title comes from the name of the group's "development venture" with the network and also, possibly, "Whoomp! (There It Is)." None of the Lonely Island guys will be a part of the show's ensemble — Nicole Byer, Jessica McKenna, and Alison Rich, with featured players Carl Tart and Marques Ray — nor will they be directly competing with SNL, as POH will air at 11. Lorne Michaels seems to be taking this news better than Johnny Carson did, so it looks like late night really is a nicer place.

USA Renews Colony for a Second Season, a Guarantee Josh Holloway Will Scowl on TV for Another Year

Dooming the fair City of Angels to another year of alien occupation and inevitable traffic issues caused by it, USA has renewed Colony for a second season. The series, which comes from Lost's Carlton Cuse and Hercules's Ryan Condal, stars Lost's Josh Holloway and will air the fourth episode of its ten-episode first season tonight. Holloway plays a former FBI agent who collaborates with the forces of the alien occupation in Los Angeles order to get his son back, while Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori from The Walking Dead) plays his wife. A second season will give Colony a chance to unravel more of its elaborate mythology, though it better not introduce anything involving a hatch.

Craig Robinson Is Hosting Caraoke Showdown, Only to Be Slightly Confused With ‘Carpool Karaoke’

One man's late-night bit is another man's TV special. Spike TV, the network that brought you the series version of Lip Sync Battle, is doing its own spin on "Carpool Karaoke," James Corden's wildly popular recurring bit. THR reports that Howie Mandel is executive-producing a TV special called Caraoke Showdown hosted by the Pontiac Bandit Craig Robinson. During the special, Robinson will pick up contestants who will sing for cash with celebrity guest appearances thrown in. For now, Caraoke Showdown is just slated to be one half-hour special, but if it does well, it will be picked up as a series and Spike TV will finally transform into Ursula the Sea Witch, demanding people sing for her. Now, sing!

Britain’s Favorite Friend Matt LeBlanc Is the New Host of BBC’s Top Gear

Matt LeBlanc is saying “How you doin'?” to a brand-new gig, as the BBC announced on Thursday that the former Friends star will join Chris Evans (not that one) as one of the new hosts of its popular car show Top Gear, which saw presenter Jeremy Clarkson leave last year after punching a producer. Though his character was relegated to the C-plot of the show's iconic London arc, LeBlanc has spent his post-Friends career enjoying a special relationship with Britain: His Showtime sitcom Episodes was until recently a BBC Two co-production, and he set the record for the "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car" segment in the old Top Gear"As a car nut and a massive fan of Top Gear, I'm honoured and excited to be a part of this iconic show's new chapter," the BBC reported LeBlanc as saying, but you gotta bet that's not really how he said honored.

Miley Cyrus Joins The Voice As Key Adviser

Miley Cyrus and her tongue will appear on the tenth season of The Voice as key advisers, the psychedelic pop star announced Wednesday. Like Taylor Swift and Rihanna before her, Woody Allen's latest star will give her musical two cents to all the show's teams, probably serve as a ratings boost, and maybe mess with everybody's seat heaters. "When Miley speaks everyone pays attention. Our artists are very lucky to have the benefit of her instincts and wisdom," NBC's Paul Telegdy said. "Our viewers will be treated to an inside look at one of the brightest minds in music and the entertainment industry who is at the forefront of pop culture." Miley joins returning coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, and Christina Aguilera (the last of whom had briefly subbed out for Gwen Stefani), and though the "Wrecking Ball" singer won't get her own button, that doesn't mean she won't try to share.

Check her out: »

HBO Considers Turning Back on Its Voyage to Explore a Lewis and Clark Miniseries

In every adventure, there is a moment when our heroes must pause to survey the treacherous road ahead of them and consider, if even for a moment, whether they should turn back. HBO's Lewis and Clark mini-series reached such a point today, with the network telling THR it was "redeveloping" the six-episode series, which had already begun shooting last year. Production was halted after the project lost both its director and cinematographer to "creative differences" — the dysentery of any period piece — and HBO now says that writer Michelle Ashford is working on a new draft of the script, which will have to be green-lit again before the show is to press forth. Even if it does, the multiple episodes already in the can may have to be scrapped completely, and roles possibly recast. That's bad news for Casey Affleck and Matthias Schoenaerts, who were playing the titular pair, but there is a silver lining — if The Revenant is any indication, on the chance this thing does end up getting finished, everyone involved is going to have one hell of a press tour.

Leslie Moonves Replaces Longtime Boss Sumner Redstone As CBS Chairman

Leslie Moonves, already arguably the most powerful man in television, just got a little more powerful. The president and chief executive officer of CBS Corp. will soon add the title of chairman of the CBS board of directors, replacing his longtime boss Sumner Redstone. The ailing Redstone, 92, stepped down as executive chairman of the CBS board Tuesday and will now hold the honorary title of chairman emeritus. Redstone’s health has been declining for months, leading to intense speculation in both Hollywood and on Wall Street about how his eventual passing might impact the future leadership of his two media conglomerates, CBS Corp. and Viacom (the company that controls MTV, Comedy Central, and other holdings). Today’s news settles at least half of that mystery: Moonves has been given a massive vote of confidence and is positioned to remain fully in charge of all things CBS even after Redstone’s death. 

As part of today’s development, Moonves will continue to work with Redstone’s daughter, Shari Redstone, who is vice-chairman of CBS Corp. and will inherit his controlling stakes in both CBS and Viacom. She issued a statement Wednesday saying it was important that the two media companies be led by “someone who is not a trustee of my father's trust or otherwise intertwined in Redstone family matters, but rather a leader with an independent voice.” Curiously, the younger Redstone made no specific mention of Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman. Since Dauman is part of the trust that will own CBS and Viacom after her father dies, her statement would seem to signal she’s not keen on the idea of Dauman getting the same sort of promotion as Moonves. Bottom line: Nothing's changing at CBS — but at Viacom things may be about to get a little bit interesting.

Ryan Murphy Commits to Hiring More Directors Who Aren’t Straight White Guys

Last year a Directors Guild study found that 82 percent of first-time TV directors were male, and 87 percent were white — more evidence that, despite Hollywood's frequent lip service toward diversity, white men still get more chances in the entertainment industry than anyone else. Now one of those powerful white guys has committed to doing something about it. THR reports that Ryan Murphy has set up a foundation, called Half, within his production company to bring more diversity into the TV-directing ranks. As the name suggests, by the end of this year, Murphy has committed to filling 50 percent of the director slots on his shows with candidates who are women, racial minorities, or members of the LBGT community. Beyond that, the American Crime Story producer says the foundation will create a database of diverse filmmakers for other showrunners to consult, as well as offer mentorship opportunities for college students interested in directing. "The industry has always been about, you come to us," Murphy says. "I'm saying, ‘No, we’re going to go to you.'"

Vin Diesel Just Confirmed That Fast & Furious Trilogy You Might Have Heard About; Here Are the Dates to Prove It

Aside from revisiting Xander Cage, Vin Diesel has also been teasing fans with murmurings of more Fast material — and not just in the form of one sequel, but three, because he's a boy who appreciates a good action movie, regardless of the number. Well, good news: There will be less talking and more racing, as the actor took to social media late Tuesday night to confirm that trilogy you might have heard of, and to offer some clarity in the process. "The studio has asked me to release some very big Fast news," the actor wrote on Instagram earlier in the evening. "As most of you know I like to stay in character, [Xander], for the most part when given the opportunity to make magic. However, it was Toretto Tuesday and the studio gave me big news to share ...  So I will share it." And share he did, with his Toretto Tuesday update officially revealing the next entrants (and release dates) of a now-ten-film saga:

Scope out the dates here: »

Seth Rogen, Zach Galifianakis, and Bill Hader Are Teaming Up for Some Funny Sci-Fi Thing Called The Something

Maybe this'll be something like Dr. Malocchio, the Green Hornet, and the Between Two Ferns host teaming up to create the ultimate space-traveling super squad, or maybe it'll be something else entirely, but Bill Hader, Seth Rogen, and Zach Galifianakis are for sure teaming up for something called The Something. THR reports the movie is a sci-fi comedy about three male space voyagers who stumble upon another ship while stuck on their journey. Point Grey Pictures and Good Universe are producing, with Universal distributing.

"Shit just goes crazy." »

Mighty Morphin’ Elizabeth Banks Will Play Rita Repulsa in New Power Rangers Film

At some point in Elizabeth Banks's past, did a galactic sage named Zordon give her a magical power coin? That's the likeliest explanation for her magical morphin' ability, which has seen Banks switch effortlessly between projects as different as The Hunger Games and Wet Hot American Summer. Now, THR reports, she's set to make her greatest transformation yet, signing on to the role of villain Rita Repulsa in Lionsgate's upcoming Power Rangers reboot. (As previously announced, the actual Rangers will be played by four people you've never heard of, and Becky G.) For the unfamiliar, Rita Repulsa is an intergalactic space-witch who wants to take over the Earth, and one of the few pop-culture figures whose costume is more ridiculous than Effie Trinket's.

Leonardo DiCaprio to Produce Postapocalyptic YA Movie, Gently Remind Kids About Climate Change

Enjoy The Revenant, adults! It’s already too late for you. Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio will be over here, warning your children about the impending environment collapse. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DiCaprio and Appian Way partner Jennifer Davisson will produce a film adaptation of Kayla Olson’s apocalyptic YA novel The Sandcastle Empire for Paramount. Featuring a young heroine named Eden, the book takes place in a distant future, "when the Earth is at a breaking point due to climate change, coastal flooding and overpopulation [and a] radical faction known as the Wolfpack overthrows the government and takes control." Well, if hanging out with the actual Pope isn’t enough to draw attention to the environment, maybe a blockbuster action franchise will? It won't, but hey, worth a shot.

Report: Naomi Watts Will Join the Twin Peaks Revival for a Fun, Weird David Lynch Reunion

The Twin Peaks revival has landed a serious dose of star power, as Deadline reports Naomi Watts will finally reunite with David Lynch. The duo most notably worked together on 2001's memorable Mulholland Dr., which might have made you question your sanity but definitely taught you a fun word to whisper and propelled the actress into similarly larger movie roles. In the same report, the trade surfaced two other (still-unconfirmed) casting nuggets, which include Lynch reprising his regretless, enunciation-savvy Gordon Cole role and Tom Sizemore joining in an unspecified capacity. No word yet on the specifics behind Watts's character — or her character's dreaming tendencies — either, but the Lynch-helmed follow-up series is set to premiere sometime in 2017 on Showtime, so you should still have plenty of time to prepare for any surrealism, intensity, and dream analyses to come.

NBC Proclaims Dick Wolf God-King of the Universe, Renews His Deal Through 2020

Sitting atop a gilded throne bedecked by hundreds of ivory peacocks and accompanied by a procession of 32 virgins ages 18 to 49, Dick Wolf was proclaimed the god-king of the NBC universe on Monday, as the network extended his production deal for four more autumn harvests. The deal also extended the run of Wolf's crowd-pleasing sagas Law & Order: SVU and Chicago Med. With the addition of the already-renewed Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., as well as the potential arrival of Chicago Law and Law & Order: You the Jury foretold by flocks of crows, Wolf could have a half-dozen shows on the air before the moon has turned ten times. "[The god-king] has been a defining voice of NBC for over a generation," the network's Robert Greenblatt proclaimed in a statement. "He is most welcome at this company forever."

Pope Francis Is Shamelessly Hunting for an EGOT

Did you know that, in the 1,983-year history of the papacy, no sitting pope has ever been awarded an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony? It's true — not even Boniface VI could manage it. But now Pope Francis is out to break that trend: Months after His Holiness made a brazen ploy for the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album Grammy with Wake Up!, Variety reports that the Cool Pope is about to make his acting debut in the upcoming Christian family film Beyond the Sun. Francis will play himself in the film; if he wins an Oscar for the role, he would become the first person to ever win an Academy Award for playing himself. (Though Harold Russell won for playing a fictionalized version of himself in The Best Years of Our Lives.) If this cameo goes well, expect Francis'a boldfaced pursuit of an EGOT to continue with a starring role in Fiddler on the Roof.

Grease: Live Soars in the Ratings, Beating NBC’s Past Two Musicals

The ratings for Grease: Live are in, and Fox execs could be forgiven for busting out the hand jive this morning. Sunday’s spectacular small-screen reinvention of the 1978 movie (which itself was based on the Broadway musical) averaged a systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic 12.2 million same-day viewers, according to preliminary Nielsen data. More impressive, the three-hour telecast was easily the one Fox’s desired demographic wanted, averaging a 4.3 rating among adults under 50 (and a massive 5.6 rating with women under 50). In addition to dominating everything else on TV Sunday — beating ABC, CBS, and NBC combined by nearly 50 percent in the key demo — Grease: Live outranked both of NBC’s past two live musicals (The Wiz and Peter Pan) among both viewers and adults under 50, and came very close to matching the demo results for the Peacock’s first modern musical, The Sound of Music (4.6 rating). More important, what both NBC and now Fox have demonstrated is that, even in the era of on demand and binge-viewing, audiences will still flock to old-fashioned linear television for the right kind of programming. Network TV: It’s still the one that you want, America!

E!’s New Scripted Series Sure Sounds Like a Thinly Veiled Tom Cruise Exposé

Remember all those stories about Tom Cruise's "wife auditions"? E! does! The network announced today its second scripted series (after The Royals) would be The Arrangement, a drama about a young actress who finds herself falling for her A-list co-star — only to be presented with a contract arranging the ins and outs of their potential relationship. And if that wasn't salty enough, our A-lister is under the sway of a mysterious self-help figure, played by Michael Vartan, who runs something called the Institute of the Higher Mind. Yes, that's right: The hot dude from Alias is playing David Miscavige. The series, which has been picked up for a first season of ten hour-long episodes, will star Christine Evangelista and Josh Henderson — as "Megan Morrison" and "Kyle West," sadly, and not "Hatie Colmes" and "Crom Tooze."


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