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Listen to Miley Cyrus’ New Song Younger Now and Check Out the Entire Tracklist for Her Whole Album of the Same Name

Miley Cyrus just released the song “Younger Now,” off her upcoming album of the same name, and its music video on Thursday. The title track seems to deal with her transition away from her previous aesthetic. Wistful and reflective, the song has Miley admitting she feels like she just woke up, and that even though she acknowledges she previously wasn’t herself, she’s “not afraid of who I used to be.” The accompanying music video features a lot of striking imagery, such as Miley singing to a puppet, a gaggle of kids dressed up as mimes, and Cyrus riding a Gravitron-like amusement-park attraction. While the music video has a carnival motif, it ends with a choreographed dance that would fit right in at a ’50s sock hop. Not only did Miley share the song and music video, she also announced the entire tracklist off her Younger Now album:


The Next Star Wars Spin-Off Movie Will Reportedly Be About Obi-Wan Kenobi

The bigwigs behind the ever-expanding Star Wars universe are lining up their next project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the next saga spinoff will be a solo story for your original Jedi father figure, Obi-Wan Kenobi. There is apparently no script yet, but Stephen Daldry is reportedly in very early talks to direct. Daldry is an Oscar nominee best known for highly emotional dramas like The Hours, The Reader, and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. Most recently he’s directed episodes of The Crown and is attached to a screen adaptation of Wicked.


Gina Torres Will Make Chicago Politics Her Playground in New Suits Spin-Off

Ever since Gina Torres first sashayed out of that elevator in Suits, the question was obvious: “When is high-powered attorney Jessica Pearson getting her own show?” Six years and so many statement dresses later, we finally have our answer. Although Torres’s character departed the show as a regular at the end of season six, the upcoming seventh-season finale of Suits will function as a “backdoor pilot” for the prospective Pearson drama, which will shift from legal dealings to political ones in the city of Chicago. Yahoo reports that the new series will be produced, executive produced, written, and directed by various figures from the Suits team, and creator Aaron Korsh — who will be leading the spinoff charge — gave a bit more detail on what fans can expect:


Justin Simien To Direct Horror Satire Called Bad Hair That’s About Evil Autonomous Hair

Justin Simien is best known for writing, directing, and creating both the movie and TV series Dear White People. But for his next project, he will take his talents as a satirist to the horror genre with Bad Hair. As Deadline reports, the movie will be set in 1989 and focus on a young woman looking to climb the ladder in the high-pressure, image-obsessed world of music television. To get the right look, she springs for a brand-new weave, which could end up doing more harm than good when she realizes the hair might have its own agenda. Simien told Deadline, “This will be both a love letter to black women and a critique of the cultural forces our society puts them through.” It also sounds like Idle Hands but with social commentary, which can only mean a great time.

Amazon Studios’ Good Omens Hopes to Summon Michael Sheen and David Tennant to The Apocalypse

Picture, if you will: Michael Sheen and David Tennant perched on your shoulders, each attempting to convince you to either follow your conscience or stray to the dark side. No, you haven’t been transformed into some kind of incredibly strong bodybuilder, and no, Michael Sheen and David Tennant haven’t shrunk down to the size of parrots. That definitely would have been in the headline. Instead the Masters of Sex star and the Jessica Jones villain are in talks to portray the forces of good and evil in Amazon Studios’ Good Omens, an adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s novel Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. According to Deadline, the hour-long limited comedy series is hoping to land Sheen as “Aziraphale, an angel who works for God” and Tennant as “Crowley, a demon who works on behalf of the darkness.” Having grown accustomed to life on Earth, the pair attempt to stave off the cataclysmic Final Judgement, if at all possible, by wrangling the Antichrist and staving off the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The show will reportedly be set in 2018, and to be honest, we could do a whole lot worse when it comes to casting the Who’s Who of the End Times.

Nia Vardalos to Star in a Dramedy Inspired by Chewbacca Mom, But Not About Chewbacca Mom, So Your Pilot Is Safe

While it was inspired in part by the viral video star, Nia Vardalos’s new series is not, in fact, about the life of internet micro-celeb Chewbacca Mom, nor is it about Chewbacca’s actual mom, so your original pilot and screenplay remain saleable for another day. Instead, the My Big Fat Greek Wedding star is currently developing a dramedy based on a fictional mom thrust into the public eye via meme fame. Suburbs Famous, currently in development at Bravo, would star Vardalos as a suburban housewife who “accidentally becomes famous in a viral video. Thrust into the cutthroat world of celebrity chefs, the newly divorced mom must navigate between the intense public scrutiny which could destroy her and the investors who want to make her a star.”


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Why Network TV Isn’t Worth It for Veterans Like Shonda Rhimes Anymore

For networks and their affiliated studios, finding a way to hold on to top-tier talent used to be a relatively simple proposition. Big producer threatening to jump to another company? Back up a Brinks truck. And if money alone wasn’t the only concern, offer the talent more “creative freedom,” usually by guaranteeing a certain number of “straight-to-series” projects so her ideas won’t have to go through the usual (and often demoralizing) pilot process.


Netflix Renews GLOW for a Second Season and Promises More ‘Glitz’ and ‘Guts’

The badass crew of female wrestlers is stepping out into the ring once again. That’s right, GLOW has officially been renewed for a second season. The series revolving around an ’80s all-female wrestling group just premiered on June 23, but the streaming service has already deemed it worthy of another season. Netflix made the announcement with a video they posted to Twitter that was full of neon and glitter:


John Landgraf Has Another Peak TV Update: It’s Become ‘Unmanageable’

The TV apocalypse is nigh. FX CEO John Landgraf, who coined the phrase Peak TV, told journalists on Wednesday during his Television Critics Association executive session what’s been obvious for some time: A “profound shift” is coming to the television business, and we are “heading from an optimal number of shows to an unmanageable number of shows.” There are 342 scripted shows that have aired so far this year, up from the 325 that have aired since last year (last year’s grand total was 455). More important: Landgraf explained that the streaming services, which have historically been more willing to embrace full projects than their more cautious cable brethren, have announced 79 series — not pilots — that have yet to make it to air this year. And this is all before anything happens with Apple TV’s scripted-programming plans.


Amazon Frantically Scoops Aaron Sorkin’s Lucille Ball Biopic Starring Cate Blanchett Off the Conveyor Belt

Presumably after being persuaded via an extremely complicated scheme requiring Cate Blanchett to dress as Harpo Marx, Amazon has bought the rights to the authorized Lucille Ball biopic. The film will reportedly focus on the comedy legend’s 20-year marriage to husband Desi Arnaz and the creation of the couple’s classic sitcom I Love Lucy, which premiered in 1951. The movie will be produced by the pair’s children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. As reported nearly two years ago, Cate Blanchett will star as the comedy legend in a screenplay penned by Aaron Sorkin. Expect a lot of walk and talks, all of which will take place in a cartoonishly large grape-stomping vat and go extremely awry.

FX’s Subscription Service FX+ Is a Big Step Toward TV’s Unbundled Future

Don’t like commercials interrupting the chills and thrills of American Horror Story? If you get FX via Comcast cable, you’ll soon be able to skip annoying ads altogether. Expanding on a concept introduced earlier this summer by AMC and Comcast, the country’s top cable provider is now partnering with FX on a subscription service that allows customers the ability to watch commercial-free versions of FX series on demand at the same time said shows are airing (with ads) on FX’s linear channel. Dubbed FX+ and launching September 5, the new offering differs from the similar AMC Premium in one big way: In addition to the new stuff, it’ll offer access to the full streaming libraries of more than a dozen past FX series, including The Shield, Nip/Tuck, Sons of Anarchy, and Rescue Me. TV nirvana won’t come cheap, however.


Steve Harvey Said His Leaked Staff Memo Was ‘Cute’ and ‘Not a Big Deal’ to Him

While it’s been a few months since the leaking of a scandalous memo Steve Harvey sent to his staff demanding they not approach his dressing room or his makeup chair unless invited or asked directly, Harvey has a few more things to say about the whole affair. “I learned two things from that email … I can’t write and I should never write,” he said at the Television Critics Association press tour. “It was something I wrote a year ago and someone didn’t get a job coming to L.A. and they got pissed.”


Sean Spicer Won’t Be on Dancing With the Stars Because of ‘Overwhelming Number of Commitments’

If you pictured Sean Spicer doing a pas de deux with Emma Slater dressed as a podium on Dancing With the Stars, then be prepared to be very disappointed. According to sources close to the former press secretary, Spicer has turned down an offer to appear on the forthcoming 25th season of the ABC show, TMZ reports. The insider said that while Spicer was flattered, he had to say no to the offer because of an “overwhelming number of commitments in the fall.” However, were Spicer to make it on the show, it’d appear that just as his tenure at the White House was short, his time on DWTS would probably be as brief. The source also added that Spicer is “not a good dancer.” There’s no word yet as to whether recently ousted Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci or former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus have any desire to join the show, considering their increased free time.

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The Rise of the Episodic Anthology Series

Decades before season-long storytelling came into vogue with series such as American Horror Story and Fargo, TV was filled with programming even more appealing to audiences with limited attention spans: the episodic anthology. Rather than telling their tales over eight or ten episodes, as the modern-day anthology series does, golden-age classics such as The Twilight Zone and Playhouse 90 — along with less prestigious (if no less beloved) offerings such as The Love Boat and Tales From the Crypt — delivered a full-course narrative meal within as little as 30 minutes. It was one of the great TV genres, until it wasn’t. But now, the TV anthology is staging a comeback. Netflix’s Black Mirror, originally a U.K. import, pioneered the modern revival and is now one of TV’s most critically acclaimed shows. HBO, already home to High Maintenance, last week premiered the Duplass brothers’ Room 104, in which the only regular character is a hotel room. And Thursday brings TBS’s The Guest Book, a comedy anthology from My Name Is Earl creator Greg Garcia focusing on the misadventures of an ever-changing cast of vacationeers. All of a sudden, short-form storytelling has found its way back onto the TV menu — and the reasons why have a lot to do with the ripple effects of Peak TV.


Amazon Is Developing Its Own Post-Civil War Alternate History Series Called Black America

Amazon sees your Confederate, HBO, and might be raising you Black America, a new series in “very, very active development” about what America would be like today if freed slaves had been given Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama as reparations after the Civil War. If that’s ringing bells, you’ve probably been following the PR problem HBO has been having with its own in-development alternate-history series, which imagines a much more Man in the High Castle–type present, where the South has seceded and slavery was both kept around and turned into a modernized arm of the economy over time.


That Stephanie Meyer Show The Rook Is Getting A Series Order At Starz

Remember when Stephanie Meyer started developing a show for Hulu called The Rook? News of it first surfaced two years ago, at which time Vulture described it as follows: “[T]he adventures of a female investigator working for a British agency charged with investigating supernatural goings-on, such as — and this is just us spitballing here — a nonstop barrage of hot, sexy vampires.” Well, The Rook never died. It was just resting its eyes, and now its getting another shot at Starz, which has given it a series order. The latest summary of the show, per Variety, paints a picture of Hannibal meets Blindspot meets Supernatural: “A young woman who wakes up in a London park suffering amnesia and surrounded by bodies, all wearing latex gloves. As she attempts to uncover her past and her role as head of Britain’s supernatural secret service, she discovers she has peculiar abilities, all while being pursued by paranormal adversaries.” All of which is to say, if Meyer doesn’t play to her strengths and work in that “nonstop barrage of hot, sexy vampires,” this thing will be a huge letdown.

American Horror Story: Cult’s New Promo and Poster Features Another Clown and More Bees


Warner Bros. Is Making a Big Play for Wonder Woman To Become the First Comic Book Movie To Get a Best Picture Nomination

While Warner Bros. execs have been publicly mum on the issue, Variety reports that the studio is strongly considering a campaign to have Wonder Woman nominated for Best Picture and Patty Jenkins nominated for Best Director at the upcoming Oscars. That’s right, not only is the film getting a sequel in 2019, but it’s also gunning for the top prizes of the forthcoming awards season. This would make the blockbuster film, which grossed $781 million globally, the first comic-book movie ever to be nominated for the coveted Best Picture award. While Warner Bros. previously fell short of this goal in 2009 when The Dark Knight failed to clinch a nomination, perhaps the younger Academy voting body of 2017 will may make Wonder Woman the exception to the rule. However, Warner Bros. will reportedly also try to make the same nominations happen for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, potentially making the Academy Awards of 2018 an Oscars battle between World War I– and World War II–based films, both from the same studio.

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Reese Witherspoon And Jennifer Aniston Are Working On A TV Show Together

The Force is strong with TV. Having just hit a home run with Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon is already stepping back up to the plate for another big cut at Zeitgeist-capturing television. And guess what? Jennifer Aniston is coming, too! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two actresses are developing a show that focuses on morning-news programs and the greater New York media landscape. And whether it’s meant to be a comedy or drama, the enclosed habitat of New York journalism should provide enough gossip, infighting, intrigue, conflict, sex, witty repartee, tipsy karaoke, and general drama to fuel a well-executed show for at least ten seasons. The series doesn’t have a name or a home yet, but expect A-listers like these to get the attention of big players like Netflix and HBO. Witherspoon is coming off a big prime-time win thanks to BLL, and this would be Aniston’s grand return to TV after a 13-year absence. There’s also a strong pedigree behind the scenes, with House of Cards writer Jay Carson writing the script, and HBO’s former head of dramatic programming, Michael Ellenberg, funneling it through his new production company. Reese, get Laura and Nicole on the phone! You’ve got some important work to do.

Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos Clarifies He’s Not Going on Hiatus, But Says The Music Industry Nearly Killed Him

On Sunday, Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos alarmed fans with a series of tweets implying that he was either going on hiatus or quitting music altogether. “Until it is safer and healthier for us to be advocates, to be writers, producers, and performers, I simply cannot continue making music,” he tweeted. Angelakos said that juggling support for mental-health awareness and artists rights on top of making music was beginning to feel contradictory. “You’re either committed to it or not. To raise awareness one moment and announce a show the next doesn’t help me. It hurts me. And others,” he continued, also noting a need to prioritize treating his bipolar disorder. But in a candid statement to Pitchfork, Angelakos reassured fans that Passion Pit is not going on hiatus, but he will be recalibrating the way he navigates the music industry. In order to focus his “full attention” on his organization the Wisharp Group, which Angelakos started this year to assist artists with legal, educational, and health-care services, he’ll be stepping away from the rigors of being a “commercialized artist”:



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