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Planet Earth II Recap: The One With the Cities

Planet Earth II knew what it was doing when it saved “Cities” for last. An unexpected and mindblowing end to the six-episode series, “Cities” takes us to a habitat “entirely designed and constructed by one species for its own purpose,” as David Attenborough puts it. Quite honestly, our cities aren’t made for animals. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t living among us.


  • Posted 3/25/17 at 4:59 PM

A Starbucks Order Mangling Gave a Rogue One Planet Its Name

While all that most people get out of mangled Starbucks orders is a chance to complain on Twitter, Gareth Edwards found himself with a key part of the Rogue One mythology. The director was looking for a way to stick his own name into the vast and often garbled Star Wars mythos, with the target being the planet at the center of the film’s third act. But, as Edwards told CNN, his creative juices weren’t exactly flowing. “I go over to get a coffee from Starbucks. I’m thinking, ‘What could be the name? It could be this. Maybe we could use that?’ Then at the very end, she gives me the drink and they must have asked my name and I must have said, ‘It’s Gareth,’ but they heard ‘Scarif.’ They wrote Scarif on the cup and I was like, ‘That sounds like Star Wars,’” he explained. And so a great Star Wars story was born. Boy is it gonna look good in that fancy opening scrawl.

  • Posted 3/25/17 at 3:11 PM

James Blunt Dispels the ‘F*cked Up’ Notion That ‘You’re Beautiful’ Is Romantic

All art is open to interpretation, and any range of interpretations are valid. Except in the case of James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful.” Blunt is pretty clear that y’all utterly botched that one. Because while the song has a reputation for treacly, romantic schmaltz, it is, in fact, the narrative of a drug-addled, pervy stalker. Per The Huffington Post, Blunt reflected on the song’s legacy, and he really broke things down for those naïve dummy fans of his: “‘You’re Beautiful’ is not this soft romantic fucking song. It’s about a guy who’s high as a fucking kite on drugs in the subway stalking someone else’s girlfriend when that guy is there in front of him, and he should be locked up or put in prison for being some kind of perv.” Blunt’s signature song does indeed include the lyric, “She was with another man / But I won’t lose no sleep on that / ‘Cause I’ve got a plan,” so, yeah, that’s our bad. Blunt continued, “Everyone goes, ‘Ah, he’s so romantic. I want ‘You’re Beautiful’ as my wedding song.’ These people are fucked up.” Alright then, alert the DJ, “Every Breath You Take” by The Police it is.

Here’s How You Can Watch Debbie Reynolds’ and Carrie Fisher’s Public Memorial Service

For those who want to pay their final respects to the wonderful mother and daughter duo of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, you don’t have to be physically present in the Los Angeles metropolitan area this afternoon. (Although some Prozac décor on your end is still highly encouraged.) Todd Fisher — son of Debbie, brother of Carrie — has announced that today’s “celebration of life” ceremony will be livestreamed in its entirety, and it can be accessed right here (or even easier, at the bottom of this page) upon the start time of 1 p.m. PCT/4 p.m. EST. The ceremony promises to be a “belated but pretty awesome” public send-off that will feature some special music by close friends James Blunt and John Williams, as well as lots and lots of remembrances and memorabilia. It should be quite special.

Watch Lady Gaga Surprise and Delight Everyone on RuPaul’s Drag Race

Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race kicked off last night with 13 new queens and one special guest. (There is a secret 14th queen yet to be unveiled, but shhh, no spoilers.) In the episode, Lady Gaga made a pit stop in the workroom, much to the initial confusion and eventual delight of the contestants.


Melissa McCarthy Says Her Sean Spicer Impression Boils Down to One Special Anatomical Thing

Alec Baldwin has the Trumpian “puffs,” and now Melissa McCarthy has the Spicey … organs? McCarthy has been delighting the late-night circuit with her convincing impersonation of Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live, but, in expanding on the impression’s origin story on Ellen this week, she was candid about how she was initially unsure that she could pull off the role. “What?! How am I gonna do that?” she recalls her reaction as being when pitched the idea. “Cut to somebody being like ‘Boy, do you really look like that guy.’ I was like, wait a minute.” But in the end, McCarthy says that the secret to thriving in the role is one thing and one thing only: Those signature Spicey ears. “You mess with your ears, and it really changes the shape of your head,” she explained. “And then I got into it. I was like, ‘Can I have eye bags?’ And the answer was yes.” Like Spicer’s infamous gun-chewing habit, the more really is the merrier, it seems.

Liam Neeson, Anna Kendrick, and Lin-Manuel Miranda Are Among the Hopeful Candidate Trying Out to Be Stephen Hawking’s New Voice

Stephen Hawking has used the same voice for over 30 years, and, “occasional sitcom star” that he is, Mr. Hollywood thinks it’s time for a good sprucing. As such, a corral of stars including Liam Neeson, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, John Boyega, and Felicity Jones all made their best case for the job in a new video for Red Nose Day. Because, sure, Eddie Redmayne was pretty good in The Theory of Everything, but Jones thinks a little gender-swapping would’ve done wonders. And besides, Redmayne’s career has kicked up a notch or two since that movie’s release, so he isn’t touching another Hawking project without big time sequel bank.

  • Posted 3/25/17 at 11:30 AM

It’s a Superhero Extravaganza in the New Trailer for Justice League

Justice is coming, and it’s going to look great. A new trailer for Zach Snyder’s Justice League has finally dropped, and it’s a non-stop thrill ride — with the help of a Beatles and White Stripes soundtrack, thanks! — condensed into two and a half minutes. What kind of superhero badassery do we have here? Batman and Wonder Woman recruit a team of metahumans consisting of Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash to take on “an even greater enemy” that may or may not attack the planet in “catastrophic proportions.” (Yeah, it’s definitely going to happen.) There will be violence. There will be quips. And there will … be justice.

  • Posted 3/25/17 at 11:02 AM

The Fate of a Character Missing From the Love Actually Sequel Isn’t So Charming

For all of the (frankly, appropriate) hype, people may be surprised that the Love Actually sequel is only ten minutes long. And since the rom-com initially employed most of the British Isles, that naturally means a lot of its characters are getting the short shrift 15 years later. Colin (Kris Marshall), who went abroad to get laid and found a consenting American in Denise Richards, is one such absence. But if you’re really curious, director Richard Curtis does have a pretty good idea of his fate, and a lifetime of threesomes isn’t on the agenda. “My sons are particularly bitter that we don’t see what’s happened to Colin Frissell (Kris Marshall), who went to America and came back with Denise Richards. I’m assuming that he’s in prison now, but I hope I’m wrong,” Curtis wrote in an op-ed for the Radio Times. Shamefully missing from Curtis’ reflection, which does include the fun tidbit on how Keira Knightley first thought Pirates of Caribbean was “some pirate thing – probably a disaster” is an update on Sarah, played by the luminous, lovely Laura Linney. We will happily wait another 15 years for assurance that she finally found someone with an ounce of patience and a bucket of worth. Go circle a drain, Carl.


  • Posted 3/25/17 at 10:57 AM

The Knick Not Resuscitated, Gets Officially Canceled By Cinemax After Two Seasons

The Knickerbocker Hospital is officially closed for business. After more than a year of waiting to hear if Steven Soderbergh’s stunning The Knick would get a third season on Cinemax, the worst is true. The Clive Owens-fronted period medical drama will not return for another season on the cable network, which shouldn’t come as a complete surprise if you watched and enjoyed the season-two finale. Still, it stings. It was so good! “We will not be going forward with additional episodes of the series,” a statement from Cinemax explained. “Despite our pride in and affection for the series as well as our respect for and gratitude toward Steven Soderbergh and his team, we have decided to return Cinemax to its original primetime series fare of high-octane action dramas, many of which will be internationally co-produced.” The Knick was a particularly noteworthy achievement for Soderbergh, who directed all 20 episodes of the series in addition to executive-producing it. He has since jumped ship over to Starz to executive-produce another Vulture favorite, The Girlfriend Experience.

Laura Dern’s Mom Is Mad That She Was Mean to Reese Witherspoon on TV

While there are a lot of great celebrity friendships out there — Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Huma Abedin and that guy from Scandal — there’s no pair we’d rather wile away an evening with than Big Little Lies co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. “We were together all over the world for five months,” Witherspoon tells the New York Times of the Wild press tour that brought them together. “She taught me to love Red Vines. She taught me about brown lipstick.” (What more could you want in a friend?) The pair’s lives have become so intertwined that watching their warring suburban moms go head-to-head on Big Little Lies has been hard for some of their family members. “My mother called me — and she’s an actress — and goes, ‘You didn’t prepare me for what a bitch you are,’” explains Dern. I’m like, ‘I didn’t know I was supposed to prepare you for any character I play!’ And she said, ‘Yeah, but you’re a bitch to Reese.’”


‘Schmuck’ Harrison Ford Says He ‘Got Distracted’ During His Plane Incident

In February, Harrison Ford was involved in a “potentially serious” airplane incident that might get his pilot’s license suspended: While piloting his private plane at an Orange County, California airport, Ford mistakenly landed on a taxiway instead of a runway, one that was dangerously close to a full passenger plane about to take off. “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” Ford told air-traffic control at the time, but now, some newly-released audio recordings are shedding light onto why he was distracted while landing the plane. “I’m the schmuck who landed on the taxiway,” he explained to the air-traffic control tower upon landing, according to THR. “Oh. I landed on Taxiway Charlie. I understand now. Sorry for that.” Specifically, Ford “got distracted by the airliner” partially because of “big turbulence” from another airplane that was landing; and when an air-traffic controller remarked that his transgression wasn’t a big deal and to get his pilot’s license to proceed further, Ford responded, “it’s a big deal for me.” As a result of the incident, a thorough Federal Aviation Administration investigation is currently underway.


Take That Joins James Corden for an Extremely British Carpool Karaoke

If Howard Donald is to be believed, Take That never took America because, honestly, it seemed like a lot of work at the time. But that un-entrepreneurial spirit isn’t to say that the British boy (man) band lacks the goods. After all, first James Corden’s car, then, the world. Take That joined Corden for the most British session of Carpool Karaoke imaginable, give or take the left side of the road. The beloved Brits did the gig for the beloved British charity event Red Nose Day, which raises money for equally-beloved British charity Comic Relief — about which, we might as well have just said, blimey, loo, Doctor Who, Nottingham, because these traditions are not ours to understand. Just sit back, enjoy the easy listening and easier choreography, and ask no questions.

Newlyweds Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski Welcome a Baby Girl

It seems like just yesterday we were toasting the marriage of Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski, but it’s time to celebrate again. People has confirmed that those crazy kids welcomed a baby girl into the world, although there are no details on the baby’s name or exact DOB, so hold off on those natal charts for now. Sadoski and Seyfried eloped last weekend, as revealed by Sadoski on The Late Late Show with James Corden last week.


Sean Hannity Loves Dave Chappelle So Much That He Wouldn’t Stop Sending Him Tequila Shots One Night

There are plenty of unexplained phenomena in our universe, but we have to sideline those for a few moments to fixate on something a bit more pressing: Sean Hannity really, really loves Dave Chappelle. A lot! At least according to Norman Reedus, who swung by The Tonight Show to reminisce about his friendship with Chappelle — they ride motorcycles together, it’s pretty cute — and recount the first time they met. And as it turns out, they kept being oddly interrupted by a certain Fox News host at dinner. “When I first met Dave, Sean Hannity kept sending us tequila shots,” he explained to a flummoxed Jimmy Fallon. “Right?! He ran into Dave, and I guess he geeked out on Dave, and he kept sending the table tequila shots. It was so weird. It became a running thing.” What a world.

Hugh Grant Recreates His Famous Love Actually Dance Sequence With a Little Help From Drake

David knows when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing … falling down a bunch of stairs and getting yelled at by his wife. Worth it! In a clip from Love Actually’s short-film sequel — which aired last night in the U.K. as part of Red Nose Day, and will be coming to the U.S. in late May — our dashing Prime Minister is still kickin’ it over at 10 Downing Street with some groovy moves. But as it’s 14 years later, the Pointers Sisters have to take a backseat to Drake’s banger of a tune “Hotline Bling,” which might just cause David some serious bodily harm if he isn’t more careful dancing around a staircase. A Prime Minister with a ruptured Achilles tendon? Natalie would never allow it.

  • Posted 3/24/17 at 11:54 PM

Chance the Rapper Stopped by Career Day at a Chicago Public School, Because He Gets It

In his ongoing quest to change Chicago’s public school system for the better — a quest praised by Michelle Obama, no less — fortunate son Chance the Rapper stopped by a third-grade class today for career day. As Billboard reports, Chance came by for a college and career fair and happened to sit in on a class taught by the coolest third grade teacher ever, Ms. Jackson (as one of Chance’s Instagram comments says, “I’m sorry ms Jackson. HOOOOOOOO. I am FOR REALLLL”). While there, Chance took in some “math talk” and took some pictures with the students, no doubt making it one of the coolest Career Days on record.


Passion Pit Will Send You Their Album For Free if You Tweet in Support of Science

After an erratic past year in which they announced, and then immediately cancelled, a set of tour dates, today the band Passion Pit offered up some new music – for free. But there’s a catch: If you want a digital download of the slowly-gestating album Tremendous Sea of Love, you have to spread a message the band tweeted in support of government scientists, with the hashtag #weneedscience. Per Pitchfork, Passion Pit’s bandleader Michael Angelekos handed the reins of his band’s Twitter account over to a few scientists this past week, allowing fans to ask questions and raise awareness of the importance of supporting science and scientists and the funding that, in turn, supports their work. Angelekos had been slowly releasing a series of tracks that make up part of Tremendous Sea of Love via Facebook; recently he removed most of these. So if you want access, get tweeting. After all, we all know you need music almost as much as you need science.

Cher is Exiting Lifetime’s Flint Water Crisis Movie

In the heady early days of the you-know-who administration, a raft of political projects surfaced across television and film. Now, in the inevitable unclenching that followed, those projects are suffering the consequences. According to Page Six, Cher has exited the Flint water crisis film — called, simply, Flint — set up at Lifetime. Reportedly, there’s a “serious family issue” for Cher to attend to, and she’ll no longer be starring in the film (she is still attached as executive producer, for the time being). The project is based on a TIME magazine story by Josh Sanburn from last February, and Katie Couric is also attached as a producer, both facts that indicate that this is set to be more than your average Lifetime film. Flint is expected to go ahead as scheduled, with new casting. And if Cher leaving seems like a real moment of crisis for the production, remember that the Flint water crisis itself has still not been resolved.

  • Posted 3/24/17 at 9:14 PM

Robert Rodriguez Being Considered to Direct The Escape From New York Reboot

John Carpenter’s Escape From New York has almost come back to life a handful of times since the sequel, Escape From LA, put the Kurt Russell version of the property to bed back in 1996. New Line was going to produce a reboot with Len Wiseman lined up to direct in 2007, but then Breck Eisner took Wiseman’s place in 2010 before the studio let the option drop all together in 2011. At that time, names like Gerard Butler, Jeremy Renner, and Tom Hardy were being floated as potential stars. In 2013, producer Joel Silver acquired the rights and was fixing to turn the property into a trilogy that would kick off with a new origin story, but the hypothetical franchise never came to fruition. The thing that all those unsuccessful projects had in common? No involvement from Carpenter, and as Kurt Russell told Empire magazine in 2013, “The problem is not Snake. You can find a good Snake. You gotta get John Carpenter.” But The Tracking Board is reporting today that Robert Rodriguez is in talks to direct an Escape re-up executive produced by the mastermind himself. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox is also hoping for a new franchise, with production slated to begin later this year. (Rodriguez is also directing Alita: Battle Angel for the studio.)



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