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The Good Wife Recap: Like I’m in a Bruckheimer Movie

I watched last night's episode of The Good Wife with my friend Amy, who's currently plowing through the show's earlier seasons but hasn't seen any recent episodes. "I don't understand," she said shortly after the second triumphant swell of xylophone music and just before the opening credits. "Has the tone of the show really changed?" I spent a good deal of time assuring her that it hasn't — scary, dancing dream-clowns notwithstanding — but last night's episode was so wobbly and all over the place that I certainly can't blame her for asking.

To be fair, after four packed, plot- and character-heavy episodes, we were probably due for a lull. »

The Walking Dead Recap: A Matter of Taste

Spoilers for this week's episode follow. Do not read below this line.

There’s been a lot of chatter from the show’s cast and creators about how crazy this season will be. Like off-the-charts, zombies-gone-wild gonzo. That big talk is expected during the usual media frenzy before a new season kicks off. But so far, they’re backing it up. A pair of episodes in, and we’re now two-for-two in terms of gasp-inducing shockers. Last week, it was the scene at the trough, as Gareth orchestrated a gory throat-slitting symphony. And last night, just when the gang got a little too comfortable, Bob is knocked out, kidnapped, Hershelled and placed on the menu of Georgia’s hottest new pop-up restaurant.

The gang’s faith in humanity has reached an all-time low. »

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Mark Frost Is Writing a Twin Peaks Book

As you may have heard, that gum you like is going to come back in style (read: Twin Peaks is returning to TV). And to prepare fans for the return of the cult hit 25 years after it first debuted, David Lynch's co-creator, Mark Frost, plans to release a novel titled The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks to catch us up on what has happened to the characters since we last saw them. "This has long been a dream project of mine that will bring a whole other aspect of the world of Twin Peaks to life, for old fans and new,” Frost said. “I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

  • Posted 10/20/14 at 12:48 AM
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San Francisco Radio Stations Ban Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Ahead of World Series Showdown

As the San Francisco Giants prepare to face off against the Kansas City Royals in the World Series, some local San Francisco radio stations have decided to blacklist Lorde’s “Royals” from the radio in protest. Both KFOG and KOIT tweeted their intention to boycott the song Friday, writing:


A New Drake Song Leaked Online Today

Today, a 17-year-old in Marietta, Georgia, uploaded a previously unheard Drake track to SoundCloud. How he got it and whether it's a new track or something that was scrapped from Nothing Was the Same remains unclear. What we do know: The song samples Jodeci’s “My Heart Belongs to You,” the girl in the song totally doesn’t deserve Drizzy's love — he drove her to her bar exam in the snow! — and the beginning sounds an awful lot like Nicki Minaj’s voice mail. Discuss among yourselves: 

Brad Pitt’s Fury Beats Gone Girl Over a Weak Box-Office Weekend

In a tepid weekend for the box office, Brad Pitt's World War II epic, Fury, claimed the top spot with $23.5 million, beating back Gone Girl, which brought in $17.8 million for a domestic total of $107 million. Other new releases also had lackluster performances, with the animated The Book of Life bringing in $17 million for third and the Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Best of Me barely coming in fifth with $10.2 million. Steve Carell's family comedy, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, stuck around in fourth with $12 million. 


Jason Momoa’s Game of Thrones Audition Tape Is Terrifyingly Good

This video of Jason Momoa's (a.k.a. your future Aquaman) audition for the part of Khal Drogo has been circulating on the internet for a couple of years now, but it just recently got our attention (sorry, it happens). According to Time, Momoa, who is Hawaiian, does a haka dance, a traditional war cry associated with the Maori people of New Zealand. Watching it now, his intensity makes him seem destined to play the Dothraki leader. It was written in the sun and stars.

The Food on Hannibal Is As Delicious As It Looks, Most of the Time

Hannibal is a show all about intricacies, from the conversations between the characters to the way each murder tableaux is handled with painstaking detail. But the most intricate part of the whole series might be the food preparation. At the PaleyFest panel for Hannibal, the cast and creator Bryan Fuller talked about the incredible attention to detail, the beauty, and, perhaps most important for the audience, the taste of the food the good Dr. Lecter makes for his guests.

"One time we had a foie gras and we had a wrap on the scene, but we deliberately fucked it up." »

Letterman’s Cue-Card Guy Was Fired After Assaulting a Staff Writer

David Letterman's cue-card guy, Tony Mendez, is out of a job after assaulting staff writer for the show Bill Scheft. Mendez told the New York Post that there had always been tension between the two because Scheft "encroaches" on his work: "Bill was always undermining me — making himself out as Dave’s No. 1... Trying to pretend that I wasn’t even in the room." It all came to a head on October 8, when Mendez told Scheft to "Get off my back." According to Mendez, Letterman said, "Tony, your sour disposition isn’t helping," which prompted him to reply, "You’re the one who has the sour disposition, motherfucker." He says the two had the kind of relationship where they regularly traded barbs.

Mendez believed Scheft was "trying to create a wedge" between him and Letterman. »

Watch 18-Year-Old Channing Tatum Work As a Stripper in Florida

Channing Tatum has not been shy about drawing upon his past work as a stripper for his Magic Mike films, recently telling T Magazine, "Being a stripper exposed me to a lot of people I might never have met, and that has turned out to be a gift. There are lots of characters I feel I can play as a result." Us Weekly recently got footage of an 18-year-old Tatum when he was working under the name Chan Crawford at the now-defunct club Male Encounter in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. You can watch below to see where he got his original moves, complete with late-'90s boy-band hair and clothes.

Vanity Fair Photo Shoot Made Evan Rachel Wood Feel ‘Like Meat’

The photo shoot for Vanity Fair's 2003 Young Hollywood issue was not great for then-15-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood. She was done with the critically beloved Once and Again and had just shot Thirteen with Holly Hunter when she appeared on the cover alongside Amanda Bynes, Mandy Moore, and others. Wood originally asked for pants and flats, but they put her in heels and a short, rose-colored dress. Wood tweeted, "I think when you are young and inexperienced and shy you can be bullied more. I learned to say no." The experience left her "almost in tears": "I felt like meat. Since then, I have found my voice. Never again." 

"Then we were all lined up, stared at and approved." »

Jada Pinkett Smith Auditioned for Gotham With a Man on a Leash

While much of the Gotham panel at PaleyFest Saturday centered on executive producer Danny Cannon hemming and hawing on what he could and couldn’t tease (Fox ordered a full season for the show last week), Jada Pinkett Smith, who plays the devilish Fish Mooney, served up the juiciest detail of the night. The first time she met Cannon for an audition, Pinkett Smith said she showed up dressed in a long, flowing gown, with her short, black Mooney wig and a young man on a leash in tow. He was shirtless and had LIAR scrawled across his forehead in lipstick. "I said, 'Forget it, instead of talking about who Fish Mooney is, let me just show you,'" said Pinkett Smith. "I went Method." Thus, a monster was born.

Robin Lord Taylor has a trick for remembering how to limp. »

Doctor Who Recap: Physical Graffiti

Honest to Pete, it’d be nice if this season could deliver just one truly awful installment so as a recapper I could have a little fun tearing into the show for a week. (Somewhere out there someone’s saying, “Dude, you had your chance with 'Robot of Sherwood,' and you blew it.”) “Flatline” continues this unexpectedly wonderful season of Doctor Who by delivering an alien threat unlike anything the series has ever showcased. It simultaneously harkens back to Tom Baker’s swan song, “Logopolis,” in which the TARDIS shrank with the Doctor inside.


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American Idol Contestant Joanne Borgella Ramirez Dies at 32

Former American Idol contestant Joanne Borgella Ramirez has died of a rare form of cancer. Her family made the announcement Saturday morning on the singer's Facebook page and suggest she was suffering from endometrial cancer, which attacks the lining of the uterus and then spread to her chest. Borgella first became famous for winning Mo'nique's Fat Chance, a beauty pageant for plus-size women that launched her career as a plus-size model. Then she appeared on the seventh season of American Idol and made it onto the show as part of the top 24. Here's a clip of her performance of "I Say a Little Prayer" on the show.

Buffy Actor Nicholas Brendon Arrested in Idaho

Nicholas Brendon, the 43-year-old actor best known as average guy Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was arrested on two misdemeanor counts for destruction of property and resisting officers in Boise, Idaho, this weekend. Brendon was in town for Tree City Comic Con when he reportedly caused a drunken disturbance in the hotel lobby, getting into a dispute with the hotel staff and breaking a "decorative dish." 


Listen to Gwen Stefani’s New Single ‘Baby Don’t Lie’

The lead single off Voice coach Gwen Stefani's untitled album, "Baby Don't Lie," was supposed to be released tomorrow, but someone leaked it today. The song was written by Gwen Stefani along with Noel Zancanella, Benny Blanco, and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. Interscope has been dutifully taking down the audio clips, but you can still hop on over to this link if you want to listen to it — or just wait 24 hours or so for the official drop. For what it's worth, it's not terribly exciting.

7th Heaven Dad Stephen Collins May Not Be Prosecuted for Molestation After All

Stephen Collins may now be known best as a wolf in sheep's clothing, playing Reverend Camden on the Christian family show 7th Heaven while abusing children. Even though it appears that he admitted to molesting and exposing himself to kids on three separate occasions in a leaked therapy session with his estranged wife Faye Grant, TMZ now reports that neither the LAPD nor the NYPD will prosecute him because they are hampered by statute of limitations. Neither police department has made any official statements, and they are still investigating the matter. Grant also alleges that Collins molested another child while shooting 7th Heaven from 1996 to 2007, but the victim has not stepped forward as of yet.

Dear White People Is One of the Best Feature-Filmmaking Debuts in Recent Years

Justin Simien’s Dear White People positions itself as a skewering of racial attitudes among students and faculty at a prestigious university, but, at heart, it’s a touching, even earnest story about acceptance — or, rather, our longing for said acceptance. That the film’s satire isn’t contradicted by its sincerity is certainly a testament to the talents of this young director and his impeccable cast. But it also maybe says something about our own racial moment. The film is called Dear White People, but it might as well be called Dear Everybody. It’s hilarious, and just about everyone will wince with recognition at some point in the film.

It opens with news of a "race war" ... »

Cam’ron Is Selling Cam’ron Ebola Masks

Cam'ron (a.k.a. Killa Cam) is taking this whole Ebola situation to another level. A couple of days ago, he went on Instagram to model his upcoming line of Cam'ron Ebola face masks imprinted with a photo of himself circa when he really loved pink, fuzzy things. Accompanying the photo he wrote, "Ebola is no joking matter.. So if u have to be safe.. Be fashionable." So if you're feeling paranoid/nostalgic/ironic, you can preorder your own for $19.99 at his website, Dipset USA. Your move, CDC.


Watch Drake Completely Air-Ball His 3-Point Shot

Drake bleeds blue for the University of Kentucky, so it was appropriate he was on hand at the school's Big Blue Madness to get fans pumped up in the preseason. He introduced coach John Calipari as "one of the most important people in my life" and "the George Clooney of the hardwood," while also taking some warm-up shots with the team. Unfortunately, the second part didn't go quite as well as planned, as he shoots a three-point shot only to watch it float through the air, hitting nothing. Come on, Drake. What would Jimmy from Degrassi say about this?


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