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That Game of Thrones Scene Was Awkward for Kit Harington and Carice van Houten, Too

Would you like to hear about the perils of being on a hit fantasy series with a penchant for nudity? Because, oh boy, Carice van Houten and Kit Harington have a tale for you. The two talked to EW about filming that sequence where (it's not a spoiler anymore) Jon Snow comes back from the dead. If you're wondering how awkward it is to do 50 takes of a scene where you wash a dude with only a thin bit of cloth protecting his junk, your answer is: very awkward. "It took forever to resurrect him, forever!" Houten said. "It was such an important scene, we shot it from so many angles. I think I washed his body 50 times. There would be a lot of people who would be very jealous, including my mother and sister. I was joking about that with him – 'if only my mother could see this' – and he loved that." Harington seems to have enjoyed the experience a bit more, describing it as "very weird, like a teenage boy’s wet dream – you’re laying there naked and Carice van Houten is washing you." Okay, sure, but why did Harington get that little vanity sheath in the first place? Did no one hear Emilia Clarke's cry to "free the penis"?

Seth MacFarlane Is Bringing His Face to TV in a Live-Action Sci-fi Series

Seth MacFarlane's face is coming to television. The Family Guy creator and voice actor will appear in the flesh in his live-action TV acting debut, a comedic drama set to hit Fox in 2017. The network has given the show a 13-episode straight-to-series order, reports Deadline. MacFarlane also created and executive-produced the sci-fi series, which is set 300 years in the future and follows "the adventures of the Orville, a not-so-top-of-the-line exploratory ship in Earth’s interstellar fleet." The show sounds like a good fit for MacFarlane: He likes space, and most people wouldn't mind sending him there. 

What Happened to All of The Good Wife’s Lost Characters?

When The Good Wife ends its seven-season run this Sunday, it’ll leave behind a strong legacy as a great legal drama, as a network show that thrived in the era of prestige TV. But as is the case with its sprawling 22-episode-per-season format, The Good Wife also leaves behind more than a few loose ends. And whether the actors left because of scheduling conflicts, or the writers’ ambitions were too big for the constraints of network TV production, The Good Wife’s Chicago also is littered with characters who were once crucial to the show, but now have fallen to the wayside. Where are they now? We’re glad you asked. This is our best guess.

A few ground rules: This list is limited to characters who were on the series for at least four episodes (with a few exceptions), and whose presence on the show was in some way integral to the plot. This is, of course, a value judgment, but for the most part, we left out characters who merely serve as judges or opposition in the courtroom. Also out: Characters who returned in season seven — Zach Woods’s ersatz Snowden is now happily in Canada — and anyone who is confirmed dead. Whether or not Josh Charles comes back in the finale, Will Gardner will not spring from the grave.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Recap: Drinking Problems

Watching this season of Kimmy Schmidt has really been like watching two seasons smashed together in the middle. Given that Franken-plotting — and the fact that we're going to spend the better part of the finale with Kimmy's mom in Orlando — it's important to note that the show has dropped more than a few plotlines in its pursuit of Kimmy's therapy story line. One appearance from Xan definitely wasn't enough, while Deirdre Robespierre and Jacqueline's much-touted rivalry seems to have evaporated after one episode of gamesmanship. Dong appears to have been deported forever, or at least until season three. And I guess Mimi Knassis is passed out on someone else's couch. (Sob!)


Why Kimmy Has a Savior Complex on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Growing up in and leaving a cult, as I did, is like being part of a massive human social experiment over which you have no control. It’s the closest thing to being a real alien: cut off from the world completely, then dropped into an unfamiliar plane of civilization. Aside from the psychological trauma, the constant waves of culture shock can seem never-ending, and we are reminded of Kimmy’s alienlike naïveté frequently throughout Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But it’s Kimmy’s psychological journey, specifically her savior complex, that sets this new season apart from season one (which I wrote about here), bringing a more accurate portrayal of the post-cult life struggle.


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Drake to Host and Perform on Saturday Night Live Again — Have Your Memes at the Ready

Clear your Saturday night: Drake is returning to the Saturday Night Live stage to once again host, perform, and provide fodder for all your weekend memes. He'll pull double duty in May 14, just like he did back in 2014. (Give us a bar mitzvah sequel!) Fred Armisen is set to close out season 41 on May 21, with recent Grammy nominee Courtney Barnett as his musical guest. As previously noted, Brie Larson and Alicia Keys will host and perform, respectively, this weekend on May 7. Mazel tov!

Snap Ya Fingers, Do the Download, T-Pain Is Now a Voice on Waze

Your daily commute has just become a lot more enjoyable ... and sensual. Waze announced today that rapper T-Pain is the newest celebrity voice option for drivers to use on the popular traffic and navigational app. His free (apparently Auto-Tuned) voice is only available for an as-yet-undisclosed limited time, so drive to as many swanky nightclubs and after-parties as humanly possible before it's too late.

Russell Crowe Is in Talks to Play a ‘Dr. Jekyll-Type Role’ in Tom Cruise’s Mummy Remake

Soon you may be able to meet Russell Crowe's angrier alter ego (what a thought). Crowe's in early talks to join Tom Cruise's Mummy reboot, according to Variety, in what's being called a small "Dr. Jekyll-type role." This would set up a separate, presumably Jekyll-and-Hyde-type film down the line. The news comes after Johnny Depp signed on to play the Invisible Man in another Universal film set to debut after the release of the Mummy. The studio is also working on projects based on other famous monsters, including Dracula, Van Helsing, Bride of Frankenstein, and the Wolfman. The Mummy remake will premiere in June 2017. Let this be a warning to future travelers: If you the disturb the rest of the The Mummy franchise, you may soon find yourself with a monster-movie cinematic universe. 

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This Is the Absurdly Long Time It Takes to Create a Single Dragon on Game of Thrones

It takes ten people six months to make a single Game of Thrones dragon scene. Sometimes, it also takes a live chicken or two. 

Produced by Eva Hill, written by Cait Munro. 

Report: Janet Jackson’s 50th-Birthday Present Is That She’s Pregnant

Back in April, singer Janet Jackson posted a video on Twitter announcing that she was postponing her tour because she and husband Wissam Al Mana were “planning” their family. “I have to rest up, doctor’s orders," Jackson apologized to her fans. 


Time to Burn Some Money! Jon M. Chu Is in Talks to Direct Crazy Rich Asians

It's been a dark time for Asian-Americans lately with a number of high-profile roles that could have — and many would argue, should have — gone to actors of Asian descent going to white actors. But here's something to get excited for: THR reports Jon M. Chu, the director of popcorn flicks from the Step Up and G.I. Joe franchises is in talks to direct the film adaptation of Kevin Kwan's national bestseller Crazy Rich Asians, a story of an American-born Chinese woman going to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's stupid-rich family. But if you're worried that Emma Stone or Tilda Swinton might appear as the film's protagonist Rachel Chu, rest assured that director Chu isn't going to let that happen. After the news broke, Chu tweeted:

Seth Rogen Discusses ‘Glamorizing’ Homophobic Language in Superbad, Seems to Be Super Sorry

Remember Superbad? The coming-of-age teen comedy starring Jonah Hill and Michael Cera that dominated theaters across America during the summer of 2007? Seth Rogen co-wrote the film with his frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg, and upon its release, Superbad became quickly noteworthy for, let's just say, its use of highly colorful jokes. In a new interview with The Guardian, though, Rogen for the first time addressed how particular language from the film could be considered inappropriate.


Harvey Weinstein Really, Really, Really Doesn’t Want People to Make Documentaries About Him

Back in 2011, Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project was released to very little fanfare despite being the first documentary to exclusively focus on Harvey Weinstein, the larger-than-life film-studio mogul behind Miramax and the Weinstein Co. Directed by Barry Avrich, the doc attempted to examine the prolific life and work of Weinstein through an uncensored lens, primarily by utilizing insider interviews and archival footage. However, the person whose cooperation mattered most, Weinstein himself, was less than enthused at the prospect of being a subject on the big screen. And that's putting it lightly.

In an excerpt from his upcoming book, Moguls, Monsters and Madmen: An Uncensored Life in Show Business, published in The Hollywood Reporter, Avrich explains just how incredibly persistent Weinstein was in sabotaging the doc since its inception.


Daisy Ridley and Naomi Watts to Star in Ophelia and Finally Answer the Question: What Does She See in Hamlet Anyway?

Amidst the moping and dramatic pfft-ing in Shakespeare's Hamlet, the beautiful, kind, seemingly chill Ophelia loses her marbles over Hamlet, a 30-something man-child. It's a haunting chapter of faux-Danish history that is thankfully being rewritten in Ophelia, an Ophelia-focused spin on the classic tragedy that presumably features 100 percent less ghost dad. Daisy Ridley is nearing a deal to star as the young noblewoman, with Naomi Watts as Queen Getrude, and Claire McCarthy to direct. Ophelia, adapted from Lisa Klein's YA novel of the same name, is retrofitting Ophelia and Hamlet's relationship as a forbidden love ordeal. Per the synopsis: "Ophelia must decide between her true love or her own life in order to protect a very dangerous secret." So take your bets as to what deep, dark truth Ophelia shouldn't know but does anyway. A possibility we'd like to include: "Are you a moron? Of course Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are not really dead."

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J.J. Abrams Joined Ham4Ham to Sing Force Awakens’ Cantina Song

How does a bastard, orphan, son of a Port and a Hayden, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in space's Outer Rim, impoverished by providence and Jawas, grow up to be a Jedi and a scholar? We're not sure, but rather than provide the answer, Force Awakens buddies Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.J. Abrams came together in a wretched hive of scum and villainy to perform a little ditty for Wednesday's Ham4Ham. The occasion was May the 4th — a day that makes everyone sound like a Jedi with a lisp — and the song was the cantina tune from Episode VII, which, Manuel explained, was basically a Huttese version of Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me." (The movie version is available for download here.) You learn something new every day.

Lee Daniels Settles Defamation Suit With Sean Penn, Apologizes for His ‘Reckless Statements’

Sean Penn and Lee Daniels have settled Penn's $10 million lawsuit against the Empire showrunner. The dispute began when Daniels claimed that Penn had a history of domestic absuse in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which, the actor asserted, was "reckless, false, and defamatory." As part of the settlement, Daniels has issued an apology to Penn and given a sizable donation to J/P HRO, Penn's charitable organization in Haiti. The size of Daniels's donation has not been made public. "I am so sorry that I have hurt you, Sean, and I apologize and retract my reckless statements about you," Daniels said in a statement. "How thoughtless of me. You are someone I consider a friend, a brilliant actor and true Hollywood legend and humanitarian."


Beyoncé Denounces North Carolina’s Anti-LGBTQ Laws — After Performing There

Since the March passage of North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ "Bathroom Bill" (HB2, officially), controversy has brewed over artists' continued performances in the state. While high-profile names like Bruce Springsteen, Nick Jonas, and Demi Lovato canceled North Carolina shows, a remaining question mark was Beyoncé, who stayed silent on the issue while preparing to tour for Lemonade. Well, her World Formation Tour has kicked off, and Beyoncé played her North Carolina show as promised, this past Tuesday. 


The Flash Recap: Vanishing Act

Since its very first episode, The Flash has exhibited a full-hearted thoughtfulness that seems missing from other superhero adaptations. Although the show has never forgotten that crucial aspect of itself, its second season has definitely struggled. "Rupture" goes a long way to correct those missteps. As far as plot is concerned, not much happens until the last few minutes, with the rest of the episode focused on the shifting emotional dynamics between Barry and the people in his life. Should he agree to help Harry re-create the particle accelerator explosion? Is it too great a risk?


Spoiler Alert: This Is a Post About Spoiler Etiquette

How long should you wait before spoiling? The Vulture poll on this page is designed to answer that question, and we’ll post the results Monday and draw some conclusions.

This piece, meanwhile, is a consideration of the idea of a spoiler, with a bit of backstory explaining why Vulture decided to run the poll. You can read it, or you can skip straight to the poll — I don’t care. I’m going to spoil my own piece here and tell you up top that the definition of a spoiler depends on what sort of story or information you’re talking about: a plot twist of a film or a TV show, the outcome of a sports event, whatever. It also depends on how much time has elapsed. And yet we all still feel we know a spoiler when we see it, and we are outraged when we feel that someone else has ruined our fun.


We’re All Sinners in the Hands of an Angry David Cronenberg, Who’s Playing God in an Indie Short Film

Bow before your maker (David Cronenberg), for he (David Cronenberg) is the alpha and omega, at least in this one indie short film. Cronenberg, the mind behind The Fly and (in this one case) all of human creation, has joined the cast of Geordie Sabbagh's sci-fi short film, Tomorrow's Shadows. He'll star with Karine Vanasse, who plays Ann, a woman living in a world where "futures are known and happiness is guaranteed by an all-knowing God (Cronenberg)." The Canadian film is being shot in Toronto, home of God, 6 God, and David Cronenberg.


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