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  • Posted 7/25/14 at 1:42 AM

Hannibal Producers on Clarice Starling's Arrival and Who Survived the Massacre

This post contains spoilers for Hannibal season three. Don't read any further unless you're caught up.


Morgan Freeman Tries Helium Again for Jimmy Fallon

On his educational show Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, the distinguished actor helped to demonstrate the wonders of science by altering his iconic baritone with the help of a helium balloon. Tonight, he did it again, not in the name of science, but for the much more common reason that celebrities do anything: because Jimmy Fallon tells them to. Sure, we expected this slavish adherence to the will of Fallon from the likes of Emma Stone or Halle Berry, but not from you Morgan. Not from you.

  • Posted 7/25/14 at 12:16 AM
  • Sequels

Adam Scott Steps in for John Cusack in Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Thanks to Comic-Con, we now have a first look at the follow-up to 2010's premise-heavy sleeper hit Hot Tub Time Machine, which puts Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and Clark Duke back in the tub — with Adam Scott stepping in for the absent John Cusack — for another round of space-time-continuum-bending antics. This time, the gang is heading forward into the future, with the aim of preventing Lou (Corddry) from being murdered after getting shot in the penis by a time-traveling assassin. It's kind of like Looper, only with more sex, drugs, and instances of referring to one another as looking like "Billy Zane's dick" (okay, that only happens once, but it's more than enough).

  • Posted 7/24/14 at 11:30 PM
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The New Season of Community Won't Be Released All at Once

Today at Comic-Con's "Greendale Forever" panel, Dan Harmon, Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs and others got together to talk about Community's forthcoming sixth season, which was recently picked up for a 13-episode order by Yahoo! Screen. While they were relatively tight-lipped about what's in store for the Greendale Five (?), they did reveal that the new episodes won't be released all at once, but will be rolled out weekly — sorry binge-watchers — and likely not until after Christmas 2014. "With Season 6 of Community, you'll be watching it the way you always watched it, only this time it's legal," Harmon said. Added McHale: "I know that all of you, mostly white people... you watch it the way that most people do is on tiny little screens, and now we're on one. So f*** you network television. Unless they want us back."

Christopher Nolan Just Brought a New Interstellar Trailer to Comic-Con

You know that Comic-Con is about to spring some surprises on you when they've got Megan Fox up on the dais at Hall H, yet they start rushing her off after five minutes. "Why can't the audience have more time to ask questions?" asked a confused Fox, who was at Comic-Con to promote Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — ostensibly Paramount's biggest coming attraction here — and had barely spent any time on stage before the studio terminated her Q&A. The unofficial reason for Fox's quick hook came later in the Paramount panel, when two unannounced guests appeared and immediately became the stars of the show: Matthew McConaughey and his Interstellar director Christopher Nolan, Comic-Con virgins both.

Learn about the new trailer. »

Comic-Con: Everything Benedict Cumberbatch Said That Made Women Scream

"I'm gonna try not to cry," said the big-eyed brunette fan, quavery-voiced as she approached the microphone. 

Forty feet away, the British actor seated at the dais in Comic-Con's Hall H leaned forward and nodded benevolently.

"We'll all try together," replied Benedict Cumberbatch.

"You exist!" he said to his fans. »

50 Shades of Grey and The Devil Wears Prada Are Basically the Same Movie

A mousy (but still obviously babely) brunette journalist enters an office and has no idea what she’s in for! How will an intimidatingly composed and temperamental dom change her worldview forever? Will the hours of painful endeavors and torturous tasks make her or break her? 

It’s the plot of two different movies, which look sort of like the same movie, according to their trailers: 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada and the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey. Let’s compare: 


Chris Carter on Area 51, Playing Softball With Brandon Tartikoff, and the TV Musical in His Closet

This time last year, The X-Files creator Chris Carter sat down with Vulture for an extended conversation timed to the 20th anniversary of his iconic series. His Amazon Prime pilot, The After, was still in the early stages of development, and Carter was formulating a plan of attack on a super-secret project for AMC. We thought we’d check back in with Carter at the TV Critics Association press tour held earlier this month, where he’d come to promote The After, which Amazon had given a series order for. (The apocalyptic drama is set to debut early next year.) Given that Carter had already talked at the event about The After, we decided to use our 20-minute window with him to discuss burning questions relating to the AMC project (now tentatively titled Area 51; “I’ll be handing [a script] in next week,” he told us), his early days in TV working with legendary NBC boss Brandon Tartikoff and other industry heavyweights, and whether we’re any closer to something new on The X-Files front (Hint: It sounds like we just might be).

“Hold on a second. [Looks at phone] I just got a text message from David Duchovny.” »

Evangeline Lilly Gets Candid About Lost, Writing, and Comic-Book Breasts

After starring in Lost and Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Hobbit, Evangeline Lilly is practically Comic-Con royalty, but she's down in San Diego this year promoting a very different sort of project: The Squickerwonkers, a clever, creepy children's book she wrote (with beautiful illustrations from WETA artist Johnny Fraser Allen). It's a career change Lilly has been working toward her whole life, but it's been long in coming — and this morning, she told Vulture what had to happen in her life before she felt courageous enough to put pen to paper.

"I wanna be Leia! I would kill to be Leia, please let me be Leia!" »

  • Posted 7/24/14 at 3:00 PM
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7 Reasons Weird Al Won the Internet and Topped the Charts

Yesterday, with his career now in its fifth decade, Weird Al topped the Billboard charts for the first time. If you had said such a thing two weeks ago, people would've looked at you kind of, well, weird. While Vulture's Jody Rosen nodded at the modern godfather of pop parodies in his review of the latest Lonely Island record last year ("Isn’t it also Weird Al’s world? There’s the president of the United States, slow-jamming the news. There’s Bruce Springsteen, wearing his mid-eighties bandanna-headband, singing LMFAO. There’s Katie Couric, her voice awash in Auto-Tune, 'duetting' with T-Pain. There, God help us, is Jay Leno, sending up Taylor Swift’s '22.'"), there was still something surprising about the news. But there are several concrete factors that led to the success of Weird Al's Mandatory Fun. Seven, actually.

The state of pop music, nostalgia, and more. »

Whiplash Trailer Is Very Intense for a Movie About Jazz Drumming

After we called Whiplash "the Sundance Film Festival's Strongest Opener in Years," it went on to win both the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize at the festival. This is what all the hype was about. Opening October 10, the film features Miles Teller playing a young drummer aspiring for greatness and J.K. Simmons as his drill-sergeant-esque jazz-band conductor. If you don't get enough of Simmons screaming and hitting Teller here, may we direct you to the slap-filled clip we posted two months ago. And if that isn't enough of that stuff, there's also a Fifty Shades of Grey movie coming.

  • Posted 7/24/14 at 2:15 PM
  • Comedy

Video: Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch’s 1999 Two-Woman Show Is Even Better Than You Imagined

Before they were famous, in 1999 and 2000, Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch had a stage show called Dratch & Fey that ran in Chicago at Second City and in New York at the UCB Theatre. Widely acclaimed at the time, the show has become a legend among comedy nerds over the last decade. Fortunately for everyone, somehow a video of the entire show has made its way online. The quality of the video isn't great, but the quality of the funny sure is.

  • Posted 7/24/14 at 1:15 PM
  • Charts

Song of Summer Update: Eh, Still ‘Fancy’

Yes, "Rude" is still at the top of the Billboard "Hot 100." No, that doesn't mean it's automatically our new Song of Summer. The title for Song of Summer still pretty much belongs to "Fancy," which really only fell one spot to No. 2. Another reason why "Fancy" is still our Song of Summer? Because Questlove says so:

9 TV Questions That Might Get Answered at Comic-Con

Yesterday, we asked a few questions about movies that we’re hoping will be answered at Comic-Con 2014. Today, as the first of so, so many panels begin, running straight through to Sunday, we wanted to pose a handful of the many TV questions we have as well. Weirdly, none of them are about Hodor or Sharknado 2: The Second One. But there are other topics to consider, namely:


Quiz: Is This the Title of a Rom-Com, or a Common Cliché?

The third rule of rom-coms, after "they have to hate each other at first" and "there has to be a wacky best friend," is "its title has to be a cliché." So on the occasion of And So It Goes, the new cliché-happy rom-com starring Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas, Vulture has a challenge for you: Can you distinguish a rom-com title from a regular old cliché? Take our quiz and find out. (Related: Do you need a title for your rom-com? Suggestions below.)

Would You Like to Hear Some New Justin Bieber Music?

Well, would you? You have a choice in this. You can scroll down and click each one of these Instagram videos, posted by Biebs last night from what appears to be the recording studio. Here's a quick preview: Some songs sound chill, some songs sound blip-bloopy, and in one song he sounds like a robot! Biebs threatened to "retire," but let's face it, he's 20 years old! He's not retiring. Sorry, y'all.

My Week Living Like Shailene Woodley

While the daily customs of most of our celebrities are cloaked in mystery, Shailene Woodley is extraordinarily public about her habits. It is the habits themselves that are extremely mysterious. In every interview, Woodley seems to mention a new and unusual habit, often intimidating in its earthliness. There's clay eating. Oil pulling. Mushroom-tea slurping. Tanning one's vagina. Et cetera. 


It Is Absolutely Time to Reexamine Last Week’s Top 40 Singles Chart

It’s mid-summer, it’s very hot, and we need to conserve fuel. So for this installment of Somewhere in Time, I’m taking my Delorean GIF back exactly seven days, to the glorious week of July 14, 2014. What strange customs and trends will we encounter there? Slip into your colorful Bonobos pants and let’s find out, shall we?

You may be lost if you don’t know who Iggy and Ariana are, or that one-half of MKTO was on Lost. »

Kristen Bell Sounds Great As Mary Poppins in This Mary Poppins Parody

Parodies are fun and all, but let's not hide the fact that Kristen Bell sounds great as Mary Poppins. It's actually quite distracting from the song's main purpose, which appears to be something about raising mimimum wage. Mary is quitting unless you give her more money, but Bell would probably consider doing a live version of Mary Poppins for NBC. Whaddaya say, NBC?

All of Jamie Dornan’s Creepy Stares From the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Check out the lust parade that is the teaser-trailer (or just a teasing trailer?) for Fifty Shades of Grey! Aside from a few somewhat gratifying shots, there isn't much real action, given the amount of longing stares that go back and forth between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Hopefully that'll be remedied next Valentine's Day. For the time being, though, we have all of these Jamie Dornan looks and stares. Feast your eyes upon him feasting his eyes.



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