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  • Posted 4/23/17 at 4:36 PM

Richard Simmons Writes Post-Hospitalization Facebook Update

Richard Simmons posted his first Facebook update since returning home from the hospital last week. The fitness guru went to Cedars Sinai Medical Center with a case of “severe indigestion” last Monday, according to People, and returned home Thursday with help from LAPD detective Kevin Becker and his housekeeper to avoid the paparazzi. (Simmons was the subject of the recent podcast Missing Richard Simmons, which delved into his disappearance from the public eye.)


Fate of the Furious Keeps Top Spot at Weekend Box Office, While Unforgettable Ends Up Anything But

It’s not news that Katherine Heigl has Hollywood’s least-forgiving image problem — think of the kind of men who have not paid Heigl’s price for acting rude and entitled nearly a decade ago — but are audiences so loathe to embrace her that they won’t even love to hate her? Unforgettable, Heigl’s recent attempt at villainous reinvention, suggests not, earning just $4.8 million in its first weekend at the box office. Meanwhile, escaping the trap of a title with a perilously easy opening, Fate of the Furious remains memorable in its second weekend, bringing in $38.7 million to keep the top spot. That brings the film’s current total to $163.6 million versus Furious 7’s more than $250 million at this point, but the comparatively weaker domestic gross is more than made up for by a record-breaking global haul. Elsewhere, The Promise, like Unforgettable, had a low opening-weekend debut, netting $4.1 million. Instead, Boss Baby ($12.8 million), Beauty and the Beast ($10 million), Going in Style ($5 million), and Born in China ($5.1 million) fill out the top five.

Salma Hayek Takes Us on the Tumultuous Journey of Her Husband’s Maybe-Maybe Not Affair

Only a damn fool would cheat on a woman as lovely as Salma Hayek, so it’s with a heavy heart we must inform you that Hayek’s husband, the French billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault, was engaging in some pretty shady behavior with a woman named Elena last week, and her text-message communiqué was caught by Hayek herself. “I’m Mexican, you know it doesn’t go well,” she explained. “I was so furious, and I said, Well, obviously she’s desperate.” But all’s well that ends well — Elena was actually Elsa, who’s actually the popular English-language learning app ELSA. He just wanted to learn how to enunciate his vowels better! Aw.

  • Posted 4/23/17 at 1:10 PM

Channing Tatum’s Toddler Daughter Got to See Magic Mike Live Before You

Sin City has become increasingly family-friendly in recent years — it’s not just about Circus Circus anymore, folks — and now Las Vegas has its latest fun-for-the-family venture in Magic Mike Live. Sure, the strip-show adaptation of the male-stripper franchise, which comes complete with a safe word for the experience, might seem like an unexpected option for wholesome, all-ages fun. But both Channing Tatum and his 3-year-old daughter Everly agree: A good time is had by all. As Tatum told Extra, “We keep it very casual and positive around here,” so Everly “has already been to the show … she is running around here like crazy.” And why shouldn’t she? After all, Magic Mike Live isn’t just gratuitous fluff. “It has a story on some level … the big takeaway was that we wanted it to be this really base-level experience. We want people to leave and still think about it after they leave,” Tatum said. Forget Frozen on Ice; do we sense a new kiddie outing for Big Little Lies season two?

It’s Business As Usual for Bill O’Reilly’s Podcast This Week

The news, it’s going to keep on spinning. Days after Bill O’Reilly, the country’s highest-rated cable-news host with The O’Reilly Factor, was let go from the Fox News Channel following numerous sexual-harassment allegations, it’s been announced that he’ll be returning on Monday with a new episode of his No Spin News podcast. “The No Spin News returns,” a simple statement on his website read. The subscription-only podcast will air at 7 p.m. EST, and it also doubles as the first time O’Reilly will speak publicly about his ousting at Fox News. (He has spoken via a statement once, calling the decision “tremendously disheartening” and walking away with a $25 million exit deal.) Starting this week, Tucker Carlson will be replacing O’Reilly in his coveted time slot.

  • Posted 4/23/17 at 11:26 AM

Bill Nye and His Fellow Celebrities Unite to Save the World (and March for Science) on Earth Day

Whether you were marching on the streets chanting “E-A-R-T-H” or sitting quietly at home donating to some charitable organizations on behalf of Earth Day yesterday, know that you were in very good company — celebrities were also very involved in the annual celebration, making their voices for environment protection loud and proud. But wait, there’s even more. The March for Science also occurred on Saturday, which brought out a gaggle of celebs who wanted to lend their voices to the intellectual extravaganza. Bill Nye, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, and so many more got involved. Because when it rains, it pours. Read their (environmentally friendly) social-media output from the day below.

Everything Is Exactly What It Seems With the Cast of Wizards of Waverly Place Reuniting

Wizards of Waverly Place, Larry David’s least-favorite teen show that’s universally despised by Greenwich Village–dwellers for its unrealistic representation of prime Washington Square Park real estate (they own an unpopular sandwich shop, c’mon!) had a nice reunion this weekend at David Henrie’s wedding. (Yup, a wedding. We’re getting old.) The whole Disney gang was there — Russo family members Henrie, Selena Gomez, Jake T. Austen, David DeLuise, and Maria Canals-Barrera, as well as quirky best friend Jennifer Stone — and they all looked very grown-up and lovely.


Frank Ocean Keeps ‘Em Coming With Yet Another New Song, ‘Lens’

Frank Ocean cannot be stopped. After already releasing two singles on his Beats 1 radio show blonded RADIO “Biking” with Jay Z and Tyler the Creator and “Chanel” with A$AP Rocky — Ocean debuted a third song this weekend. It’s called “Lens,” and it features Travis Scott, at least some of the time. Ocean shared two versions of “Lens,” one with Scott and one without. Ocean’s current prolific streak, which also includes his Migos–Calvin Harris collaboration “Slide” released in February, remains a far cry from the drought that occupied the wait for a followup to Channel Orange, not that we’re complaining. Listen to “Lens” below.

  • Posted 4/23/17 at 9:15 AM

Michael Moore’s Prediction for Trump Getting Impeached Will Depress a Lot of People

Michael Moore loves to predict things about Donald Trump. He thinks the new U.S. president is going to get everyone killed; he believes Trump will absolutely build a border wall and ban all Muslims. (Lest we forget, Moore also wrote a prescient essay predicting Trump would win.) Anyhow, Moore is back on the offensive and predicting another pressing matter on the minds of many citizens, specifically, when will Trump get impeached? “I would say some time in the middle of his second term,” he explained at a Tribeca Film Festival screening when asked about impeachment. “I think the equation is simple. It’s the American equation. Dumb down the population and make them ignorant and stupid. Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate. Trump knew that part of the equation really well. And hate leads to violence.” Moore also encouraged people to not easily give into fear if there’s a terrorist attack:


  • Posted 4/23/17 at 8:37 AM
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Happy Days Star Erin Moran Dead at 56

Erin Moran, an actress best known for her iconic role as Joanie Cunningham in the 1970s sitcom Happy Days and its short-lived spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi, has died at the age of 56. Per the Associated Press, Moran was found unresponsive on Saturday in Harrison County, Indiana, after police received a 911 call; the cause of her death, though, has yet to be determined. For most people, Moran is best known for her work in the Happy Days canon as the sweet but mischievous Joanie — for the decade she was in the show, she grew from a younger supporting player (and sister) to Ron Howard’s character, Richie, to a leading lady in her own right, eventually scoring the aforementioned spin-off with Scott Baio for two seasons.


Doctor Who Recap: The One With the Emojibots

Going into “Smile,” I was leery about two things: Emojibots and Frank Cottrell-Boyce’s writing credit. The former because, well, I’m a writer, and like many other writers I cringe at them instinctively. The latter because Cottrell-Boyce’s only other contribution to Doctor Who was season eight’s ambitious failure “In the Forest of the Night,” arguably the weakest offering of that year. Turns out the ’bots weren’t as annoying as actual emoji and Cottrell-Boyce’s script is an improvement on his previous offering — and yet “Smile” still feels like a mild letdown after all the promise of last week’s season opener.


Heretofore, May All Music Writing Be As Good As This Emoji-Filled DAMN. Review By Kendrick Lamar’s Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up, and while Kendrick Lamar still owes his mother a proper gift, he’s already killing it on the sentimental side of things. Lamar’s latest album, DAMN., came out to rave reviews last week, with Vulture calling it “brilliant, anxious, and spiritual.” True, no doubt, but as true as the ecstatic, emoji-filled review penned by Lamar’s own mother? Unlikely. Lamar shared his mother’s reaction text to DAMN. on Instagram, and it is a truly joyous, insightful piece of music writing. “OMG. This cd is bombbbbb!,” she writes, calling it “your best one to me, no bullshit 💯.” May we all make our parents so proud.

  • Posted 4/22/17 at 2:12 PM

Andie Macdowell Visits the Broadway Production of Groundhog Day Again and Again and Again and Again

It’s the same thing every year — Broadway shows begin opening left and right to become eligible for the year’s Tony Awards, ushering in a new wave of talent hopeful to be recognized by the theater community as if there’s no tomorrow. One of the newest shows, Groundhog Day, opened this week despite its star being plagued by an injury, and there was a very special guest present during Friday evening’s show to ensure everything ran as smoothly as a local news operation on assignment: Rita Hanson!


Steve Bannon Unironically Referred to Megyn Kelly as ‘The Devil’

In an extensive feature about Trump and the conservative media, Politico delves into the relationship between Steven Bannon and former Fox exec Roger Ailes. According to the magazine, a rift grew between them after Megyn Kelly, then a Fox anchor, moderated the first Republican presidential debate in August 2015. Kelly drew Trump’s Twitter ire after asking him about his history of misogynistic comments during the debate, sparking a feud that lasted well into 2016.


  • Posted 4/22/17 at 1:37 PM

Elisabeth Moss Isn’t Convinced The Handmaid’s Tale Is Feminist

In our current political climate, many people have looked forward to this month’s premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale, which stars Elisabeth Moss as a forced reproductive concubine living in a misogynistic dystopia, on Hulu. Naturally, that topic was bound to come up at the show’s panel at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday evening, but the conversation soon took an abrupt turn when a discussion about feminism was tossed around instead. Per the AV Club, when asked if she considered the story, like that of Peggy Olson in Mad Men, to be feminist in nature, Moss was dismissive of such a reading. “I mean, they’re both human beings. They’re the same height,” she said. “Honestly, for me it’s not a feminist story — it’s a human story, because women’s rights are human rights. I never intended to play Peggy as a feminist; I never intended to play Offred as a feminist. They’re women and they are humans. Offred’s a wife, a mother, a best friend. She has a job, and she is a person who is not supposed to be a hero. She falls into it and she kind of does what she has to do to survive to find her daughter. It’s about love, honestly, so much of this story. For me, I never approach anything with any sort of political agenda. I approach it from a very human place, I hope.”


  • Posted 4/22/17 at 1:33 PM

Chris Pratt Realizes It Was ‘Pretty Stupid’ to Claim Hollywood Doesn’t Tell Stories About People Like Him

There are any number of people with good reason to feel slighted by Hollywood in terms of representation, but not perhaps white, straight, male people like Chris Pratt. Pratt had suggested otherwise in a recent interview with Men’s Fitness, telling the magazine, “I don’t see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they’re not my stories … The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.” God bless the teachable Andy Dwyer buried deep within though, because after further consideration, Pratt isn’t holding fast to that view. Instead, he admits that lamenting the onscreen bandwidth given to people like him was a bozo move. “That was actually a pretty stupid thing to say. I’ll own that. There’s a ton of movies about blue collar America,” Pratt tweeted. In terms of socially conscious Hollywood Chrises, Pratt remains in Evans’s wake, but better late than never, Chris.

  • Posted 4/22/17 at 11:51 AM
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Ryan Murphy Is Living for That Olivia De Havilland Feud Email

Olivia de Havilland, Hollywood royalty and noted master of communication, delighted us commoners earlier this week when she responded to an inquiry from The Hollywood Reporter that asked if she has seen Ryan Murphy’s new anthology series, Feud. Specifically, did she like the series? And most importantly, was it historically accurate in portraying Bette Davis and Joan Crawford’s relationship, as well at the infamous 1963 Oscars ceremony? The 100-year-old actress, who’s played by Catherine Zeta-Jones on the show, fired off a delightful response via email:


The Next Four Avatar Movies Have a New Set of Intentions to Eventually Exist

James Cameron continues his campaign to reassemble your trust in him from the tattered shards in which it currently lies. In other words, the man has a new set of release dates for the upcoming (praise be) Avatar sequels. We know, you’ve been here before. And the time before that. And the time before that. So it’d probably benefit your emotional well-being to remain in utter ignorance of these movies’ developments until they finally fall into your lap — sure, but what fun is that? Pushing back from the most-recent anticipated release of Christmas 2018, Avatar 2 is now expected to make its arrival December 18, 2020, as was announced on Avatar’s official Facebook page Saturday morning. Avatar 3 will then follow on December 17, 2021, with Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 debuting on December 20, 2024, and December 19, 2025, respectively.


Fire Island Series Premiere Recap: The Boys of Summer

The world might be falling apart, but at least we’ve finally got a reality show about a group of gay lunatics living in a rental house on Fire Island.


Showtime’s New Twin Peaks Trailer Is a Blast From the Red Room Past

You know the drill. Showtime will likely not be releasing any new Twin Peaks footage before the revived series debuts next month (next month!), but the network was still able to do something fun for us, anyway. In lieu of some clips of Agent Dale Cooper or Audrey Horne sauntering around the Northwestern town 25 years later, Showtime has instead released a long — and spoiler-filled — trailer of the original series that simultaneously allows us to relive the show’s most important moments and play catch-up before the next 18 installments come along. What a damn fine idea.


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