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All of Jamie Dornan’s Smoldering Stares From the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Check out the lust parade that is the teaser-trailer (or just a teasing trailer?) for Fifty Shades of Grey! Aside from a few somewhat gratifying shots, there isn't much real action, given the amount of longing stares that go back and forth between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Hopefully that'll be remedied next Valentine's Day. For the time being, though, we have all of these Jamie Dornan looks and stares. Feast your eyes upon him feasting his eyes.


Afghanistan War Movie The Kill Team Is an Absolutely Essential Documentary

Many of us take the phrase “war is hell” to mean getting ripped apart by bullets or seeing other soldiers maimed or killed. But there’s another sort of “war is hell” story that centers not on what’s done to us, but on what — given license to kill and a broad sense of entitlement — we’re capable of doing (or watching get done) to someone else. That’s the hell at the heart of Dan Krauss’s inconsolably moving documentary The Kill Team, an essential film no matter what your political convictions. The setting is Afghanistan, but it might be Iraq or Vietnam or anywhere with occupying forces. It might be Gaza. This map of hell is timeless, placeless.

Krauss had amazing access to the central figure, Adam Wingfield, a U.S. Army private. »

The Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Is Here to Tease You

The wait is over: The first real trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey is here, folks. Though if you were only looking to see some whipping and blindfolds, you'll have to wait a little longer, as most of the trailer deals with exposition. But don't worry, a sexy, sexy, mysterious door is eventually unlocked. And it's soundtracked by Beyoncé doing a real erotic-thriller version of "Crazy in Love." All in all, it's SFW, depending on where you work, of course. Like if you work in a blindfold factory, you're good. (Just remember to take off the blindfold.)

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Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Intense in the Nightcrawler Trailer

In the wake of Monday's evocative teaser, Open Road Films has released the first full trailer for Dan Gilroy's Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as an ambitious freelance crime journalist (or, yeah, a "nightcrawler") who gets caught up in the criminal underworld he covers. Like the last trailer, there's a lot of gaunt, intense Jake Gyllenhaal extolling his work ethic, plus some bonus car chases, explosions and dead bodies (as well as a look at the famous mirror-punching scene that supposedly sent Gyllenhaal to hospital during shooting). We just hope the actual movie is as intense as these trailers.

9 Movie Questions That Might Be Answered at Comic-Con

Comic-Con! It's like a film festival for $200 million blockbusters — if, instead of actually getting to watch movies, you waited in line for hours just see their trailers. Still, the San Diego–set geek mecca remains a prime press opportunity for Hollywood's sci-fi spectaculars and superhero sequels, and when the Con officially kicks off tomorrow and runs into the weekend, Vulture will be there, bringing you back all the good scoops. What movie-related surprises may be in store? Let's run through nine questions that we expect will be answered before Comic-Con concludes.

Will Ben Affleck's Batman make an appearance? Will Benedict Cumberbatch get out alive? »

See the Visually Striking Trailer for Young Ones, With Michael Shannon and Elle Fanning

Comic-Con starts up this weekend with a full roster of megabudget spectaculars on display, but spare a moment for another sci-fi movie coming out soon that cost a lot less but still looks like a million bucks. Directed by Jake Paltrow (yes, you've heard of his sister), the dystopian Young Ones takes place in a future that's almost totally devoid of water, which makes farming a difficult task for hardened frontiersman Michael Shannon and his two children, played Elle Fanning and Kodi Smit-McPhee. Once Fanning's boyfriend Nicholas Hoult sets his sights on stealing Shannon's land, the stage is set for all the characters to clash, and they pursue their agendas in a visually stunning, barren futurescape that's shown off to great effect in this exclusive new trailer. Robots! Electronic spinal cords! Nifty, low-tech face masks! This rather different sci-fi Western arrives in theaters on October 17, so save the date.

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Zoe Saldana Understands Why You Would Mistake Her for Other Black Actresses

Do you get offended by the idea of someone mistaking one black actress for another black actress just because both are black actresses? Zoe Saldana doesn't. In this week's Hollywood Reporter cover story, the Guardians of the Galaxy/Star Trek/Avatar star is prompted to recall a story in which her mother thought she was in Crash, because she saw Thandie Newton in the film's poster. Then Saldana, an Afro-Latina of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, explains why it's totally understandable:

I've gotten Kerry Washington and Jada Pinkett, too, but mainly Thandie. People ask me if I'm offended that I'm confused with every other black actress out there. "Doesn't it bother you that people think you're all the same person?" No. Because one time I entered a restaurant and there were all these beautiful blond girls around a table, probably all from Orange County. It felt like it might have been a high school reunion or something. There were like 20 beautiful girls, but they were all the same. I couldn't tell any of them apart.

So you see? It's totally understandable.

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You Simply Must Watch Robin Thicke’s Ridiculous Movie Debut

Summer 2012 found Robin Thicke on the precipice, one year before “Blurred Lines” would make him the hottest R&B crooner on the planet (and two years before the release of his mortifying album Paula would make everyone go, “Whoops, nope, changed our minds”). With his game-changing single still a ways away, Thicke decided to diversify his portfolio by making his feature-film debut in a little indie called Abby in the Summer. And why not? His father, Alan Thicke, was an actor. His wife, long-suffering ingenue Paula Patton, was also an actor. It was practically in his blood! How hard could acting be, really?

See for yourself! »

Dear White People Trailer Nails Everything From Hair Touching to Taylor Swift

The first trailer for Dear White People was very funny, but it was hard to tell what actually happens in the movie. This full trailer solves that problem. It appears Dear White People skewers modern race-relations from all possible angles while telling the story of four African-American students at an Ivy League college, centered around a college radio show. The film opens on October 17. There will not be a Dear Black People sequel.

It’s Sansa vs. Sansa in the Trailer for Sophie Turner’s New Movie

As Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner has to deal with more than her fair share of miscreants and monsters, but in the new movie Another Me, Turner may face her most dangerous foe yet … herself. Isabel Coixet directs this psychological thriller, which casts Turner as Fay, a normal teenage girl who starts to fear she's being followed by someone who shares her face. And as you'll see in this exclusive trailer, Fay's dopplegänger isn't interested in becoming BFFs — instead, she'd rather steal Fay's life entirely. (And you thought Joffrey was bad!) Costarring Rhys Ifans, Gregg Sulkin, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Another Me opens August 22; press play below to preview the intense Sansa-on-Sansa action.

Why the Kim Kardashian Game Is Legitimately Good

If it feels like everyone around you is not only playing the Kim Kardashian game, but also can’t stop talking about how they are playing the Kim Kardashian game, that’s because they are and they can’t. With one analyst projecting that the Glu Mobile game could make $200 million this year and the app sitting pretty at #1 on the App Store’s Top Free charts (#5 on the Top Grossing charts), we're on a trajectory toward Candy Crush status here, people. (You know what I'm talking about, Environmental Protection Agency.) And while it’d be easy to moan and complain about the state of humanity on this one — I’ve clocked quite a few hours (okay, days) playing this thing, and it’s pretty fun! In fact, it’s a really well-made game that even a Kardashian hater might love. And I’m prepared to make my case for it, so strap on your Louboutins. (They’ll cost you 5 K Stars.) Here's why Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a legitimately good game.

Because it’s a funny and well-written parody. »

  • Posted 7/22/14 at 3:00 PM

Miss Julie Trailer: Jessica Chastain Makes Colin Farrell Kiss Her Shoe Because She Can

Be warned: Colin Farrell’s voice is real gross in this trailer — there’s a lot of panting and saliva. Miss Julie, which is based on the 1888 Swedish play of the same name, is a story about power, class, and sex, in which a tough daughter of an Irish count gets entangled with her father’s valet. Jessica Chastain plays the daughter; Colin Farrell, the valet. The film is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September. After which all of Canada will need to take a shower as a result of their proximity to Farrell’s voice. 

Noah Baumbach, Denzel Washington, Tina Fey Films Among Toronto International Film Festival Premieres

Every year, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) foreshadows many of the big awards-season contenders. This year looks to be no exception, just looking at the first 59 films announced this morning. The lineup includes buzzed-about films such as Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher, the Reese Witherspoon–starring Wild, and the Benedict Cumberbatch–starring The Imitation Game. Films making their world premieres include: Noah Baumbach's While We're Young; the Jason Bateman–, Tina Fey–, and Adam Driver–starring This Is Where I Leave You; the Denzel Washington–starring The Equalizer; the Chris Rock–directed Top Five; the Alan Rickman–directed A Little Chaos; Chris Evans's directorial debut Before We Go; the Tom Hardy–starring The Drop, which was James Gandolfini's last movie; and Jason Reitman's Men, Women and Children. Read the full lineup below from the festival's official press release, and then start looking for flights to Toronto. The festival runs from September 4 to 14.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Song Might Be As Bad As the Movie

Welp, Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finally got its flashy end credits song, and ... I don't know. "Shell Shocked" is a wall of noise, with Juicy J hogging all the cringey TMNT references ("All my brothers tryna get some cheddar / We all want our cut like the Shredder"). Although it must be said that Ty Dolla $ign does mention pizza.

Talking With Scarlett Johansson About Lucy, Sandwiches, and Playing Non-Humans

Over the last several years, Scarlett Johansson's output has been impressive in its variety: The Avengers, Hitchcock, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway, Don Jon, Her, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Under the Skin. This weekend, she stars in the Luc Besson–directed action movie Lucy as a drug mule who finds herself able to access increasingly large portions of her brain's capacity. Vulture spoke with Johansson about playing hyperintelligent beings, avoiding her own acting tics, and her favorite sandwich. 

"I live in New York, so I’m surrounded by different sandwiches all over the place." »

Jonathan Demme’s A Master Builder Is Madly, Bitingly, Chillingly Alive

Twenty years ago, André Gregory gathered a group of great actors to rehearse Uncle Vanya; Louis Malle came in to film their work, almost as if he were shooting a documentary; and the result, Vanya on 42nd Street, was an astonishing fusion of theater and film—superb Chekhov, superb moviemaking. Gregory, Wallace Shawn, and Larry Pine have reunited for Henrik Ibsen’s A Master Builder, and, Malle being dead, Jonathan Demme has stepped into the breach. (The film is dedicated to Malle.) Demme doesn’t take a documentary approach, which I don’t think would work for this strange masterpiece—a play that marked the moment that Ibsen began to turn away from the naturalism of A Doll’s House and Ghosts and head back to the mythic, poetic realm of earlier epics like Brand and Peer Gynt. Gregory and Demme have turned A Master Builder into (pardon my invoking the name of a Strindberg work) a dream play, and have made it once more madly, bitingly, chillingly alive.

Shawn would not have been my first choice for the architect Halvard Solness. »

SLC Punk 2 Trailer: Heroin Bob Rises Again

We now have a first look at Punk's Dead: SLC Punk 2, James Merendino's follow-up to his 1998 cult classic about two young anarchist punks navigating life in Salt Lake City in the mid-80s. Of the follow-up, Merendino told the Wrap: “In this teaser, you will get a glimpse at familiar faces and I briefly introduce Bob's son, Ross. I am not revealing all of the characters or even much of the story. There's more, much more. Enjoy.” So, what else do we know so far? Well, the original gang is all back (minus Matthew Lillard), Heroin Bob has risen from the grave, and there will be plenty of moshing, because of course.

Jake Gyllenhaal Seeks Job in Nightcrawler Teaser

Here's a first look at Dan Gilroy's new movie Nightcrawler, starring a gaunt, nervy Jake Gyllenhaal as a freelance crime journalist named Louis Boom who gets caught up in L.A.'s criminal underbelly. The clip, originally posted as a fake Craigslist ad by Gyllenhaal's character, shows Bloom giving a series of intense elevator pitches as he attempts to land himself a job. We're assuming the rest of the movie is more than just Gyllenhaal delivering creepy monologues while staring straight into the camera, although we would totally watch it if it were.

Why Can’t Cameron Diaz Make a Good Movie?

Though Cameron Diaz almost seems to be picking projects at random these days, there is at least one consistent through line: Whether the movies do well (like her spring sleeper The Other Woman) or arrive at the box office dead on arrival (like this weekend's flop Sex Tape), you can always, always count on them to earn bad reviews. When it comes to consecutive critical duds, in fact, Diaz may be doing worse than any other A-lister. Just check out her recent Rotten Tomatoes résumé, encompassing almost a full decade of work:

Yikes. »

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Ethan Hawke’s Real-Life Boyhood Graduation Gift Is the Most Wonderful

In Boyhood, Richard Linklater's opus to male adolescence and Texas, Ethan Hawke's character gives his son a homemade mix CD — "The Black Album," a compilation of the best work of John, Paul, George, and Ringo post-Beatles — as a graduation gift.  Turns out Hawke gave his real-life daughter Maya the very same gift. As Hawke writes in the real liner notes (posted on BuzzFeed) and pretty much says this in the film: "When you mix up their work, though, when you put them side by side and let them flow — they elevate each other, and you start to hear it: T H E B E A T L E S."

Read the rest of the very sweet, very thoughtful liner notes on BuzzFeed. (And get that tracklist!)