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So Many Good Movies Are Coming to the New York Film Festival

Next week, eager film fans (and a bunch of bleary-eyed critics, and also Vulture’s non-bleary-eyed critics) will descend upon Lincoln Center for the 55th Annual New York Film Festival. The uptown fest is hosting a handful of big U.S. or North American premieres: the heartbreaking French AIDS crisis movie BPM (Beats Per Minute), Isabelle Huppert’s Mrs. Hyde, the Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler–starring The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), and Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying. NYFF55 will also have a tale of two Wonders: Woody Allen’s Kate Winslet–Justin Timberlake movie Wonder Wheel, and Todd Haynes’s Carol follow-up, Wonderstruck. Other notables to keep your eye on: Dee Rees’s Mudbound, the Swedish comedy The Square with Elisabeth Moss, and Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird. See a selection of the festival’s offerings in this exclusive NYFF55 trailer from the Film Society of Lincoln Center, which also shows a few seconds of The Square, The Florida Project, and Call Me by Your Name.

  • Posted 9/20/17 at 1:26 PM

Ben Stiller Punches Adam Sandler in The Meyerowitz Stories Trailer

Seeing a decades-old cinematic beef finally come to blows may not be the point of Noah Baumbach’s The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), but we’re totally here for it. Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler —playing brothers in a dysfunctional New York family rounded out by Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson — finally get to fight one another after last being onscreen together in 1996’s Happy Gilmore, in which Stiller is none too kind to Sandler’s poor old grandmother. Vulture’s Emily Yoshida praised the film in her Cannes review, saying, “Meyerowitz is not afraid to let its characters hug and learn, and the film ends on a note that is almost radically hopeful after all the vitriol and baggage we’ve seen up until then.” Come for the Sandler-Stiller fight, stay for the heartfelt make-ups. The Meyerowitz Stories debuts on Netflix on October 13.

  • Posted 9/20/17 at 1:00 PM

Watch Harry Dean Stanton Argue With David Lynch About Tortoises in Lucky, His Final Role

Being alone is beautiful, according to Harry Dean Stanton’s Lucky. The ornery loner is right within Stanton’s wheelhouse: He’s a 90-year-old atheist begrudgingly on the path to enlightenment. This exclusive scene from Lucky, Stanton’s final role before he died last week — shows the character talking to his friend Howard (David Lynch) after the escape of his tortoise, Roosevelt. “There are some things in this life that are bigger than all of us,” Howard roars, “and a tortoise is one of them!” Lucky, directed by veteran character actor John Carroll Lynch, will be released September 29.

Oscar Futures: The Race Begins, But Who’s in the Lead?

On a regular basis between now and March 4, 2018, when the winners of the Academy Awards are announced, Vulture will consult its crystal ball to determine the changing fortunes in this year’s Oscars race. In our Oscar Futures column, we’ll let you in on insider gossip, parse brand-new developments, and track industry buzz to figure out who’s up, who’s down, and who’s currently leading the race for a coveted Oscar nomination.

  • Posted 9/20/17 at 10:47 AM

Give the People Sterling K. Brown’s Booty!

In the soon-to-be-filed court case the People vs. Sterling K. Brown’s modesty, we demand to see more skin. During an Emmys postmortem with Variety, the two-time winner (on Sunday, he won best actor in drama for This Is Us) has revealed the world will have to settle for (glorious) shots of his six-pack for the time being. We were close to seeing his no-doubt equally defined buttocks in his upcoming film Marshall, but a love scene with Kate Hudson in which his “full moon” would’ve been on full display was cut, because we the people have forfeited the right to good things. “It took me aback,” he says. “Kate and I both collectively were like, ‘Woah.’ I clutched my pearls! But it’s going to be good, even without the booty shot.” Booty! Shot! Drink in the phrase. Let Brown’s utterance of it wash over you. Now forget it. It’s not happening. And unless This Is Us wants to have some fun with the FCC in its second season, we won’t get Sterling’s booty there either. (But more shirtless treadmill runs, please.) Until all is revealed, here’s a photo of Brown with his Emmy and his abs:


  • Posted 9/20/17 at 9:48 AM

Wonderstruck Trailer: New York, in Two Magical Eras

Todd Haynes’s newest movie is Wonderstruck, adapted from the Brian Selznick (The Invention of Hugo Cabret) young-adult book of the same name. Wonderstruck tells the parallel stories of a pair of deaf children separated by time: Ben (Oakes Fegley of Pete’s Dragon) lives in 1977 and has recently lost his mom (Michelle Williams) in a car accident, and Rose (Millicent Simmonds) is butting heads with an overbearing dad (James Urbaniak) in 1927. Both arrive in New York City trying to track down adults they love. He’s looking for his missing father; she’s searching for a movie star she idolizes (Julianne Moore). One era is set in black and white; the other in vibrant color. See Wonderstruck in theaters October 20.

Here Are the Rest of the Horror Movies Coming Out This Year

It’s been an incredible year for blockbuster horror so far, with three movies in the genre clearing $200 million dollars at the box office. (High fives to It, Get Out, and Split.) But the year isn’t over yet, and horror’s official Homecoming night, Halloween, means there are scads of offerings still on the way. Psycho killers? Check. Telekinetic Norwegian queer coeds? You got ’em. The return of both Jigsaw and Leatherface? It’s true. Christmas-themed horror comedy? Naturally. Here’s your guide to the rest of the horror movies coming out in 2017.


17 Nicolas Cage Movies You Had No Idea Existed

Thanks to the diligence of the Internal Revenue Service, Nicolas Cage has been the hardest-working actor in Hollywood over the past decade. Back in 2009, Cage was assessed with a gigantic tax bill, the result of famously extravagant purchases that included “the most haunted mansion in America,” two castles, and a Tarbosaurus skull (since returned to the government of Mongolia). Then he was hit with another, and another. By his own admission, Cage owed the U.S. government something close to $14 million.


Taikia Waititi In Talks To Direct Akira For Warner Bros.

Anticipation is high for the upcoming Taika Waititi–directed Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok, and it looks like Warner Bros. is impressed enough to offer Waititi another big job: According to Deadline, Warner is getting serious about moving its adaptation of the revered manga Akira back into production, and they are in talks with the New Zealander to direct. All the way back in 2010, it was reported that the brothers Allen and Albert Hughes (The Book of Eli) would helm the picture; since then, over the course of the film’s life in turnaround, Dane DeHaan, Michael Pitt, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, Ken Watanabe, and Helena Bonham Carter have all been attached as cast members at one point or another.


  • Posted 9/19/17 at 5:52 PM

Cook-Off! Trailer: Melissa McCarthy Gets Her Hands (And Face) Dirty

After ten years on the shelf, Melissa McCarthy’s Cook-Off!  has a release date and a trailer. The film, which is set in the cutthroat world of competitive cooking, originally premiered quietly at the U.S. Comedy and Arts Festival in 2007, but quickly disappeared from sight. On November 17, though, it will be allowed a second chance at reedited life, when it opens in cinemas around the country. The Christopher Guest–style mockumentary follows a group amateur chefs, including Amber Strang (played by McCarthy), as they compete to win Van Rookle Farms million-dollar cooking contest. It co-stars Ben Falcone, Stephen Root, Diedrich Bader, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Gary Anthony Williams, and Sam Pancake.

  • Posted 9/19/17 at 2:11 PM

MoviePass Is Luring Millennials Back to the Multiplex. Why Is Hollywood So ‘Meh’?

Given the rage freely flowing from America’s largest theater operator, AMC, toward MoviePass — the controversial, defiantly inexpensive subscription ticketing service that allows filmgoers to attend one movie per day, every day, for a $9.95 monthly fee — it’s easy enough to forget that until just last month, the two companies were partners in the putting-asses-in-seats business.


Rob Reiner and a Few Good Men Are Investigating Russia

Rob Reiner wants the truth. The actor, writer, director, and producer just added another title to his list of hyphenates by joining a new group called the Committee to Investigate Russia, which is described as a “nonprofit, non-partisan resource provided to help Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy.” The advisory board for the group now includes Reiner, alongside military historians, foreign-policy analysts, and even a former director of national intelligence. No sexy Marine JAGs have been added yet.


  • Posted 9/19/17 at 1:12 PM

All of Our Theories on What Mother! Is Actually About

Everyone agrees that Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! is an incredibly obvious allegory. Nobody agrees on exactly what that allegory is. Though Darren Aronofsky is happy to talk to the press about exactly what he was trying to do, the movie’s birthed dozens of other interpretations, and pissed off a few audience members in the process. See, [adopts the voice of a man smoking an herbal cigarette outside of a screening of Mother! at BAM] Mother! is actually about everything and nothing. There’s no way to really explain it — also, you have to think hard about the Trinity. But maybe, just maybe, we can help you “get” Mother! by explaining what it is really, really (no, really) about.


Jennifer Lawrence Sounds Like a Horrible Person to Be Stuck on a Plane With

If you’ve read about Jennifer Lawrence’s experience filming Mother! — she threw out a rib giving it her all — you already know that she’s willing to lose control for a role. But that doesn’t mean she enjoys the feeling. Lawrence told Entertainment Weekly that the feeling of losing control is something she’s experienced in everyday life — specifically, on planes. “It’s scary not being able to control yourself — I’ve recently had problems with plane anxiety and it’s really similar,” she said. “I’m not afraid of the airplane, I’m afraid of me on the airplane and losing control of myself.” But fear of flying isn’t something a sedative and a glass of white wine can’t fix, right?


  • Posted 9/19/17 at 9:39 AM

Lady Gaga Sheds Her Past in Five Foot Two Trailer

What happened to Lady Gaga? About 25 seconds into the first full-length trailer for Gaga’s Netflix documentary Five Foot Two, radio DJ Zane Lowe poses a version of that question, asking about the cause for the character makeover Gaga’s undergone in the last five years. “Paranoia, fear, body pain, anxiety,” she answers without hesitation. How Gaga went from a polarizing pop spectacle to an even more polarizing pop understatement will be the focus of the film — “I can always bring my past with me. But I can never go back. You gotta leave yourself behind,” she says — centered around the last year in her life. During that time, Gaga has released an album and headlined the Super Bowl halftime show, but dealt personally with heartbreak and a battle with severe chronic pain that recently sidelined her tour. According to the trailer, little will be off limits. Gaga: Five Foot Two hits Netflix on September 22.

Blake Lively Continues Her Commitment to the ‘Girl, Get Out of There’ Genre In Her New All I See Is You Trailer

Blake Lively continues to carve out her niche in the thriller genre with the upcoming psychological drama All I See Is You, this time starring as Gina, a woman blinded in a car accident as a child. While last year’s The Shallows taught Lively’s character the importance of never surfing alone, and the upcoming film adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret teaches her the importance of never having a husband with a secret, director Marc Forster’s upcoming movie seems to arrive at an even more obvious conclusion: If your husband starts acting controlling and possessive after you receive sight-restoring eye surgery, you two are not going to work things out. According to the film’s description, “It is only when Gina suddenly begins to lose her sight again that she finally realizes the disturbing reality of their marriage and their lives.” Girl, get in a cab and go already. All I See Is You premieres on October 27.

Elisabeth Moss Cast in Historical Underground Abortion Drama Call Jane

Elisabeth Moss is your go-to actress when it comes to the struggle for women’s reproductive freedom and the extremely heavy price paid by those to whom it is denied. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the actress, who took home the Emmy last night for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role in The Handmaid’s Tale, will reportedly star in the upcoming drama Call Jane, according to Variety. Co-written by Hayley Schore and Roshan Sethi, the movie gives a historical account of the Abortion Counseling Service of Women’s Liberation in Chicago, also known as the Jane Collective or simply Jane. From 1969 until 1973, the year Roe v. Wade made abortion legal at the federal level, the group covertly provided women with abortions. Woman in Gold and My Week With Marilyn director Simon Curtis will direct.

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Now You Watch Jake Gyllenhaal Hear The Truth About Nocturnal Animals: His Character Had the Lamest Death

Okay, okay, you’ve seen this shtick before: Someone not very famous tells someone super-famous the truth about one of their movies (a.k.a. the entire premise of Between Two Ferns). But in this video promoting Stronger, Jake Gyllenhaal sits down for an interview with Jeff Bauman, the real-life Boston Marathon bombing survivor Gyllenhaal plays in the movie. They talk about their favorite Boston movies and Bauman shades Taylor Swift and then — finally! — Bauman tells Gyllenhaal the truth about Nocturnal Animals. His character had the most hilariously dull death in an otherwise intense movie. “What was that movie where you fell on your own gun?” Bauman says. “What the fuck? You fell on your own gun and shot yourself.”

  • Posted 9/18/17 at 1:38 PM

Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider Reboot Has a Poster Now, So There’s No Way to Deny It Is a Thing That Exists

“A-L-I-C-I-A!” The People cry from the rooftops. “V-I-K-A-N-D-E-R!” They continue. Then, because they are out of breath from screaming with joy, they simply whisper, “I kinda forgot she was making a Tomb Raider movie?” But how, I ask, could you forget about the cinematic event of March 2018, in which we finally discover what Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, was up to before she started raiding all those tombs? (According to the film’s synopsis, she works as a bike courier and takes college classes in London — thrilling!) The official Tomb Raider Twitter account has released the official Tomb Raider poster, in which we see Vikander, standing like a colossus athwart a crashing wave (perhaps a coded reference to director Roar Uthaug’s The Wave?), ready for battle.


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Paramount Responds to Mother! Backlash: ‘Everyone Celebrates Netflix When They Tell a Story No One Wants to Tell’

In the words of the prophet Beyoncé, Paramount Pictures ain’t sorry. If Mother!’s mania wasn’t for you, then … maybe there’s a sleepy showing of Tulip Fever you could slip into? The studio is standing behind Darren Aronofsky’s controversial film and its “F” CinemaScore rating. (To be fair, The Emoji Movie has a “B” rating, so maybe take this with a grain of salt.) Paramount’s worldwide president of marketing and distribution Megan Colligan spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the critics and audiences who were disgusted that the studio would release such a gruesome movie. Colligan basically says that Aronofsky is an auteur, Jennifer Lawrence is a star, and not everything has to be palatable. Per THR: