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Watch the Trailer for the Sequel to The Trip, The Trip to Italy

In Michael Winterbottom's first Trip movie (and BBC TV series, which the movie was edited from), Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon played fictionalized versions of themselves going on a food tour of north England. Though it was highly enjoyable, it partly felt like the three men behind it did it just to get someone else to pay for fancy meals. It was doing Michael Caine impressions for your supper, if you will. This time around, in The Trip to Italy, Coogan and Brydon got to, well, take a trip to Italy to have fake arguments but eat real foods. The series version of it is currently airing in England, with the theatrical release coming Stateside on August 15. So, if you weren't feeling bad enough about your lacking Pacino impression, you'll also get to be jealous of movie characters' summer vacations. 

  • Posted 4/23/14 at 2:09 AM
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See the First Photo From the Pitch Perfect 2 Set

Today, Rebel Wilson tweeted the first photo from the Pitch Perfect 2 rehearsals, which shows some of the cast posing adorably in front of a graffiti mural. Elizabeth Banks is directing the follow-up to 2012's a capella comedy, which will follow Wilson's and Anna Kendrick's characters through their university graduation. We hope that it will be aca-mazing, but at very least, it will be aca-something. The film isn't slated for release until May 2015, but you should probably start practicing inserting "aca" into different words now.

  • Posted 4/23/14 at 12:39 AM
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A Flash Gordon Movie Is in the Works

According to THR, Twentieth Century Fox has picked up screen rights to Flash Gordon, the beloved '30s comic turned '80s movie, with Star Trek 3 scribes J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay on board to write the script. Hollywood has been trying to bring the savior of the universe to the screen for eons, so we're not holding our breaths. Still, any excuse to listen to Queen's awesome theme song is fine by us. Flash! Ah-ahh!

  • Posted 4/22/14 at 11:38 PM

There Might Be a Lego Movie-esque Peeps Film

Filmmaker Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City, Underdog) has optioned film and TV rights to Peeps candy, according to Deadline. Just Born, the company which makes the Easter-themed treats, has accepted a full-length animation pitch from Rifkin and his partners to direct a "Lego Movie-esque family epic" in which a wayward Peep gets misplaced the night before a Peeps diorama contest (which is a thing, apparently!) and must adventure through different-themed dioramas before the contest begins. So, a lot like The Lego Movie, only replace the universal appeal of Lego with the ugh please no more I feel sick of Peeps. Anyway, welcome to the future of cinema, in which a Disney ride and a bird-shaped marshmallow candy will battle for box-office supremacy. Enjoy your 2017 Academy Awards!

  • Posted 4/22/14 at 11:26 PM
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There’s Going to Be an It’s A Small World Movie

Deadline reports that Disney has tapped National Treasure series helmer Jon Turteltaub to direct a film adaption of their "It's A Small World" ride, which is being envisioned as the start of a possible franchise for the studio. Disney has had luck with ride-inspired films in the pastnamely, Pirates of the Caribbean — but we have to say, "It's A Small World" doesn't really provide much to work with in the way of narrative momentum. Still, if you enjoy long, slow, musical boat rides accompanied by animatronic dolls embodying national stereotypes, you will maybe enjoy at least the first of these movies.

Star Trek Writer Roberto Orci Pushing to Direct Third Movie

For the last decade or so, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci's writing partnership has been one of the most lucrative in Hollywood, with a track record that includes two Transformers movies, both Star Trek movies, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Variety reports they are amicably going their separate ways as writers, so they can individually pursue directing projects. According to Variety, Kurtzman is working on a deal to oversee Universal's classic monster movies and Orci is pushing hard for Star Trek 3 (a.k.a. Star Tr3k), now that J.J. Abrams has moved on to Star Wars. Orci even has Abrams's vote for the gig, but Paramount is being cautious. Orci is already attached to the Spider-Man spinoff Venom, so if things work out, in a few years, he'll be able to compete with Abrams for the title of King of the Nerds.

Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher Finally Gets Release Date

Last year, Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher was getting a decent amount of awards buzz until its release was delayed. Today, fresh off the announcement that it will compete at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, it was announced that it will finally get a Stateside release on November 14. It's a good date for an indie trying to make a run at some awards, as it is the same weekend Nebraska came out last year. Foxcatcher tells the true story of millionaire John du Pont, who helped in the training of an Olympic wrestler and later murdered him. The film stars Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, and Steve Carell's prosthetic nose.

  • Posted 4/22/14 at 2:45 PM
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Watch: Raid Director Dissects His Five Favorite Fight Scenes

Gareth Evans knows fights. That is abundantly clear to anyone who has seen his films, including martial arts classics The Raid and The Raid 2: Berandal, which is currently in theaters. /Film had Evans sit down and talk about his five favorite action scenes ever, and edited it with clips from the actual movies. The result is a quite interesting 14 minutes of violence. Especially for those who only know Jackie Chan from wrongfully touching Chris Tucker's radio.

Gillian Flynn Says Gone Girl Won’t Change That Much

Kind of, anyway. During a Reddit AMA, Flynn was asked about changes to the movie adaptation of Gone Girl, and her answer was necessarily vague, but promising: "Those reports have been greatly exaggerated!" (Presumably she is referencing the rumors of a new twist at the end.) Flynn went on: "Of course, the script has to be different from the book in some ways — you have to find a way to externalize all those internal thoughts and you have to do more with less room and you just don't have room for everything. But the mood, tone and spirit of the book are very much intact." Notice that she didn't say "ending." 

  • Posted 4/22/14 at 1:45 PM
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He’s a Screenwriter by Day, Go-Go Dancer by Night

“Sometimes you have a good dick day, and sometimes you have a bad dick day,” says the screenwriter Jeff Tetreault, his full lips curled up in a knowing smirk. “It’s like a good hair day and a bad hair day: Sometimes the blood just settles down there and it’s sweet — it’s an awesome dick day. And sometimes, I’m like, ‘What the hell?’”

On the night that I meet Tetreault, the writer of Bad Johnson, he is most definitely having a good dick day. »

David Foster Wallace Estate Comes Out Against the Jason Segel Biopic

From a statement released late Monday:

The David Foster Wallace Literary Trust, David's family, and David's longtime publisher Little, Brown and Company wish to make it clear that they have no connection with, and neither endorse nor support "The End of the Tour." This motion picture is loosely based on transcripts from an interview David consented to eighteen years ago for a magazine article about the publication of his novel, "Infinite Jest." That article was never published and David would never have agreed that those saved transcripts could later be repurposed as the basis of a movie.

It's safe to assume that they share your views on this photograph.

Edelstein: Blue Ruin Is More Artful and Evocative Than Any Recent Revenge Picture, But It's Still Drivel

The season’s most buzzed-about indie movie, Blue Ruin, is a hauntingly well-made version of the same old vigilante-revenge saga. What’s novel is the mood—which is, as the title suggests, bluer than blue—as well as the avenger, Dwight (Macon Blair), who looks like Zach Galifianakis on tranquilizers. We meet Dwight as a bearded nomad, sleeping in a bullet-pocked car, eating out of garbage cans, staring at the sea under the boardwalk of a family-friendly beach town, soaking in solitude. In carefully parceled-out bits of exposition, we learn that a man convicted of killing Dwight’s parents will shortly be released from prison. Dwight smashes the window of a car and steals a gun (it’s the South) and then succeeds in breaking everything but the safety lock. He’s a bumbler, way out of his element, but robotically determined to finish what the legal system wouldn’t. And we wish him success, because we’re moviegoers in search of a payoff, of deliverance through violence.


  • Posted 4/21/14 at 10:16 PM
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Danny Boyle and Leonardo DiCaprio in Talks for Steve Jobs Movie

Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting director Danny Boyle is in talks to helm Sony’s Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs biopic, according to The Hollywood Reporter. David Fincher had previously been tied to the project, but backed out a few weeks ago after arguing with the studio over compensation. While Fincher had wanted Christian Bale for the title role, apparently Boyle has been eyeing Leonardo DiCaprio to portray the Apple visionary, so at least Bale won't have to follow up his American Hustle weight gain with an attempt at fruitarianism. Hope you like apple(s), Leo!

How Whedon-esque Is Joss Whedon’s New Film, In Your Eyes?

How Whedon-esque is Joss Whedon's new film, In Your Eyes? The film, which premiered last night at the Tribeca Film Festival and is now available for rental online, was written and produced by the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator and Avengers director, but he's not the director — Brin Hill is. When Vulture caught up with Hill and the cast (which includes Zoe Kazan, Nikki Reed, Mark Feuerstein, and Michael Stahl-David in a breakout performance) at the premiere and after-party at China Blue, we had to get to the bottom of this question.

"You have to have a dance party if you're working with Joss." »

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg: Together Again?

Last week, we told you that despite picking up new projects, Steven Spielberg has yet to decide what he is going to direct next. Well, we might have a winner, by way of his old pal Tom Hanks. Hanks and Spielberg are developing a thriller about an American attorney who works with the CIA during the Cold War to go behind enemy lines to negotiate the release of a captured spy. Hanks will star. Spielberg is considering directing. But who knows with this guy. Maybe he'll just make Close Encounters of the Third Kind 2: Close Encounters of the Richard Kind.

  • Posted 4/21/14 at 1:55 AM
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Rent Joss Whedon’s New Film Right Now Via VOD

Experimenting with digital distribution models seems to be the hip thing to do these days, and now Joss Whedon has jumped on the bandwagon. Following Tribeca's Sunday night premiere of his new supernatural romance In your Eyes, featuring Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David, Whedon announced that this was "not just the world premiere, but also its international release date," and that the film could be downloaded online immediately. The film costs $5 for a 72-hour rental, and is available via a Vimeo video player embedded into the film's site.


There’s Only One Decent Wayans Brother Movie and It Was Made 26 Years Ago

Amongst other things, this weekend’s release of A Haunted House 2 might make you wonder: Why are the Wayans brothers? That's not an incomplete thought, but a reflection of the existential malaise the barely-were comedians now inspire. Between this movie, its predecessor, a pair of Scary Movies, White Chicks, Dance Flick, and Little Man, Marlon, Shawn, and Keenen Ivory have racked up an embarrassment of embarrassments.

Still, at least one Wayans has produced a good movie. 1988’s I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, written, directed by, and starring Keenen Ivory, is everything their recent efforts are not. While both Scary Movies and both A Haunted House movies look down on the horror genre they send up, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka lovingly sends up tropes used in blaxploitation films like Shaft, Dolemite, and Super Fly. In his film, Keenen Ivory broke the genre down to a main theme: black protagonists' recurring fears of emasculation. So while I'm Gonna Git You Sucka eventually becomes the type of film it parodies, it's also a superior satire.

Keenen Ivory plays Jack Spade, an Army secretary who comes home after his brother Junebug "OG"s. »

Quentin Tarantino Hasn’t Given Up on The Hateful Eight After All

After the script for his The Hateful Eight leaked earlier this year, a "very, very depressed" Quentin Tarantino said he would not be moving forward with the project. He may have changed his mind: On Saturday night, Tarantino presented a three and a halfhour staged reading of the film at L.A.'s Ace Hotel. "We’ve been rehearsing this for the last three days and we’re not bad," he told the crowd, which included Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Tarantino project alums Samuel L Jackson, Tim Roth, Kurt Russell, James Parks, Amber Tamblyn, Michael Madsen, Denis Ménochet, James Remar, Walton Goggins, and Bruce Dern were on hand to read the roles of the postCivil War western, which is broken up into five chapters.

"This is the first draft." »

What Does Heaven Look Like in the Movies?

Filmmakers have been trying to crack heaven’s code for decades. Do you include pearly gates? Angels with golden halos? Just lots of people dressed in white? In the case of Heaven Is for Real, a new movie based on the best-selling novel of the same name, heaven is described as the stereotypical, above-the-clouds place where the Holy Spirit doles out help for those on Earth and God lounges around all day in a giant chair.

Though star Greg Kinnear has said that the movie is not just for religious folks, it is still being marketed at faith-based viewers as a story that challenges our thoughts on death and what exists after we shuffle off. Of course, not every movie that depicts heaven is intended to spark a conversation about religion. Here is a (non-comprehensive) look at how some movies tried to illustrate the afterlife.


Best of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Streaming: Easter Egg Hunt Edition

This weekend, as you search for a movie to watch, you can celebrate Easter and watch a perennial like The Ten Commandments or pick one of approximately 14 billion options available on streaming over a variety of services, be it Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, On Demand, or other sites. Every Friday, Vulture tries to make life easier by narrowing it down to a handful of heartily recommended options. This week, your very own cinematic Easter egg hunt. Can you find them all?

Before Marvel or Pixar joined the Easter egg game, Disney peppered their own features with nods to 70 years of animation history. »