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  • Posted 6/22/17 at 5:22 PM

Diddy Wants to Give Us a Bad Boy Cinematic Universe With a Movie Trilogy

While you were busy not coming in second place at the Met Gala or confusing the Jenner sisters, Diddy was building himself a cinematic universe. (They’re trendy right now, have you heard?) In an interview with Complex about his documentary Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, which follows the Bad Boy reunion at the Barclays Center, Diddy said that this is just the first of many movies he has up his (impossibly luxurious) sleeves. He’s acted on the big screen before — most recently in 2014’s Draft Day, and in assorted TV roles since — but he’s looking to flex his influence behind the camera to tell Bad Boy’s story. “The ultimate plan is definitely to release two more,” Puffy told Complex. “If you see me in there talking about a trilogy, that’s what I’m manifesting.” Apparently it’s an idea he’s had for a long time, since he has footage that’s decades old.


  • Posted 6/22/17 at 5:14 PM

Drake’s New Song ‘Signs’ Is an Ideal Fit for the Louis Vuitton Menswear Show

It’s an obvious truth that most people raised in normcore fashion environments are going to have an awkward relationship with the world of high fashion, and in this regard Drake, who is nothing if not a reflection of “most people” and normcore, is no different. Sartorially, at least, he’s never tried to deck himself in anything that doesn’t suit him, and the clothes that suit him fall well out of the world swayed by the gestures of high-profile designers and luxury brands. There are no alarming juxtapositions in Drake’s hoodie- and sweater-dominated wardrobe: Everything is tailored to fit an image whose charm depends on blending in long enough to be missed once it’s gone. Which didn’t mean, of course, that the clothes couldn’t provoke in a different way:


Please Enjoy Some GIFs of HAIM’s Silly New Dance Moves from Their ‘Want You Back’ Video

Bass face is so 2013. It’s a new era for Haim, and it comes with sick new moves. And by sick, we mean delightfully corny. The band has shared a video for “Want You Back,” which stars the trio dramatically strutting down a California road only to drop the act and bust out in some goofy choreography that when imitated by you and your friends will look ridiculous, but performed by Haim looks fabulous. What starts with a subtle synchronized head turn …


Finally! Radiohead’s ‘Man of War’ Officially Exists

A reissue is just a reissue, right? And what’s the point when the album in question is still readily available? In the case of Radiohead, whose reissue of their seminal OK Computer, titled OKNOTOK 1997 2017 (out tomorrow on XL), the point is a long-delayed matter of fan wish-fulfillment. Songs like “Man of War” — for which there’s now a disturbing video about a man being chased for reasons unclear to him — might sound familiar if you’ve ever seen the band live or spent some time on YouTube, but they’ve never existed in pristine recorded form before now. Hear the song above in the band’s new music video.

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Spotify Declares Justin Bieber ‘Latin King’ in Ad, Immediately Realizes That’s a Bad Idea

Noted English speaker Justin Bieber has publicly admitted he does not know the words to his hit song “Despacito” with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee in which he sings in Spanish because, well, he can’t speak Spanish. (And has put the little Spanish he does know to rather ignorant use.) That minor detail be damned, Spotify has now declared Bieber a “Latin King” in an unfortunate new ad. (It goes without saying that, in addition to not knowing Spanish, Biebs is also not Latino.) The Latinx community called out Spotify for being complicit in cultural appropriation, demanding the ad be pulled. In a statement to the New York Daily News, Spotify says it has: “We made a creative decision to feature Justin Bieber in our ad because we wanted to celebrate ‘Despacito’ as key cultural moment when music genres crossover. We realized that this could be seen as culturally insensitive so we have pulled those ads.” The company’s error in judgement now lives on in screenshots of the ad.

Listen to Drake’s New Song For Your Moody Summer

Like clockwork, Drake has arrived to soundtrack those summer nights when there’s a cool breeze but you’re still in your feelings. He’s dropping a song called “Signs” on Thursday, and it originally premiered for Louis Vuitton’s new SS18 collection for Paris Fashion Week. The song is available for an early listen via LV’s video of their runway show. “Signs” begins around the 4:30 mark of the stream. There are no oratorical fireworks on this track, just a chill beat that encourages champagne with breakfast, drinking all day, and taking it easy, easy, easy.

7 Best New Songs of the Week

Every week Vulture highlights the best new music. If the song is worthy of your ears and attention, you will find it here. Read our picks below, share yours in the comments, and subscribe to the Vulture Playlist for a comprehensive guide to the year’s best music.


Electric Daisy Carnival Festival Sued Over Death of 2015 Attendee

The father of Nicholas Tom, a 24-year-old who died of a seizure resulting from taking ecstasy at the 2015 Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), is now suing the Las Vegas festival for negligence. According to TMZ, Terry Tom claims the festival did not have the proper medical services to treat his son prior to his death. Friends of Nicholas’s say it took them 30 minutes to find a medical tent, where staff were allegedly unprepared to give him medical attention and did not have enough water available in the 110-degree heat. Tom is suing EDC’s promoter Live Nation and the festival’s founder for wrongful death and negligence, claiming that at least one person has died at EDC events every year since 2006. In 2012, EDC settled another lawsuit with the family of Sasha Rodriquez, an underage teenager who died of an ecstasy overdose at EDC 2010, when the festival was still held in Los Angeles. At this year’s festival, held last weekend, a 35-year-old attendee died and 1,000 others were treated; a cause of death is being investigated.

It’s About Time Owl City Explained in Painstaking Detail What the Hell It Means to Get ‘1,000 Hugs From 10,000 Lightning Bugs’

What must it be like to be Owl City, a dude best known for a song containing several nonsensical lyrics about fireflies hugging him? More importantly, what’s it like to be a person still perplexed enough by the scientific impossibility of such a phenomenon to tweet at Owl City eight years later demanding an explanation? Behold the greatest/worst fan-artist exchange in human history: the moment someone asked Owl City’s Adam Young to settle once and for all what it means to “get 1,000 hugs from 10,000 lightning bugs,” as sung on his 2009 hit “Fireflies.” Perhaps a bigger artist would’ve scoffed at a request for such a personal annotation, but let it never be said that Owl City doesn’t know how to have fun. Young answered — oh, did he ever answer — with a mathematical and entomological breakdown that will both force a tear out of Bill Nye and zap your brain.

  • Posted 6/21/17 at 10:06 AM

Remembering Prodigy Through Mobb Deep’s Fearsome ‘Cradle to the Grave’

Albert Johnson, the man forever known best as the rapper Prodigy, died yesterday at the age of 42, but anyone who remembers his lyrics would be hard pressed not to know that death had long been familiar to him. Even had Johnson not long suffered from the sickle cell anemia that finally killed him, there had never been a way to avoid awareness of the end: Mobb Deep, the Queensbridge duo composed of Prodigy and the producer-rapper Havoc, built a reputation on hard-core hip-hop that refused to state anything beyond the bare facts of being young, poor, male, and black in urban America. Armed robberies, crew vendettas, police oppression, frequent imprisonment, and the proximity of death dominate the stories told in The Infamous and Hell on Earth, and these harsh elements are presented in a tone that viewed consolation and distraction with relentless, silent contempt.


  • Posted 6/21/17 at 9:55 AM

Simon Cowell Recruited The Who, One Direction Members, and More British Stars for a Grenfell Tower Benefit Cover

Last week, a devastating fire ripped through London’s Grenfell Tower, a public-housing complex, killing possibly as many as 79 people in the deadliest fire in Britain in a century. In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, Adele was spotted on the scene of the fire talking to those affected, and later had tea and cake with fire responders. Now, Simon Cowell has orchestrated a more public gesture involving some of the country’s biggest stars. Today, he’s released a benefit cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” featuring an introductory verse from Stormzy, plus contributions from the Who’s Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, One Direction’s Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams, Rita Ora, James Blunt, Leona Lewis, Geri Halliwell, Queen’s Brian May, and dozens more artists. Nile Rodgers also worked on the track. All proceeds from downloads will go to the London Community Foundation; you can also donate to Artists for Grenfell without purchase of the song.

Yes, Drew Barrymore Makes a Cameo in SZA’s ‘Drew Barrymore’ Music Video

Did you catch that? Yes, there — just at the 2:18 mark — is Drew Barrymore, goddess divine, in the music video for SZA’s very excellent song “Drew Barrymore.” The music video, from SZA’s debut album Ctrl, dropped Tuesday, complete with an appearance from Drew herself. SZA previously told Vulture that she’s a big fan of the actress, as well as the ’90s teen rom-com aesthetic. She counts Never Been Kissed as her favorite Barrymore movie: “When I was watching Never Been Kissed … that’s my experience. I was hella outcast in school. I was watching it like, ‘Yes! Win for all of us!’” (After SZA performed the single on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Drew returned the love on Instagram.) In the Dave Meyers–directed visual, SZA and her friends run around New York City, eventually settling in at a house party. “Warm enough for ya outside baby, yeah / Is it warm enough for ya inside me, me, me, me?” she sings. When SZA pops outside for a smoke break, she spots Drew.

Hip-Hop Mourns the Infamous Prodigy of Mobb Deep: ‘P Was the Illest’

As news of the death of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy on Tuesday at age 42 has spread throughout his hometown of New York City and well beyond, the hip-hop community has begun offering their thoughts on the magnitude of his loss. Prodigy’s importance to the foundation of rap was such that Nas, a fellow rap innovator, was the first to break the news and offer his condolences in an Instagram post. Since then, everyone from Q-Tip to A-Trak has attempted to put into words what Prodigy meant to rap and to their own personal careers and lives. Below are some of the best tributes we’ve seen so far.


  • Posted 6/20/17 at 2:28 PM
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Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Dead at 42

Prodigy, one half of the incredibly influential Queensbridge rap duo Mobb Deep, has died at 42. At the time of his death, the rapper was in Las Vegas, performing as part of the Art of Rap Tour. The news was first broken by Nas, on his Instagram; a representative for the rapper confirmed: “Prodigy was hospitalized a few days ago in Vegas after a Mobb Deep performance for complications caused by a sickle cell anemia crisis. As most of his fans know, Prodigy battled the disease since birth.”

  • Posted 6/20/17 at 1:00 PM

Vince Staples Is in Control

The Vince Staples saga continues. Since signing to Def Jam, the Long Beach artist has released a new record every year, with his debut LP, the critically celebrated Summertime ‘06 (2015), bracketed by two superb EPs, Hell Can Wait (2014) and Prima Donna (2016), the latter the subject last summer of a Vulture cover story. With his sophomore album Big Fish Theory due to launch this Friday, we caught up with Staples two weeks ago at the New York Magazine offices to discuss a range of topics including fine art, Green Day, Travis Scott, the election, beaches, Eminem, sobriety, and Kendrick Lamar, who according to people who have previewed the upcoming album may or may not appear as a guest.


Foo Fighters Announce New Album and a Whole Dang Music Festival

As it turns out, Foo Fighters headlining Glastonbury this year really is just a courtesy to make up for Dave Grohl’s broken leg forcing them out of the slot two years ago. They don’t even need Glastonbury — the band just up and made their own music festival. Foo Fighters have announced that they faked that whole hiatus and are so sorry, but they actually spent the time making their new album, Concrete and Gold (out September 15), and, yes, creating a daylong festival called Cal Jam that they will obviously also headline on October 7 in San Bernardino, California. Queens of the Stone Age (who are also back!), Liam Gallagher, Cage the Elephant, the Kills, Japandroids, and more are all set to play the inaugural festival.


  • Posted 6/20/17 at 8:35 AM

Producer Claims Future Is Suing Desiigner for Copyright Infringement Over "Panda"

Oh, boy, the broads are not going to like this. According to the producer of Desiigner’s 2016 single “Panda,” Atlanta rapper Future thinks the smash viral hit sounds a little too similar to his work, specifically his song “Fuck Up Some Commas.” So similar, in fact, Future allegedly filed a copyright infringement claim against the Brooklyn rapper. In a recent interview with the website DJBooth, producer Menace claimed the suit has so far prevented him from receiving proper payment for his work on the song, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Kanye later sampled “Panda” on The Life of Pablo’s “Pt. 2” and signed Desiigner to his GOOD Music label, a fact that Menace said makes him doubtful Desiigner would see any money from West for his use of the song. “I doubt Kanye’s paid anyone, to be honest,” he said. “Kanye’s a funny one when it comes to paying people money.”


  • Posted 6/19/17 at 12:38 PM

Sorry, Copy Editors: JAY-Z Is Bringing Back The Hyphen, Going All Caps

In news that will irritate grammar sticklers worldwide, JAY-Z has changed the stylization of his moniker yet again. What was once Jay-Z, then Jay Z, is now officially JAY-Z, Pitchfork reports. The new name, which is just about one change to a symbol away from being insufferable, comes on the heels of the rapper’s announcement that his new album 4:44 is out next Friday. Hilariously, on teasers for that album he’s going by JAY:Z, which it thankfully appears copy editors will not have to recognize. Panic(!) at the Disco, Kesh($)a, and P!(i)nk would all like to welcome JAY-Z to the club. Some other alternatives if that’s not to your liking: Hova, Hov, Jigga, GOAT, and, if you’re Beyoncé, Shawn Carter.

  • Posted 6/19/17 at 11:00 AM

Tupac Shakur’s Complicated Legacy, Explained

In September of 1992, Vice-President Dan Quayle called on Interscope to pull a record called 2Pacalypse Now off of retail shelves. There had been a murder in Texas; a teenager was accused of fatally shooting a state trooper during a traffic stop. The accused was said to have had 2Pacalypse Now in the tape deck of the stolen truck he was driving at the time of the shooting. The trooper’s family sued Interscope and its parent company, Time Warner, along with the 21-year-old rapper, Tupac Shakur, whose work had supposedly animated the killing. Quayle decried the “irresponsible corporate act” that Warner and Interscope committed by pressing 2Pacalypse Now. Then he doubled down: “There is absolutely no reason for a record like this to be published … it has no place in our society.”



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