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David Cassidy Is Reportedly Hospitalized and in ‘Critical Condition’

Former Partridge Family star David Cassidy is reportedly clinging to the last moments of his life in a Florida hospital. Per TMZ, Cassidy’s condition is currently listed as “critical” as he suffers from organ and kidney failure, and “unless he gets a liver transplant soon he could soon die.” He’s also been in and out of a consciousness from an induced coma since earlier this week, with his family and friends beginning to arrive at the hospital to pay their final respects. Earlier this year, the 66-year-old Cassidy revealed he’d been battling dementia for many years, which prompted him to stop performing live. “I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming,” he said at the time. “I want to focus on what I am, who I am, and how I’ve been without any distractions. I want to love. I want to enjoy life.”

  • Posted 11/18/17 at 2:16 PM

Morrissey Thinks People Should Stop Unfairly Attacking Kevin Spacey

Since late October, Kevin Spacey has been accused of varying degrees of sexual assault and harassment by over a dozen people, which has caused severe damage to his decades-long professional career. Morrissey, however, just doesn’t see what the big deal about this whole situation is. In a new interview with the German publication Spiegel Online, the musician called all of the claims against Spacey “ridiculous,” arguing that the definitions of sexual assault and harassment have become far too broad to comprehend in the modern age. “As far as I know, he was in a bedroom with a 14-year-old. Kevin Spacey was 26, boy 14. One wonders where the boy’s parents were. One wonders if the boy did not know what would happen,” he said, according to a translation picked up by The AV Club. “I do not know about you, but in my youth I have never been in situations like this. Never. I was always aware of what could happen. When you are in somebody’s bedroom, you have to be aware of where that can lead to. That’s why it does not sound very credible to me. It seems to me that Spacey has been attacked unnecessarily.”


  • Posted 11/18/17 at 12:31 PM
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Malcolm Young, AC/DC Co-Founder and Guitar Savant, Dead at 64

Malcolm Young, who co-founded the legendary hard-rock band AC/DC alongside his brother, Angus, and is generally regarded as one of the greatest guitarists to ever walk this planet, has died at the age of 64 following a multiyear battle with dementia. “Today it is with deep heartfelt sadness that AC/DC has to announce the passing of Malcolm Young,” the band’s social-media accounts wrote in a statement. “With enormous dedication and commitment he was the driving force behind the band. As a guitarist, songwriter and visionary he was a perfectionist and a unique man. He always stuck to his guns and did and said exactly what he wanted. He took great pride in all that he endeavored. His loyalty to the fans was unsurpassed.” Angus separately added: “As his brother it is hard to express in words what he has meant to me during my life, the bond we had was unique and very special. He leaves behind an enormous legacy that will live on forever. Malcolm, job well done.” Condolences have been pouring in from the music community since Saturday, showing the breadth of Young’s influence.


Mariah Carey Denies Being Queen of Christmas: ‘That Is Not My Appellation’

Please do not disrespect Mariah Carey for ten months out of the year, then suddenly stan when the weather outside is frightful and Christmas nears. Carey is not the “Queen” “of” “Christmas,” the diva has decreed, and she doesn’t appreciate your labels. “I don’t know who ‘they’ are,” she said when The Hollywood Reporter said “they” seem to call her the holiday’s reigning queen. “That is not my appellation.” (Indeed: “That is not my appellation” is the “I don’t know her” to lead us bravely into 2018.) Later, when THR asked about her childhood — specifically her years as “young Mariah” — she corrected the characterization of her youth:


The Story of the Woman Who Accused Brand New’s Jesse Lacey of Soliciting Child Pornography

Last week, Brian Diaz, a former guitar tech for Long Island emo legends Brand New, sparked a conversation on Facebook. In a since-deleted public thread, he asked, “So while we are on the topic of outing famous and semi-famous creeps, anyone want to speak up about Jesse Lacey from Brand New?” Lacey is the reclusive front man and songwriter of the band, which released its fifth — and possibly final — album Science Fiction to critical acclaim in August after an eight-year hibernation. Diaz claimed to have knowledge of Lacey’s “indiscretions” involving minors, and implored more women to come forward.


Green Day Expose Trump for the Zombie That He Is in They Live Homage

Green Day find Donald Trump so lacking in humanity that they consider him a member of the undead. For their video for new song “Back in the USA,” off their new greatest hits album (FYI, it’s not a Chuck Berry cover), the band have paid homage to John Carpenter’s 1988 sci-fi classic They Live. Living his best Pleasantville-looking life, one day, the fantasy dies when Billie Joe Armstrong is informed that the world as he’s known it has all been one big lie told by the Establishment. He receives a pair of glasses that expose the truth in full technicolor: Donald Trump is actually a zombie. And it’s up to Green Day to alert the masses. Just curious, can we buy those glasses on Warby Parker, too, or …. ?

  • Posted 11/17/17 at 10:42 AM

Tove Lo’s Blue Lips Is the Best Album of Her Career

Though Ebba Nilsson now lives in Brooklyn, her story could only have begun in Sweden. The daughter of a well-off family, the grunge-loving Nilsson attended Rytmus Musikergymnasiet, the prestigious Stockholm music magnet high school that counted Robyn among its students. Upon graduating, Nilsson joined a rock band that dissolved around the time her interests shifted into a different field of music. She didn’t have much money, but the Swedish welfare state provided a margin of comfort and security while she delved further into pop songwriting and singing.


6 Best New Songs of the Week

Every week Vulture highlights the best new music. If the song is worthy of your ears and attention, you will find it here. Read our picks below, share yours in the comments, and subscribe to the Vulture Playlist for a comprehensive guide to the year’s best music.


  • Posted 11/16/17 at 3:15 PM

Charlotte Gainsbourg Gets Personal

We’re only a few blocks from Charlotte Gainsbourg’s apartment in the West Village and she’s already turned around, not quite sure how to get to Washington Square Park. One is inclined to forgive her, as she’s only lived in New York City a few years, not nearly enough time to even consider herself a New Yorker. In fact, she might be more forthcoming about her personal life than almost any native you encounter on the street.


Jimmy Kimmel Got a Bunch of Moms to Meet BTS and Rub It in Their Daughters’ Faces

This week, K-pop superstars BTS will make their big U.S. debut performing at the AMAs. To celebrate, they partied with a few of their closest fans … and their moms. For a future appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the band surprised their teen-girl fans by rewarding the unsung heroes who stand in line with them for hours supporting their cause: the moms! They’re not regular moms, they’re cool moms. BTS snatched a bunch of these moms from the crowd, hung out with them all backstage, and had them FaceTime their daughters to gloat. To quote one especially cool and not at all petty mom, “Sucks to be you!”

  • Posted 11/16/17 at 9:43 AM
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Lil Peep, Rising Emo Rapper, Is Dead at 21

Lil Peep, the rising emo rapper, has died at 21. His manager and local police tell The Guardian and AP that the rapper was taken to a hospital in Tucson on Wednesday night after being found unresponsive on his tour bus. The medical examiner is investigating his cause of death as a suspected Xanax overdose. A representative for Lil Peep, whose real name was Gustav Ahr, told the New York Times that she had “spoken to his mother and she asked me to convey that she is very, very proud of him and everything he was able to achieve in his short life.” The Long Island native had a devout but complicated following built on his candid songs about depression and drug use.


  • Posted 11/15/17 at 4:10 PM
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RIP Warped Tour, the Festival of Your Youth

Thnks fr th Mmrs: The Vans Warped Tour has officially kicked the bucket. Founder Kevin Lyman has announced to Billboard that his seminal pop-rock traveling festival, which birthed a generation of disaffected tweens with unfortunate haircuts, will make its final run in 2018 after 24 years on the scene. “Traveling around the country with a tour this size in the landscape that we’re in is … to be honest, I’m just tired,” he says. “Can relate,” said a sea of 20-somethings who thought Warped Tour had already died with their youth. Lyman hopes to retire the festival with a lineup banking on nostalgia: “You’re gonna see a big mix of bands I felt really embraced the Warped Tour lifestyle. I don’t want to say a ‘mature’ lineup, but bands that I think could use one more big push of Warped Tour to help further their careers.” In theory, that could mean either Katy Perry (it’s where she got her start!) or Skrillex (him too!) moshing like it’s 2004. In reality, it’ll be all the bands that have aged enough to be considered a throwback. (Think: Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die, Less Than Jake, the Maine, Mayday Parade, and even further back to NOFX, Pennywise, and Bad Religion.)


  • Posted 11/15/17 at 2:33 PM

Milo Is Building an Indie Rap Empire

Three years ago, Rory Ferreira was holed up in a converted storage shed in Echo Park, with a laptop and a space heater, trying to stave off panic attacks. The Chicago-born rapper, better known as Milo, was 22, and had moved to Los Angeles earlier that fall with three friends from Wisconsin, settling in Boyle Heights, just east of the L.A. River. Ferreira’s debut album, the contemplative A Toothpaste Suburb, was released that September through Hellfyre Club, the label and collective he’d been initiated into. The winter before, he’d toured with Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, and Busdriver, each a radically talented rapper in his own right, all a decade older than Ferreira. “If you really love rap, Hellfyre is where you wanted to be at the time,” he says today, sitting in a Cuban coffee shop just a few miles from that shed.


  • Posted 11/15/17 at 10:59 AM

Taylor Swift’s Video Director Joseph Kahn Has Something to Say to Her Haters

The Swifties who’ve watched Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video 704 million times since it came out on August 27, may or may not recognize the name Joseph Kahn. But they’ve likely been freaking out about the auteurist videos he’s made with Swift for years. Ever since he and Swift first teamed up in November 2014 for that epic, four-minute, insane-girlfriend saga “Blank Space” (2.2 billion views), Kahn has been the director the singer has turned to most often to help her visually express her id — such as zombie Taylor digging a grave for her own reputation in “Look,” or sitting on a throne of snakes that represent her conquering of Kim Kardashian’s diss of her. Kahn did four out of six videos from her last album, 1989 (“Blank Space,” “Bad Blood,” “Wildest Dreams,” “Out of the Woods”) and the only two videos off of Reputation so far (“Look” and “…Ready for It”). He’s also a wildly outspoken 45-year-old Korean-American with a philosophy of answering any question that’s asked of him and a penchant for stream-of-consciousness tweeting — and has somehow become Swift’s de facto spokesperson in her post-snakes-and-receipts era of never giving interviews. Every headline you read that’s like, “Taylor Swift Director Claims Beyoncé Copied ‘Bad Blood’” — that’s him.


  • Posted 11/15/17 at 9:30 AM

What Is the Next Taylor Swift Single Going to Be?

Taylor Swift has never been content to rest on her laurels, and it shows perhaps most prominently in her singles — not just their quality, but their volume. Her self-titled debut had five singles, as did her sophomore triumph Fearless; Speak Now and Red had six singles apiece; seven tracks from 1989 were released for radio out of a total of 13. In this regard, Reputation looks likely to set a new record. From its 15 tracks, four have already been released as prerelease singles (compared to no more than two for other albums), and a fifth, “New Year’s Day,” while not quite a single, has already been played on television twice.


Pink’s Carpool Karaoke Takes a Detour for Some Upside-Down Singing

When Pink got in James Corden’s car for Carpool Karaoke, she took him to the Upside Down. Not that Upside Down — they stopped by a random parking lot to test her theory that she sings better upside-down. Pink sounded great, and, naturally, Corden got stuck. “You sing better upside-down, that’s utter bullshit. You sounded incredible, but you’re Pink!” Corden confirmed. Pink revealed another big theory — that it’s sweet when husbands tell you how their wives are doing before they mention themselves. James was real doubtful of that one.

Can a ‘Nightlife Mayor’ Rescue New York’s DIY Music Venues?

The House of Yes is a club in Bushwick famous for its lusty, sex-positive parties. The festivities typically feature feasts served on naked bodies, burlesque performances, and barely clothed aerial dancers, men and women both, locked in hanging cages. The vibe is reliably nightclub–meets–adult circus, even on the Tuesday night in September when Mayor Bill de Blasio pulled up in his motorcade to sign legislation to create the city’s first Office of Nightlife.


Blake Shelton Unseats The Rock as People’s Sexiest Man Alive

Is Dwayne Johnson any less sexy in 2017 than he was in 2016? We have our doubts. And yet, every year there comes a time when People must tell the world who our new “sexiest man alive” is. Is he one of Hollywood’s four notable hunky Chrises (Hemsworth, Evans, Pine, or Pratt)? A character from the very sexy Tulip Fever? Or maybe the magazine would return yet again to one of the aging four stars named twice before: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, or Richard Gere? Nope. It’s country singer Blake Shelton. Shelton is the second The Voice judge to hold the title — Adam Levine graced the cover in 2013 — and also the second musician ever to hold the honor (again, second to the Maroon 5 front man). Maybe The Voice should get a new tagline: Watch for the undiscovered talent, stay for the certified beefcake.

  • Posted 11/14/17 at 4:42 PM on The Cut

Let Cardi B Teach You How to Hustle

Cardi B may be a natural when it comes to fame, but getting to No. 1 still involved a whole lot of hustle. Her tips for making it in New York include nonstop networking, hitting up events and clubs, and the occasional fried-chicken bribe. Watch the video above to hear how she launched her music career and pick up a few pieces of priceless professional advice that could help out in any field.

Taylor Swift Plays New Single ‘New Year’s Day’ During Tonight Show Surprise Appearance

Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation, aspires to, at least in part, grapple with her public standing, the character the name T. Swift conjures up after so many years in the spotlight. While other songs might deal with Swift’s darker, more complicated facets, her unannounced appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday seems to solidify her status as both a woman who loves surprises and an excellent girlfriend. No one wants to clean up bottles after New Year’s Eve, but Taylor? She’s there. She might get her snakes to help scrape all that wax off the hardwood floor, but she’s there.


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