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Jim Gaffigan Joins Mike O’Brien in a New ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’

We’ve been blessed with another very special episode of Mike O’Brien’s 7 Minutes in Heaven! In this edition, skin care advocate Jim Gaffigan steps into the closet to chat about Mike’s mom, the physics of kissing, and whether or not Jim is “the [...]

By Samantha Pitchel

This is the Last ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Ever!!! :(!!!

NOOOOOO!!! The New Yorker was on the "set" for this and captured Mike O'Brien frenzied as he shot what he said would be the last episode of one of the Internet's absolute funniest web series. The piece also runs through just how many bits get [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Mike O’Brien Spends 7 Minutes with Jon Glaser and Chuck

There is a surprising will-they-won't-they tension to this edition. There are a few false starts, but nothing can keep their lips apart – not a sandwich, not an armpit named Chuck, not Darth Vader, not very different schedules, not a straw – [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Broadway Video’s YouTube Channel Is Above Average

No, like it is Above Average; that's its name. Though, from the looks of this video it probably will be well above average also. Broadway Video is Lorne Michaels's production company, which explains all the familiar faces from Saturday Night [...]

By Jesse David Fox