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Funny Or Die Dramatized Nikki Finke’s Life

Here's a new Funny or Die video retelling blogger Nikki Finke's firing from Deadline with Jean Smart playing her in a trailer for a fast-paced thriller. Of course, the real Nikki Finke loves the attention.

By Bradford Evans

The Three Obstacles to Reviving Variety

Nikki Finke's parent company is doubling down on entertainment news. But is there a place for the hobbled institution anymore?

By Claude Brodesser-Akner

Pretty People Can Be Funny Just as Funny as Ugly People

Deadline Hollywood blogger and ridiculous human being Nikki Finke had this horrifying thing to say about Julie Bowen’s Modern Family Emmy win last night, which echoed a recent piece in The Atlantic that took issue with good-looking women in [...]

By Bradford Evans