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Paul Feig Talks About Authentic Comedy and Funny Ladies

"The problem with comedy in general is that it’s heightened. The thing I’m always on guard for with an audience is when they go, “That's dumb, they wouldn’t do that.” So when you get rid of those moments, you just concentrate on what feels [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Paul Feig Explains Comedy’s ‘Angry Villagers Syndrome’

"It’s what the editor from Bridesmaids called the 'angry villagers' syndrome. People who go to see a comedy are spending their money and want to have fun, so here comes the first joke, and it’s like, 'Eh, that wasn’t very funny. I guess that [...]

By Bradford Evans

‘The Heat’ Destroyed ‘White House Down’ This Weekend

Score one for comedy: this past weekend, The Heat made a whopping $40 million, easily taking down the Channing Tatum/Jamie Foxx/explosions action movie White House Down, which pulled in a mere $25.7 million. It puts it on track to potentially [...]

By Adam Frucci