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Season 8 of ‘Archer’ Will Take Place in 1947

During a recent podcast interview, Archer creator Adam Reed revealed that his plan is to end the show after season 10 and that he had some interesting plans in store for the final three seasons. "I was gonna end it after 8, but then I had sort [...]

By Megh Wright

Adam Reed: ‘The Plan Is to End ‘Archer’ After Season 10’

Back in June, FX renewed Archer for three more seasons, and according to a recent interview with creator Adam Reed, those three seasons will probably be the last. Speaking on the Modern School of Film's Murmur podcast, Reed revealed his plans [...]

By Megh Wright

Adam Reed Says ‘Archer’ Will Drop the Name ‘ISIS’ Next Season

Not only will FX's Archer "unreboot" next season, but according to creator Adam Reed, the series will also drop spy organization name ISIS -- short for International Secret Intelligence Service -- from the show going forward. Speaking to The [...]

By Megh Wright

Comedy Central Will Air ‘Archer’ Reruns Starting Next Year

There's going to be a lot more Archer on TV in 2015. Comedy Central has obtained off-network syndication rights to the FX series and will start airing reruns of it in May 2015, Deadline reports. Comedy Central previously signed a similar deal [...]

By Bradford Evans

Adam Reed Says ‘Archer’ Will ‘Unreboot’ for Next Season

The latest season of Archer transformed the animated espionage show into a tale of cocaine dealers, but according to show creator Adam Reed, the sixth season will go back to the old Archer premise. "I think this next season we will sort of [...]

By Megh Wright

‘Archer’ Season 5 Ditches Espionage for the Better

The best thing about Archer being an animated show is that anything is possible. We've seen the ISIS gang travel across the world, fight pirates in space, and adventure beneath the sea. It makes sense, then, that for the new season Adam Reed [...]

By Brianna Wellen

Archer Creator Discusses Every Episode in Detail

Did you ever want to know anything and everything about Archer? Well, AVClub has an episode-by-episode interview with Archer creator Adam Reed and it’s pretty exhaustive and hilarious and great. If this interview were an archer it would be [...]

By Jesse David Fox