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Ali Wong Is Writing a Book of Advice to Her One-Year-Old Daughter

Standup Ali Wong is writing her first book. Entertainment Weekly reports that Wong, whose Netflix standup special Baby Cobra debuted last year, is writing a book for Random House that will be "a collection of letters to her one-year-old [...]

By Megh Wright

Read Dan Harmon’s Excellent Advice for Overcoming Writer’s Block

Dan Harmon fielded questions from fans in a Reddit AMA yesterday, and when one fan asked how to overcome writer's block, Harmon responded with some fantastic advice that should really be printed out and taped to the office wall of anyone [...]

By Megh Wright

John Mulaney Offers Some Relationship Advice for ‘Rookie’

In the latest installment of their ongoing series "Ask a Grown Man," Rookie recently asked John Mulaney to field questions about playing hard to get, breaking up for the first time, unnecessary apologies, and acting awkward around crushes, [...]

By Megh Wright

Stephen Colbert Gives Some Grownup Advice to Girls for ‘Rookie’

Rookie's ongoing series "Ask a Grown Man" has already offered up plenty of great advice from comedy people like Danny Pudi, Kumail Nanjiani, Judd Apatow, and Jimmy Fallon, and this week they returned with a brand new installment with none other [...]

By Megh Wright