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Bombing in Afghanistan

Sometimes the sound of silence is strangling. Sometimes the stares of an unmoved audience are so disconcerting you lose your place, your words, and your confidence. Sometimes you wonder why you took the chance getting on stage in the first [...]

By Michael Lortz

Putting the Laffs in Laffghanistan

To say Afghanistan has had a rough go of it since the late 1970’s, is to guarantee an F on your Intro to International Relations term paper. Trust me. For as much as the name Afghanistan dominates the news here, I knew shockingly little about [...]

By Laura Turner Garrison

The Minstry Sends Up The Afghani Government

The New York Times has a fascinating article about Afghanistan's The Ministry, the mockumentary-style sitcom about the deep corruption of the country's fictional Ministry of Waste. Unlike The Office however, to which it draws frequent [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Afghanistan Getting Its Own Version of The Office

What appears to be an unofficial version of The Office is coming to ToloTV in Afghanistan, or at least a show deeply influenced by it. Called The Ministry, it follows the employees of the Ministry of Garbage, including a sleepy security guard, [...]

By Adam Frucci