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After the Flood

Japanese artist Takashi Horisaki’s bleak vision of post-Katrina New Orleans looks like something out of Will Smith’s latest apocalypse movie.

Clowns: Terrifying

This Joker-like character may lack the sex appeal of Heath Ledger’s brooding villain, but he’s got the whole nefarious-psycho-clown thing down.

The Mathematics of Jackson Pollock on a Street Corner in Inwood

In an impressive display of academic vandalism, uptown artist Mike Saijo created his bigger-than-life work Pollock Equation from pages torn from an advanced mathematics textbook, over which Saijo printed a photo of Jackson Pollock in all his wily glory.

Knocked Up

The Friedrich Petzel Gallery asked sixteen artists to reinterpret Willem de Kooning’s sixties-era “Door Cycle,” a series of wooden doors featuring grotesque female figures.

Art That Sells Underpants

Janaina Tschäpe transforms her models into colorful, imagined creatures — flora–meets–fauna–meets–Fruit of the Loom mascot.

Jeremy Blake's Body Identified

According to a report in the Asbury Park Press, a body discovered four miles off the New Jersey coast on July 22 has been positively identified as that of missing artist Jeremy Blake.

Inflaming Lips

El Museo del Barrio’s fifth annual “Bienal: The (S) Files” opened yesterday, with enough paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, sculptures, multimedia works, and site-specific installations to choke a starving artist.

So You Think You Can Curate

Apexart's The Most Curatorial Biennial of the Universe, up through August 11, started as an open call for amateur curators (i.e. anyone willing to slap a "curated by" in front of their names).