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Sad News: Videogum Is Shutting Down

Earlier today, Videogum senior editor (and Splitsider's very first intern!) Kelly Conaboy broke some sad news in an article titled "Hey Guys, We Have To Talk To You About Something." Though the reason for the change is unclear, Videogum is no [...]

By Megh Wright

The Ending to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Was Filmed Back in 2006

I haven't watched much How I Met Your Mother, but from what I gather, it's the story of sexual escapades ending in pregnancy one man very candidly tells his teenage children over the span of nine TV years. Given that time is capable of [...]

By Megh Wright

Glenn Howerton Says Season 10 Will Be ‘It’s Always Sunny’s Last

It looks like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will end its run in 2014. The show's ninth season is set to air this fall, and star Glenn Howerton tells Rolling Stone that season ten, which will air next year, will be its last. Here's what [...]

By Bradford Evans

Pangea 3000 Ends Like Almost All Sketch Groups Do

The New York Times has a story about the end of popular NYC sketch group Pangea 3000 and how ultimately most sketch groups don't get big TV deals, they just end eventually because people get jobs and other people move across the country.

By Jesse David Fox