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Will Forte Reunites with Wally the ‘SNL’ Cue Card Guy

Here's a sneak peek from Esquire Network's new series Car Matchmaker, in which comedian and former Seinfeld writer Spike Feresten uses his automobile knowledge to pair guests up with the perfect car. In tonight's hourlong episode, Ferensten's [...]

By Megh Wright

Bill Murray Discusses Baseball and Booze

The elusive Bill Murray did a rare interview with Esquire out today, but unfortunately, it's entirely focused on his love of baseball and vodka instead of on comedy or movie stuff. There's still plenty of interesting stuff, like Murray calling [...]

By Bradford Evans

Ellie Kemper Explains the Importance of Proper Dental Hygiene

As part of their Valentine's Day coverage, Esquire asked some female comedians and writers to opine on the subject of romance. Included is this piece by The Office's and Bridesmaids' Ellie Kemper on the value of fresh breath. It's advice that's [...]

By Adam Frucci

Albert Brooks and the Rise of ‘New Humor’

As noted in my recent piece on Bob Einstein's lost classic comedy book, the real comic genius in the Einstein family is little brother Albert, who took to the stage under the name Albert Brooks. A year after Bob's publishing debut, Albert made [...]

By Dave Nuttycombe

Ebert Weighs In

Ebert weighs in on his 'Esquire' profile.

By Lane Brown