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Special Agent 12 Briefing, by Alex Winfrey

Hello, Special Agent 12. Before you leave for your mission, I’ve been asked to introduce you to a few tools that I think you’ll find quite interesting.

By Brian Boone

Reggie Watts and His Toys

Gizmodo met up with Reggie Watts during the soundcheck of his recent show at Webster Hall in NYC and talked to him about the gear he uses to make his distinctive sound on stage. It's a pretty great look at just what goes into a Reggie Watts [...]

By Adam Frucci

Vulture Bytes: Karaoke and Jackassery

A trove of free audiobooks, a karaoke-anywhere app, an artistic statement for your phone, Johnny Knoxville on the iPad, and more.

By Chadwick Matlin

Vulture Bytes: How to Use Your iPad in Bed

Yet another way to make Steve Jobs angry, a reminder that Google and Apple are at least on speaking terms, a bendable iPad stand, an Instagram for music, and a radio powered by your shower.

By Chadwick Matlin