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Gushing about Wood and All the Best Parts from Nick Offerman’s AMA

Nick Offerman did a Reddit AMA last Friday and was the best. Unlike many people who only answer the serious questions (I'm looking atchu Barry Obams), Offerman seemingly veered towards the sillier stuff. Below read his best quotes on the topics [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Ben Schwartz: Animated Boy Ninja

But seriously, what the juice? This is Ben Schwartz in the part he was born to play: an excited teenager. Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja debuts next month on Disney XD, Disney's animated action-orientated kids network that you probably [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Nick Offerman Explains How He Makes Out with His Wife for TV

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are America's cool parents. Actually, they're more like America's sexually charged aunt and uncle. Recently, Nick Offerman was asked how he and his wife get themselves in the Ron and Tammy mood:

By Jesse David Fox

Moustache-less Nick Offerman on Megan Mullally and Meat Products

This clip of Nick Offerman telling the story of how he met Megan Mullally is probably cute and sweet, but honestly, I couldn't even focus on it because I was so captivated by his lack of a moustache. That upper lip looks so naked! If you want [...]

By Hallie Cantor