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Modern Family Recap: A Baby After All

Cam and Mitch deal with the fallout from the end of last season while Gloria tries to figure out how to deal with her good news.

By Zach Dionne

Pretty People Can Be Funny Just as Funny as Ugly People

Deadline Hollywood blogger and ridiculous human being Nikki Finke had this horrifying thing to say about Julie Bowen’s Modern Family Emmy win last night, which echoed a recent piece in The Atlantic that took issue with good-looking women in [...]

By Bradford Evans

This Modern Family Promo: ‘Ooh Baby Baby B-Baby Baby’

Modern Family has existed for three seasons and generally nothing has happened. Claire ran for some government job but lost. It's a very episodic show. So, when something finally happens – Gloria being pregnant – of course, the promos are going [...]

By Jesse David Fox