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Eli Roth Loves Sharks

The horror director is making a movie about them, and he even went into the water for this year's Shark Week.

By Greg Cwik

Shaq Week Is Like a Scary Shark Week

Riveting. I laughed, I cried, I wondered how hard it was to convince Shaq to hit himself with his shoe. It's amazing to see him in his natural habitat. It begs so, so many questions: How big must that couch be? He doesn't wear socks? A navy [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Andy Samberg, Chief Shark Officer

I appreciate the level of commitment that went into Andy Samberg's Shark Week hosting gig; it sounded like he truly spent an inordinate amount of time surrounded by his flesh-eating costars. "My buddy John Solomon, who’s a director and a writer [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Andy Samberg to Hang Out in Shark City

So what are Andy Samberg's duties as Discovery's new Chief Shark Officer? He's going to "go diving in the Bahamas with a group of sharks that live off the coast of Nassau and assess each fish's quirks and feeding patterns" for a new special [...]

By Adam Frucci

Today in Andy Samberg/Shark Week Press Releases

"After a long and arduous process of blood typing, insurance verification and wetsuit fittings, Discovery Channel today announced the appointment of its first ever Chief Shark Officer (CSO), Andy Samberg."

By Adam Frucci