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Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks Eat Dinner Together Every Night

"[Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks] have this nightly dinner that they do at Carl Reiner’s house and they’ve been doing it for some years. They get together every night and eat together and watch TV together in the living room, and a lot of people [...]

By Jesse David Fox

World’s Coolest Lady, Joan Rivers, Sticks it to Cosco

There's an urge is to write, "I hope to be as cool as Joan when I'm 79," but in actuality, I just hope to be as cool as Joan at any point in my existence. Buying her condoms there – that scamp. They come in boxes of 48. 48! I haven't used 48 [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Boy, Bill Cosby Was On Last Night

This is why it's great to have Jimmy as a late night host: his excitement for certain guests is infectious. Throughout the interview he would accidentally finish Cosby's sentences, he was so excited to just be there. He acted like a little kid [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Louis C.K. On Auditioning for/Geeking out over Woody Allen

Lets add "answering interview questions" to the ever growing list of things Louis C.K. is amazing at. Today, A.V. Club posted a must read interview with with C.K. that thoroughly covers his work ethic, taking on The Man, and not doing a buddy [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Bill Murray Talks about Baseball and Life and Is the Best

Bill Murray is the co-owner and Director of Fun for the Charleston RiverDogs minor league baseball team. This video was from his induction into the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame. He wasn't sure if he deserved the honor but he does – he [...]

By Jesse David Fox