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Stop-Motion Animation Explained by Doomed Lego Guy

We were shocked recently to discover that a couple of our readers didn't quite understand just how stop-motion animation worked. So, we unearthed this little gem, which was created last year by Canadian high schooler Joel Plosz for a science-fair project.

Filmmaker Amy Talkington's Human-Snake Love Triangle

In Amy Talkington's touching and playful 1998 short Second Skin a mopey pet-store employee (Glenn Fitzgerald, currently Brian Darling on Dirty Sexy Money) doesn't quite know what to do when a lovely, rebellious girl (Aleksa Palladino, who can also be seen in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead) comes into his shop and purchases the python he's been doting over.

Blip Festival Makes Guitar Hero III Look Dull

While Guitar Hero III and Rock Band get all the hype for allowing ordinary gamers to pretend that they're musicians, the Blip Festival is showcasing an impressive roster of artists from around the world who are actually creating new music from old video game hardware.

Artist Tara Donovan Wakes Up the Neighbors

Tara Donovan is the latest contemporary artist granted tenure in the Met's Gioconda and Joseph King Gallery (past recipients include Neo Rauch and Kara Walker) to do, well, whatever she damn well pleases.