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The New Pornographers Get a Yacht-Rock Tribute

Not only does this guy do a spot-on impression of McDonald in a funny, well-executed music video, but he managed to record a mash-up of the New Pornographers' "It's Only Divine Right" and the Doobie Brothers' classic "What a Fool Believes" that is so effortless and smooth that it makes the original from 2003's Electric Version retroactively sound like an ironic mall-punk cover version.

What the Celebrities Are Watching on YouTube

Celebrities: so like us. They spend hours on YouTube too! To celebrate our online video special in this week's issue of New York, we asked Russell Simmons, Amy Sedaris, and The Office's Rashida Jones (along with some slightly-less-famous bloggers, artists, directors, advertising executives, professors, and comedians) what they've got bookmarked. The results may surprise you!

Toy Story

With its collagelike aesthetic, its deadpan lyrical voice-over, and its truly bizarre portrait of one unfortunately demented (yet ultimately harmless) soul, Erika Yeomans's Chubby Buddy plays like a George Saunders story come to life.

Stereotypes on Parade

Planet of the Arabs is a hilarious, scathing, and rapid-fire montage of stereotypes of Arabs culled from popular movies and TV shows that plays like some budding neocon’s ADD-infused fever dream.

Coney Island, Baby

It's an amazing, dreamy vision of Coney Island, all the more remarkable for the then-novel camera techniques required to capture it.

We Are All Bob Dylan: Pop Genius Dylan

In I'm Not There, Todd Haynes imagines seven different versions of Bob Dylan. Some people say that's six too many. We say Haynes is lazy.