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230 Minutes With Michiko Kakutani

For three decades, hers was the most influential voice in publishing. With the release of The Death of Truth, she now finds herself being reviewed.

By Mark Seliger and Shawn McCreesh

Has Good Time Become a Quickie Cult Classic?

A year after its release, everyone from Pete Davidson to Selena Gomez has thrown their weight behind the Safdies’ movie. Is it already a cult hit?

By Amos Barshad

What Do We Want From Chance the Rapper?

If he raps about faith, people bristle about it being too liturgical. People also bristle at the tough talk and money talk.

By Craig Jenkins

9th Graders on Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade

“In ninth grade, you lose all your popularity going from middle school to high school. It’s a completely different dynamic.”

By Charles Bramesco and Hunter Harris