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saturday night live
Actually, Alec Baldwin Will Return To Saturday Night Live As Donald Trump After All By Jordan Crucchiola

He couldn’t let the people down.

vulture lists
Our 5 Biggest Questions After Twin Peaks: The Return, Episode 8 By Brian Tallerico

Don’t expect any answers from David Lynch.

vulture lists
What’s Leaving Netflix: July 2017 By Andrew Lapin

Bad news, everyone: Futurama is leaving Netflix.

close reads
The Eighth Episode of Twin Peaks: The Return Is Horrifyingly Beautiful By Matt Zoller Seitz

It’s a visually and sonically dazzling origin story for postwar America.

Your Guide to All of the Bands in Twin Peaks By Devon Ivie

The old Roadhouse is a musical epicenter.

The Best TV Shows of 2017 (So Far) By Matt Zoller Seitz and Jen Chaney

Big Little Lies, Master of None, Twin Peaks, and more.

tv review
Netflix’s Gypsy Goes Nowhere, Slowly By Jen Chaney

Twin Peaks aside, this has not been a great month for Naomi Watts projects.

last night on late night
John Oliver Explains the Dangers of Vaccine Skepticism By Jackson McHenry

And the impossibility of proving a negative.

T.J. Miller Discusses Silicon Valley Exit and ‘Contrarian’ Relationship with Thomas Middleditch By Hunter Harris

Goodbye, Erlich Bachman.

Claws Recap: Peanut Butter and Swamp Pigs By Ali Barthwell

This episode ends with something that made me scream, “HOW DARE YOU” at my television.

Twin Peaks Recap: I Am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds By Laura Hudson

Is this how it started, the push and pull between good and evil?

Veep Season-Finale Recap: Off to the Races By Jessica Goldstein

Prediction: Jonah will be elected president before this show ends.

Preacher Season-Premiere Recap: Highway to Hell By Scott Meslow

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy finally hit the road.

Nine Inch Nails Stop By the Roadhouse on Tonight’s Twin Peaks By Halle Kiefer

Man, the booker at the Bang Bang Bar really deserves a raise.

Silicon Valley Season-Finale Recap: Servers Have Souls Too By Odie Henderson

This wasn’t Silicon Valley’s best season, but it was its funniest.

Marti Noxon Isn’t Afraid of the ‘Ugly Stuff’ By Mary Kaye Schilling

Having honed her black humor on Buffy and Mad Men, she’s ready for her newfound role — as Hollywood’s go-to bard of “dark-hearted bitches.”

Bachelor in Paradise Has Instituted a New Drug Policy By Jenni Miller

Check your bags at the door.

art du jour
Adam Scott Reaches Peak Ben Wyatt With His Italian Calzone Adventure By Devon Ivie

Pizza? Never heard of it.

Netflix Continues Its Canceling Spree by Firing Girlboss By Devon Ivie

Who’s the boss? Not her.

Doctor Who Recap: Genesis of the Cybermen By Ross Ruediger

The shockingly horrific beginning of an end.

Orphan Black Recap: All Roads Lead to Neolution By Devon Maloney

Orphan Black’s favorite type-A homemaker has a truly miraculous moment of genius.

patience is a virtue
Dan Harmon Implores Us All to Be Patient for Rick and Morty’s Next Season By Devon Ivie

“The truth in this case is so very boring.”

How Will & Grace’s Revival Is Dealing With the Dramatic Series-Finale Time Jump By Devon Ivie

It’ll make perfect sense! Or will it?!

The Great British Baking Show Recap: Happy Babka By Molly Fitzpatrick

Never serve Paul Hollywood anything raw.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season-Finale Recap: And the Winner Is … By Joel Kim Booster

RuPaul crowns America’s next drag superstar.

last night on russian late night
Stephen Colbert Announces His Possible 2020 Presidential Run on Russian TV By Halle Kiefer

The Late Show host stopped by Russia’s Evening Urgant with the (probably fake) news.

GLOW Recap: Cold War Kids By Kenny Herzog

“Live Studio Audience” is an episode with plenty of feel-good peaks.

Despite Being a Very Good Boy, Downward Dog Has Been Canceled by ABC By Halle Kiefer


GLOW Recap: Bris America By Kenny Herzog

Does TV have a fledgling fascination with adult circumcision?

vulture festival 2017
Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham Turned a Battle With Breast Cancer Into a Hilarious Sitcom Season By Jesse David Fox

Also, why Zach Woods is hot and very strange.

GLOW Recap: Ring My Belle By Kenny Herzog

The table is set for Ruth and Debbie to blow up as on-camera rivals.

chat room
Pretty Little Liars Showrunner I. Marlene King on How Fans Influenced the Show and Why The Sopranos Helped Her Write the Finale By Devon Ivie

“[Fan response] probably would change the outcome of a couple being endgame.”

first looks
See Peter Dinklage and Jamie Dornan in the First My Dinner With Hervé Photo By Hunter Harris

It’s HBO’s Hervé Villechaize movie.

pilot orders
Syfy Is Bringing the Space Madness of George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers to TV By Jackson McHenry

The novella focuses on an expedition to the edge of the solar system.

Will You Watch Bachelor in Paradise This Season? By Jada Yuan, Kathryn VanArendonk, Allie Jones and Ali Barthwell

A panel of Vulture and Cut watchers discuss.

GLOW Recap: Roommate With a View By Kenny Herzog

In the immortal words of Axl Rose, it’s time to get in the ring.

GLOW Recap: Missed Personality By Kenny Herzog

This is a breakout comedic role for Sunita Mani.

Will You Watch Bachelor in Paradise This Season? By Jada Yuan, Kathryn VanArendonk, Allie Jones and Ali Barthwell

A panel of Vulture and Cut watchers discuss.

Boy Band Series Premiere Recap: Boy Band Pose By Ali Barthwell

Who’s ready for a brand-new competition reality show?

How the GLOW Showrunners Fell in Love With Pro Wrestling By Jackson McHenry

“It’s a different art form, frankly, than we’re used to.”

chat room
Alison Brie’s GLOW Character Was Not Meant to Be ‘Conventionally Attractive’ By Maria Elena Fernandez

“The fact that they didn’t think I was right for the role made me want to do it even more.”

GLOW Recap: Baggage Claims By Kenny Herzog

Debbie was bred to kick ass and sell drama inside a ring.

GLOW Series Premiere Recap: Mat Finish By Kenny Herzog

This Netflix show about women’s wrestling in the ‘80s has a strong Police Academy vibe.

Nashville Recap: Memes Like Old Times By Max Weiss

This show constantly gets the internet and modern technology wrong.

Orange Is the New Black Season Finale Recap: Unnecessary Force By Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya

Is it time for OITNB to hit the reset button?

making a murderer
Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Freeing Making a Murderer’s Brendan Dassey By Dee Lockett

Consider this an early spoiler for season two.

trouble in paradise
DeMario Jackson Reportedly Not Returning to Bachelor in Paradise By Jackson McHenry

The contestant was accused of engaging in an allegedly nonconsensual sexual encounter with Corinne Olympios.

a hero's journey
Alexis Bledel Will Return to The Handmaid’s Tale As a Series Regular in Season Two By Jordan Crucchiola

Will she be reunited with June?

What That Fargo Ending Says About the Show’s Policewomen By Jen Chaney

The ending of season three is ambiguous. But it’s pretty clear to this writer who wins in the end.

Should Transparent Become a Musical? By Anna Silman

Jill Soloway’s sister, Faith Soloway, contemplates putting the groundbreaking show to music.