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photo diary
Photos: Sasheer Zamata Returns to the UCB Theatre for an Evening By Krista Schlueter

For the 17th Del Close Marathon.

Sense8 Recap: Empathy Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry By Simon Abrams

Was this season admirable folly or ballsy success?

you're fired
NBC Ends Relationship With Donald Trump, Probably Couldn’t Scream ‘You’re Fired’ Loud Enough By Josef Adalian


series finales
Nurse Jackie Refused to Soften Jackie Till the Bitter End By Margaret Lyons

She's a drug addict who stays a drug addict. Huh.

True Detective’s Title Designer on Bringing the Soul of the Show to Its Opening Moments By John Horn

"I think it’s actually a time for people to sit back and relax."

Why Did the Esalen Institute Figure So Prominently in Both Mad Men and True Detective? By Brian McGreevy

What is it about Esalen that could be so essential to stories so divergent? 

Ballers Recap: Me and the Boys By Craig D. Lindsey

In the second episode of Ballers, we saw how men turn petulant once another man steps over the line.

musical adaptations
There Will Be a Musical Version of The O.C. By Sean Fitz-Gerald

The show's creator will be a character.

Halt and Catch Fire Recap: Tainted Love By Libby Hill

Halt and Catch Fire has found a way to make the inevitable exciting.

True Detective Recap: Death Crow By Kenny Herzog

The most scintillating character in “Night Finds You” is SoCal itself.

tv review
Amazon’s Catastrophe Is the Romantic Comedy of the Year By Matt Zoller Seitz

You’ll smile whenever you say the title; the show’s first season, a brisk six episodes, leaves you no other option, because it’s so damn likable.

Does Amy Schumer Have a Blind Spot Around Race? By Greg Cwik

Facing a claim of racial insensitivity, the comedian has issued a defiant rebuttal.

yada yada yada
A Brief History of Seinfeld’s Girlfriends, Told by the Women Themselves By Greg Cwik

The actresses share their memories of the show.

party chats
Seth Meyers Would Love to Have ‘Joke’ Candidate Donald Trump on Late Night By Katie Van Syckle

"We've had some issues in the past."

game of thrones
Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones’ Violence Against Women: Don’t Take It Too Seriously By Nate Jones

The mother of dragons weighs in.

Are You a Top Gear Superfan? Prove It With This Quiz By Devon Ivie


Edie Falco Sends Off Nurse Jackie With a Walk Through Its Most Memorable Scenes By Kenny Herzog

"It’s crazy how many people I’ve been introduced to and then had to have sex with. It’s like being a porn star, in a way."

vulture tv awards 2015
The Best Comedy of the Year Is Inside Amy Schumer By Matt Zoller Seitz

One of the only current comedy programs that deserves to be called important.

vulture tv awards 2015
The Best Drama of the Year Is The Americans By Matt Zoller Seitz

Week in and week out, no U.S. drama is more exactingly calibrated than this blue-gray chamber piece.

Wayward Pines Recap: Why Can’t We Be Friends? By Craig D. Lindsey

Toby Jones’s hairpiece – why?

chat room
Taryn Manning on Pennsatucky’s Devastating Orange Is the New Black Season By Dee Lockett

"Sometimes we make excuses for people when we like them."

party chats
Orange Is the New Black’s Soso and Poussey Would Be Down With Their Characters Hooking Up Next Season By E. Alex Jung, Sarah Caldwell and Audrey J. Bruno

Your request has been filed, inmate.

Nina Simone’s Impossible — But Necessary — Demands By Lindsay Zoladz

A new doc revisits the singer's legacy. 

Hannibal Recap: I Was Hoping for Someone Else By Greg Cwik

"Aperitivo" is the first truly disappointing episode of the beautiful third season.

vulture tv awards 2015
The Best Female Drama Performer of the Year Is Tatiana Maslany By Margaret Lyons

For her many varied performances.

vulture tv awards 2015
The Best Male Drama Performer of the Year Is André Holland By Matt Zoller Seitz

You always know what his character is feeling, but never what he’s going to do next.

sneak peek
Watch the First 8 Bloody Minutes of MTV’s Scream By Sean Fitz-Gerald

This looks familiar.

last night on late night
Yikes, Listen to Jason Schwartzman’s Awkward Fake-Penis Incident By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe!

local news
T.J. Miller Hilariously Terrorized a Local News Station in Detroit By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Can we start calling him a national treasure now?

Don’t Enter a Room Like Kramer. You’re Not Kramer. Be Yourself. By Jesse David Fox

A replica Seinfeld apartment in New York was slightly ruined.

character study
Is Piper Chapman Actually the Worst? A Season-by-Season Assessment By Megan Reynolds

Piper has shown signs of growth throughout the show. But has it been enough?

the vulture transcript
The Leftovers’ Damon Lindelof on the Lessons He Learned From Season One and What to Expect This Year By Josef Adalian

"I’ve populated the [writers'] room with people who kind of think I’m an idiot."

vulture tv awards 2015
The Best TV Writing of the Year Goes to Mad Men By Margaret Lyons

It's the lines of pedestrian agony that define this show.

vulture tv awards 2015
The Best Female Comedy Performers of the Year Are Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer By Margaret Lyons

The best friends you wish you had.

vulture tv awards 2015
The Best Couple of the Year Is Fresh Off the Boat’s Louis and Jessica By Gazelle Emami

They're in it together.

in conversation
Bryan Fuller on Hannibal’s ‘Cancellation’ and Where He Wants to Take the Show in Season 4 By Matt Zoller Seitz

"The idea that I have for season four is so terrifying creatively."

Amazon’s Transparent Renewed for Season 3 By Dee Lockett

Jill Soloway has also inked an overall deal with Amazon.

vulture tv awards 2015
The Best Male Comedy Performer of the Year Is Jaime Camil By Margaret Lyons

He's goofy. He's emotional. He's ...

vulture tv awards 2015
John Oliver Is the Year’s Most Important Person in Television By Josef Adalian

A sort of modern mash-up of two of the 20th century’s biggest TV news icons: Walter Cronkite and Mike Wallace.

last night on late night
If You Ask President Obama for Baby Advice, He’ll Use the Word Poo (Not Poop) By Jesse David Fox

As told to Mike Birbiglia.

last night on late night
Amy Poehler Joins Seth Meyers for a Truly Killer Really!?! Reunion, and They Have a Ton of Fun By Sean Fitz-Gerald

The topic: women's soccer.

PBS Is Suspending Finding Your Roots Because of the Ben Affleck Incident By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Fact-checkers wanted!

roll clip!
Amy Schumer Wants to Turn You Off the Whole ‘I Want to Be a Disney Princess’ Thing By Sean Fitz-Gerald


life according to abc's the bachelorette
Chris Harrison: Okay With People Having Sex on The Bachelor By Allison P. Davis

"I wasn't that appalled."

second comedy boom
How Jerry Seinfeld Changed Modern Comedy With Seinfeld By Jesse David Fox

Seinfeld changed our relationship with comedians.

Orange Is the New Black Season 3 Finale Recap: A Toast Good-bye By Brian Moylan

This season of Orange Is the New Black was both painfully obvious in its worldview and also morally relative at the same time.

Who Wins in a Pregame Pump-Up Battle Between Key and Peele? By E. Alex Jung

This is no dance-off.

stay tuned
What’s the Best Single Episode of a Show? Your Pressing TV Questions, Answered By Margaret Lyons

Plus: I need more feel-good TV!

All 169 Seinfeld Episodes, Ranked From Worst to Best By Larry Fitzmaurice

The series is now on Hulu for your viewing immersion.

vulture tv awards 2015
The 2015 Vulture TV Caucus: What Cultural Insiders Loved Most on TV Last Season

Over the past month, we polled 135 showrunners, executives, writers, actors, actresses, and a host of other bigwigs to get their take on TV this past season.