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thank god
Tracy Morgan Spoke To God In His Coma By Greg Cwik

"Do you know what God said to me? He said, 'Your Room ain't ready. I still got something for you to do.'"

roll clip!
New Agent Carter Season Two Teasers: She’s Going to Punch All of L.A. — Take That, Hollywood! By Sean Fitz-Gerald

How meta is this? Pretty meta, I guess.

The Knick Recap: Having a Ball By Ivy Pochoda

A decadent night out with New York City’s philanthropic elite and the doctors they fund.

The Man in the High Castle Recap: World War III By Brian Tallerico

“This isn’t like the other film.”

last night on late night
Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon Reteamed to Crush Another Medley of Holiday Parodies By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Featuring Queen Latifah and Eric Nally!

Jessica Jones Recap: Head Games By Jenny Raftery

Everything’s coming up Kilgrave!

Empire Recap: Crackhouse Walking Tour By Ali Barthwell

Cookie and Candace are all business in Philadelphia.

last night on late night
Watch Uzo Aduba Explain What It’s Like to Be Onstage at a T-Swift Concert By Sean Fitz-Gerald

"You feel the radiating love from 13-year-olds coming."

crimes and misdeamnors
John Stamos Got Three Years Probation for His DUI Arrest By Sean Fitz-Gerald

And an order to attend 52 AA meetings.

The Man in the High Castle Recap: Sayonara By Brian Tallerico

John Smith is no mere two-dimensional villain. Will his loyalty falter?

where they do that at
Spike Lee Thinks Chi-Raq Will Inspire Sex Strikes on College Campuses to Stop Sexual Harassment and Date Rape

That’s some interesting logic.

Bones Producer Sues Fox for ‘Accounting Chicanery,’ Fabulously Uses Chicanery in a Sentence By Dee Lockett

Barry Josephson says Fox "fraudulently threatened" him to accept lower pay.

The Grinder Recap: Give Me a Spritz By Allie Pape

I don't know who runs the guest-star department over at The Grinder, but they are killing it.

Jessica Jones Recap: Bus-ted By Jenny Raftery

"You are a hard-drinking, short-fused mess of a woman, but you are not a piece of shit."

Girl Meets World Is Headed for High School in Season 3 By Dee Lockett

Prepare for more teen drama!

the industry
CBS Seeking Hunky Tween to Play Young Superman on Supergirl By Nate Jones

In flashbacks.

last night on late night
Watch Adele’s ‘Hello’ Get the Classroom-Instrument Treatment on Fallon’s Tonight Show By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Featuring a banana and a flip phone.

Scream Queens Recap: Head of the Table By Brian Moylan

Has anyone ever seen one of those electric turkey carvers in real life? No.

roll clip!
And Your Dancing With the Stars Season 21 Winner Is ... By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Drum roll, please.

roll clip!
Grease: Live Teaser: The Dancing Is in the Hands By Sean Fitz-Gerald

No, really.

Limitless Recap: A Farewell to Arms By Brian Feldman

The show hints at a not-so-distant future where robots kill us all.

All My Children Actor David Canary Has Died By Sean Fitz-Gerald

He was 77.

The Man in the High Castle Recap: A Known Subversive By Brian Tallerico

"If you fail, the girl dies with you."

The Man in the High Castle Recap: Speak No Evil By Brian Tallerico

"Nobody talks about the camps."

jessica jones
Who the Jessica Jones Characters Are in the Comics and How They Connect to the Marvel Universe By Ira Madison III

Get the backstories.

Jessica Jones Recap: Selfie Help By Jenny Raftery

Kilgrave's face finally gets a much-deserved punch.

tom hanks
Your Dad Tom Hanks Is an Amazing Rapper By Nate Jones

He did a flawless rendition of "City of Crime" on The Graham Norton Show.

How Mystery Science Theater 3000 Came Back to Life By Luke McCormick

And what the new episodes will look like.

money money money
TV Stand-up Specials Are Raking in the Bucks By Ira Madison III

Netflix is where it's at.

the industry
HBO’s Sesame Street Is Giving Cookie Monster His Own Segment (So Much Change!) By E. Alex Jung

Pharrell, Gwen Stefani, and Nick Jonas are among the special human guests.

Degrassi: Next Class Trailer: Now on Netflix, But Still With High-School Drama By E. Alex Jung

"You had a sexy dream about Jonah?!"

The Mindy Project Recap: The In-Law Project By Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Yay, Danny’s home!

Master of None Recap: Pasta-bilities By Mallika Rao

Dev's last stand.

Minority Report Recap: Remember You Will Die By Devon Maloney

If every episode of Minority Report had been like this episode of Minority Report, the show would not be ending next week.

Master of None Recap: Real Love By Mallika Rao

Those early hours before the day begins, when working people get to love.

late night tv
Samantha Bee’s New Full Frontal Teasers: She Still Has the Cojones to Take on Those Late-Night Dudes By Dee Lockett and Sean Fitz-Gerald

This new one's just more sci-fi.

last night on late night
Harrison Ford Finally Put His Feud With Chewbacca Aside and Saved the Wookiee’s Life on Jimmy Kimmel Live By Sean Fitz-Gerald

All thanks to Adele.

last night on late night
Adele Has Fun Lying to Fallon Like Some Professional Goofball By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Then nails her performance like the singer we know and love.

Blindspot Recap: You Did This to Yourself, Jane By Leslie Pariseau

Do I have Stockholm syndrome, or were the final five minutes of this midseason finale actually delightful?

Supergirl Recap: Of Maglevs and Men By Joshua Rivera

National City gets its very own Lex Luthor.

Jane the Virgin Recap: #BlackFridayVirgin By Kathryn VanArendonk

It's time for us to talk about Target.

Gotham Recap: Some Fun, At Last! By Simon Abrams

If you wade through the predictable twists, you'll find two genuinely bonkers fight scenes at the end of this episode.

the industry
Felicia Day Has Answered Joel Hodgson’s Prayers and Joined the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Revival By Sean Fitz-Gerald

She'll be the villain — guess who's playing Crow and Servo?

Fargo Recap: Different Journeys, Same Destination By Brian Tallerico

"It doesn't matter what you mean, it's what you do."

first looks
Here Are Your First Looks at Grease: Live’s Very Sleek Danny, Sandy, and Rizzo By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Sleek might be an understatement.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: I Respectfully Decline This Feeling By Halle Kiefer

Dr. Phil pushes Crazy Ex-Girlfriend into five-star territory.

It’s Superheroes Galore in the New DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Trailer By Ira Madison III

Here's a first look at the new series.

vulture lists
The Most Recycled Story Lines on Scandal By Phoebe Robinson

Breaking up, making up (all over the White House), and we can't forget Rowan and Maya's many, many renditions of These White Men Ain't Shit and You Ain't Shit for Loving These White Men.

The Man in the High Castle Recap: Secrets and Blame By Brian Tallerico

"Things will never return to normal for you. They cannot."

Jessica Jones Recap: Eye Spy By Jenny Raftery

Jessica gets one step closer to Kilgrave.