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Aziz Ansari Recaps Master of None’s ‘First Date’: ‘Going to Whole Foods Was a Real Line That One of Our Friends Used’ By Jada Yuan

It’s about “the sad state of romance in the modern era.”

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What’s in the Box? The Great Mystery of Twin Peaks: The Return By Brian Tallerico

Let’s gauge the fan theories that try to explain the unexplainable.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Recap: The Greatest Boobs Around By Allie Pape

“We already have a Big Naturals here in East Dogmouth. It’s not a supermarket, but they do serve wings.”

game of thrones
Dany’s Got a New Throne, and Other Things We Learned From the New Game of Thrones Trailer By Jackson McHenry

An unlikely sex scene is seemingly on the way.

What Happens to Nudity Onscreen When You Remove the Male Gaze? By Maria Elena Fernandez

“It’s like, Wait a second, I’m not the object?”

Ellen DeGeneres Is Returning to Stand-up With a Netflix Comedy Special By Josef Adalian

It will mark the comic’s first TV comedy special since 2003.

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Aziz Ansari’s Formerly Chubby Cousin Harris Plays His Buff Cousin in Master of None By Jada Yuan

Harris got hot.

The Flash Season-Finale Recap: Panic in Central City By Angelica Jade Bastién

Barry finally pays penance for his mistakes.

The Returning Stars of Twin Peaks, Then and Now By Devon Ivie

Looking good, Shelly.

How The Handmaid’s Tale Picked Each of Its Songs By Maria Elena Fernandez

The show’s music supervisor walks us through the music of each episode.

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Jimmy Kimmel Basically Let U2 Have His Show Last Night By Dee Lockett

The band talked about the Manchester bombing, Trump, and played two songs --- one new and one much older.

America’s Got Talent Contestant Accuses Tyra Banks of Humiliating a Child By Tolly Wright

Banks allegedly “physically manipulated and verbally abused” the contestant’s daughter.

Jon Stewart’s Animated Project Scrapped at HBO By Jackson McHenry

It proved to be too complicated to pull off.

The Handmaid’s Tale Recap: If You Go Back, You Will Die By Laura Hudson

“The Other Side” rewinds the story, this time with the focus fixed on Luke.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Call That Changed My Destiny By Jessica Goldstein

Mona is a queen and everyone else is a plebe.

The Americans Recap: Won’t Somebody Think of the Children? By Scott Tobias

“The World Council of Churches” hits on a universality about parenthood.

America’s Got Talent Contestant Accuses Tyra Banks of Humiliating a Child By Tolly Wright

Banks allegedly “physically manipulated and verbally abused” the contestant’s daughter.

Great News Season-Finale Recap: Tough Love By Allie Pape

This first season has absolutely delivered on sitcom essentials.

Great News Recap: You Give Love a Bad Name By Allie Pape

Carol faces an Olympic-level event in helicopter parenting.

Colbert’s Late Show Officially Dethroned Fallon’s Tonight Show This Season to Be the Most-Watched Late-Night Show By Hunter Harris

CBS hasn’t won more viewers than the Tonight Show since the ’90s.

game of thrones
The Night King Is Here in the Chilling Game of Thrones Season 7 Poster By Jackson McHenry

It’s going to be a cold July.

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7 Things We Want to See in Psych’s Reunion Movie By Devon Ivie

The presence of Pierre Despereaux is a must.

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Who Is ‘Uber A’ on Pretty Little Liars? A Mid-Season Investigation By Devon Ivie

Lucas and Paige are looking very, very guilty.

Dirty Dancing: Apparently You Can’t Have the Time of Your Life Again By Jen Chaney

Nobody should try to put Baby in a corner in a three-hour TV movie.

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Elisabeth Moss Will Take a Break From All That Intense TV With a Typhoid Mary Mini-series By Jackson McHenry

Based on Mary Beth Keane’s novel Fever.

Your Guide to All of the Bands in Twin Peaks By Devon Ivie

The old Roadhouse is a musical epicenter.

The Ratings for Twin Peaks Weren’t Good. Who Cares? By Josef Adalian

There’s more than one way to judge the success of Showtime’s revival.

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Can I Watch the Twin Peaks Reboot Without Seeing the Original? By Brian Tallerico

Here are the four things you need to remember.

The Bachelorette’s Lucas ‘Whaboom’ Yancey Is Irritating, But Don’t Call Him a Villain By Samantha Rollins

He’s just irritating.

Jane the Virgin Season-Three Finale Recap: Full Circle By Angelica Jade Bastién

Did you really think Xo and Ro’s wedding would be a fairy tale?

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AT&T Floats Idea of 20-Minute Game of Thrones Episodes for Mobile, Because TV Takes Too Long By Hunter Harris

Jon Snow lectures the the Night’s Watch, Daenerys squabbles with her advisers — cut to black, end of episode.

Twin Peaks’ Fourth Episode Is an Absurdist Joy By Jen Chaney

If you found the first three episodes challenging, the fourth one is your reward.

Michael Jackson’s Estate Won’t Authorize Lifetime and Netflix’s Upcoming Movies About Him By Dee Lockett

The estate could sue.

The Bachelorette Would Prefer Not to Talk About Race By Kathryn VanArendonk

The episode steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that anything new is happening.

Better Call Saul Recap: Esteem Issues By Kenny Herzog

One plus one always seems to equal zero for Jimmy.

Southern Charm Recap: Cow Burns and Caftans By Brian Moylan

This is one of the most boring hours of reality TV that I have ever witnessed.

The Bachelorette Season-Premiere Recap: This Feels Different By Ali Barthwell

Rachel is really stepping this whole thing up.

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A Guide to the Characters of Twin Peaks: Who’s Back, Who’s New, and Who’s Missing By Brian Tallerico

You may still be asking yourself what the Bob is going on here.

cannes 2017
Cannes: Spike Lee Is Worried Trump Will Start a Nuclear War By Jada Yuan

“Hopefully he has the fake codes!”

game of thrones
The New Game of Thrones Photos Are So Metal By Jordan Crucchiola

These could be press images from the best rock festival of the year.

Watch Michael Cera’s Strange, Hilarious Twin Peaks Cameo By Abraham Riesman

He plays a character named Wally Brando.

Twin Peaks: The Return Is Riveting, Horrifying, and Patience-Taxing By Matt Zoller Seitz

It’s David Lynch as the experimental filmmaker he’s always been.

Let John Oliver Answer Any Questions You Have About Trump’s Russia Scandal, a.k.a. ‘Stupid Watergate’ By Hunter Harris

“Say what you will about Nixon, but at least he wanted the job.”

Twin Peaks Premiere Recap: I Am Dead, Yet I Live By Laura Hudson

Offering a synopsis of any particular episode of Twin Peaks is a bit like trying to explain a dream upon waking.

twin peaks
Catherine Coulson’s Log Lady Had Two Memorable Scenes in the Twin Peaks Premiere By Devon Ivie

Her log hasn’t aged one day.

Let’s Talk About the Twin Peaks Premiere By Jen Chaney

That was …. weird. Maybe even weirder than we expected?

anatomy of a hairline
Let’s All Take a Moment to Appreciate Kyle MacLachlan’s Long Hair in the Twin Peaks Premiere By Devon Ivie

He’s seen better hair days.

Veep Recap: A Warlord and a Peace Lady By Jessica Goldstein

Selina Meyer’s problems are so relatable.

Twin Peaks’ New Opening-Credits Sequence Is As Eerie As Ever By Devon Ivie

New images, same theme song.

Silicon Valley Recap: Let’s Hear It for the Blood Boy By Odie Henderson

Gavin Belson is literally sucking the blood out of millennials.