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last night on late night
Jay Leno Returned to The Tonight Show to Lend a Hand With a Bunch of Economy, Political Jokes By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Tag-team monologue!

bill cosby
Model Files New Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby By Ira Madison III

She's seeking $75,000 in damages from Bill Cosby in a jury trial.

september 11
Steve Rannazzisi Tried to Explain His 9/11 Lie to Howard Stern By Nate Jones

"Now I have to be the guy who is very strange and weird and just said I lied about 9/11."

tv review
The Streaming Revolution Is Here. But Has It Just Brought Us More of the Same TV? By Margaret Lyons

Casual is more TV. It's occasionally good TV. But it is the same TV we've seen before.

the x-files
Here Are The X-Files’ New Opening Credits By Ira Madison III

You might recognize them.

kindred spirits
Why Jane Austen Gets Scandal, and 9 Other Perfect Literature-TV Pairings By Maris Kreizman

Like good food and fine wine.

vulture lists
The Best of Netflix’s ‘Featuring a Strong Female Lead’ Categories By Rachel Handler

Oh, look, Hollywood representation for women!

casting couch
Peter Sarsgaard Will Lend His Natural Creepiness to Twin Peaks By E. Alex Jung

In a mystery role!

the industry
ABC Family Is Changing Its Name to ... Freeform? By Josef Adalian

As part of a rebranding strategy.

last night on late night
You Like Saturday Night Live Audition Stories; Pete Davidson’s Is a Cute One By Jesse David Fox

Thanks, Bill Hader.

Blindspot Recap: Call Me Taylor By Leslie Pariseau

Finally, Blindpsot has begun to hit its stride.

the vulture tv podcast
How Is Religion Handled on Television? By Gazelle Emami, Margaret Lyons and Matt Zoller Seitz

Surprisingly, it’s not dealt with as often as we’d expect in America.

the industry
Nancy Drew Is Being Developed for Television Because We All Still Miss Veronica Mars By E. Alex Jung

Dare to play?

trailer mix
Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur New Trailer: Like if Unlikely Friends Was About a Dinosaur and a Human By Jesse David Fox

Pixar vs. Pixar.

tv tropes
A Guide to Sleeping With Your Co-Worker on TV By Brian Moylan

The office romance is one of the most tried and true TV tropes, and boy, have there been lots of them.

Minority Report Recap: Everyone Is Capable of Anything By Devon Maloney

Things in 2065 are getting very dire, very quickly.

The Big Bang Theory Recap: A Mexican Road-Trip No Es Bueno By Kimberly Potts

Can’t help but think this episode might have gotten more than three stars if Donald Trump had recapped it.

chat room
Phil Rosenthal on Starring in His Own Travel Show and Whether He Plans on Making Any More Sitcoms By Josef Adalian

"[The idea] came from Everybody Loves Raymond."

roll clip!
Will Smith Had Quite a Few Key Career Updates in His Beats 1 Radio Interview With Zane Lowe By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Namely those regarding a tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the next Bad Boys movie.

roll clip!
Nick Carter Paid Tribute to His Boys, Brought ‘Backstreet Back’ on Dancing With the Stars By Sean Fitz-Gerald


The Mindy Project Recap: Put Them Away By Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

The kind of commentary I love most from The Mindy Project: a succinct critique of modern women’s fate in a one-joke line.

Gotham Recap: Melrose Bat-Place By Simon Abrams

The people of Gotham City may be dumb, but they can't be that dumb. Can they?

party chats
Denis O’Hare Got Tips From RuPaul’s Alaska to Play ‘Liz Taylor’ for American Horror Story: Hotel By Kelly Marino

"I don’t think I’m a convincing woman, but I’m a convincing character."

Nicole Kidman Will Guest on Empire After She Stops Living Out Her English Fantasies By Ira Madison III

It just may take a minute.

in development
Nicholas Sparks’s Cool Bachelor Life Will Be an ABC Sitcom By Ira Madison III

The Next Chapter is about the life of a recently divorced novelist.

We Answer the Archie Panjabi Question on Everyone’s Mind: Should I Watch The Fall? By Nate Jones

Panjabi swears her Fall duties were not responsible for her infamous Good Wife good-bye scene.

new yorker festival
Julianna Margulies Insists There’s No Feud Between Her and Archie Panjabi; Archie Panjabi May Disagree By Devon Ivie

And the split-screen final scene was totally cool.

Damon Lindelof Explains The Leftovers’ ‘Self-Aware’ New Opening Titles By Josef Adalian

"Anytime that something is not connecting, you wonder, Should I change it?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: The Big Book of Small Butts By Allie Pape

The show is always at its best in precinct-against-the-world episodes with lots of opportunity for mayhem, and this episode delivered.

Homeland Season Premiere Recap: Disquiet Life By Price Peterson

Carrie thought she was done with the game, but the game wasn't done with Carrie.

teaser trailers
Martin Scorsese’s New Vinyl Trailer: Keep Passing the Cocaine, Please By E. Alex Jung

Bobby Cannavale stars.

party lines
Ellie Kemper Thinks Kimmy Schmidt Would Fit in Well in Greenpoint By Claire McCartney

Nobody bats an eye at the character’s outfits because “everybody there dresses like that.”

Fear the Walking Dead Finale Recap: The Agony of Not Knowing By Simon Abrams

This show is at its best when it ambles from one moment to the next.

Quantico Recap: Spot the Needle By Joshua Rivera

I know it’s only week two, but I’m worried Quantico might not be crazy enough.

The Strain Season Two Finale Recap: Zach Attack By Kenny Herzog

The most pressing question after tonight’s finale is inevitably, “How did it take him so long to use that Saved by the Bell pun for a headline?”

The Affair Recap: A Storm Is Coming By Angelica Jade Bastién

Helen’s chapter is a heartbreaking look at the loneliness city-dwelling women experience in the wake of romantic upheaval. 

The Good Wife Recap: Good Luck With That By Lauren Hoffman

The single-word title of the season premiere seems like a strong indication that The Good Wife will end come spring.

chat room
Damon Lindelof on The Leftovers Season Two’s Stunning, Wordless Opening By Josef Adalian

"This is the beginning of the story."

just kidding
Mark Linn-Baker Faked His Departure on The Leftovers By Lisa Liebman

He’s been hiding out in Chihuahua, Mexico.

The Leftovers Recap: Meet the Murphys By Kelly Braffet

Miracle is a place where strangers will leave homemade apple pies on your doorstep, but you might not want to eat them. At least, not if you’re John Murphy.

religion 101
Reza Aslan Addresses Every Mystery in The Leftovers’ Premiere By Lisa Liebman

“You should read something into everything you see.”

The Last Man on Earth Recap: Second Time’s the Charm By Lauren Leibowitz

Hello, good-bye, Will Ferrell.

Saturday Night Live Recap: Miley Throws a Party In The S.N.L. By Joe Berkowitz

In which Hillary serves drinks and Leslie Jones fakes an orgasm.

saturday night live
Taylor Swift’s Ever-Growing Squad Is Actually the End of the World By Greg Cwik

“First it was the models, then the athletes ...”

saturday night live
Hillary Clinton Serves Her Doppelgänger Drinks and Advice on SNL By Greg Cwik

It's like Hillary-ception.

Doctor Who Recap: Ghosts in the Machine By Ross Ruediger

All your base are belong to us.

new yorker festival
11 Things We Learned at the New Yorker Festival’s Broad City Panel By Jenni Miller

The stars of Broad City are just like us: They think New York is hard, get nervous around Maggie Gyllenhaal, and smoke "pussy weed."

late show
Stephen Colbert Gave a Searing Monologue on Guns, Trump, and ‘Honest Insanity’ By Greg Cwik

"One of the definitions of insanity is changing nothing and pretending something will change."

bar mitzvah
Seth Rogen Wants to Circumcise James Franco (For Charity) By Greg Cwik

The proposed snipping would benefit the fourth annual Hilarity for Charity.

in development
Marvel is Developing a Damage Control Sitcom By Ira Madison III

They're the crew that cleans up after superheroes have destroyed the city.