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Outlander Recap: The Old Fox By Ester Bloom

Fear of La Dame Blanche extends to both sides of the English Channel.

The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Homecoming By Angelica Jade Bastién

Christine may have won the battle, but she's losing the war.

prime real estate
Have Mercy on Your Bank Account — The Full House House is For Sale By Devon Ivie

For a cool $4.15 million.

roll clip!
Art Garfunkel Was Perhaps the Worst Hamilton Spectator of All Time By Devon Ivie

What would Paul Simon think?

last night on late night
Penelope Cruz And Jimmy Fallon Dubsmash On The Tonight Show And You Know, Look, Live Television Is Not Easy By Halle Kiefer

Those long pauses.

deep inside amy schumer
Amy Schumer Hates Being Famous So Much She Made a Whole Episode About It By Anna Silman

It's her new favorite subject.

trailer mix
The Trailer for James Franco’s Lesbian Vampire Remake of Lifetime’s Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? Is Art By Halle Kiefer

Lifetime can read its audience like a sexy lesbian vampire book authored by James Franco.

The Daily Show Offers Hilarious Advice to Hillary Clinton: Don’t Be the Boss We Want, Be the Boss We Need By Jesse David Fox

Michelle Wolf knows you don't know what a server is.

Bloodline Recap: A Piece of the Pie By Brian Tallerico

Why does John Rayburn want to be sheriff?

Lady Dynamite Recap: Blade Hard or Die By Julie Kliegman

"I Love You" goes where sitcoms rarely do: the world of online dating.

last night on late night
Neil Young Wouldn’t Let Donald Trump Keep on Rockin’ in His Free World Because of the ‘Misogyny and the Racism’ By Dee Lockett

Two very key facts indeed.

Bloodline Season Premiere Recap: Your Soul and Mine By Brian Tallerico

Despite a strong debut, Bloodline is stuck in Ben Mendelsohn's shadow.

last night on late night
Watch Sad James Corden, David Schwimmer Get Owned After Late Late Show Mic-Drop Surprise By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Rhymes with Shrebel Shwilson.

Orphan Black Recap: Bring Us Together By Devon Maloney

Thank the gods for Felix.

Archer Recap: Tainted Love By Charles Bramesco

Lana and Archer's relationship is a psychosexual rainforest.

Lady Dynamite Recap: Pleasure Yourself By Julie Kliegman

If people-pleasing is an art, Maria Bamford is Michelangelo.

roll clip!
T.J. Miller’s Silicon Valley Outtakes Can Double As a Master Class in Old-People Burns By Devon Ivie

Buying stocks in 1928? A nice blanket being wheeled into a sunny spot? Senior citizen discounts at Perkins family restaurants?

let's talk about race
Why The Mindy Project’s ‘Coconut’ Episode Was a Smart Response to Criticism of the Show By E. Alex Jung

Internet commentary is a new iteration of audience engagement with a show, and it presents a new challenge for showrunners.

the industry
Prepare to Be Immersed in the Tantalizing World of 18th-Century Brothels With Hulu’s New Show Harlots By Devon Ivie

Starring Lady Sybil Crawley!

amazon pilots
Lauren Ambrose, Matt Bomer, and Kelsey Grammer Star in Amazon’s Summer Pilots By Dee Lockett

Also, the return of Mad Men's Jessica Paré!

Arrow Recap: Quiet Riot By Jenny Raftery

This felt like a pile-on of elements we’ve already seen this season that were better executed the first time around.

Nashville Series Finale Recap: Crash Landing By Max Weiss

This was a cliffhanger. The kind you end a season with, not a series.

last night on late night
Rose Byrne, Seth Rogen Do Sidewalk Lion King Musical With James Corden; Rogen Absolutely Nails His Role As ‘The Moon’ By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Genesee and Beverly will never be the same again, thanks to The Late Late Show.

The Americans Recap: One Tough Mother By Genevieve Koski

The biggest threat to the Jenningses still lives across the street.

the industry
CBS Cancels Limitless By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Yes, the network has reached the limit ... with Limitless.

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Talk of Shame By Brian Moylan

I am loving the Countess and Sonja show.

Wayward Pines Season Premiere Recap: Fear and Loathing By Craig D. Lindsey

Is this show already running on fumes?

Grace and Frankie Recap: Paraben There, Done That By Ali Barthwell

J'accuse, Grace! J'accuse!

The Americans Will Come to an End After Two More Seasons By Josef Adalian

Get ready to say dasvidaniya to The Americans.

the industry
We Probably Won’t Have True Detective to Kick Around Anymore (But We’ll Still Have Nic Pizzolatto) By Nate Jones

According to sources close to new HBO programming head Casey Bloys.

heads up
The Ghostbusters Ladies Played Heads Up on Ellen, Ended Up Having to Bump and Grind for an Absurdly Long Time By Nate Jones

Ellen does not know very many dance moves.

last night on late night
Game of Thrones Producers Apologize for All the Terrible Hodor Jokes They’ve Unleashed Into the World By Nate Jones

"We're sorry for all the idiots who, from now on, will be shouting 'Hodor!' every time you go through a door."

The Voice Finale Recap: And the Winner Is … By Rachel Sugar

We're finally here, folks! A new era dawns!

The Flash Season Finale Recap: The Fastest Man Alive By Angelica Jade Bastién

Stop Zoom, save the multiverse. Simple enough, right?

last night on late night
Anne Hathaway Calls James Corden the ‘Worst British Export Since Smallpox,’ Drops the Mic on The Late Late Show By Sean Fitz-Gerald

"That was actually mean."

The Path Season Finale Recap: Miracle of Miracles By Jackson McHenry

Did you expect closure? You shouldn't have.

winners' circle
And Your Dancing With the Stars Season 22 Winner Is ... By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Drum roll, please. (Also, spoiler alert, obviously.)

Real O’Neals Season Finale Recap: Prom Season By Nichole Perkins

The Real O'Neals closes out its first season with heart, humor, and compassion.

The Night Manager Finale Recap: Shaken, Not Stirred By Scott Tobias

The Night Manager lunges toward a happy ending at the expense of its own integrity.

Fresh Off the Boat Season Finale Recap: Chinese Polite Fight By Megan Reynolds

For the first time ever, the Huang children act like actual children.

weight loss
Biggest Loser Producers Deny Forcing Contestants to Take Weight-Loss Drugs By Nate Jones

"Contestants are told at the start of the show that there is zero tolerance for any weight-loss drugs."

The Rise of the British Thriller on American Television By Judy Berman

American viewers, however, haven’t quite caught up.

the strategist
Silicon Valley’s Costume Designer on How to Buy the Perfect Hoodie By Alexis Swerdloff

How to sniff out good hoodies.

behind the scenes
Colin Jost on the Differences Between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders on SNL By Trupti Rami

Guess who rolled in with a 15-person entourage?

douche of the week
The Bachelorette’s Douche of the Week Is the Naked Guy Who Ruined a Meme By Anna Silman

Damn, Daniel.

male nudity
Game of Thrones Has Never Been Afraid of Penises By Nate Jones

Thrones has been showcasing the true D since 2011.

last night on late night
Watch Cynthia Erivo Perform Her Big Number From The Color Purple on Colbert, If You Like Witnessing Beautiful Things By Dee Lockett

Just give her the Tony already.

last night on late night
James Corden Won the Race to Book Chewbacca Mom on Late Night By Adam K. Raymond

J.J. Abrams too!

game of crop tops
On Game of Thrones, Crop Tops Are the Ultimate Sign of Freedom By Anna Silman

Long live Missandei's belly button. 

last night on late night
That Time Jennifer Lawrence Trolled a Press Conference With a Morbid Comment About Kim Basinger By Devon Ivie

Eliza Doolittle 2.0.