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Coach Is Coming Back to NBC With Craig T. Nelson By Sean Fitz-Gerald

It's a sequel, not a reboot.

This Bird Is Pissed Off at Will Ferrell and Conan O'Brien Absolutely Loves It By Sean Fitz-Gerald

What does this have to do with Get Hard? Well, there's a dick joke.

the wire
Barack Obama, Wire Superfan, Interviewed David Simon By Nate Jones

Thanks, Obama.

party chat
Who’s the Funniest Sterling Cooper Employee? By Diane Gordon

"The answer is always Roger Sterling."

missed opportunities
John Slattery Was Supposed to Be on Empire By Margaret Lyons

But he "let that ship sail."

Taraji P. Henson Is Finally Bringing Cookie to Saturday Night Live! (Or So We Hope) By Dee Lockett

Get ready for more Cookie!

the end is nigh
Downton Abbey Is Officially Ending Next Season, But Will Anyone Actually End Up Happy? By Dee Lockett

Time to start kidding ourselves about a happy ending for Edith.

Arrow Recap: Say Yes to the Mess By Jenny Raftery

It’s not easy loving a vigilante.

The Americans Recap: Revenge of the Mail Robot By Laura Hudson

The robot attack becomes a major plot point, and Philip finally identifies his problem: Gabriel's face.

last night on late night
Will Ferrell Nails the Star Trek Theme on James Corden’s Late Late Show By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Vibrato at its finest.

last nigt on late night
Mitt Romney Shows He’s President of Self-Deprecation on Fallon By Sean Fitz-Gerald

He let Jimmy imitate him.

Bloodline Recap: Go Fish By Sean Fitz-Gerald

A very stressful 57 minutes.

new couples
These Empire Stars Gave In to the Show’s Oedipal Energy By Allison P. Davis

It's cool. She's just his stepmom.

canceled shows
Why Looking Was an Enormous Missed Opportunity By Dan Callahan

Where was the support when the show really needed it?

behind the scenes
Want to Read 16,000 More Words About Lost? Then You Should Read This Exhaustive History by One of Its Writers By Nate Jones

Including the ultimate answer to the question, "Were you making it up as you went along?"

Chris Messina on Making His Directorial Debut and The Mindy Project's Unsure Future By Lindsey Weber

"I have done a lot of dumb things, but that was pretty much the No. 1 dumbest thing I have ever done."

stay tuned
What Rookie Shows Were Good This Season? Your Pressing TV Questions, Answered By Margaret Lyons

Plus: What's a good show that'll make you cry?

HBO’s Looking Is Canceled By Lindsey Weber

But they'll end the show with a special. 

diversity on tv
Shonda Rhimes (and Everyone Else) Hated That Deadline Story on Diversity By Nate Jones

"Article is so ignorant I can't even be bothered."

The 13 Most Ignorant Quotes From That Awful Deadline Article By Dee Lockett

"Ethnic castings" is just the tip of the iceberg.

season finales
Don’t Let This Be It for The Mindy Project By Margaret Lyons

This is not how rom-coms end.

Justified Recap: Plan B By Matt Zoller Seitz

Justified is damn close to having a perfect track record during this final stretch.

How the SmashBombshell Concert Became the Most Successful Theater Kickstarter Campaign Ever By Rebecca Milzoff

Smash's Marilyn musical, Bombshell.

snl promos
The Rock’s SNL Promos Feature One Amazing Furious 7 Joke By Jesse David Fox

Mic drop!

party chat
Who’s Got the Best Beard on Game of Thrones? By Kara Warner

We asked the cast to find out.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Melinda and Melinda By Scott Meslow

For the second week in a row, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s villains stole the episode right out from under its heroes.

it's beeesed off his neeeme
Nick Kroll on Kroll Show’s Finale and Possible Spinoffs By Abraham Riesman

We caught up with Kroll in time for the series finale.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Finale Recap: All Good Ends Must Come to a Thing By Brian Moylan

We have never wanted a thing to end more than this season of The Real Magic Tricks of Hangover Begone Canyon.

last nigt on late night
Maisie Williams Gets Her Grandma Drunk to Watch Game of Thrones By Jesse David Fox


last night on late night
Kevin Hart’s Saturday Night Live Audition Was Too Obscure By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Avery Johnson, anybody?

Fresh Off the Boat Recap: All Hail Jessica Huang By Pilot Viruet

Constance Wu’s performance continues to be the highlight of the series.

The Mindy Project Recap: Parental Advisory By Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Please tell me they’ll at least tell us whom they would have cast as the parents if we don’t get another season.

Mad Men’s Jon Hamm Treated for Alcohol Addiction By Sean Fitz-Gerald

He checked himself in for a 30-day program last month.

wishful thinking
Against My Better Judgment, I Am Hugely Excited for New Episodes of The X-Files By Margaret Lyons

Its themes are still hugely relevant.

Bloodline Recap: Death Knell By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Up until now, this show was a dramatic social experiment to figure out how much patience you had.

How ’80s Cult Hit Moonlighting Laid the Groundwork for Community By Greg Cwik

The show that did meta before meta was cool.

Better Call Saul Recap: McGill & McGill, Esq. By Mike Powell

The story of how $22 aspirin and interstate commerce brought two brothers together. 

The X-Files Really Is Coming Back By Margaret Lyons

Six episodes!

casting couch
Chloë Sevigny Is Returning to American Horror Story for AHS: Hotel By Dee Lockett

Welcome back!

game of thrones
Game of Thrones Will Officially Spoil the Books — Good! By Nate Jones

George R.R. Martin will have a rough draft for his ending.

reality tv
Has Intervention Become Too Ubiquitous for Its Own Good? By Kelsey Osgood

“People are catching on to us early and eliminating the effectiveness of the intervention.”

The 5 Best Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race By Libby Hill

Spitting on Drag U’s grave.

the late late show with james corden
Tom Hanks and James Corden Performed a Charming 7-Minute Tom Hanks Retrospective By Lindsey Weber

From Cast Away to That Thing You Do!

tv review
Justified’s Unexpected Social Commentary Propels the Show to TV’s Elite Ranks By Matt Zoller Seitz

The show has every right to be full of itself, but it never is. 

last night on late night
Conan O’Brien Turned Robert Durst Into a Terrifying Pop-Up Ghoul By Sean Fitz-Gerald

SOS, Durst alert.

oh no he didn't
Nintendo: Netflix’s Live-Action Zelda Series Might Not Happen After All By Sean Fitz-Gerald

The original report was incorrect, according to Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata.

Bob’s Burgers Recap: Razzle Dazzle By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Life is fronderful when fashion's involved.

Bloodline Recap: The Price Isn’t Right By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Introducing the Big Bad Wolf.

season finales
How Girls Grew Up in Season 4 By Margaret Lyons

Each Girl spins more into her own realm.

don draper way
Take a Seat Next to ‘Don Draper’ on the New Don Draper Bench in Rockefeller Center By Lindsey Weber

Also, Mad Men Avenue and Don Draper Way.