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John Stamos Announces That the Full House Sequel Is Officially Happening By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Thanks, Uncle Jesse.

Jon Stewart Reveals the Date of His Final Daily Show Appearance By Sean Fitz-Gerald

It's too soon.

Gotham Recap: Riddler Begins, Kind of! By Simon Abrams

One of the most ambitious installments of Gotham yet.

tribeca film festival
Amy Schumer Discusses Rape Jokes, Butts, and Aging Actresses at Inside Amy Schumer Panel By Valentina I. Valentini

The season-three premiere screens at Tribeca.

Walter Skinner Will Be Back for the X-Files Reboot By Dee Lockett

Walter Skinner's back!

Daredevil Recap: I’m Not a Monster, Am I?

Daredevil’s episode six finally reached my expectations for the series, but “Shadows in the Glass” far exceeds them.

close reads
The Topsy-Turvy World of Mad Men’s ‘Forecast’ By Margaret Lyons

The kids are the grown-ups, but don't tell Peter Pan.

the industry
Happy 4/20: HBO Is Picking Up High Maintenance By Nate Jones

For six more episodes.

Mad Men Recap: Whistling Through the Graveyard By Matt Zoller Seitz

The series is uncertain about its future, and tacitly admits as much.

refresher course
Yes, We Knew Joan Had Been Married Twice on Mad Men By Margaret Lyons

To someone named "Scotty."

party chat
January Jones on Betty’s Career Plans and Why She’s More Modern Than We Think By Trupti Rami

"Betty was the only character that we saw read anything on feminism."

The Last Man on Earth Recap: I’m Phil Miller By Lauren Leibowitz

Who would have thought the best thing Last Man could do is double our dose of Phil Miller?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Make Up or Break Up By Danielle Henderson

We ended the season as we began it: with most of the cast trying to figure out how to be friends, and with NeNe on the outs.

Veep Recap: Happy Harrison Day! By Jessica Goldstein

Is Selina a good president?

Conan, Conan Writer Tweet About Late-Night Drama By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Specifically, the state of late-night comedy.

chat room
Game of Thrones’ Tom Wlaschiha on Faceless Men and What It Means to Be No One By Jennifer Vineyard

"It is like Jaqen is saying to Arya, 'Become the perfect actor.'"

the industry
Jon Stewart Sheds More Light on Why He’s Leaving The Daily Show By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Satisfaction is part of it.

HBO Cracks Down on Williamsburg Bar for Screening Game of Thrones By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Womp womp.

Silicon Valley Recap: Fight Night By Odie Henderson

This episode successfully serves up a series of battles between the familiar nemeses of the show.

Game of Thrones Recap: Ditch the Script By Nina Shen Rastogi

What do you do when all your plans fall apart — when you, in essence, run out of script?

Outlander Recap: The Witch of Blackbird Loch By Ester Bloom

Did Claire time-travel only to get burned at the stake?

Cry Watching Tracy Chapman Sing ‘Stand by Me’ to David Letterman, or Maybe Just Cry Because It's Monday Again By Dee Lockett

For you, Dave.

Daredevil Recap: Black Sky By Sulagna Misra

Matt can tell when someone is in love, or dying, or the exact emotional needs of a dog.

the industry
12 Years a Slave’s John Ridley Is Secretly Working With Marvel on a New TV Series By Dee Lockett

How mysterious.

After 53 Years, It’s Time to Say Good-bye to Univision’s Sábado Gigante By Lindsey Weber

Adiós, amigo.

vulture analysis
Was a J.Lo Cameo in Anna Kendrick’s ‘Booty’ Lip Sync Enough to Beat John Krasinski in a Dress? By E. Alex Jung

Sometimes you're just a man in a dress.

Scandal Recap: Back, But Never Here By Luvvie Ajayi

Welcome back, Papa Pope!

the industry
If You Want to Have Sex in a Box While People Watch, You’re Going to Have to Do It on Your Own Time Now By Jesse David Fox

RIP, Sex Box. 

chat room
Tatiana Maslany Talks Orphan Black, Clone Origin Stories, and Sarah and Felix’s Incredible Loft By Lucas Kavner

"They're not going to give up that real estate."

The Vampire Diaries Recap: What If? By Rebecca Serle

We don’t know how Elena’s story will end, but we do know our lives will not be the same without her.

the industry
Sarah Jessica Parker Is Returning to HBO and Fictional New York City By Lindsey Weber

Carrie's back. Kinda. 

last night on late night
Conan O’Brien Tried to Do a Detective-Themed Escape Room, Almost Throttled His Producer By Sean Fitz-Gerald

In the 1940s.

dos and don'ts
Louis C.K. Thinks He Shouldn’t Smoke Pot or Tweet By Sean Fitz-Gerald

He is right about one of these things.

behind the scenes
The Story Behind That Hilarious Poop Scene on Louie By Lucas Kavner

"Four years I've been saying to Louie, 'Please. Please do this scene.'"

Louie Recap: Friends, Sex, Love, Marriage, Divorce, Ruin By Danielle Henderson

The one with the masterfully done poop joke.

Daredevil Recap: Men Like Us By Sulagna Misra

This is so far the best episode of the series.

Martha Is the Embodiment of Everything We Dread on The Americans By Margaret Lyons

You in danger, girl.

Why Is TV’s ’90s Reboot Boom Ignoring All the Great Black Comedies of That Era? By Dee Lockett

Sister, Sister deserves to come back.

What Happens When Orphan Black Meets Multiplicity? By Lindsey Weber and Linsey Fields

Get it? There are so many clones.

fond farewells
Amy Sedaris Made Her 34th (and Final!) Appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman, Turning Us to Mush By E. Alex Jung


In Case You Missed It: Christina Aguilera Was on Nashville Last Night By Lindsey Weber

A.k.a. Jade St. John. 

Arrow Recap: Pretty Hurts By Jenny Raftery

Oliver finally seems ready to acknowledge that sometimes even the hero needs saving.

Nashville Recap: Father Knows Least By Max Weiss

Do not turn Juliette into a caricature, show!

last night on late night
Ice Cube Is Rightfully Proud of ‘Bye, Felicia’ By Jesse David Fox

Friday's 20th anniversary is this month.

refresher course
Here’s Where We Left Each Clone on Orphan Black By E. Alex Jung

More clones than ever before!

The Americans Recap: I Need a Break By Laura Hudson

Stan starts sniffing around Martha; Phil takes his wig off.

the industry
Emerald City Is Coming Back to NBC By Sean Fitz-Gerald

With a new writer and a new dog.

the industry
All of the Girls From Girls Will Be on The Simpsons By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Springfield's about to get very hip.

Netflix Sent an Email Suggesting a Show Called Scrotal Recall. Here’s How People Reacted. By Dee Lockett

You can imagine people's reaction to that email.

Daredevil Recap: A Life in Search of Power By Sulagna Misra

This episode, we see how Wilson Fisk’s vast network works, and how deep it goes.