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Donald Glover and FX Walk Away From Deadpool Animated Series By Anne Victoria Clark

You’ll have to get your superhero fix literally anywhere else.

the white house
Roseanne Barr Would Be Tickled Pink to Screen Roseanne at the White House By Devon Ivie

Her co-stars, not so much.

the flix
Steven Spielberg Thinks Netflix Films Are Nothing More Than TV Movies That Don’t Deserve Oscars By Devon Ivie

Way harsh, SS.

Twist! Mike Pence’s Daughter Loves John Oliver’s Gay Marlon Bundo Book By Devon Ivie

But what does daddy think?

Jeffrey Tambor’s Sexual-Harassment Claims Have Been ‘Traumatic’ for Transparent, Says Jay Duplass By Devon Ivie

“The whole experience is painful and really hard to process.”

nightmares and dreamscapes
The Simpsons Explores the President’s Nightmares in ‘A Tale of Two Trumps’ Short By Halle Kiefer

Rest easy, POTUS. It was all a dream.

Jane the Virgin Recap: Good-bye, Lefty By Kathryn VanArendonk

Oof, Xiomara does indeed have breast cancer.

ey i'm runnin' here
The Actors Who Played Steve and Magda on SATC Support Cynthia Nixon’s Run for Governor By Gabriella Paiella

David Eigenberg and Lynn Cohen offered well wishes for their former co-star.

tv review
The Terror Is a Horrifying 19th-Century Nightmare By Matt Zoller Seitz

AMC’s new historical drama is misery porn, beautifully rendered.

what's good
Don’t Forget: Danity Kane Actually Had Bops By Allison P. Davis

“Damaged” is a song that stands the test of time.

How the Minds Behind Barry Made an Unlikely Hit-Man Comedy By Stacey Wilson Hunt

Bill Hader, Alec Berg, and Henry Winkler talk their new HBO show.

Regina King on Finally Directing Her First TV Pilot By Maria Elena Fernandez

“Every show I’ve directed was picked with the intention of giving me the tools that I’m going to need once I finally direct a pilot.”

The 2018 Network Pilot Season Shows Considerable Gains for Women Directors By Maria Elena Fernandez, Rozanne Els and Ellen Peterson

This year, 19 women are directing 24 out of 75 pilots; by comparison, last year, women directed six of 70 pilots.

tv review
Barry’s Killer Comedy Is a Great Showcase for Bill Hader By Jen Chaney

The tone is tricky, but Hader’s new HBO show will get under your skin.

Everything in Wild Wild Country Is Amazing Except Its Horrible Font By Brian Moylan

Like most documentaries, Wild Wild Country delivers all the information we need, but it does it in a font that is so ornate it’s nearly illegible.

Atlanta Robbin’ Season Recap: Best of Five By Bryan Washington

“Helen” is the episode that I’ve been waiting for.

My Favorite Show on TV Is About a Bunch of Finance Dudes By Gabriella Paiella

I simply can’t get enough of Billions.

Margot Robbie Is Producing a Female-Led Shakespeare Series in Australia By Anne Victoria Clark

Finally the Lady MacBeths of the world get their due.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: The Son Also Rises By Maggie Fremont

Someone. Please. Help. April.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season-Premiere Recap: Dime-store Girls By Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers

Let’s meet our fresh-faced queens, shall we?

5 Ways That Grey’s Anatomy Can Save Itself in Season 14 By Nicole Silverberg

As Derek Shepherd might say, it’s a beautiful day to save TV shows.

vulture lists
Every Episode of The X-Files Revival, Ranked By Brian Tallerico

“The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat” is The X-Files at its best.

The Rain Teaser: Danish Teens Flee Toxic Precipitation in Netflix’s New Series By Jordan Crucchiola

Another day, another young-adult dystopia.

Silicon Valley Season 5 Doesn’t Need T.J. Miller By Jen Chaney

Erlich is gone, but Pied Piper bumbles on.

put a bird on it
Good-bye, Portlandia. Good-bye, Hipsters. By Jesse David Fox

With Portlandia wrapping up its final season, hipsters will finally, completely step out of the spotlight.

Ellen Pompeo on Rumors That Her Salary Caused Grey’s Anatomy Departures: ‘It’s Absolutely Not True’ By Corinna Burford

“It’s absolutely not true.”

the notorious rbg
Stephen Colbert Gets Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Official Ruling on Hot Dogs v. Sandwiches By Tolly Wright

The Supreme Court Justice may have overturned a seminal case about whether a hot dog is a sandwich.

last night on late night
Here Are 9 Minutes of Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys Flirting and Mostly Ignoring Stephen Colbert By Jackson McHenry

What a pair of cuties.

tv review
Station 19 Isn’t Just a Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff By Matt Zoller Seitz

Like every Shondaland series, this new show is built around a tough, smart woman with an edge.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Fact-checking the Season Finale, ‘Alone’ By Kenny Herzog

What American Crime Story got right and wrong about the closing days of Andrew Cunanan’s life.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace Season-Finale Recap: The Bloody End By Brian Moylan

Whether or not we like it, Andrew Cunanan and Gianni Versace are inextricably linked.

The X-Files Season-Finale Recap: The Struggle Continues By Brian Tallerico

Is this the last X-Files episode ever?

Riverdale Recap: The Real Housewives of Riverdale By Molly Fitzpatrick

Welcome to your surreal Bravo-CW crossover dream.

How Legendary TV Writer Nell Scovell Thinks We Should Treat Workplace Harassment By Katla McGlynn

“Everyone should look at it and go ‘Ew!’”

me too
Fred Savage Accused of Physical Harassment on The Grinder Set By Hunter Harris

He denies the allegations.

How Well Do You Know Your Generic Network Dramas? By Jackson McHenry

What even is Instinct?

YouTube Red: 5 Things to Know About the Streaming Service By Josef Adalian

The video giant is now making a serious push into the subscription-based TV business.

justice for miss wolfe
Why Isn’t Rosie Perez’s Character in Charge on Rise? By Jackson McHenry

Miss Wolfe had an idea for Grease!

Tessa Thompson Is the Personal Trainer of Your Dreams in Portlandia’s Series Finale By Jackson McHenry

Carrie Brownstein catches Tessa’s eye.

last night on late night
Laura Benanti Points Out the One Thing You Have in Common With Melania Trump By Jackson McHenry

We’re more similar than you think.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Psychic Sidekick By Brian Moylan

Let us pause to mourn the loss of Lisa Vanderpump’s dog.

The Cold War Is Over By Jen Chaney

They aren’t as sad about the end of their show as you might think.

last night on late night
Watching Jimmy Kimmel Get a Colonoscopy Is Soothing, in Its Way By Halle Kiefer

Katie Couric cheers him on, 18 years after she televised her own procedure.

Olivia de Havilland and FX Debate Whether ‘Bitch’ Is Worse Than ‘Dragon Lady’ in Court By Halle Kiefer

This is turning out to be a real dragon lady of a lawsuit.

smash lives!
Let Them Be Your Stars Again: NBC’s Smash Could Get a Stage Reboot By Halle Kiefer

Fade in a TV revival.

trailer mix
Syfy’s Nightflyers Trailer: George R.R. Martin Presents … Space By Halle Kiefer

“It’s Psycho in space.” Well, don’t mind if we do.

America’s Next Top Model Recap: Undercover B*tch By Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers

Never underestimate Top Model in doing wrong by its contestants.

Rise Recap: Totally Effed By Kathryn VanArendonk

How is this show on Mr. Mazzu’s side?

vulture lists
The 25 Most Essential Roseanne Episodes By Kimberly Potts

Ahead of ABC’s Roseanne revival, reacquaint yourself with the Conner family.

paleyfest 2018
The Handmaid’s Tale Cast Explains What’s Really Under Those Cloaks By Taylor Ferber

“Granny panties, don’t knock ‘em! They’re pretty comfortable.”