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fond farewells
Revisit Jessica Williams’s Best Segments From The Daily Show By Devon Ivie

Four years of funny, provoking work.

best of 2016
The Best TV Shows of 2016 (So Far) By Jen Chaney and Matt Zoller Seitz

GOT, CXG, two O.J.s, and more.

Law & Order Director Jace Alexander Gets 10 Years Probation in Child-Porn Case By Nate Jones

He pleaded guilty in January.

Jessica Williams Is Leaving The Daily Show to Pursue a New ‘Woke’ Comedy Pilot By Devon Ivie

After four years as a correspondent.

trailer mix
Watching the BoJack Horseman Season 3 Trailer Might Not Bring You Lasting Happiness, But You Should Still Do It Anyway By Nate Jones

"If I win an Oscar, my life will have meaning."

chat room
Orange Is the New Black’s Lori Petty on How Prison Failed Lolly By Dee Lockett

"You can’t just lock these people up!"

the vulture tv awards 2016
The Best Show on TV Is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend By Matt Zoller Seitz

It’s a comet passing through TV’s solar system, and we won’t see its like again soon. 

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Bad Medicine By Jessica Goldstein

Get out while you still can, Liam! You deserve so much better than Rosewood.

roll clip!
Drake’s Cut SNL Sketch Is a Window Into the Strange Interoffice Banter of Corporate America By Devon Ivie

Dope dot busssssinessss.

A Grandmother and Teenage Girl Join Season 7 of The Walking Dead Like Lambs Led to the Abattoir By E. Alex Jung

Naomi and Jennie.

The Night Of Recap: A Twist of the Knife By Vikram Murthi

The Night Of wants us to marinate in the horror of the criminal-justice system.

casting couch
Freida Pinto Will Be Leaping From ‘Political Activism to Radical Militancy’ in New Mini-series Guerrilla By Devon Ivie

Alongside Idris Elba.

The Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Ambivalent Timeline Leading Up to Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm By Devon Ivie

Curb's return to the small screen has been five long years in the making.

Game of Thrones’ Season Finale Is on Track to Be Its Most-Watched Episode Ever By Josef Adalian

The Sept of Baelor wasn’t the only thing that went kablooey this weekend.

American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Wheel of Pain By Rachel Sugar

Welcome to Philadelphia, the final stop on this tour of our ninja nation.

The Bachelorette Recap: Cry for Me, Argentina By Ali Barthwell

We get into the deep neurosis of JoJo.

Casual Recap: Nothing Good Happens in Burbank By Julia Edelman

Valerie is entering a new stage in her life.

The Mindy Project Recap: The Kiss By Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

"Stay away from Mindy or else!"

boob tube
The Latest Nielsen Reports Are In: We’re Hardly Ever Not-Watching Television By Tolly Wright

The average American spends 4.5 hours watching live TV. Daily.

UnREAL Recap: Independence Day By Angelica Jade Bastién

Does Darius realize what he's lost by colluding in his own exploitation?

BrainDead Recap: The Party of Adults By Lauren Hoffman

The political theater of BrainDead isn't measuring up to the political theater of reality.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Demolition Women

There is no one for Vicki to blame but herself. Period.

The Fosters Recap: Lockdown Lifted By Maggie Fremont

Bless your heart, Brandon. You make the dumbest decisions.

game of crop tops
On Game of Thrones, Crop Tops Are the Ultimate Sign of Freedom By Anna Silman

Long live Missandei's belly button. 

game of thrones
Game of Thrones Writer Explains Why the Show Stopped Trying to Make All the Travel Times Line Up By Nate Jones

It's to avoid "Arya spending four episodes on a boat."

Two Match Game Obsessives Discuss ABC’s Quiz-Show Reboot By Joe Adalian and Christopher Bonanos

The return of tall skinny microphones and backstage cocktails.

That Song From the Game of Thrones Finale Is on Spotify, and It’s Straight Fire By Nate Jones

It's called "Light of the Seven."

music videos
Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video to Air on TV So You Can See for Yourself What All the Fuss Is About By Nate Jones

The video features naked wax figures of celebrities like Taylor Swift and Donald Trump.

game of thrones finale
10 Key Moments That Paved the Way to Matriarchy in Westeros By Anna Silman

The map has been redrawn.

playing with wildfire
Like You, Natalie Dormer Has Feelings About Margaery’s Fate on Game of Thrones By Rachel Bashein

Blame it on the High Sparrow.

last night on late night
John Oliver Warns Americans That Something As Terrible As Brexit Really Could Happen Here By Nate Jones

"And when it does, there won't be any f*cking do-overs."

vulture lists
Every Game of Thrones Episode, Ranked From Worst to Best By Sean T. Collins

We swear it by the old gods and the new.

chat room
Orange Is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks on Channeling Michael Brown Sr.’s Pain for That Tragic Scene By Dee Lockett

"I wanted to do justice to what so many mothers and fathers go through in real life."

Game of Thrones Season Finale Recap: Winter Is Here By Jen Chaney

A very fine season ends with bloodshed, an explosive coup, and thorny questions about faith.

Veep Season Finale Recap: I Hate This Country By Jessica Goldstein

Tom James is a dirtbag.

Roadies Series Premiere Recap: The Load-In By Noel Murray

The pilot suffers from Cameron Crowe's worst tendencies, but Roadies still seems promising.

Silicon Valley Season Finale Recap: Fear of the Walking DAUs By Odie Henderson

The Emmys need to stop ignoring Thomas Middleditch and T.J. Miller.

let us discuss
Let’s Discuss Tonight’s Episode of Game of Thrones, ‘The Winds of Winter’ By Nate Jones

Season six comes to a dramatic finish.

Ray Donovan Season Premiere Recap: Stage Zero By Brian Tallerico

"Girl With Guitar" offers hope that Ray Donovan will regain its footing.

Preacher Recap: The Road to Hell By Scott Meslow

"What's inside of you, it isn't God."

Join Vulture’s Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale Liveblog By Nate Jones, Gazelle Emami, Tara Abell and Jen Chaney

Sunday night at 9 p.m.

Outlander Recap: Brotherhood By Ester Bloom

Can Claire and Jamie do anything to avert the looming disaster? Not bloody likely.

Hell on Wheels Recap: Fuse Your Illusion By Kenny Herzog

Love might be the lone exception to Chang, Huntington, and Durant's shared cynicism.

Rory Gilmore Visited Michelle Obama at the White House, and You Just Know They Talked About Books By Devon Ivie

Of course Rory got distracted in the China Room.

Outcast Recap: Keeping the Romance Alive By Simon Abrams

"A Wrath Unseen" is Outcast's best episode yet.

Aziz Ansari: Trump’s Islamophobia ‘Makes Me Scared for My Family’ By Nate Jones

"It's visceral, and scary, and it affects how people live, work and pray."

trailer mix
Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon Get Cringe Humor Right With This Game of Thrones Gag By Kit Steinkellner

Come on, people in line for coffee! Laugh!

the industry
Relax: The Brexit Won’t Affect F*cking Game of Thrones By Nate Jones

Winter is still coming, whether Northern Ireland is in the EU or not.

high maintenance
You Don’t Actually Have to Be High Maintenance to Enjoy the Teaser for HBO’s New Stoner Comedy High Maintenance By Devon Ivie

It'll premiere this fall.

tv review
HBO’s The Night Of Unfolds Like a Fat Crime Novel By Matt Zoller Seitz

It's the longest, bleakest Law & Order episode ever.