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Pierce Brosnan Is Not Very Good at GoldenEye 007

Tonight, Jimmy Fallon fulfilled one of his childhood dreams — as he does most nights, arguably — by playing a round of the classic N64 game GoldenEye 007 with Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan is pretty awful at it, but to be fair, he probably didn't have much time in the late '90s to sit around playing video games.

See the Pilot for ABC's My Fair Lady-Inspired Sitcom

The first episode of ABC's millennial comedy Selfie premieres September 30th, and now you can stream the first episode online. Selfie is a modern retelling of My Fair Lady, which stars Doctor Who's Karen Gillan as "Eliza Dooley" a narcissistic social media addict who hires a marketing guru, played by Harold and Kumar's John Cho, to rehabilitate her image after she accidentally stars in an unflattering viral video. Watch the pilot (or just pretend to watch the pilot while you check your Instagram) on Hulu.

Nick Sandow on His Upcoming Film, Playing a ‘Sensitive Cheeseball’ on Orange Is the New Black, and Sideboob

If we learned anything about the wardens on the second season of Orange Is the New Black, it’s that they’re just like us. [Warning: Spoilers through season two of Orange Is the New Black to follow.] We watched as Healy tried to work on his anger-management issues in therapy (sort of), O’Neill strummed the banjolele, and, most memorably of all, Joe Caputo rocked out as the bass player in the bar band Sideboob. The last moment inspired Vulture to get on the phone with Nick Sandow, the actor who portrays new assistant warden Caputo. He told us about learning (or rather, learning how to fake-play) the bass, the sexual element of power, and working with producer Martin Scorsese on The Wannabe, an upcoming film he wrote and directed. But first, can we talk about Fischer? He fired Fischer!

That totally happened. »

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite on Barely Legal Pawn

Here's how to get people to watch your awards show: Bring Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul back together for some comedy. And throw in a li'l Julia Louis-Dreyfus for good measure! The three do a bit called Barely Legal Pawn (a play on those pawn-shop reality shows) to promote next week's Emmys. Honestly, it's nice to see the boys getting into some legal entrepreneurship.

The Simpsons FXX Marathon Schedule

Does the idea of every Simpsons episode playing back to back to back give you anxiety, like when you stare up at the stars and realize how small you are in the grand scheme of things? Okay, breathe. It will be okay. First things first, the schedule. We suggest you read this over and over, repeating each episode like a mini-mantra, and remember that wherever you land, it's still going to be The Simpsons, and that's great.


Emmys: Who Should Win in the Drama Races?

The 66th Emmy Awards are next Monday (yep, Monday), and all this week, Vulture will be breaking down the major categories. Instead of giving our predictions for which shows and actors will take home awards, let’s focus on the question that matters more: Who should win? We’ve already tackled the comedy races. Today, we focus on drama.

And the Emmys should go to ... »

Which Hotwives of Orlando Character Is the Hottest Mess?

Starting today, anyone with an internet connection and 23 minutes of free time can stream the season finale of The Hotwives of Orlando, the original Hulu series parodying the sprawling Real Housewives shows and the various franchises’ train-wreck stars. Like the reunion specials capping off Real Housewives seasons, the seventh episode of Hotwives reconvenes the titular narcissists (played by Casey Wilson and others) for a salacious update hosted by the show’s Andy Cohen–alike (Paul Scheer). Now that season one is in the books, Vulture closely examined the six O-Town hot messes and and ranked the Hotwives by their inherent hot-messness.

First up: The one whose hobby is taxidermy. »

Under the Dome Recap: Outside Man

We open on the peach dome of Big Jim's head, and a hilarious stare-down between Jim and himself in the mirror. This car-salesman emeritus/former councilman has elected himself sheriff, making him the fifth person to take the job since Dome Day hit three or so weeks ago. Important moment, though: Jim, who always tries to be a man of faith in public, ponders a Bible before choosing a gun. Science versus faith has run its course — now it's firepower versus faith. Visiting with Rebecca Pine, Jim says the scientific term for his murderous egomaniacal schemes is overzealousness. Ah!

What's going to happen with the hole? »

The Saved by the Bell Lifetime Movie Gets Angsty

Here is another new trailer for the Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie, which only further vilifies its young stars. "I'm not Screech," screeches Screech as he throws a punch. You'll get a shot of Zach on that famous clunky cell phone! And a clear reminder that this entire thing is unauthorized. Teens, man.

David Letterman Remembers His Friend of 38 Years, Robin Williams

The Late Show was off last week, when the news came out that Robin Williams died. So last night, Letterman spent over ten minutes talking about his 38-year friendship with Williams. This included stories about being blown away the first time he saw Williams perform and Williams's nearly 50 appearances on a Letterman late-night show. It ends with an expectedly great compilation of Williams's best Late Show moments.

Bruce Willis Sloppily Shares His Corn With David Letterman

Bruce Willis is a longtime Letterman vet, and whenever he stops by the show, weird stuff tends to happen. Such as tonight's segment, in which the two men simultaneously ate a cob of corn attached to Willis's face with some sort of self-fashioned corn harmonica. Although, believe it or not, this isn't even the weirdest instance of Willis-Letterman food-related bromance: That distinction goes to the time that Letterman ate a molded ground beef toupee off Willis's head. Seriously, these two.

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Legendary Saturday Night Live Announcer Don Pardo Has Died

Don Pardo, the veteran announcer whose iconic voice has been heard in Saturday Night Live's opening credits since its 1975 premiere, passed away this evening at the age of 96, an NBC spokeswoman confirmed to Vulture late Monday.* Pardo has opened SNL every season, except for one: The 1981–82 year, produced by sports exec Dick Ebersol.  In recent years, Pardo has been rumored to be stepping down from the announcing gig multiple times, and at one point, a decade ago, even “retired.” But SNL creator Lorne Michaels somehow always managed to get him to return, with Pardo pre-recording each week’s guests from his home in Arizona rather than live in studio. While Pardo will always be most closely associated with SNL, earlier in his career he was nearly as legendary to earlier generations as the announcer for the original incarnations of The Price is Right and Jeopardy! That latter gig also resulted in one of Pardo’s most memorable performances in front of the camera: He played himself in the video for Weird Al’s 1984 hit “I Lost on Jeopardy.” Sadly, Pardo’s passing means he will not be around (at least in the flesh) to announce the upcoming 40th season of SNL

* This post previously stated that Pardo was responsible for saying "Live from New York" at the beginning of every episode. That is not his job, but rather that of a cast member or special guest.

Carrie Ditches Baby, Heads Back to the Middle East in New Homeland Trailer

Homeland returns October 5, and now Showtime has released the first trailer for the upcoming fourth season, which has Carrie and the gang headed to the Middle East for some Brody-free espionage. Despite the new setting and a few new characters — welcome, stressed out Corey Stoll! — it looks like everyone is mostly back to their old tricks: Quinn is still broody and racked with self-doubt, Saul is still gloomy and muttering vague euphemisms like "tyranny of secrets," and Carrie is still lying to her loved ones and sacrificing her personal life in the name of national security. “I told you they’re sending me back, I don’t have a choice,” she tells her sister Maggie, as they flash to a photo of her holding her new baby. "I don't believe you," Maggie responds. Classic Carrie!

Howard Deutch on John Hughes, Shooting Sex Scenes, and How Pretty in Pink Prepared Him for True Blood

Note: This interview with Howard Deutch contains spoilers through the penultimate episode of True Blood. Don’t click through until you’ve caught up.

Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful — these are not movies that are erotic.” »

David Rees on How to Make Your Own TV Show

For the past year, I've been working on a how-to show for National Geographic called Going Deep With David Rees. As co-creator and host, I learned how to make ice cubes, how to tie my shoes properly, how to throw a paper airplane, and how to do a bunch of other cool things — but I also learned, for the first time, how to make a TV show. If you'd like to make a TV show of your own, follow these simple steps and think of me when you win your Emmy.

Seriously, you must think of me when you win your Emmy. »

Keanu Reeves Becomes Latest Movie Star to Get a Television Show

Deadline is reporting that Keanu Reeves will be executive producing and starring in a TV adaptation of author Barry Eisler's best-selling "Rain" series, which centers around John Rain, a hit man whose specialty is making his victims look like they died of natural causes. Reeves will be working with fellow executive producers and stuntmen turned directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, who recently directed him in the upcoming John Wick, which is a movie also about a hit man. I guess everyone's properly prepped!

Amy Schumer’s Ice-Bucket Challenge Has a Surprise Ending

The madness of the Ice-Bucket Challenge continues, and celebs are all in. (And in case you're over it already, it seems like they're also giving money.) Now comes the showmanship: Who can do the best Ice Bucket Challenge? You be the judge. As far as contenders go, Amy Schumer's has a surprise ending:

Power-Ranking the 15 Most Successful America’s Next Top Model Contestants

People — cruel people — love to joke that winning America’s Next Top Model is essentially like getting a pat on the back and a gold star. Roughly zero contestants on Tyra Banks’s long-running series (we’re on Cycle 21 now) have gone on to become supermodels. Instead, maybe they earn a modest living doing runway shows, ad campaigns, and music videos; sometimes they fall to pieces and end up seeking Dr. Phil. Part of the irony in watching ANTM: Knowing that their smizes will soon disintegrate into crying emojis. Some, however, defy the odds and flip their quasi-fame into movie roles (those acting challenges really pay off), non-modeling gigs, and more reality TV. Since ANTM (Boys & Girls 2) returns tonight, Vulture created a power ranking of the show’s most enterprising contestants based on their biggest achievements.


Emmys: Who Should Win in the Comedy Races?

The 66th Emmy Awards are next Monday (yep, Monday) and all this week, Vulture will be breaking down the major categories. Instead of giving our predictions for which shows and actors will take home awards, let’s focus on the question that matters more: Who should win? Today, we kick things off with the comedy races.

And the Emmy should go to ... »

Watch Uzo Aduba’s Inspiring Post-Emmy Win Interview

One of the highlights of Saturday's Creative Arts Emmys was Uzo Aduba's win for her portrayal of Crazy Eyes on Orange Is the New Black — a moment that delighted Aduba and the room full of press. You can see the excitement watching in her a post-Emmys "exit interview," which is available in full below.