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What’s Leaving HBO: March 2017 By Andrew Lapin

Hurry up! Dave Chappelle’s Block Party is waiting.

What’s Leaving Hulu: March 2017 By Andrew Lapin

Adiós, Amélie.

What’s Leaving Netflix: March 2017 By Andrew Lapin

Don’t miss Taika Waititi’s Boy.

Everything We Know About That Oscars Best Picture Mix-up By Jackson McHenry

Why did Warren Beatty get the wrong envelope?

Matthew Rhys on Choosing a Fake Penis for His Girls Episode By Jennifer Vineyard

“It wasn’t the one used by Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights.”

Bill Paxton, the Consummate Everyman, Was at His Best on Big Love By Aileen Gallagher

His everyman qualities made him an ideal leading man on the HBO series.

chat room
Asia Kate Dillon on Billions, Nonbinary Gender Identity, and Making TV History By E. Alex Jung

Dillon is the first nonbinary actor to play a nonbinary character on television.

good one podcast
Kristen Schaal on Writing Her Stand-up for a Character Named ‘The Girl’ and Being Vulnerable Without Being Personal By Jesse David Fox

Kristen Schaal used to write her stand-up for a character named “The Girl.”

making faces
What Was Everyone in the Oscars Audience Thinking When They Realized Moonlight Actually Won? An Investigation By Jackson McHenry

Every kind of shock, from Meryl to the Rock.

oscars 2017
The Oscars’ Last-Minute Surprise Highlights What’s Wrong With the Bloated Award Show By Jen Chaney

Moonlight beating La La Land was a great TV moment. How many people turned off the Academy Awards before it happened?

plot twists
Amazon Salvages the Second Season of Fortitude From the Remains of Pivot By Jackson McHenry

The arctic mystery series aired its first season on the now-defunct Pivot TV in the U.S.

Billions Recap: A Calculated Risk By Brian Tallerico

“Dead Cat Bounce” introduces a lot of new faces to Billions.

Girls Director Richard Shepard on Fake Penises, Matthew Rhys, and Why He Loves Stand-alone Episodes By Maria Elena Fernandez

“It’s actually very hard to find a not-fully-erect dildo.”

The Walking Dead Recap: Welcome Home, Haircut By Richard Rys

Whether he’s truly turning into Dr. Evil or not, Eugene is finally worth watching.

Homeland Recap: The New York Groove By Brian Tallerico

Anyone else miss the action-packed Homeland of seasons past?

oscars 2017
Jimmy Kimmel Goes After Donald Trump, Meryl Streep, and, of Course, Matt Damon in His Oscars Monologue By Jackson McHenry

“Nice dress, by the way. Is that an Ivanka?”

good sex
Caitriona Balfe Is Here to Assure You That Outlander’s Claire and Jamie Will Still Have Smokin’ Hot Sex 20 Years Later By Scott Huver

With age comes wisdom and the undiminished capacity for a very compelling sex scene.

The Good Fight Recap: Who Voted for Trump? By Lauren Hoffman

“The Schtup List” tees up story lines for the rest of the season.

the whoniverse
David Harewood Doesn’t Want Doctor Who’s Next Doctor to Be a White Guy By Devon Ivie

“It needs to do something different.”

Planet Earth II Recap: The One With the Mountains By Lindsey Weber

These flamingos know how to party.

cool answer for $100 alex
College Champion Lives Your Wildest Intellectual Dreams by Writing Joke ‘Final Jeopardy’ Answer By Devon Ivie

Long live “spiciest memelord.”

viva la hester
Sorry, Scream Queens Fans: Lea Michele Is Joining ABC’s City-Mayor Comedy Pilot By Devon Ivie

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because you screamed a lot.

the industry
The Emmys Are Getting Two New Categories This Year By Devon Ivie

Keepin’ it fresh.

last night on late night
Maggie Smith Went Full Dowager Countess on Ian McKellen at the Oscars By Devon Ivie


last night on late night
We Hope You Enjoy Patrick Stewart’s Bizarre Circumcision Story As Much As Hugh Jackman Did By Devon Ivie

It’s like a Sherlock Holmes tale.

last night on late night
Stephen Colbert Asks: Are We on Our Way to the Next Cold War? By Devon Ivie

“It’s a terrifying prospect.”

chat room
Neal Brennan Explains How He Pitches Black Comedians Jokes with the N-Word By Jesse David Fox

The comedian takes us inside his process in this transcript of Vulture’s comedy podcast, Good One.

chat room
Matthew Weiner on His Upcoming Novel, Mad Men Reunions, and Answering Questions From Fans By Soo Youn

“How could I not acknowledge that this is a huge chunk of my life?”

Crashing Recap: On the Road By Vikram Murthi

“Comedy: six letters, but a thousand reasons it makes the human condition easier.”

casting couch
Connie Britton Is Rebounding From Nashville With a Nicole Holofcener Movie Where She’ll Flirt With Ben Mendelsohn By Jackson McHenry

Netflix’s The Land of Steady Habits is going to be indie-riffic.

emotional food journeys
What It’s Like to Eat Sheldon Simeon’s Food With Top Chef Judge Gail Simmons By E. Alex Jung

A five-course dinner at the James Beard House.

i wanna dance with somebody
Simone Biles Will Reportedly Compete on Dancing With the Stars By Hunter Harris

She’s said that her dream dance partner would be Sasha Farber.

Lena Dunham Explains Girls’ Big Episode on Sexual Assault By Gazelle Emami

“I have way less shame about my actual sexual assault than I do about some ambiguous encounters I had with some people.”

Bill Maher Under Fire for Recently Unearthed 1998 Video in Which He Defends an Illicit Teacher-Student Relationship By Hunter Harris

Maher defended Mary Kay Letourneau, a teacher convicted of having sex with a then-12-year-old student.

Nashville Recap: The Queen Is Dead By Max Weiss

Where does Nashville go from here? I honestly don’t know.

Big Little Lies Recap: Two Days in Monterey By Hillary Kelly

Reese Witherspoon’s Madeline is a Hadron Collider of fury.

last night on late night
In Allison Williams’s Dream Ending of Girls, Marnie Settles Into a Sexless Marriage of Convenience With Elijah By Jackson McHenry

“Their mutual hatred and envy and love will keep them together.”

How to Get Away With Murder Season Finale Recap: Who Killed Wes? By Ali Barthwell

Someone is literally getting away with murder!

Girls Recap: When She Was Good By Kathryn VanArendonk

“American Bitch” is a challenging, fascinating, and extremely self-aware episode.

last night on late night
Elijah Wood’s Friend Nick Just So Happens to Be the Bachelor By Karen Brill

And you thought you were emotionally invested in The Bachelor.

happy trails
Connie Britton Leaves Nashville Fans With the Cold Comfort of a Heartfelt Coda After That Momentous Episode By Karen Brill

Time to sing another song.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: All Stirred Up By Maggie Fremont

Riggs is crying, you guys!

The Big Bang Theory Recap: Grown-ups By Kimberly Potts

Amy Farrah Fowler is a very, very patient woman.

casting couch
Lauren Graham Is Returning to Broadcast Television As Your Chatty Co-worker Linda From HR By Karen Brill

It’s a comedy, finally.

mea culpas
24: Legacy Creative Team Apologizes for Using Real Footage From 2013 Nairobi Terror Attack By Karen Brill

The footage will be removed from future broadcasts of the episode.

Riverdale Recap: Blood Is Thicker Than Maple Syrup By Molly Fitzpatrick

Why is every mom on Riverdale so menacing?

casting couch
Dr. Ken’s Season Finale Will Feature a Really Meta Community Reunion With Dan Harmon By Devon Ivie

Get ready.

female directors
Only One of This Season’s Broadcast Drama Pilots Will Employ a Female Director By Jackson McHenry

Things aren’t improving for female TV directors.

casting couch
Matthew Broderick to Bring His Cool, Collected Demeanor to FX’s Katrina: American Crime Story By Devon Ivie

The Murphyverse expands.

Scarlett Johansson to Become Only the Fourth Woman to Host SNL Five Times By Dee Lockett

She joins the exclusive Five-Timers Club.