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Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery: What’s New, What Isn’t, and What’s Missing

Twin Peaks was a phenomenon, one whose impact far outlived its two seasons, and one whose resonance can’t be overstated. Well, unless you want to claim (as some have) that David Lynch and Mark Frost’s small-town murder-mystery-supernatural-suspense series was somehow the inspiration for Mad MenBreaking Bad, and The Wire. But even if Peaks isn’t responsible for every important show that came after it, a good case can be made that, had it not aired on network TV to (admittedly short-lived) widespread acclaim, other genre-twisting dramas — from The X-Files to Lost — might never have gotten their chance at primetime. Just shy of 25 years after its debut, Peaks’ DNA can be found all over the storytelling choices in The KillingHannibal, and, most recently, Fargo and True Detective.

Confirmed: Ray Wise is the coolest. »

Watch Zac Efron Eat an Earthworm Omelette on Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Thanks to NBC, you can watch the entirety of Zac Efron's jaunt into nature alongside Bear Grylls. It's quality Efron: He parachutes into the Catskills, finds time to go topless, eats an earthworm omelette, and even discusses his recent issues with drug use. Get your full fill of Efron now, because in two weeks? Channing Tatum.

Under the Dome Recap: Barb Shot the Sheriff

I'm not sure how I can watch Under the Dome so closely — too closely, some/all might say — without realizing last week that the scratches on Uncle Sam's shoulder clearly came from Angie's bloody fingernails. Major flub, to not even imagine that as a possibility until days later. In my defense, this show doesn't exactly condition us to seek out logical explanations. I figured Uncle Sam's Scratchy Shoulder was just the latest brand-new mystery along a never-ending trail.

Rebecca and Big Jim defend themselves at a gazebo trial. »

Kim Kardashian’s Smartphone Game Inspired Stephen Colbert

As we've already explained, there is a lot that can be learned from the "legitimately good" Kim Kardashian game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. For Stephen Colbert, there was only one lesson: An app is a good way to make lots o' money. Last night on The Colbert Report, Colbert was so inspired by the app that he decided to create his own. His game doesn't seem to give you as much to do, but on the plus side, there is pizza.  

James Franco and Jimmy Fallon Play Guess the Movie

While his brother Dave was cruising for Tinder meet-ups in a brown van with Conan, James Franco settled for a slightly more low-key talk-show activity, joining Jimmy Fallon in a game called Five-Second Summaries (a.k.a. Catchphrase with movie titles). And frankly, for someone who has been in a lot of movies, James Franco is pretty bad at guessing movie titles. He only barely got Pineapple Express, and he was in that one.

Lord of the Rings Actor Joins Once Upon a Time in Frozen Role

Two new actors are joining Once Upon a Time in roles from Frozen: John Rhys-Davies, a.k.a. Lord of the Rings' Gimli, will voice Pabbie the Troll King, while Shameless actor Tyler Jacob Moore will play the devious Prince Hans. They join Fringe's Georgina Haig as Queen Elsa, newcomer Elizabeth Lail as Anna, and Greek's Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff. Sadly, still no Olaf. Let it go, everybody.

See Rob Lowe’s Ridiculous Shark Week Promo

Each year, the hubbub surrounding Discovery Channel's Shark Week grows increasingly sensational and ridiculous, and this new promo featuring Rob Lowe — completely random, as far as we can tell — might be the most absurd bit of attendant ephemera yet. (Has Shark Week jumped the shark? Discuss among yourselves). The festivities kick off August 10, but for now, please enjoy watching a sultry, stubbly Rob Lowe straddling two Great Whites like Van Damme atop a pair of Volvo trucks as we wait to see whether "so sharky" makes its way permanently into the lexicon. Seems inevitable, really.

  • Posted 7/28/14 at 10:51 PM

Kiefer Sutherland Almost Made Freddie Prinze Jr. Quit Acting

While promoting his new show Star Wars Rebels at Comic-Con, '90s heartthrob turned obscure pop-culture curio Freddie Prinze Jr. had some choice words to share about former 24 co-star Kiefer Sutherland, telling ABC News: "I did 24, it was terrible. I hated every moment of it. I just wanted to quit the business after that." He continued: "Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world. That's not me talking trash, I'd say it to his face. I think everyone that's worked with him has said that."

"Just put the guy on an apple box or don't hire me next time. You know, I'm 6 feet and he's 5'4"." »

The Guy Who Played Walt on Lost Is in a Band and They Have a Hit Song

It's true: Malcolm David Kelly, who once played the illusive Walt on Lost and the ill-fated Lil Saint from You Got Served, is now one half of MKTO. Tony Oller ("TO") is the other half, and together they've got a song you might have already heard on the radio. "Classic" is insanely catchy, the type of song deserving of the Song of Summer title. What's it like having the power to infect the world with an earworm? We asked the boys of MKTO:


Guillermo del Toro Dissects What Happened to the Goth Guy on The Strain Last Night

Please be advised: This interview with Guillermo del Toro contains spoilers about a particular scene from “Gone Smooth,” last night’s episode of FX’s The Strain.

The director breaks down a true WTF? moment. »

True Blood Recap: Connective Issues

A skeleton without cartilage isn't even a skeleton, it's merely a scattered pile of State's evidence. Serialized television needs a strong, fully functional skeleton from which to hang its tricks and surprises and revelations, or else it'll devolve into a ridiculous blob of jelly bones (hi, Hemlock Grove). But that can mean episodes like "Karma" — ones that merely move pawns into place without offering much in the way of watershed moments — will seem tame by comparison to True Blood's more pyrotechnic-infused installments. Which doesn't make them bad per se, merely necessary. "Karma" was admittedly more of a piece of cartilage in season seven's skeleton than a full-blown femur, but it still managed to be a solid piece of entertainment anyway. You know? Skeleton stuff.

Viva Anna Camp. »

Prison Shanks and Penis Cookies: The Stories Behind 17 Orange Is the New Black Props

If the mushy prisonmeal and vaginas made up to look like Yosemite Sam make you cringe, just think about the Orange Is the New Black crew members whose job it is to make life at Litchfield seem like a reality. “We deal with a lot of embarrassing, sensitive stuff, a lot of squeamish things,” Orange Is the New Black prop master Rachael Weinzimer tells Vulture. “The episode we’re doing for season three right now, which I’m not allowed to tell you about, it’s really made me realize the resistance I’ve built up.” That says a lot coming from someone whose first order of business for the Netflix show was to cook up a tampon McMuffin — that is, a used tampon McMuffin. Here, Weinzimer walks Vulture through the process of making 17 of Orange Is the New Black’s most memorable (and, often, most memorably gross) treasures. To ease you into it, we’ll start with the corgi bobblehead.

“I couldn’t call the bakery and say, ‘I need dozens of penis cookies.’” »

  • Posted 7/28/14 at 9:22 AM

Masters of Sex Recap: Today Was a Fairy Tale

“Two acts of intercourse, mutually satisfying. One masturbatory act. Role-playing throughout. Am I forgetting anything?”

Forgetting isn't the right word, but when Virginia describes the night she and Bill have just spent together, she's leaving an awful lot out, too. The episode — this sad, sweet, and masterfully acted hour — centers around their hotel-room stay and the Yvon Durelle/Archie Moore boxing match they watch. Seriously, I never figured the Best Boxing-Centric TV Episode would be a stacked category, but Mad Men's "The Suitcase" just might have to move over.

Hotel sex as boxing metaphor. »

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon Spat Food at Each Other and It Was Truly Gross

Jon Hamm stopped by The Tonight Show on Friday, less to promote something and more to spit on Jimmy Fallon and be spit on by Jimmy Fallon. The premise was that the two were on an '80s pet cop show called Palisades Park Pet Patrol and played rivals who would eat very moist foods before saying p-heavy sentences at each other. We admire the unbelievable confidence of whoever decided a fake mustache was a good idea for this one.

The Leftovers Recap: Sinister Six-Pack

Well, folks, here we are: Halfway through the season, at episode five out of ten. This episode, like every episode so far, had some gripping moments (thus the three stars). But there’s no longer any avoiding it: Not enough is happening in this series.

Powerful moments and ideas don't necessarily equal powerful TV. »

The Strain Recap: Eunuch Games

When Eph leans over Captain Redfern’s incubator and assures his team their highest priority is saving the man’s life, he probably didn’t count on bashing the poor guy’s head in with a fire extinguisher minutes later. But this is the new world we live in now, or at least the new New York. From Flight 753 survivor Ansel’s Flatbush house to the site of Vasiliy’s latest job on East 52nd Street in Manhattan, evidence of the apocalypse is mounting. Even in the comparative quiet of Kelly and Zach’s Woodside abode (the Goodweathers still don’t strike me as being a clan from Queens, but whatever), as the camera zooms out from their open living-room window amid darkness and tears, the danger isn’t far behind. 


Anna Camp on True Blood, Mad Men, and Why Sarah Newlin Would Be Bored With Don Draper

Warning: The following interview with Anna Camp includes major spoilers about True Blood up through the most recent episode, “Karma,” which aired July 27.

Anna Camp discussed the end of True Blood and Mad Men. »

Watch a Clip of Family Guy Meeting The Simpsons in Upcoming Crossover Episode

Another Comic-Con treat has been handed to the masses: This time, it's a five-minute clip of an upcoming Family Guy episode where the family Griffin meets the family Simpson. Stewie becomes enamored with Bart, and Peter and Homer bond instantly over doughnuts (Mmm, doughnuts...). But beer, that fickle mistress, becomes a sticking point for the pair, and they engage in some epic fisticuffs. The episode, "The Simpsons Guy," will air on September 28.


See Nicki Minaj As a Four-Armed Cartoon Giant on Steven Universe

Nicki Minaj will guest-star on Cartoon Network's Steven Universe, an animated series about a boy named Steven who joins three women as guardians of the galaxy. Nicki Minaj will voice Sugilite, a powerful four-armed giantess formed when two other characters — Garnet and Amethyst — fuse together. (It's like Transformers, only with gem-powered heroines.) She's got way too many eyes, a lot of sass, and an awesome weapon that's a wrecking ball in the shape of a fist. When she comes together, she says, "I forgot how great it feels to be me." You can watch the entire episode when it airs on Thursday, August 21, on Cartoon Network, but for now, you can enjoy the clip below when Sugilite makes her grand entrance.

What We Now Know About American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Horror Story made its first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but true to form, they were chary with the details about the upcoming season currently in production, Freak Show. But at the very least, we now know more about the characters, including the fact that the villain, to be played by Fargo's John Carroll Lynch, will rival Rubber Man, Bloody Face, and the Minotaur from the previous three seasons in terms of pure horror. "He will scare the shit out of you," said executive producer Tim Minear at a Saturday Comic-Con panel.

Minear described the tone of Freak Show as "Douglas Sirk meets Zodiac." »