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returning favorites
How’s the Ricktatorship Doing? What You Need to Know for Season 6 of The Walking Dead By E. Alex Jung

Who's (un)dead again?

Here’s Every Single Thing Lady Gaga Did on American Horror Story: Hotel By Margaret Lyons and Dan McQuade

Warning: Contains some gross GIFs.

The Season Two Trailer for Catastrophe Is Catastrophically Amusing By Devon Ivie

"I think it may have been irresponsible for us to procreate."

You’re the Worst Recap: Erotic Tales By Jessica Goldstein

“You’re not writing recaps, are you?"

the industry
Game of Thrones Gets a New Red Priestess for Season 6 By Nate Jones

Melanie Liburd is joining the cast.

Nashville Recap: Sadness Pile By Max Weiss

Scenes involving both Teddy and Scarlett made me cry. Please respect my privacy during this difficult time.

last night on late night
Keanu Reeves When He Read the Script for Speed 2: ‘Ahhh!’ By E. Alex Jung


last night on late night
James Corden and Stevie Wonder Create a Song About Veganism in Their ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Outtakes By Jesse David Fox

It's so catchy, you might consider giving up bacon. Okay, no you won't.

Arrow Recap: Fooled for the Summer By Jenny Raftery

Call your doctor today to ask if Olicity is right for you.

Black-ish Recap: Dance With Pops By Nichole Perkins

I'm always surprised when I actually laugh out loud on Black-ish.

last night on late night
Watch Conan’s Version of a Tech Biopic: Michael Dell By Sean Fitz-Gerald

"Don't think different ... think same!"

American Horror Story: Hotel Premiere Recap: The Bed Bugs Bite By Brian Moylan

There is no way the Hotel Cortez could exist in modern-day Los Angeles, because if it did, I'd be booking a room faster than you can type Kayak dot com.

Here’s Empire’s Great Gatsby-ish Music Video for Jussie Smollett and Pitbull’s ‘No Doubt About It’ By Sean Fitz-Gerald

This looked fun — ain't no no no no no no doubt about it.

Empire Recap: What Can't Cookie Do? By Ali Barthwell

Is Empire set in a universe where the majority of hip-hop artists exist but also somehow don’t? 

in development
Brian Grazer Is Making an Eddie Murphy Art-House Movie for Netflix By Ira Madison III

Grazer promises a "tour de force."

chat room
Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards on Her TV Diet and Why Chandler Bing Should Be Felicity’s Best Friend By Sarah Caldwell

"I usually sob in Scandal, and I don’t even know what it is."

stay tuned
Is AHS Really That Scary? Your Pressing TV Questions, Answered By Margaret Lyons

Plus: Which superhero shows are worth it?

Bob’s Burgers Is Renewed for Two More Seasons By Josef Adalian

The show will stay on the air at least through 2018.

tv review
American Horror Story: Hotel Is Tedious, Insufferable, and Occasionally Exhilarating By Matt Zoller Seitz

I'll be watching.

hollywood sexism
The Federal Government Is Getting Involved in Hollywood’s Female-Director Problem By Nate Jones

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is investigating discrimination against women directors.

the voice
Christina Aguilera Will Be Back to Coach The Voice for Season 10 By Dee Lockett

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams are also returning.

Limitless Recap: The NZT Inside Us All By Brian Feldman

This week's Limitless featured a one-handed Finnish biathlete turned cartel sniper. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

The Grinder Recap: But What If It Didn’t? By Allie Pape

This is a pretty weak outing, with little of the snap that characterized the pilot’s courtroom scenes.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Space Oddity By Scott Meslow

I'm hoping to see Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. move on to other, more promising plots as soon as possible.

The Bastard Executioner Recap: ‘This Is Who We Are’ By Leigh Kolb

We are finding ourselves caring more and more about the characters and their motivations in “Piss Profit/Proffidwyr Troeth.”

Fresh Off the Boat Recap: Shaq-Fu and Other Regrets By Megan Reynolds

A note to the writers: Please don’t make Evan sad. It’s too much for my heart to bear.

The Muppets Recap: A Sloop Called Cappuccino By Jenny Jaffe

Take what creative liberties you will, The Muppets, but leave us the unbridled true love of Gonzo and Camilla.

snl promos
Amy Schumer’s Saturday Night Live Promos Document the Exact Moment the Backlash Started By Nate Jones

"And that's when it all came crashing down."

Scream Queens Recap: Trick or Tweet By Brian Moylan

This show is either the most spot-on satire of political correctness and identity politics on college campuses, or it’s the stupidest thing ever.

The Flash Recap: The Tougher Thing Is to Feel By Angelica Jade Bastién

Going where no live-action comic-book show has gone before: the Multiverse.

Jay Leno Gets Behind the Wheel for His Return to TV By Phoebe Reilly

Talking to the comedian about his new CNBC car-talk, stunts, and auto-investments show, Jay Leno’s Garage.

Watch Hannibal Buress’s Unaired Pilot for This Absurdly Hilarious, Self-Explanatory Reality-ish Show Called Unemployable By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Comedy Central said no because they're crazy.

last night on late night
Jay Leno Returned to The Tonight Show to Lend a Hand With a Bunch of Economy, Political Jokes By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Tag-team monologue!

bill cosby
Model Files New Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby By Ira Madison III

She's seeking $75,000 in damages from Bill Cosby in a jury trial.

september 11
Steve Rannazzisi Tried to Explain His 9/11 Lie to Howard Stern By Nate Jones

"Now I have to be the guy who is very strange and weird and just said I lied about 9/11."

tv review
The Streaming Revolution Is Here. But Has It Just Brought Us More of the Same TV? By Margaret Lyons

Casual is more TV. It's occasionally good TV. But it is the same TV we've seen before.

the x-files
Here Are The X-Files’ New Opening Credits By Ira Madison III

You might recognize them.

kindred spirits
Why Jane Austen Gets Scandal, and 9 Other Perfect Literature-TV Pairings By Maris Kreizman

Like good food and fine wine.

vulture lists
The Best of Netflix’s ‘Featuring a Strong Female Lead’ Categories By Rachel Handler

Oh, look, Hollywood representation for women!

casting couch
Peter Sarsgaard Will Lend His Natural Creepiness to Twin Peaks By E. Alex Jung

In a mystery role!

the industry
ABC Family Is Changing Its Name to ... Freeform? By Josef Adalian

As part of a rebranding strategy.

last night on late night
You Like Saturday Night Live Audition Stories; Pete Davidson’s Is a Cute One By Jesse David Fox

Thanks, Bill Hader.

Blindspot Recap: Call Me Taylor By Leslie Pariseau

Finally, Blindpsot has begun to hit its stride.

the vulture tv podcast
How Is Religion Handled on Television? By Gazelle Emami, Margaret Lyons and Matt Zoller Seitz

Surprisingly, it’s not dealt with as often as we’d expect in America.

the industry
Nancy Drew Is Being Developed for Television Because We All Still Miss Veronica Mars By E. Alex Jung

Dare to play?

trailer mix
Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur New Trailer: Like if Unlikely Friends Was About a Dinosaur and a Human By Jesse David Fox

Pixar vs. Pixar.

tv tropes
A Guide to Sleeping With Your Co-Worker on TV By Brian Moylan

The office romance is one of the most tried and true TV tropes, and boy, have there been lots of them.

Minority Report Recap: Everyone Is Capable of Anything By Devon Maloney

Things in 2065 are getting very dire, very quickly.

The Big Bang Theory Recap: A Mexican Road-Trip No Es Bueno By Kimberly Potts

Can’t help but think this episode might have gotten more than three stars if Donald Trump had recapped it.

chat room
Phil Rosenthal on Starring in His Own Travel Show and Whether He Plans on Making Any More Sitcoms By Josef Adalian

"[The idea] came from Everybody Loves Raymond."