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The Other Wonder Woman: Talking to TV Director Michelle MacLaren About Her Film Debut By Matt Zoller Seitz

TV director Michelle MacLaren on making her film debut with DC Comic’s iconic heroine.

christmas miracles
There’s a BoJack Horseman Christmas Special By Margaret Lyons


friends countdown
A Countdown to Streaming: 31 Days of Friends By Vulture Editors

Day 19: The Best Friends Merch on the Internet.

series finales
An Annotated List of Every Single Person Who Sang in the Colbert Finale By Margaret Lyons

Hi, Doris Kearns Goodwin.

year in culture 2014
The 10 Best TV Opening Credits of 2014 By Margaret Lyons

Lots of moody imagery ahead.

last night on late night
Jon Stewart Has the Best Time Interviewing Chris Rock By Jesse David Fox

You'll have the best time watching.

this is the end
‘Stephen Colbert’ Has Always Been Immortal. We Only Just Realized It Last Night By Jesse David Fox

The man is finite. The character is forever.

last night on late night
Nick Offerman Chokes Up Talking About the End of Parks and Recreation By Jesse David Fox

And now we, too, are choking up.

living on video
David Fincher Is Trying to Make a Comedy About the Music Industry for HBO By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Set in 1983 Los Angeles.

you'll be missed
Watch Stephen Colbert End the Report With a Glorious Musical Number By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Featuring Jon Stewart, Randy Newman, Bryan Cranston, Patrick Stewart, Big Bird, and many, many more.

coming attractions
See Neil Patrick Harris on American Horror Story: Freak Show By Margaret Lyons

Warning: contains a doll.

chat room
Maggie Gyllenhaal on The Honorable Woman and What Makes Her Say No to a Role By Ruth Baron

"A pretend version of the way that human beings interact with each other is not interesting to me."

the interview
George R. R. Martin Is Pissed He Can’t Show The Interview at His Movie Theater By Lindsey Weber

He wrote about it on his LiveJournal. 

the late shift
I’m Happy for Colbert, But Let’s Be Clear: We’re Losing One of TV’s Greatest Characters By Jesse David Fox

Good for Stephen Colbert. Sad for us.

Let PBS Show You How to Bite Off Reindeer Testicles By Lindsey Weber


you will be missed
The 16 Best Times Stephen Colbert Broke Character By Sean Fitz-Gerald

"Say one fucking thing about the book."

how festive
Martha Stewart Made a Downton Abbey Gingerbread House By Lindsey Weber

Of course she did. 

Jerry Seinfeld on the Comedians in Cars Season Finale and Late-Night TV By Dan Hyman

"I could never do a real talk show. I don’t have that skill set."

looking back
Stephen Colbert Was Late Night’s Most Passionate Book-Nerd By Boris Kachka

For nine years, Colbert enlisted roughly two writers a week into a bizarre form of theater.

returning favorites
Watch a New Orphan Black Teaser By Margaret Lyons

The show returns in April.

The Daily Show Defends Jay Z Against Fox News By Nate Jones

He's everything they say they want black men to be.

Buy Tickets to 92Y’s Evening With the Cast of Better Call Saul By Vulture Editors

It's on February 5, three days before the show's premiere.

American Horror Story Recap: Back to the Asylum By Brian Moylan

For the second week in a row, the ending really got us.

last night on late night
Betty White and Craig Ferguson Dance With a Hippo for Christmas By Sean Fitz-Gerald

It is surreal.

chat room
American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts on This Week’s Episode and Her Crystal Balls By Lindsey Weber

"I love anything with magic because I grew up watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Hocus Pocus."

throwback wednesday
Watch Tina Fey Rib NPR in a 1997 Pre-SNL Sketch By Lindsey Weber

Alongside Rachel Dratch, at Chicago's Second City. 

stay tuned
I Don’t Like The Sopranos. What Am I Missing? Your Pressing TV Questions, Answered By Margaret Lyons

Plus: What are some good background shows?

looking back
The Colbert Report’s First Head Writer Remembers the Show’s Early Days and the Correspondents’ Dinner By Allison Silverman

Allison Silverman on developing the character.

See a Trailer for Parks and Recreation’s Futuristic Final Season By Nate Jones

It takes place in 2017, which might as well be a whole different world.

and the winner is...
Meet the Country Singer Who Won The Voice Last Night By Lindsey Weber

Team Blake strikes again.

See Amy Adams’s Unintentionally Romantic SNL Promos By Nate Jones

It's that dang tree.

uptown funk
Bruno Mars Did ‘Uptown Funk’ With His Curlers In on The Voice Finale By Lindsey Weber

On The Voice finale.

Chris Pratt Sang a Moving Tribute to Parks and Recreation’s Li’l Sebastian at the Show’s Wrap Party By Lindsey Weber

Bye, show.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Kim Goes to a Wedding By Brian Moylan

Kim's daughter gets married.

7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins Confesses to Sexually Abusing Children By Nate Jones

In a statement to People, the 7th Heaven actor admits, "I did something terribly wrong."

last night on late night
Justin Timberlake Sings Third Eye Blind’s ‘Jumper’ With Jimmy Fallon By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Seriously, don't jump.

Warm Your Grouchy Heart With This Supercut of Darlene Love Singing ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ for David Letterman By Nate Jones

She's sung David Letterman's favorite Christmas song 21 times since 1986.

See a Promo for Larry Wilmore’s Daily Show Spinoff, Which Is Definitely Not Like That Other Daily Show Spinoff By Nate Jones

It'll be on way more than once a week.

in memoriam
49 Stars, Musicians, Authors, and Other Celebrities Say Farewell to Stephen Colbert By Vulture Editors

With send-offs from the likes of James Franco, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Seth Meyers.

Here Is Literally 5 Seconds of Footage From the New Season of Game of Thrones By Nate Jones

The Three-Eyed Raven sends his regards.

last night on late night
Jimmy Fallon Got Oprah to Do One of His Silly Skits By Sean Fitz-Gerald

She gets slap-happy.

Celebrate Broad City Season Two by Ogling These Hunks By Nate Jones

It's coming back in January.

year in culture 2014
The 20 Best Sketches of 2014 By Jesse David Fox

Saturday Night Live vs. Key and Peele vs. Inside Amy Schumer ...

casting couch
Christina Hendricks Joins Cameron Crowe’s Showtime Comedy Roadies By Margaret Lyons

Mad Men really is over.

The Highs and Lows of Once Upon a Time’s Frozen Episodes By Sarah Caldwell

Sisterly love, tons of Frozen references, and now Cruella de Vil for some reason. 

The Comeback Recap: Hollywood Horror Story By Rose Maura Lorre

“The reviews are in! The reviews are in!"

year in culture 2014
The Culturati Caucus By Vulture Editors

What 116 culture creators, mavens, and movers and shakers loved most this year.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Stake Me Out Tonight By Allie Pape

Peralta and Boyle spend a lot of time together.

Homeland Recap: Failure Protocol By Price Peterson

Carrie seems to have a new attitude towards vengeance.

Bob’s Burgers Recap: Blom and the Mole By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Tina becomes the Brett Favre of the Thunder Girls.