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Fresh Off the Boat Is Going to Taiwan for Its Season 3 Premiere By Maria Elena Fernandez

The three-day shoot will show off some of Taipei's landmarks, cuisine, and street markets.

BrainDead Recap: Everybody Hates Everybody By Lauren Hoffman

This episode is a big step backwards from a very fun cliffhanger.

Ray Donovan Recap: Desperados By Brian Tallerico

Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight hit the road.

Vice Principals Recap: Burning Down the House By Andrew Lapin

Can Vice Principals keep upping the stakes of its cartoon shenanigans?

Roadies Recap: Things To Undo In Denver By Noel Murray

If Roadies ditched the romance, this would be a lovely hour of television.

Survivor's Remorse Season Premiere Recap: Say Uncle By Kenny Herzog

Mike Epps really put Survivor's Remorse in a pickle.

Ballers Recap: The Rock Teaches Feminism By Ali Barthwell

Never change, Ballers.

comic con 2016
Comic-Con: Sherlock is Going Extra Dark for Season Four By Jordan Crucchiola

And the show's creative team offered some very vague clues.

Preacher Recap: The Quality of Mercy By Scott Meslow

"Finish the Song" sets the stage for an epic finale.

Power Recap: Be Cool By Craig D. Lindsey

This episode should be Naturi Naughton's Emmy submission.

The Night Of Recap: Ugly Cats In Small Cages By Vikram Murthi

"A Dark Crate" feels overstuffed at times, but it also has moments of wonderful restraint.

vulture cover story
On the Set of Jill Soloway’s Next Show, I Love Dick By Jason McBride

Inside the Transparent creator’s adaptation of a seemingly unadaptable, sexually charged, really quite strange cult novel. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: All Quiet On The Eastern Front By Ben Rimalower

Dolores Catania is the gift that keeps on giving.

comic con 2016
Comic-Con: Bryan Fuller Led a Star Trek Tent Revival, Taught the Word of Gene Roddenberry By Jordan Crucchiola

Get ready for a big Star Trek group hug.

trailer mix
Something's Coming In Sherlock's Season 4 Teaser By Devon Ivie

Things are looking bleak.

roll clip!
There's Lots of Giggling and Cursing in Game of Thrones' Season 6 Blooper Reel By Devon Ivie

Bloop a loop a loop.

the industry
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Coming to Netflix With an All-Star Nerd Crew By Devon Ivie

Another win for the streaming giant.

trailer mix
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Teaser: Elijah Wood Is Not Your Watson, Asshole By Devon Ivie

Coming in October.

Looking Series Finale Recap: Thank You for Being a Friend By Dan Callahan

Looking: The Movie is a satisfying coda to a beleaguered series.

BoJack Horseman Recap: A Fetish for Sadness By Jenny Jaffe

"You are all the things that are wrong with you."

BoJack Horseman Recap: Fighting Fires By Jenny Jaffe

Few shows understand their characters as well as BoJack Horseman does.

Hell on Wheels Series Finale Recap: The Last Stop By Kenny Herzog

"Truths delivered by lies are no less true."

BoJack Horseman Recap: The Good Guys By Jenny Jaffe

Is BoJack the villain of this story?

BoJack Horseman Recap: The Closer By Jenny Jaffe

Character Actress Margo Martindale strikes again!

Comic-Con: The Vampire Diaries Will End After Eight Seasons, Finally Permitting Ian Somerhalder to Age By Jordan Crucchiola

Ian Somerhalder, you are now permitted to age.

last night on late night
If You Were Stephen Colbert, You Too Would Drink a Beer on Live Television After Covering the Republican National Convention for a Week By Devon Ivie

Can you blame the guy?

trailer mix
If You Like America and You Like Power Struggles Between Gods, You’ll Probably Enjoy the First Trailer for Starz’s American Gods By Devon Ivie

Meet the new gods — (not the) same as the old gods.

game of thrones women
Sophie Turner Made the Game of Thrones Team Take Vodka Shots Before Their Comic-Con Panel, Because She Rules By Kevin Lincoln

Also? Kit Harington had some digestive issues on set.

last night on late night
America Ferrera Has Some Feelings About Trump By Jenni Miller

She shared them on Real Time with Bill Maher.

comic con 2016
Comic-Con: Scream Queens Is a Real-Life Sorority and Keke Palmer Is the President By Jordan Crucchiola

Ryan Murphy's little monsters.

comic con 2016
Comic-Con: The Cast of The Walking Dead Promises to Ruin You With the Season 7 Premiere By Jordan Crucchiola

Andrew Lincoln says, “It’s a really shitty start of the season."

The Great British Baking Show Recap: Soggy Bottoms By Megan Reynolds

If Alvin starts crying, I will quit this program forever.

Outcast Recap: Satanic Panic By Simon Abrams

After a few bumpy episodes, "The Damage Done" shows new signs of promise.

comic con 2016
Sophie Turner Made the Game of Thrones Team Take Vodka Shots Before Their Comic-Con Panel, Because She Rules By Kevin Lincoln

A look into Game of Thrones's vodka-aided Comic-Con panel.

The Great British Baking Show Recap: Fake Cakes By Megan Reynolds

This is basically porn for wellness enthusiasts.

comic con 2016
Comic-Con: Fear the Walking Dead Panelists Get Asked How They Want to Die By Jordan Crucchiola

And about the importance of moving the show to Mexico.

2016 rnc
Here’s Eric Andre Trolling Alex Jones and the Entire Republican Convention By Nate Jones

"I want you to have sex with my wife."

the industry
Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer Will Play Penny’s Family on The Big Bang Theory By Nate Jones

It's an 8 Simple Rules reunion!

love in a time of democracy
Former Bachelor Ben Files Paperwork to Run for Office, Then Suddenly Withdraws His Candidacy By Samantha Rollins

Due to "unforeseen circumstances."

the industry
Of Course Colton Haynes Is Joining Scream Queens Season Two By Nate Jones

Ryan Murphy has a type.

wino forever
Turns Out Playing a Mom Was Exactly What Winona Ryder Needed By Anna Silman

Her persona makes the standard role something more exciting.

last night on late night
Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at the Dystopian Hellscape That Was Donald Trump’s RNC Speech By Nate Jones

And also made a great Ted Cruz joke.

tv review
BoJack Horseman’s Third Season Is Terrific By Matt Zoller Seitz

With its mix of curveball innovations and very BoJack elements, season three of Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s cartoon sitcom might be its best overall.

BoJack Horseman Recap: N.B.D. By Jenny Jaffe

BoJack confronts the abortion debate in a direct, unapologetic manner.

BoJack Horseman Recap: The Loneliest Feeling in the World By Jenny Jaffe

"To quote the tagline for the movie Cool Runnings…"

BoJack Horseman Recap: Under the Sea By Jenny Jaffe

From start to finish, this is a blissfully ambitious episode.

BoJack Horseman Recap: Whale World By Jenny Jaffe

This season is going right for the emotional jugular, isn't it?

BoJack Horseman Recap: Remember 2007? By Jenny Jaffe

Who's ready for a flashback episode?

BoJack Horseman Season Premiere Recap: One Really Good Night By Jenny Jaffe

BoJack is a very different horseman than he once was.

comic con 2016
Comic-Con: Rami Malek May Have Just Tipped Off the Best Story Line in Mr. Robot Season 2 By Jordan Crucchiola

Look for the drama in unexpected places.