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Will & Grace Is Coming Back. How? Don’t Ask Questions; It’s Just Back By Nate Jones

"We're baaaaaaack!"

Vanderpump Rules Drama Is the Only Constant in This Crazy Thing We Call Life By Gabriella Paiella

Season five arrives on November 7.

Rob Kardashian Meets Chyna’s Parents and They All Take a Trip to a Strip Club By Mariah Smith

They also have a Fourth of July block party.

Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass, and Gaby Hoffmann on Transparent’s New Season and the Pfefferman Sibling Dynamic By Devon Ivie

There’s a bit of a Grey Gardens situation going on.

vulture lists
Every Current Suspect for ‘A’ on Pretty Little Liars, Ranked by Plausibility By Devon Ivie and Jordan Crucchiola

We have a few dads here.

weird coincidences
The Simpsons’ Season Premiere Made a Coincidental Arnold Palmer Joke on the Day He Died By Halle Kiefer

It was apparently too late to remove the reference.

set visits
On the Set of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk, Where Science Meets Game of Thrones By Nate Jones

Tyson's Emmy-nominated chat show attempts to blend science and entertainment.

the industry
Matt LeBlanc to Host Top Gear for Two More Reasonably Priced Years By Nate Jones

He'll host alongside Chris Harris and Rory Reid.

Ballers Season Finale Recap: One Last Shot By Ali Barthwell

"You have no right managing anybody's money."

Masters of Sex Recap: A Good Story By Lauren Hoffman

Welcome back, Judy Greer! We missed you.

Survivor’s Remorse Season-Finale Recap: Paying the Moon By Kenny Herzog

In its third season, Survivor's Remorse pulled off a stunning high-wire act.

Power Season-Finale Recap: Truth and Lies By Craig D. Lindsey

"In My Best Interest" reeks of been-there, done-that storytelling.

Poldark Season Premiere Recap: Nowhere to Go But Up By Nicole Cliffe

If you like bodices, love triangles, and/or blood feuds, this show is for you.

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Plausible Deniability By Simon Abrams

"Date of Death" is a showcase for the show's most frustrating and endearing quirks.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: The Lap of Luxury By Ben Rimalower

Why in the world is Jacqueline getting so upset?

passing the torch
Charles Osgood Picks Jane Pauley As His Successor on CBS Sunday Morning By Halle Kiefer

See you on the radio, Charlie.

trailer mix
You’ll Never Find a Better Judi Dench Impression Than in the Trailer for Tracey Ullman’s Show, We Guarantee It By Devon Ivie

"I believe there is a special name for Star Trek fans. Idiots."

Jim Parsons and His Fellow Big Bang Theory Co-Stars Are the Highest-Paid Actors on Television By Devon Ivie

"Shocker!" said nobody.

A ‘Cagney & Lacey–esque’ Police Drama Is Currently in Development at ABC By Devon Ivie

Bring. On. The Female. Detectives.

the tv industry
A ‘Cagney & Lacey–esque’ Police Drama Is Currently in Development at ABC By Devon Ivie

Bring. On. The Female. Detectives.

High Maintenance Recap: Good Neighbors By Vikram Murthi

"This is pot! This isn't drugs!"

MacGyver Series Premiere Recap: The Sherlock Problem By Joshua Rivera

MacGyver is yet another generic CBS procedural.

fall tv
What This Week’s Ratings Have Taught Us About Fall TV So Far By Josef Adalian

It’s still very early to draw any definitive conclusions, but here’s what we know so far.

chat room
Jill Soloway on Season 3 of Transparent, Intersectionality, and Why It’s ‘Unacceptable’ for Cis Men to Play Trans Women By Devon Ivie

“I’m getting tired of white cis men playing the parts of women, playing the parts of trans women, casting each other as women.”

How to Get Away With Murder Season Premiere Recap: Good People By Rae Sanni

We know, Anna. We miss Frank's glorious beard too.

Transparent Recap: The Facts of Life By Kathryn VanArendonk

This episode leave us hanging, and not in a good way.

in remembrance
Ryan Murphy on Glee Star Cory Monteith’s Death: ‘It Was Like Losing a Child’ By E. Alex Jung

"We all got too personal."

last night on late night
Comedian Pete Holmes Wants to Change Your Mind About the Horrors of Sitting in Traffic By Halle Kiefer

"Surrender. Relax."

Monty Python’s Terry Jones Diagnosed With Dementia By Nate Jones

The comedian has primary progressive aphasia, his spokesman said.

the industry
The BBC Reportedly Wants Mary Berry to Star in a Great British Bake Off Rival By E. Alex Jung

Now this is what we call a bake-off.

last night on late night
Terry Crews Puts All You Other Super-Jacked Secret Flutists to Shame on The Late Late Show By Halle Kiefer

He could have been playing during late-night interviews this whole time.

Dan Fogelman, the Man Behind Fall TV’s Biggest Twists, on This Is Us and Pitch By Maria Elena Fernandez

"It's not just about the surprising twist, but hopefully it also makes sense for the rest of the show."

Finding Prince Charming Recap: Playing Games By Jeffery Self

Robert is, hands down, the most boring person on this show.

Transparent Recap: We Need to Talk About Nacho By Kathryn VanArendonk

He's a turtle, he lives in the walls of the Pfefferman house, and he's perfect.

Transparent Recap: To Shel and Back By Kathryn VanArendonk

The Pfeffermans are pretty much the worst.

Transparent Season-Premiere Recap: Freedom By Kathryn VanArendonk

"What if you had to be your own messiah?”

Better Things Recap: Are You Gonna Go My Way? By Jen Chaney

The one where Lenny Kravitz comes over for dinner.

Pitch Series Premiere Recap: The Big Leagues By Nichole Perkins

Pitch tells a story about a woman in baseball, but it's still a boys’ club.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Recap: Tough Crowd By Joel Kim Booster

Phi Phi didn't get the redemption arc she wanted, but she certainly got a lot of attention.

Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere Recap: Nowhere to Run By Maggie Fremont

Crack open a new box of tissues: Grey’s Anatomy is back. And it's good!

The Good Place Recap: Better and Bitter By Noel Murray

"Tahani Al-Jamil" answers two burning questions about The Good Place.

tv marathons
FXX Will Once Again Air Every Simpsons Ever, Which Is Only Slightly Different From What It’s Been Doing By Nate Jones

It will kick off at midnight Thanksgiving Day.

tv review
Joe Swanberg’s Easy Is a Refreshing Anthology Series That’s Easy to Enjoy By Matt Zoller Seitz

These are short stories of the literary-fiction variety, though more casual and light than that phrase might suggest. And that’s fine.

Bravo Renews Odd Mom Out for a Third Season By Devon Ivie

Not an odd choice at all.

One Mississippi Recap: Mardi Gras By Jenny Jaffe

"Let the Good Times Roll" is undercut by tired old tricks.

the industry
LeBron James and Ron Funches Are Making a Comedy About Gentrification for NBC By Nate Jones

It's called There Goes the Neighborhood.

One Mississippi Recap: The Dixie Mafia By Jenny Jaffe

Is this show actually built for kitchen-sink drama?

hirings and firings
Thomas Gibson Discusses His Firing From Criminal Minds By Halle Kiefer

“As he brushed past me, my foot came up and tapped him on the leg.”

trailer mix
Taboo Trailer: Tom Hardy and His Dad Got Ridley Scott to Make a TV Show About 19th-Century Shipping Empires and Their Roguish Heirs By Nate Jones

The Oscar nominee heads to TV.

food tv
Fred Armisen and Bill Hader Made the Perfect Prestige Food-Porn Parody By Alan Sytsma

Juan Likes Rice & Chicken encapsulates everything that’s great, and terrible, about prestige food shows.