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RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Katya Has a Wild Story About a Time She Hooked Up With a Guy in Drag By E. Alex Jung

It all happened Down Under.

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Every Episode of Black Mirror, Ranked From Worst to Best By Charles Bramesco

The definitive ranking of all 13 episodes.

rebel heart tour
Brace Yourselves, Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour Is Headed for Showtime By Dee Lockett

It airs December 9.

corrections happen to the best of us
New York Times Critic Commits Every Binge-Watchers Greatest Fear, Views Episodes Out of Order By Halle Kiefer

Billy Bob Thornton's show not as confusing as previously believed.

Here’s Where You Know That Black Mirror Actor From By Jackson McHenry

Oh, him! And her!

How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Let’s Be Frank By Ali Barthwell

Another week, another flashback-filled episode.

last night on late night
Stephen Colbert Considers That Move to Canada We’ve All Been Threatening for Months By E. Alex Jung

"Canada is like America's safety school."

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9 British Murder-Mystery Shows to Stream Right Now By Devon Ivie

There's no such thing as too many Agatha Christie adaptations.

Black Mirror Season Finale Recap: Not the Bees! By Charles Bramesco

“Hated in the Nation” splits the difference between storytelling and wild-eyed prophecy.

Black Mirror Recap: Know Your Enemy, Know Why You Fight By Charles Bramesco

“Men Against Fire” is the weakest episode of the season.

Black Mirror Recap: Heaven Is a Place on Earth By Charles Bramesco

“San Junipero” is Black Mirror at its best.

Black Mirror Recap: We Saw What You Did By Charles Bramesco

“Shut Up and Dance” stuffs a cautionary tale with empty sadism.

Black Mirror Recap: Game Over (and Over and Over) By Charles Bramesco

Warning: spiders ahead.

Black Mirror Season-Premiere Recap: For the Love of God, Please Like Me By Charles Bramesco

"Nosedive" turns a monstrous premise into a great hour of television.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Good News, Bad News By Maggie Fremont

We are all Miranda Bailey trying to get our joy on.

Better Things Recap: Holy Trinity By Jen Chaney

"Duke's Chorus" scrutinizes the ways that parents look down their noses at each other.

The Good Place Recap: Getting the Boot By Noel Murray

Ted Danson is utterly terrific in "The Eternal Shriek."

Joss Whedon Ships Spike and Angel, Would Also Make a Star Wars Movie and a Bond Movie — and All the Movies By Jordan Crucchiola

Who’s ready for this Netflix revival?

saturday night live
Al Franken Picked his Top 10 Political Sketches from Saturday Night Live By Jordan Crucchiola

And yes he wrote a lot of them.

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Top Chef: Charleston Trailer: All-Stars Meet the Rookies By E. Alex Jung

Hot diabetic chef Sam is back!

Review: Not Much Light in Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show By Jesse Green

I see you shrivel with disap ... pointment.

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The 5 Simple Rules to Westworld’s Wild West Theme Park By Brian Tallerico

The dos and don'ts.

last night on late night
The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Talks Putin and Puppets in His Recap of the Final Presidential Debate By E. Alex Jung

"To be fair, Trump thinks all women are puppets: That's why he's always trying to stick his hand up them."

American Horror Story: Roanoke Recap: The Nightmare Continues By Brian Moylan

The season's big twist is a stroke of genius.

You’re the Worst Recap: Mother Knows Worst By Jessica Goldstein

Gretchen would be an absolutely brutal mom.

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Leslie Jones Flirts with Tom Hanks in This Week's Saturday Night Live Promo By Jordan Crucchiola

She's coming for your man, Rita Wilson.

expense accounts
Making The Get Down Reportedly Cost Even More Than We Thought By Devon Ivie

Lots of money.

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The 26 Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch in 20 Hours or Less By Kathryn VanArendonk

Looking for a short, manageable TV fling? We've got suggestions.

Fresh Off the Boat Recap: The Jade Ceiling By Megan Reynolds

Change is afoot in the Huang household.

John Cleese Recapped All of The Walking Dead for You, in Case You Happen to Be an Absolute Maniac Who Starts a Show 7 Seasons In By Halle Kiefer

The Ministry of Silly Walkers.

The Flash Recap: The Return of Jesse Quick By Angelica Jade Bastién

For all its wonder, The Flash lacks a compelling villain.

Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? Recap: Pranks and Ren Faires By Ali Barthwell

Ben is a free spirit who only wears waffle-knit henleys.

Scream Queens Recap: Nothing But the Blues By Brian Moylan

Chanel-O-Ween is the worst.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Fighting Fire With Fire By Scott Meslow

"Did two fire dudes just drop into a warehouse full of fireworks?"

Atlanta Recap: I Hate the Club By Michael Arceneaux

"If you're at the club, then deep down you want to be at the club."

This Is Us Recap: The Deep End By Maggie Fremont

The flashback story line in "The Pool" doesn't stand on its own.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Heist Heist Baby By Allie Pape

Who will be this year's Ultimate Detective Slash Genius?

Jennifer Lopez’s New NBC Show Has the Most Absurd Title Ever By Jordan Crucchiola

We'll give you a hint: refrigerator.

Luke Cage Recap: The Past Is Present By Angelica Jade Bastién

This show has some of the best female characters on television.

first looks
Get Your First Look at Jess in the Gilmore Girls Revival, Plus Rory in a Coat! By Dee Lockett

Lane and Mrs. Kim also make an appearance.

American Crime Story Will Focus on the Gianni Versace Murder in Its Newly Ordered 3rd Season By Jackson McHenry

It'll shoot simultaneously with season two.

the election
Why Saturday Night Live Destroys Trump, and John Oliver Doesn’t By Jesse David Fox

If one of comedy's functions is speaking truth to power, it sure helps if the powerful are actually listening.

american horror story
Lady Gaga Is the Original AHS Supreme, and Other Truths From Ryan Murphy By Jordan Crucchiola

And keep an eye out for Taissa Farmiga and Finn Wittrock in Roanoke.

rosewood happenings
Torrey DeVitto Will Return to Pretty Little Liars to Wreak Havoc on the Final Season By Devon Ivie

Hell hath no fury like a scorned older sister.

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Darren Aronofsky’s MaddAddam Is ‘All Written,’ But Not Moving Forward at HBO By Katie Van Syckle

“We are still in play.”

the voice
It’s a One-Chair Turn! Gwen Stefani Will Replace Miley Cyrus on The Voice Next Season By E. Alex Jung

She's just a girl in her chair.

The Mindy Project Recap: Nurses Strike Back By Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Another season, another romantic interest.

vulture reading room
The Twin Peaks Character Backstories We Learn From Mark Frost’s New Novel By Devon Ivie

Try not to get too weepy when you find out where the Log Lady’s log came from.

reality tv
CBS Is Making a Candy Crush Reality Show That You Can Put on in the Background While Playing Candy Crush By Jackson McHenry

The host will be announced at a later date.

Rachel Bloom Spent All of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Budget Paying Homage to Beyoncé’s Lemonade By E. Alex Jung

She ain't sorry.