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Outlander Recap: Throwback Thursday at Lallybroch By Ester Bloom

In which we see a penis (not Jamie's).

Orphan Black Recap: Where Are These Mangoes? By Devon Maloney

We cover a lot of political ground this week.

The Bruce Jenner Interview Was a Triumph By Heather Havrilesky

Who would have guessed?

Daredevil Recap: Saints and Martyrs By Sulagna Misra

This show needed more Claire.

Lots of People Tuned In to Grey’s Anatomy to Watch You Know Who You Know What By Josef Adalian

Spoiler alert.

Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy Deserved More Than This By Lindsey Weber

You guys really messed up.

Here’s a Game of Thrones–‘Too Many Cooks’ Mash-Up to Help You Keep Track of All Those Characters, and Also Get the ‘Too Many Cooks’ Song Stuck in Your Head Again By Nate Jones

With Steve from corporate, too!

New Girls on the Block’s Macy and Sharon on Life After One Partner Changes Gender By Kenny Herzog

"My husband is gone, he’s never gonna come back."

tv moments
This Week’s Teachable Moment on Louie: Listen to the Youth, They’re Smarter Than You By Gazelle Emami

"We're the future. And you don't belong in it."

vulture analysis
Terry Crews vs. Mike Tyson Is the Greatest Lip Sync Battle Mismatch You Might Ever See By E. Alex Jung

Terry Crews is a demigod.

chat room
T.J. Miller on Silicon Valley, His Crunchies Controversy, and Using the B-Word By Dan Reilly

“I'm not going to go up there and use the C-word because that's an implied mean thing. But the B-word ...”

tv review
Happyish Is Another Sad Married Rich White Dude Show By Margaret Lyons


3 More Bill Cosby Accusers Come Forward By Nate Jones

All accuse the comedian of sexually assaulting them.

Scandal Recap: Conflict of Interest By Luvvie Ajayi

It’s interesting how Liv continues to underestimate her father’s evil.

vulture lists
8 Ways TV Shows Have Killed Off Unhappy Actors By Adam K. Raymond

Writers have a long history of exacting their revenge on an actor by giving his character a Faces of Death–style ending.

last night on late night
Fallon’s Steve Higgins Tries to Out-Shaggy Shaggy, Nearly Does By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Introducing your new spirit animal.

‘Apparently Kid’ Wrecks Chris Pratt in Ellen’s Dinosaur Trivia By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Dude knows a lot about dinosaurs, apparently.

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Let’s Be Human By Rebecca Serle

TVD hasn’t always done a great job of keeping the stakes of death, but you know what it has never let become unimportant? Life.

Louie Recap: We’re Beyond You By Danielle Henderson

Louie will shake a scene around until you’re 180 degrees away from where you started. 

Entertainment Weekly Leaks Major Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Do not click this link if you were planning on watching tonight's episode.

scream queens
New Photos From Scream Queens Reveal That Lea Michele Can and Will Play Another Nerd By Lindsey Weber

Lea Michele is a nerd. 

the industry
BET Is Reviving Punk’d; Justin Timberlake Is Already Crying By E. Alex Jung

You get a revival! And you get a revival!

slow builds
The Long, Chaste Road to Wednesday Night’s Big ‘Olicity’ Moment on Arrow By Jenny Raftery

Fans have been waiting for this moment for nearly three years.

screencap recap
CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: Beware Location Services By Brian Feldman

Are your selfies setting you up to be murdered? According to CSI: Yes, absolutely, 100 percent yes.

close reads
Mother Russia and Uncle Sam: The Americans’ Many Overbearing Parents By Matt Zoller Seitz

Every institution, as well as every character, is at some point defined as a parent or a child.

Daredevil Recap: Lies and Friendship By Sulagna Misra

Is it good to let people in, to form lasting connections and make ourselves vulnerable to being known?

Nashville Recap: On Again, Off Again By Max Weiss

What exactly is Nashville’s endgame here?

Arrow Recap: The Mourning After By Jenny Raftery

Felicity’s bravery reaches new levels of nerve and chutzpah.

last night on late night
Russell Crowe Loves Double Entendres, Celebrates Earth Day With Song About Balls By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Are you not entertained?

know thyself
The Olsen Twins Have As Many Fuller House Questions As You Do By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Like, are they going to be in it?

The Americans Season Finale Recap: Everyone Lies By Laura Hudson

Paige, Philip, and Nina unravel as special guest star Ronald Reagan makes an appearance.

tv posters
The True Detective Season 2 Poster Is Foreboding As Hell By E. Alex Jung

Come gather 'round the fire.

stay tuned
What Should I Watch While I’m Doing Other Things? Your Pressing TV Questions, Answered By Margaret Lyons

Any Star Trek.

new on netflix
What’s New on Netflix: May 2015 By Vulture Editors

Including Legally Blonde, The Last Waltz, and Grace & Frankie.

party chat
Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner on Fan Criticism and This Week’s Betty and Glen Arc By Trupti Rami

"I’m not writing an English paper. I’m writing a story."

your attention please
Vulture Festival to Feature Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Poehler, Kevin Smith, Inside Out, Beau Willimon, and More! By Vulture Editors

May 30–31 in New York City.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Take Your Daughter to S.H.I.E.L.D. Day By Scott Meslow

How will the release of Marvel's biggest-ever blockbuster impact its small-screen cousin?

Real Housewives of New York City Recap: A Tale of Two Brunches By Brian Moylan

We go back so far with these women, which is odd because this show is really only about the squabble of the moment.

Amy Schumer Flawlessly Parodies Friday Night Lights to Skewer Rape Culture By Jesse David Fox

It's an instant classic.

Fresh Off the Boat Season Finale Recap: Too Chinese, or Not Chinese Enough? By Caroline Framke

The Huangs are finally settling into Orlando — or are they assimilating?

last night on late night
Unsurprisingly, Kumail Nanjiani Receives a Lot of Lewd Comments Because of Silicon Valley By Sean Fitz-Gerald

Thanks to that whole dick-jerking efficiency thing.

sony hack
Ben Affleck (Kinda) Apologizes for Trying to Hide Slave-Owner Ancestor By Sean Fitz-Gerald

And allegedly trying to censor PBS.

exciting things
Netflix Orders Comedy Series From Aziz Ansari, Parks and Rec Writer Alan Yang By Josef Adalian

Archer’s H. Jon Benjamin and Tim and Eric’s Eric Wareheim will co-star.

the industry
Netflix Orders Second Helping of Marvel’s Daredevil By Sean Fitz-Gerald

With new showrunners!

Daredevil Recap: The Devil Walks Among Us By Sulagna Misra

A serious dissonance emerges between Matt’s two worlds. 

Even Galaxy Quest Is Getting Rebooted Now By Dee Lockett

By Grabthar's hammer!

the industry
Whitney Cummings Might Be Getting an HBO Comedy Based on Maureen Dowd’s Book By Dee Lockett

And her first stand-up special.

Make It Stop: When Binge-Watching Turns to Purge-Watching By Adam Sternbergh

Just getting it over with. 

the war for late night
This James Corden Clip Is a Very Good Counterpoint to That Grumpy Conan Writer By Nate Jones

It's so charming!

the industry
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Getting a Spinoff Because Why Should Marvel Be Content With Only Dominating Movies? By Nate Jones

It will star Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood.