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  • Season 04
  • Episode 23
  • Schism

Arrow Recap: Quiet Riot

This felt like a pile-on of elements we’ve already seen this season that were better executed the first time around.

  • S.04
  • Ep.22
  • 'Lost in the Flood'

“Lost in the Flood” perfectly encapsulates everything that drew me into Arrow in the first place. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.18
  • 'Eleven-Fifty-Nine'

The creative choice in this week’s episode sets the series down a path far from where it began. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.15
  • 'Taken'

I didn’t think it was possible to love Felicity Smoak more. I was wrong. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.03
  • 'Restoration'

If there aren’t academic papers comparing Oliver Queen to Buffy Summers already written, then please, somebody fix it. 

  • S.03
  • Ep.22
  • 'This Is Your Sword'

Don’t you love a wedding? The traditions. The fancy outfits. The love that’s shared between two people. Oh, well, two out of three ain’t bad. 

  • S.03
  • Ep.21
  • 'Al Sah-him'

We finally get a glimpse of what an Oliver Queen–less world is like. Hint: It’s got a lot more scowls. 

  • S.03
  • Ep.19
  • 'Broken Arrow'

Oliver finally seems ready to acknowledge that sometimes even the hero needs saving.  

Wednesdays, 8 p.m.
The CW
  • Stephen Amell:
    ‘Oliver Queen’
    • Emily Bett Rickards:
      ‘Felicity Smoak’
      • David Ramsey:
        ‘John Diggle’
        • Katie Cassidy:
          ‘Laurel Lance ’
          • Paul Blackthorne:
            ‘Quentin Lance ’
            • Willa Holland:
              ‘Thea Queen’
              • Colton Haynes:
                ‘Roy Harper’
Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg

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