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  • Season 03
  • Episode 08
  • Being Bow-racial

Black-ish Recap: The Bunny Magnet

“Being Bow-racial” is a terrific return to form.

  • S.02
  • Ep.13
  • 'Keeping Up With the Johnsons'

We asked for more Tracee Ellis Ross, and the Black-ish universe gave us more Tracee Ellis Ross. 

  • S.02
  • Ep.02
  • 'Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun'

Gun ownership and safety was the larger thread this week, but it was really just a way to examine the many ways to protect loved ones. 

Wednesdays 9:30 p.m.
  • Anthony Anderson:
    ‘Andre 'Dre' Johnson’
  • Tracee Ellis Ross:
    ‘Rainbow Johnson ’
  • Yara Shahidi:
    ‘Zoey Johnson’
  • Marcus Scribner:
    ‘Andre Johnson, Jr.’
  • Miles Brown:
    ‘Jack Johnson’
  • Marsai Martin:
    ‘Diane Johnson’
  • Deon Cole:
    ‘Charlie Telphy’
  • Laurence Fishburne:
Kenya Barris
September 24, 2014

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