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Fuller House

  • Season 01
  • Episode 13
  • Love Is in the Air

Fuller House Finale Recap: Hit It, D.J.

In the end, Fuller House is simply obsessed with being a classic sitcom.

  • S.01
  • Ep.07
  • 'Ramona’s Not-So-Epic Party'

Stephanie has nobody to keep her company, but D.J. is juggling all these cute guys. What gives? 

  • Candace Cameron Bure:
    ‘D.J. Tanner-Fuller’
  • Jodie Sweetin:
    ‘Stephanie Tanner’
  • Andrea Barber:
    ‘Kimmy Gibbler’
  • Soni Bringas:
    ‘Ramona Gibbler’
  • Michael Campion:
    ‘Jackson Fuller’
  • Elias Harger:
    ‘Max Fuller’
  • Bob Saget:
    ‘Danny Tanner’
Kelly Sandefur, Robert L. Boyett, Jeff Franklin, John Stamos
February 26, 2016

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