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Grey's Anatomy

  • Season 13
  • Episode 09
  • You Haven’t Done Nothin’

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Plea and Thank You

Nobody puts Webber in a corner!

  • S.12
  • Ep.18 and 19
  • 'There’s a Fine, Fine Line; It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)'

A bloody C-section? A relationship on the rocks? Yeah, this episode isn't one of the fun ones. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.12
  • 'Where the Wild Things Are'

After a six-week hiatus, 'Grey’s Anatomy' returned last night with an episode that solidified the show’s place in the pantheon of out-of-work-actor dumping grounds! 

  • S.04
  • Ep.03
  • 'Let the Truth Sting'

This week's theme was “truth,” which Meredith informs us can be quite painful. And conveniently, each patient's problem reflects painful truth for a doctor. Surprising? Not on this show!  

  • S.04
  • Ep.02
  • 'Love/Addiction'

A show in which all the doctors look like models and somehow — somehow — every patient's problem reflects the messy love life of the resident who treats him. How convenient! 

Thursdays, 8 p.m.
  • Ellen Pompeo:
    ‘Dr. Meredith Grey’
  • Justin Chambers:
    ‘Dr. Alex Karev’
  • Chandra Wilson:
    ‘Dr. Miranda Bailey ’
  • James Pickens Jr.:
    ‘Dr. Richard Webber’
  • Sara Ramirez:
    ‘Dr. Callie Torres’
  • Jessica Capshaw:
    ‘Dr. Arizona Robbins’
  • Kevin McKidd:
    ‘ Dr. Owen Hunt’
  • Sarah Drew:
    ‘Dr. April Kepner’
  • Jesse Williams:
    ‘Dr. Jackson Avery’
Shonda Rhimes
Betsy Beers
March 27, 2005

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