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  • Season 05
  • Episode 12
  • A False Glimmer

Homeland Finale Recap: Love’s Easy Tears

This finale is a romantic tragedy worthy of a Brontë novel.

  • S.05
  • Ep.04
  • 'Why Is This Night Different?'

On Homeland, a great romance will start with a contract killing, a flesh wound, and a sleeper hold. 

  • S.05
  • Ep.02
  • 'The Tradition of Hospitality'

This episode ramped up the tension and intrigue, landing us firmly back in Homeland's best neighborhood: Stresstown. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.04
  • 'Iron in the Fire'

What Carrie did last night was one of the weirdest, most inappropriate things she's ever done. And that's saying something. 

  • S.03
  • Ep.08
  • 'A Red Wheelbarrow'

We're coming to terms with the fact that Homeland is a show in which the characters don’t make the same decisions that actual humans would. 

  • S.02
  • Ep.06
  • 'A Gettysburg Address'

What a piece of work is Brody! He has flipped. He hasn’t flipped. He has flipped, kind of. He’s conflicted. He’s playing everyone. 

Sundays, 10 p.m.
  • Claire Danes:
    ‘Carrie Mathison’
  • Mandy Patinkin:
    ‘Saul Berenson’
  • Rupert Friend:
    ‘Peter Quinn’
  • F. Murray Abraham:
    ‘Dar Adal’
  • Sarita Choudhury:
    ‘Mira Berenson’
  • Jackson Pace:
    ‘Chris Brody’
  • Tracy Letts:
    ‘Senator Andrew Lockhart’
  • Nazanin Boniadi:
    ‘Fara Sharazir’
  • Laila Robins:
    ‘Martha Boyd’
Michael Cuesta, Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Avi Nir, Gideon Raff, Ran Telem
October 2, 2011

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