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Modern Family

  • Season 04
  • Episode 24
  • Goodnight Gracie

Modern Family Season Finale Recap: Grandma, You’re a Firework

For a split second, it seemed like our season four finale was going to be … serious?

  • S.04
  • Ep.17
  • 'Best Men'

We’re past this season's two thirds mark and we're wondering if this is going anywhere, if there's an overarching thread. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.15
  • 'Heart Broken'

Valentine’s Day Eve and we open on Phil Dunphy’s alter ego — turtleneck aficionado and human Wikipedia of pickup lines.

  • S.04
  • Ep.11
  • 'New Year's Eve'

After more than a month of fairly excellent episodes closing out 2012, Modern Family stumbles into 2013 with a belated New Year’s episode. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.01
  • 'Bringing Up Baby'

Cam and Mitch deal with the fallout from the end of last season while Gloria tries to figure out how to deal with her good news. 

  • S.02
  • Ep.10
  • 'Dance, Dance Revelation'

How many great episodes does it take to make up for a wobbly beginning to a second season? Three, apparently. 

  • S.02
  • Ep.08
  • 'Manny Get Your Gun'

"You'd think growing up in a place full of death squads and drunken uncles, she'd learn to move a little faster." 

Wednesdays, 9 p.m.
Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd
Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd, Chris Smirnoff, Jeffrey Morton, Paul Corrigan, Dan O'Shannon, Brad Walsh, Jason Winer, Bill Wrubel, Danny Zuker
September 23, 2009

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