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  • Season 05
  • Episode 22
  • Reasons to Quit

Nashville Season-Finale Recap: Kiss Off

There aren’t enough WTFs in the world to describe this episode.

  • S.04
  • Ep.20
  • 'It’s Sure Gonna Hurt'

As you’ve all undoubtedly heard, ABC has consciously uncoupled with Nashville. We are a lame duck. We are a dead show walking. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.13
  • 'If I Could Do It All Again'

Welcome to today’s edition of Characters We Don’t Care About Are Very, Very Angry! 

  • S.04
  • Ep.12
  • 'How Does It Feel to Be Free'

We are in some sort of bizarro world, people, where Juliette is the seeker of safe spaces and Avery is the one causing drama. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.11
  • 'Forever and Always'

It's just not a real wedding until someone has a panic attack and someone else rage-vomits. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.10
  • 'We’ve Got Nothing But Love to Prove'

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but I think we may have killed three randos with one stone on last night’s winter finale. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.07
  • 'Can’t Get Used to Losing You'

Nashville is usually very good at killing off people we don’t really care about. But this one hurt. 

  • S.04
  • Ep.03
  • 'How Can I Help You Say Goodbye'

Scenes involving both Teddy and Scarlett made me cry. Please respect my privacy during this difficult time. 

  • S.03
  • Ep.17
  • 'This Ain’t a Good Day for Leavin’'

I want Rayna (read: Connie Britton) in my life to attend to all my personal crises. 

  • S.03
  • Ep.05
  • 'Road Happy'

Last night’s Nashville will forever be called the “of course that happened” episode.  

  • S.02
  • Ep.12
  • 'Just for What I Am'

Music-star cameos must be a big part of Nashville’s success, because they keep ramming them down our throats. 

  • S.02
  • Ep.08
  • 'Hanky Panky Woman'

We just need to accept the fact that there’s Good Nashville and Bad Nashville, often on display in the same episode. 

  • S.01
  • Ep.14
  • 'Dear Brother'

Last night’s episode could’ve been called “Checking in With Little-Used Cast Mates Whose Contracts You Thought We Had Voided.” 

  • S.01
  • Ep.13
  • 'There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight'

Oh, that Liam — he tends to bring out the rock-star-on-a-bender side of our girl Rayna. 

  • S.01
  • Ep.10
  • 'I'm Sorry for You, My Friend'

Last night’s episode had us rolling our eyes several times and muttering, “Yeah, right.” 

Thursdays, 9 p.m.
Callie Khouri
R.J. Cutler, Callie Khouri, Dee Johnson, and Steve Buchanan
October 10, 2012

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