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Scream Queens

  • Season 02
  • Episode 05
  • Chanel Pour Homme-icide

Scream Queens Recap: Accents Will Happen

We still have no idea why the Green Meanie is killing people.

  • S.01
  • Ep.08
  • 'Mommie Dearest '

We finally got some answers about Grace’s mother, the Bathtub Baby, and just what Denise Hemphill would do with her lottery money. 

  • S.01
  • Ep.07
  • 'Beware Young Girls'

Finally, after all these weeks, the action is sagging. No one even died this week. No one we actually cared about, at least. 

  • S.01
  • Ep.04
  • 'Haunted House'

This show is either the most spot-on satire of political correctness and identity politics on college campuses, or it’s the stupidest thing ever. 

Tuesdays, 8 p.m.
  • Emma Roberts:
    ‘Chanel Oberlin’
  • Skyler Samuels:
    ‘Grace Gardner ’
  • Lea Michele:
    ‘Hester Ulrich’
  • Glen Powell:
    ‘Chad Radwell’
  • Diego Boneta:
    ‘Pete Martinez’
  • Abigail Breslin:
    ‘Chanel #5’
  • Keke Palmer:
    ‘Zayday Williams’
  • Nasim Pedrad:
    ‘Gigi Caldwell’
  • Billie Lourd:
    ‘Chanel # 3’
  • Jamie Lee Curtis:
    ‘Dean Cathy Munsch’
Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk
September 22, 2015

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