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Sleepy Hollow

  • Season 03
  • Episode 18
  • Ragnarok

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Can I Get a Witness Back?

When I suggested burning the whole thing down last week, I didn’t think they’d actually do it.

  • S.03
  • Ep.11
  • 'Kindred Spirits'

Perhaps I’m getting too caught up in our witnesses’ grander mission when I should just be happy with Sleepy Hollow for what it is.  

  • S.03
  • Ep.04
  • 'The Sisters Mills'

It is to Sleepy Hollow’s credit that I thought last night’s episode was a pretty dang good one before I thought it was maybe actually a not-so-great-one. 

  • S.03
  • Ep.03
  • 'Blood and Fear'

This was easily SH’s most laughable murder-of-the-week concept since last year, when that one murderer hid out in a painting for centuries. 

  • S.03
  • Ep.02
  • 'Whispers in the Dark'

Who knows if the tantalizing story threads that developed last night will pan out down the line, but I’ll take this week’s episode as a victory. 

  • S.02
  • Ep.18
  • 'Tempus Fugit'

No surprise Sleepy Hollow is always at its best when its characters are made to face these formidable forks in the road. Which is just one reason why Sleepy Hollow’s second-season finale pretty much rocked. 

  • S.02
  • Ep.17
  • 'Awakening'

For the first time in a while, I finished watching a Sleepy Hollow episode and couldn't wait for the next one to get here. 

  • S.02
  • Ep.08
  • 'Heartless'

Last night’s installment drew mini-parallels to a slew of other shows — a surely unintentional gimmick that buoyed an otherwise average episode.  

Mondays at 9 p.m.
  • Tom Mison:
    ‘Ichabod Crane’
    • Nicole Beharie:
      ‘Abbie Mills’
      • Orlando Jones:
        ‘Captain Frank Irving’
        • Lyndie Greenwood:
          ‘Jenny Mills’
          • Katia Winter:
            ‘Katrina Crane’
            • John Noble:
              ‘Henry Parrish’
Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci
September 16, 2013

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