1. music
    Inside Brooklyn’s Newest Day-to-Night Vegan Music Venue Public Records is a sort of postindustrial student union for postcollegiate adults looking for a way to spend their days.
  2. rereleases
    Spider-Man: Far From Home Extended Cut to Swing Into Theaters Sing along: Spider-Man, Spider-Man, four extra minutes of Spider-Man
  3. the industry
    Arrow Star Stephen Amell Completes His Heel Turn With Starz Wrestling Drama Heels explores a fictional indie wrestling community in small-town Georgia.
  4. trailer mix
    The Trailer for Bruce Springsteen’s Album Film Is the Best Short Film of 2019 The Boss is here to play some tunes, drink some brews and face down the howling void inside each human soul.
  5. remotes
    Conan to Visit Greenland Ahead of Trump’s Extremely Real Attempt to Buy It Never, ever purchase an entire country sight unseen.
  6. musicals
    Soul Train Musical Hoping to Pull Into Broadway in 2021 With executive producer Questlove at the throttle.
  7. breakups
    Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Were Dating But Are Now Broken Up And now Foxx is holding hands with someone else.
  8. music
    Billie Eilish Knocks Lil Nas X Off His Horse As ‘Bad Guy’ Tops Billboard Hot 100 Somebody had to be the bad guy.
  9. now streaming
    The 50 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Right Now House, The Good Wife, The Sopranos, and more.
  10. remembrances
    Peter Fonda’s Hired Hand Is a Masterpiece of 1970s American Cinema It would have been fascinating to see what the late director might have done had the Western been received as a success.
  11. last night on late night
    Only a Fool Would Challenge the Pumpkin Spice Latte The spice cares not for our mortal qualms.
  12. album review
    Sleater-Kinney’s New Album Was Worth the Gamble The Center Won’t Hold is a pop makeover for a band that didn’t especially need it, one that also cost it a drummer.
  13. to the max
    Meryl Streep Is Going to Be in a Steven Soderbergh Movie on HBO Max She’s taking a cruise with Candice Bergen and Dianne Wiest.
  14. empires
    Reese Witherspoon Brings Home Edit Series to Netflix, Tightens Grip on Hollywood Ma-Reese Kondo!
  15. the week in rap
    What Does Jay-Z Hope to Gain From the NFL? From a public-relations standpoint, it is difficult to see how the risk-reward calculation makes sense for Jay.
  16. pilots
    Practical Magic Prequel Pilot Conjured by HBO Max Plus two other new dramas.
  17. trailer mix
    The Underwater Trailer Stars Kristen Stewart Running From a Sea Monster Well, this is a terrible situation.
  18. trailer mix
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 Teaser: She’s Going on Tour Plus: Sterling K. Brown!
  19. movies
    Where’d You Go, Bernadette: The Biggest Changes From the Book to the Movie Maria Semple’s novel versus Richard Linklater’s movie.
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