1. fact vs fiction
    Fact-checking Impeachment Episode Three, ‘Not To Be Believed’ An expert analysis of everything from Matt Drudge’s dumpster diving to how Paula Jones really felt about that $700,000 settlement offer.
  2. theater review
    ‘Sanctuary City’ Isn’t Always a Refuge An undocumented-immigration story that takes a sharp turn.
  3. rebecca is a food critic now
    Burger King’s Keep It Real Meals Feel Like a Glitch in the Fast-Food Simulation What is “real,” anyway?
  4. switched on pop
    Why Does Olivia Rodrigo Keep Giving Up Songwriting Credits? Copyright lawsuits are making musical interpretation an increasingly costly endeavor.
  5. ask an expert
    Is Kacey Musgraves’s Star-crossed Really a Greek Tragedy? We Asked a Professor “Instead of the volcanic, old-school treatment of hurt and pain, we’re going for the poignancy of it.”
  6. reboots
    Adam DeVine to Star in Pitch Perfect TV Reboot Aca-leader Bumper Allen is moving to Germany.
  7. podcasts
    Say You’re Sorry Explores the Art of the Public Apology The new podcast from Lux Alptraum asks what it is we really want when we’ve been wronged.
  8. casting
    Kathryn Hahn Is TV’s Latest Goyish Joan Rivers The show is set after the cancellation of Rivers’s talk show.
  9. trailer mix
    Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga Have a Past in Rebecca Hall’s Passing Trailer Rebecca Hall’s directorial debut will stream on Netflix November 10.
  10. lil nas x
    Lil Nas X Goes Back to His Country Roots Covering Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” In his BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge debut.
  11. the law
    R. Kelly’s Sex-Crimes Trial Nears Its Bitter End The defense’s case is already messy.
  12. respect the classics
    Geddy Lee Will Release a Memoir in 2112 … No, Sorry, 2022 Walk, don’t Rush, to bookstores.
  13. where's the beef?
    Machine Gun Kelly Tried to Come for Slipknot at Riot Fest Kelly now claimed Corey Taylor was supposed to feature on one of his songs, and Taylor brought receipts.
  14. tony awards
    You Can Watch (Most of) the 74th Annual Tony Awards Only on Paramount+ This split schedule is a bit tricky. Let us explain.
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