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  1. he's running
    The Daily Show: Ronny Chieng Wants to Be a Supreme Court Justice He has a law degree, hello!
  2. celebrity engagements
    Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song Are Engaged Please reunite the Pizza Underground to play the reception.
  3. theater review
    Skeleton Crew, Transferred Uptown, Loses Some Muscle Phylicia Rashad and company try to make a small show fill up a big stage.
  4. my single is dropping
    Listen to Machine Gun Kelly Cover Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’ Apparently MGK thinks he can swim better.
  5. this! is! a winner!
    A Talk With That Cool-Glasses Guy Who Defeated Amy Schneider on Jeopardy! “I thought I was destined to lose, so I just did my best.”
  6. this! is! devastating!
    Jeopardy! Queen Amy Schneider Ends Her Million-Dollar Reign Rhone Talsma unseat the champion after her 40-day streak.
  7. fight club
    Chuck Palahniuk Is Fine With Chinese Censorship of Fight Club, Actually The Chinese ending is actually closer to the book.
  8. extremely online
    We Asked Linguists Why People Are Adding -Ussy to Every Word A calzone is a pizzussy. A wine bottle has a winussy.
  9. allegations
    Bill Cosby Calls We Need to Talk About Cosby Director a ‘PR Hack’ He also denied all claims against him.
  10. lime crime
    Did Dakota Johnson Lock People in a Blue Bottle Coffee? An Investigation. Blog Day Afternoon.
  11. podcasts
    It’s the End of an Era for Radiolab After nearly two decades, creator Jad Abumrad is stepping down from the highly influential audio series.
  12. videology
    Grimes Brings Blackpink’s Jennie, Dorian Electra Into Her Metaverse We think, anyway, in the “Shinigami Eyes” video.
  13. things to look forward to
    HBO Releases My Brilliant Friend Season 3 Trailer, Amici We’re going back to Naples this February.
  14. this month in comedy podcasts
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: Taylor Tomlinson’s Sad in the City Rounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the month.
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