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  1. taxonomy
    How Do You Get Beyoncé to Send You Flowers? The post-Cowboy Carter bouquets have arrived.
  2. coming soon
    It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s (Everything We Know About James Gunn’s) Superman Neva Howell will play Martha “Also the First Name of Batman’s Mom” Kent.
  3. coming soon
    Everything We Know About Quentin Tarantino’s Canceled Film, The Movie Critic New reports say the director “changed his mind” about The Movie Critic.
  4. i ship it
    The Fallout Fandom Says ‘Hear Me Out’ Walton Goggins’ Ghoul is in a grand tradition of sexy zombies in the series.
  5. music
    Coachella’s Gayest Moments, Ranked From Reneé Rapp’s giant scissors to that new Billie Eilish teaser — queer pop stars showed out at the music festival.
  6. party report
    Conan O’Brien Says He Hasn’t Dry Cleaned His Hot Ones Jacket Yet Conan O’Brien, you are an outfit repeater!
  7. party report
    You May Recognize the Challengers Screenwriter From His YouTube Days But no, he wouldn’t sell his potions to athletes today.
  8. i feel it and i know
    Why Did a Straight Brit Get to Write About Kylie Minogue? We want a gay Australian, please.
  9. pen awards 2024
    PEN Awards Facing Disaster After Many Withdraw in Solidarity With Palestine Nine of ten Jean Stein Book Award nominees have rejected the $75,000 prize.
  10. the lonely island
    Seth Meyers Picks the Best Lonely Island Short of All Time In Andy Samberg’s final season on SNL, Seth Meyers had an idea: a bracket to determine the greatest Lonely Island digital short.
  11. tribeca film festival 2024
    Living Meme LeBron James Has a Meme Movie at Tribeca The full 2024 lineup includes Memes & Nightmares, a film produced by the basketball savant.
  12. the unstreamables
    11 Great Shows You Can’t Find Streaming Anywhere (and Why) The streaming era promised unprecedented access to entertainment, but these shows have been caught in TV limbo.
  13. interview
    Eita Okuno Relished Being Shōgun’s Flamboyant Peacock “Considering the time period, that hairstyle was considered very avant-garde, wild and crazy.”
  14. now streaming
    The 15 Best TV Shows on Disney+ Right Now Andor, X-Men ‘97, The Muppet Show, and more.
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