1. trailer mix
    Scoob! Trailer: Uh, This Villain Is Not Just Some Weird Old Guy In A Mask The disgruntled owner of an abandoned amusement park, sure, but aliens? These are just teens! And a dog!
  2. nice things
    Alex Trebek Gets Choked Up Over Contestant’s Sweet Final Jeopardy Answer What is extremely pure and good, Alex?
  3. vulture festival 2019
    Danny Pudi Recalls Shooting Favorite Community Episode As His Wife Was In Labor Way more enjoyable than the episode he had to shoot with a broken nose. video
  4. vulture festival 2019
    The Party Down Cast Knows Exactly What Podcasts Their Characters Would Host Hey, somebody had to corner the erotic-fiction podcast market. video
  5. closing notices
    Broadway’s Tootsie Will Close in January The show, starring Santino Fontana, won Tonys for Best Book and Best Actor.
  6. hey you
    The You Season 2 Teaser Offers a Creepy Conclusion to 2019 Coming December 26.
  7. opera review
    Gleaming and Self-Aware, Philip Glass’s Akhnaten Is Borne to the Met Gilt is everywhere.
  8. stand-up
    Michelle Wolf’s New Netflix Special Premieres Next Month Joke Show debuts on December 10.
  9. radio vulture
    Drake Will Be Fine All of this comes from a place of generalized disbelief that there could be a crowd somewhere that loves rap but doesn’t unilaterally love Drake.
  10. the festival circuit
    You Brought This on Yourself: Drake Announces 10-Year Residency at Flog Gnaw Let this be a lesson to us all: if you boo someone, he will come back and haunt your favorite music festival for a decade.
  11. very special effects
    How to Build a Sea Monster: Inside 2019’s Sleekest Creature Feature J.D. Dillard and Neville Page attempt to describe the mysterious beast of Sweetheart.
  12. Will Forte Assures Us the MacGruber TV Show Is Happening Our long national (comedy) nightmare is over. video
  13. the race to animate
    How Don Hertzfeldt Survives as an Indie Animator The End of the World author talks watching his own back, turning down studio work, and whether or not we’re all doomed.
  14. the race to animate
    Tony Hale Leaves Forky Voicemails for Friends’ Children, and Now We Want One Too “Hey Jonathan, this is Forky. I just wanted to say hi. I hope we get to meet.”
  15. vulture lists
    Stanley Tucci’s 12 Most Adorable Movie Roles Hold me closer, Stanley Tucci.
  16. tv review
    High School Musical Swallows Itself Whole The Disney+ original High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is as absurdly referential as its convoluted title suggests.
  17. scorsese v. marvel
    Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans Want Their Marvel With a Side of Auteur Films “I just believe there’s room at the table for all of it.”
  18. last night on late night
    John Oliver Is Ready for Another Battle With Coal Company CEO Bob Murray HBO lost over $200,000 from Murray’s first lawsuit, but it’s ready to do it all again.
  19. vulture lists
    Every Woody Harrelson Movie Performance, Ranked From Midway to White Men Can’t Jump.
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