1. biopics
    Elton John Says Some Studios Wanted Less Sex and Drugs in Rocketman “I just haven’t led a PG-13 rated life,” he writes in the Guardian.
  2. tv
    Deadwood’s Ian McShane Doesn’t Normally Curse So Much “People say, ‘Oh, you must have had a ball improvising swearing.’ And I think, improvising swearing? No,” he tells the Daily Beast.
  3. tv
    Miley Cyrus Says Her Black Mirror Episode Is ‘Outrageously Out There’ “This is the story of females in the music industry,” she tells BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat.
  4. #metoo
    Scott Pelley on Why He Lost His Evening News Gig “I lost my job at the Evening News because I wouldn’t stop complaining to management about the hostile work environment.”
  5. remakes
    FX Is Remaking ‘Peep Show’ With Women They will also be normal, functioning members of the human race, and there’s no way anyone can prove otherwise.
  6. kids
    Does This Children’s Book Spark Joy? Marie Kondo’s new book will teach kids how to “tidy” and “embrace joy.”
  7. music
    Spice Girls Kick Off Reunion Tour With Sound Issues, Tequila Shots Are you not entertained?!
  8. apologies
    Moby Sort of Apologizes to Natalie Portman, Whom He Never Dated The musician has quite a history of making outlandish statements.
  9. cannes 2019
    Cannes Jury Awards Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite Here’s the full list of winners.
  10. cancellations
    School’s Out for NBC’s A.P. Bio The network canceled the freshman comedy after two season.
  11. cannes 2019
    Sylvester Stallone on That Time His Rocky IV Co-Star Nearly Killed Him Stallone was in Cannes to present some footage from his upcoming sequel Rambo V: Last Blood.
  12. cannes 2019
    Our 15 Favorite Movies From Cannes Film Festival 2019 From The Lighthouse to Pain and Glory to Portrait of a Young Girl on Fire, here’s the best of this year’s festival.
  13. roll clip!
    Paris Hilton’s New Music Video Is Hardly an Ode to Butts Even though she can’t stop lookin’ at her best friend’s a— video
  14. the industry
    Hollywood’s Future in Anti-Abortion Georgia, Explained Which film and TV productions are staying, which are leaving, and what’s next for the Hollywood of the South.
  15. sonic the hedgehog
    Sonic Release Pushed Back 3 Months to Fix That Stuff You Didn’t Like About Him Guess that’s how long it takes to animate braces?
  16. cannes 2019
    Behind the 3.5-Hour Movie That Scandalized Cannes With Unsimulated Cunnilingus Blue is the Warmest Color director Abdellatif Kechiche apologized for “having detained” people at his new movie’s premiere.
  17. big screen adaptations
    Book Your Tickets to Neo-Tokyo Now: Taika Waititi’s Akira Arrives in 2021 May 21, 2021, to be exact.
  18. horror
    Let’s Talk About the Insane Ending of Netflix’s The Perfection We unpack the horror movie’s go-for-broke finale with its director and stars.
  19. winners
    James Holzhauer Soars Past $2 Million Mark With 27th Jeopardy! Win Making him the second contestant ever to break $2M in regular season play.
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