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  1. joke-her
    Joker: Folie à Deux Is Officially a Lady Gaga Movie Gaga was spotted filming in NYC.
  2. rip
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Announces That His Son Has Died After Cancer Battle “His whole family is gathered together and we are all totally bereft,” the Bad Cinderella composer said.
  3. new jobs
    By the Way, Millie Bobby Brown Is a War Novelist Now Her upcoming book Nineteen Steps is inspired by her family’s history with World War II.
  4. oh?
    Watch Drew Barrymore Pitch a Three’s Company Reboot Movie Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are both down.
  5. ski ya later
    Move Aside, Elle Woods … Gwyneth Paltrow Has Arrived Her testimony in the ski accident trial was, like, totally great television.
  6. whose anatomy is it anyway?
    Nevertheless, Grey’s Anatomy Persisted The medical drama has been renewed for season 20 with a new showrunner.
  7. okay...
    Well, Ye Says Jonah Hill Made Him ‘Like Jewish People Again’ Specifically, it was the actor’s performance in 21 Jump Street.
  8. at the club
    An Ode to John Wick’s Many Nightclub Brawls The whole world was John Wick’s dance floor, and what a delight to watch him bust a move (and some heads).
  9. the industry
    Recently-Fired Marvel Exec Victoria Alonso Claims She Was ‘Silenced’ Disney called the statement from Alonso’s attorney “unfortunate.”
  10. stars on stars on stars
    Adam McKay Has Organized His Next Celebrity Hangout His movie Average Height, Average Build will star Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr., Forest Whitaker, and Danielle Deadwyler.
  11. war is over
    Stop the Violence! Selena Gomez Calls Truce With Hailey Bieber “I’ve always advocated for kindness and really want this all to stop.”
  12. slippery slopes
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Time on the Stand Is Finally Here She maintains that she was the one hit on the green slope that fated afternoon. The plaintiff’s lawyer, meanwhile, did a solo show of the incident.
  13. did nothing cancel?
    Arrested Development Is Staying on Netflix After All There’s still some money in that banana stand.
  14. the law
    The Elvis Estate Has Trust Issues Priscilla Presley is fighting for control of her daughter’s estate.
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