1. beyonce presents: the lion king
    An Ode to ‘MOOD 4 EVA,’ the Best Song On Beyoncé’s New Lion King Album Beyoncé’s hardest bar, her greatest line, her sickest burn, is just her reciting her government name.
  2. The 13 Most Withering Insults on ‘Big Little Lies’ Oh no she didn’t. video
  3. burning qs
    So, What Is Cats About? We’re glad you asked.
  4. this week in late night
    New Lows for Trump Brought Out New Lows in Late-Night Comedy Except for Desus & Mero.
  5. crime
    A$AP Rocky to Remain in Swedish Jail for Another Week The court called him a “flight risk.”
  6. movie review
    The Lion King Is an Unusually Good Nature Documentary. Is That What We Wanted? Technically speaking, it’s a marvel. But having entered the photorealistic realm, the mood of the movie has changed.
  7. sdcc 2019
    America Ferrera Says Superstore ICE Raid Could Shape the Show for Years Nico Santos told the Comic-Con crowd, “Well, I’m here. So that’s a good sign!”
  8. sdcc 2019
    The CW’s Nancy Drew Won’t Directly Adapt Any Books, But It Will Be Horny Is Horseshoe Bay the next town over from Riverdale?
  9. last night on late night
    Marc Maron Won’t Bad-Mouth Gallagher or Joaquin Phoenix, So Stop Asking! One storms out of hotel rooms, the other paces across sets.
  10. beyonce presents: the lion king
    You Can Now Stream Beyoncé’s The Lion King: The Gift The album blends the voice work of James Earl Jones with the music of Africa.
  11. lawsuits
    Warner Bros. Is Being Sued by It Miniseries Producer Pennywise also named in limited liability.
  12. sdcc 2019
    4 Major Takeaways From Comic-Con’s His Dark Materials Panel “I do something quite nasty to a child,” Ruth Wilson says of her character. “It was quite fun, though!”
  13. last night on late night
    Conan: How Tom Cruise Embodied Tropic Thunder’s Les Grossman “I want to have fat hands, and I’m going to dance.”
  14. sdcc 2019
    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Seventh Season Will Be Its Last “You’re not playing how do we undo this when we get to the next season. You’re playing that this is going to be the end of the story.”
  15. trailer mix
    Watch the New His Dark Materials Trailer Released at Comic-Con Brrr! It’s cold in here!
  16. theater review
    Theater Review: Halley Feiffer’s Moscow Moscow Is, Like, LOL, Whatevs, Chekhov Halley Feiffer’s reinterpretation of Three Sisters in modern-day
  17. let's celebrate this
    Tina Fey and Ted Danson Are Making a New NBC Comedy Coyotes! A teenage daughter! A wealthy, selfish, inexperienced politician!
  18. human anatomy
    Why Do the Cats in Cats Have Human Breasts? The cats are finally out in the open — and this time, they’ve got human breasts.
  19. sdcc 2019
    James Cameron Sent a ‘Rambling Email’ to Get Linda Hamilton Back for Terminator “I sent her a long, rambling email with a lot of reasons why she should do the movie but also a lot of reasons she shouldn’t.”
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