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And the Winners of the 2024 Stunt Awards Are …

Over 200 action pros voted on the bruisingest, nakedist, and base-jumpiest achievements of the year.
  1. lost media
    Deleted Dune 2 Scenes May Be Forever Lost in a Sandstorm Director Denis Villeneuve has no plans to release any deleted scenes from the movie.
  2. cast away
    Selena Gomez to Spend Her Time Offline Playing Linda Ronstadt “I know too much about her at this point.”
  3. the law
    Lil Rod Accuses Diddy of Involvement in Alleged Studio Shooting in Amended Suit In addition to sexual-assault allegations.
  4. trailer mix
    Hot Priest Is Doing Crimes in Ripley Netlix’s Ripley is black and white, set in ’60s Italy, and stars Andrew Scott. So yeah, there’s gonna be some fanfic.
  5. oscars 2024
    Everything We Know About the 2024 Academy Awards The Oscars are Sunday, March 10. Prepare yourself.
  6. movie review
    Adam Sandler Is All Wrong for Spaceman Sandler plays a Czech astronaut. Paul Dano plays a giant spider from outer space that comes out of his nose. This movie should have been a lot better.
  7. the action edition
    Picking His Fights The twists and turns of Jake Gyllenhaal’s unlikely, unsettling action career have brought him to Road House.
  8. fight club
    Watch Out for the Killer Gams Leg crush. Flying scissor. Whatever you call it, the move has become an inescapable part of action heroine fights.
  9. take two
    And the Winners of the 2024 Stunt Awards Are … Over 200 action pros voted on the bruisingest, nakedist, and base-jumpiest achievements of the year.
  10. vulture lists
    The 25 Best Action-Movie Parodies Ever For as long as we’ve had films packed with fights and stunts, we’ve also made fun of them.
  11. a long talk
    The Action Sofia Boutella Wants to See The busiest woman in genre film is asking writers and editors to treat her face-smashing characters as seriously as she does.
  12. let's go
    The 100 Fights That Shaped Action Cinema Whether the scenes featured fists, firearms, or blades, the result was always the same: The crowd was pleased.
  13. high jinks ensue
    The Team That Crammed Every Stunt Imaginable Into The Fall Guy “One of the greatest compliments we got was when the visual-effects supervisor said, ‘I don’t know why I’m here!’”
  14. stuntman's stuntman
    Everyone Should Know What Henry Kingi Did The 80-year-old journeyman has given so much more to Hollywood than his Fast & Furious driving credits let on.
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