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  1. truth or dare
    Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio May Dare to Return to Daredevil A revival is reportedly in the works at Disney+.
  2. cannes 2022
    So, Uh, Jessica Chastain Plays Donald Trump’s Sister in Armageddon Time Alongside her friends Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong.
  3. vulture recommends
    Lords of Synth Plays a Loving, Razzing Tribute to Vangelis Honor the late synth pioneer by making fun of him.
  4. jealousy jealousy
    Ellen Barkin Calls Ex Johnny Depp a ‘Jealous Man’ “I never heard from him again after that.”
  5. rip
    Vangelis, Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire Composer, Dead at 79 The composer was best known for his sweeping electronic scores.
  6. unravelings
    Johnny Depp Couldn’t Get His Shit Together, Ex-Agent Testifies Amber Heard’s witnesses describe her ex-husband’s apparent unraveling.
  7. oscars 2023
    Oscars Declare COVID Over, Require Theatrical Release Again For the past two seasons, films could qualify by playing on the Academy’s in-house streaming platform.
  8. refresher course
    Get Reacquainted With Drag Race All Stars’ Winners’ Circle One of these queens will be the show’s first two-time winner, so it’s time to brush up on what each has to offer — and what they lack.
  9. fact or fiction?
    The Staircase Uncovers New Questions Within Tired True-Crime Theories The HBO Max miniseries uses the freedom of fiction to explore the mysteries surrounding Kathleen Peterson’s death.
  10. bearded bromance
    Jake Johnson Wants to Make a Movie With Oscar Isaac — I’ve Got a Few Ideas INT. DIMLY LIT BEDROOM - NIGHT
  11. astroworld tragedy
    Astroworld Lawsuits Claim Almost 5,000 People Were Injured at Deadly Festival Here are the major legal battles Travis Scott faces.
  12. law & order
    Would You Go to Anna Delvey for Legal Help? The infamous scammer is allegedly starting a law firm.
  13. vulture lists
    9 Great Audiobooks to Listen to This Month Selma Blair, David Sedaris, The Office BFFs, and more.
  14. spoiler alert!
    Duffer Brothers Have Alleged Hissy Fit Over Spoilers in Stranger Things Monopoly With everything going on at Netflix, a few Community Chest cards are the least of their worries.
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  • close read Tom Cruise’s Last Stand Thirty-six years after the original, Top Gun: Maverick eulogizes the actor’s entire career, and an America that may not exist anymore.
  • movie review The Horror of Men Doesn’t Go Far Enough Alex Garland’s latest body-mangling film lacks the depth and bravado it needs to succeed.
  • tv review Angelyne Is the Total Package Peacock’s miniseries about L.A.’s “Billboard Queen” is not just aware of the limitations of the biopic. It relishes disrupting them.

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