1. movies
    Robert Zemeckis In Talks to Make Pinocchio A Real Boy In Live-Action Remake Could probably upcycle some of those Marwen dolls for Geppetto’s workshop, if he wants.
  2. empire building
    Turn Up the Raedio: Issa Rae Launches New Record Label With Atlantic Records Come and see her in the video for “Kinda Love” by Raedio artist TeaMarrr.
  3. injuries
    Production Halted on Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop After John Cho Injured on Set The actor reportedly requires surgery following a knee injury sustained during filming.
  4. casting
    Audra McDonald to Put the VibratO in EGOT, Joins Aretha Franklin Biopic Oh, there’s also Tituss Burgess and Marc Maron and Forest Whitaker and more.
  5. making a statement
    Frank Ocean Defends His Exclusive Inclusive Queer Party “Pshhh bitch pls come get a drink next time.”
  6. trailer mix
    Jason Bateman Maybe Murdered Someone in The Outsider Trailer Based on the book by little-known author Stephen King.
  7. snl
    SNL’s Bowen Yang and Chloe Fineman Made This Video for Water Signs Only Get to know these lovely two little Gemini Moons.
  8. follow friday
    Rachel Joravsky ‘Puts on for Her City,’ So to Speak “I do identify as a queer power Jewess, and I love showing up as such on Twitter.”
  9. how mysterious
    The Crimes Never End: A Guide to Mystery’s Biggest, Longest-Lasting Franchises The Boxcar Children? Hardy Boys? Women’s Murder Club? Still out there solving.
  10. in the shallow
    Lady Gaga and a Fan Accidentally Go Off the Deep End, Watch As They Dive In Both Gaga and the stan are okay after falling off a stage.
  11. how mysterious!
    How ‘Who Shot Mr. Burns?’ Unlocked The Simpsons’ Potential Writers Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein look back on how one mystery led to a beloved two-part episode and a parade of marketing stunts.
  12. as told tos
    How to Write Hercule Poirot in 2019 Author Sophie Hannah on continuing Agatha Christie’s classic series — and why the detective definitely shouldn’t have a Twitter account.
  13. protests
    Sam Waterston and His Cable-Knit Sweater Also Got Arrested With Jane Fonda At Fonda’s weekly climate protest in D.C.
  14. documentaries
    Amy Schumer’s New Documentary Is Headed to HBO Max Expecting Amy follows the comedian as she prepares for her comedy special while pregnant.
  15. instruments
    Cyndi Lauper, Dulcimer Extraordinaire, Sings ‘True Colors’ With Kelly Clarkson “A dream come true” for all of us.
  16. barney thee dinosaur
    Daniel Kaluuya to Star Alongside ‘Modern-Day Hero’ Barney the Dinosaur Yes, a live-action Barney is in the works.
  17. watch the seagulls
    The Lighthouse Might Be Even Trippier Than The Witch Robert Eggers’s follow-up to The Witch stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe as masturbating lighthouse keepers.
  18. movie review
    Even If You Don’t Love Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit, You’ll Love That It Exists For extratextual reasons, support your local Nazi comedy.
  19. books
    Mark Morris, Resident Troublemaker of Dance, on His Spiky New Memoir The celebrated choreographer can still feel like a charlatan.
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