1. how mysterious
    The Secret to a Good Mystery Movie? It Isn’t the Surprise Michael Green, the writer behind Blade Runner 2049 and two Agatha Christie adaptations, reveals the key to resurrecting a whodunit for the screen.
  2. trailer mix
    Holiday in the Wild Trailer: Safari Daddy Rob Lowe, Meet Jilted Kristin Davis Save the elephants!
  3. how mysterious
    Tana French Is Our Best Living Mystery Writer With her Dublin Murder Squad series, she has built a world that’s more George R.R. Martin than Agatha Christie — minus the beheadings.
  4. my single is dropping
    Katy Perry Lives Her Biker-Girl Fantasy in ‘Harleys in Hawaii’ Video Vroom, vroom.
  5. the law
    Weinstein Lawyers Discredit Accuser, Say She Underwent Hypnosis They claim her testimony is “unreliable.”
  6. Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington Predict the Oscar Winners The On Cinema stars run us through some of 2019’s contenders for Oscar gold. video
  7. beyonce presents: the lion king
    We Regret to Inform You That Elton John Did Not Like Beyoncé’s Lion King Music He called the new movie a “disappointment.”
  8. politics
    Ellen Made a Surprise Appearance at the Debate Last Night An unexpected end to the three-hour-long affair.
  9. appreciations
    Elton John’s Rivalry With Rod Stewart Is the Most Iconic Friendship We can all only hope to have a friendship as … invested … as Elton John and Rod Stewart’s.
  10. how mysterious
    One Neat Trick to Writing Great Mystery Plots The critic and author of the Charles Lenox series advises doing what Michelangelo did, but backward.
  11. casting call
    Deadpool and Jim Halpert Will Be Your Imaginary Friends In a new comedy.
  12. how mysterious!
    Emergence’s Showrunners on How to Build a Puzzle-Box Show Step 1: Don’t be afraid to answer your mysteries.
  13. apologies
    Gina Rodriguez Is Sorry If Saying the N-Word Offended You “I am sorry.”
  14. tiny pop star
    Taylor Swift’s Tiny Desk Is Just a Girl and Her Guitar, No Teardrops Needed “You guys ever have costume changes at Tiny Desk?”
  15. broadway
    Hello! The Mrs. Doubtfire Musical Is Coming to Broadway in 2020 Starring Rob McClure.
  16. almost cancellations
    Things Are Looking Cloudy for NBC’s Sunnyside The show will be moved to NBC’s streaming platforms.
  17. frivolous
    Netflix and Ava DuVernay Sued Over When They See Us Scene A police-training company is suing for defamation.
  18. theater review
    Theater Review: Trying to Locate The Rose Tattoo Lesser Tennessee Williams, starring Marisa Tomei.
  19. theater review
    Theater Review: Flipping the Classic Musical Script in Soft Power David Henry Hwang and Jeanine Tesori reverse Rodgers and Hammerstein.
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