1. justice league
    Ray Fisher Alleges Joss Whedon Digitally Altered an Actor of Color’s Skin Tone Joss Whedon has responded to Fisher’s allegations, calling them “false.”
  2. horny theater kid
    Positions Is Ariana Grande’s Most Theatrically Horny Album Yet The new music is a fantastical fairytale journey into Ariana’s depraved mind, her kinky King Lear.
  3. my album is dropping
    Position Your Finger on the Play Button, Ariana Grande’s positions Is Out Before the end of October, because she’s a woman of her word.
  4. election 2020
    Lil Wayne Met With Trump Just Like All Of Your Other Favorite Rappers From 2007 First Kanye. Then Ice Cube. Now Weezy F. Baby.
  5. cursed
    Kanye Humbly Got Kim a Hologram of Her Late Father For Her Normal 40th Birthday We, as a society, can no longer keep up with the Kardashians.
  6. vulture festival 2020
    Whoopi Goldberg Advocated For Her Sisters During Sister Act By Getting ‘Sick’ “I felt I should be more active, so I created a bit of a problem for Disney.”
  7. vulture festival 2020
    There Will Be a Full Frontal After the Election Even If There’s Lava “We have to make a show because we sold the commercial space.”
  8. casting
    HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Reboot Casts Broadway Star Laura Benanti XOXO, you know you love Benanti.
  9. netflix
    Awkwafina and Sandra Oh’s Netflix Comedy Sounds Like Grey Gardens, But Fun From Gloria Sanchez.
  10. $$$
    Netflix Just Increased Its Prices, Effective Immediately Boooooooo.
  11. my remix is dropping
    If Kanye’s Campaign Is Going Down, He’s Bringing 2 Chainz and DaBaby With Him “That’s a grown man, I can’t tell him what he can and can’t say,” 2 Chainz raps of West.
  12. i got a rock
    Free The Great Pumpkin, You Ghouls Not having the Charlie Brown holiday specials on broadcast TV this year just seems cruel, especially when they still have so much to teach us.
  13. celebrity weddings
    America’s Sweetheart Marries Scarlett Johansson A very marriageable face.
  14. klassy
    Khloé Kardashian Defends Kim’s Kovid Birthday on Ellen “There are so many frustrations going on for everybody. Also, it’s her 40th.”
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