1. woody allen
    Jude Law Says It’sA Terrible Shame’ His Woody Allen Movie Got Shelved A Rainy Day In New York has been held indefinitely.
  2. artphone
    Klumping: The Art of Playing Every Role in Your Viral Video When the most ambitious crossover event in history is you appearing as three different characters in your Vine.
  3. in development
    Fox Developing Multi-Cam Comedies Uncle Joey and Significant Brother One would star comedian Joey Diaz, and the other is co-created by Difficult People’s Scott King.
  4. party report
    The Widows Cast Is Just As Obsessed With the Dog As You Are “It was a comfort, it was a joy.”
  5. the industry
    NBC Developing TV Series Based on The Bone Collector Not to be confused with The Collector or Bones.
  6. close reads
    Let’s Talk About the ‘Jazzercise Scene’ in Cam Madeline Brewer explains the horrors of watching yourself die.
  7. soundgarden
    Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil Talks About Putting Together the Chris Cornell Box Set “We didn’t like traditional song-structure arrangements. We weren’t interested. Otherwise, I’d go do something else. I’d be a dishwasher.”
  8. a light in the darkness
    Jennifer Garner’s Instagram Is the Earnest Utopia We Need Right Now It doesn’t get more wholesome than reading to puppies.
  9. artphone
    In Memoriam: Instagram Trends We Loved and Lost Pour one out for the Kelvin filter.
  10. revivals
    Criterion Will Launch Its Own Streaming Service We won’t be without a way to see La Strada for long.
  11. casting
    Connie Britton Joins Bevy of Blondes in Roger Ailes Biopic She’ll play his wife.
  12. in development
    Fox Is Developing an Animated Series About ‘Immigrant Refugee’ Birds It’s called Buffalo Wings.
  13. vulture lists
    A Beginner’s Guide to Mexican Narco Films: The 10 Best Vintage Drug Dramas The Mexican outlaw oeuvre known as narco cinema has been training a B-movie lens on drug dealers for decades.
  14. movie review
    The Clovehitch Killer Is a Smartly Underplayed Domestic Nightmare A nearly unrecognizable Dylan McDermott plays a suburban dad from hell.
  15. independent spirit awards 2019
    Eighth Grade, We Are the Animals Lead This Year’s Indie Spirit Nominations Jeremiah Zagar’s film garnered eight nominations.
  16. deaths
    Stephen King, Ron Howard, and More Celebrities React to William Goldman’s Death “RIP the legendary adventurer in screenwriting.”
  17. vulture lists
    The 14 Best Clip-Show Parodies, From Community to It’s Always Sunny Unshackled from its dull origins, the clip show has become a boundary-pushing TV experiment.
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