1. soulja boy tell 'em
    Soulja Boy Pretty Sure He Knows Where Ariana Grande Got Her ‘7 Rings’ Swag He’s not the only rapper convinced Ari copied their sound, though.
  2. holiday weekends
    12 Movies to See Over the Long Weekend Squeeze in some Oscar contenders before nominations drop on Tuesday.
  3. tv review
    SMILF Season Two Is an Intimate Portrait of Womanhood, With an Asterisk Despite allegations about SMILF creator Frankie Shaw, season two excels at depicting the personal struggles of its women.
  4. discographies
    Deerhunter Front Man Bradford Cox Dissects Some of Deerhunter’s Best Songs “Everything we’ve done, we’ve suffered to do it. It’s never been easy,”
  5. explainers
    A Very Simple Guide to True Detective’s Multiple Timelines Confused by season three? Here’s a chronological guide to all the major events of True Detective’s grisly story.
  6. exclusive
    David Letterman Interviewed Kanye West for His Netflix Talk Show A large portion of the chat reportedly revolved around mental health.
  7. revivals
    Netflix Revives Unsolved Mysteries Because Your True Crime Thirst Can’t Be Sated But can it even be real without Robert Stack?
  8. memoirs
    The Best Show’s Tom Scharpling Is Writing a Memoir Titled It Never Ends.
  9. trailer mix
    The PEN15 Trailer Will Dredge Up All Your Crusty Teenage Hormones Remember making out in closets?
  10. movie review
    The Standoff at Sparrow Creek Is a Memorable Feature Directing Debut It’s an effective little thriller whose occasional flaws come mostly as a result of its considerable virtues, so you roll with it.
  11. a star is born
    ‘The Whole Thing Should Be Your F*ckin’ Nose’: Behind A Star Is Born’s Billboard Was there ever a version of the billboard that was just Ally’s nose?
  12. r. kelly
    Sony Has Cut Ties With R. Kelly The Surviving R. Kelly fallout continues.
  13. trailer mix
    Salma Hayek Has Magnificent Silver Hair in The Hummingbird Project Trailer Alexander Skarsgård, meanwhile, has no hair at all.
  14. ohmygoddddd!
    24-Year-Old Saoirse Ronan Listening to 10-Year-Old Saoirse Ronan Is So Pure Better than the 10 Year Challenge.
  15. must reads
    6 New Paperbacks You Should Read This January Leila Slimani, Denis Johnson, and more.
  16. follow friday
    Danny Lempert Is “An Old Gay Man in a Young Man’s Body” Talking tweets with the New York–based stand-up, improviser, and actor.
  17. sexual abuse
    Former Epic Records Intern Says R. Kelly Sexually Abused Her When She Was 16 Tracy Sampson sued Kelly in 2001 and is now speaking out for the first time.
  18. vulture lists
    Every M. Night Shyamalan Movie, Ranked Making sense of the director’s tricky career.
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