1. late night
    What It’s Like to Launch a Late-Night Show With Lilly Singh Talking A Little Late with head writer Sean O’Connor.
  2. from the archives
    Is Friends Still the Most Popular Show on TV? Why so many 20-somethings want to stream a 20-year-old sitcom about a bunch of 20-somethings sitting around in a coffee shop.
  3. hidden treasures
    Someone Just Found John Milton’s Copy of Shakespeare, Which Is Absolutely Nuts This is a big f*cking deal.
  4. theater
    Alia Shawkat Will Spend 24 Hours Performing One Scene Onstage 100 Times BAM’s The Second Woman restages a scene from Opening Night, again and again and again.
  5. vulture lists
    Every Conan Without Borders International Special, Ranked The late-night host is often at his best when he leaves the country.
  6. party reports
    We Simply Won’t Stand for Jim Carter’s Downton Abbey Hair Erasure Anymore Just look at those follicles.
  7. hopeless bleak despair
    Sean Spicer Takes the Spice Girls’ Name in Vain on Dancing With the Stars No one’s forcing you to watch.
  8. late night
    What to Expect From A Little Late With Lilly Singh She’s not like other late-night hosts.
  9. they'll be there for you
    Celebrate Friends’ Anniversary With These 13 New Behind-the-Scenes Stories These newly unearthed gossip tidbits and alternate-universe moments could’ve altered the show’s DNA as we know it.
  10. lover
    Taylor Swift Will Be Headlining Her Own Tay-Chella Instead of Touring Lover Fest will take place over two weekends, across the country.
  11. health
    Alex Trebek Plans to Undergo Another Round of Chemotherapy After Cancer Relapse “I lost about 12 pounds in a week.”
  12. the streaming wars
    The Big Bang Theory Will Stream on HBO Max, You Nerds Bazinga?
  13. party reports
    Maggie Smith Is Also Downton Abbey’s Dowager Countess of Bananagrams “Bananagrams keeps us alive, especially in those scenes around the dinner table.”
  14. country music
    The Story of Country Music Is Too Vast for Even Ken Burns’s 16-Hour Doc to Tell The greatest compliment you could pay an undertaking like this is to wish there were more of it.
  15. babies
    Blue Ivy Carter Is Our ‘Mood 4 Eva’ in Beyoncé’s Making the Gift The heir is coming.
  16. what could've been
    Friends Almost Relocated to Minnesota in a Bizarre Mid-Series Twist Yes. You read that right. Minnesota.
  17. the office
    Mindy Kaling Knows Exactly What Michael Scott Would Be Doing Today Warning: extremely cursed imagery.
  18. party reports
    And Now, a Quick Game of Downton Abbey ‘Shag, Marry, Kill’ With Michelle Dockery We made it extra tough.
  19. new shows
    The Amber Ruffin Show Is Coming to NBC’s Streaming Service It will be “a late-night show with just the good parts — the comedy.”
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