1. trailer mix
    Where’d You Go Bernadette Trailer: Cate Blanchett and Her Wig Ditch Town With Billy Crudup and Kristen Wiig.
  2. interview
    Beale Street Let Regina King Channel Her Mom “I don’t feel like this was a woman that gets scared, that scares easy. I felt like this woman finds comfort in comforting.”
  3. best of 2018
    Fiction’s 10 Best Scenes of 2018 Shocking confessions, acts of depravity, and a feminist meet-cute with a merman.
  4. tv review
    Ellen DeGeneres’s Netflix Special Is an Hour-long Flex Ellen’s first special in 15 years revolves around a simple question: Is a world-famous TV star still relatable enough to be a comedian?
  5. last night on late night
    Cardi B Gives Senior Citizens the Trill of a Lifetime on Carpool Karaoke If your grandparent lives in Culver City, they might now be officially cooler than you.
  6. last night on late night
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Puts Out a Big Plate of Fresh-Baked Holiday Parodies for You He’s also bringing Hamilton straight to The Tonight Show in Puerto Rico, in case that was also on your list.
  7. sort of unusual
    Alfonso Ribeiro Sues Fortnite Over His Signature Fresh Prince Dance, The Carlton Will would be absolutely aghast at this whole situation.
  8. true crime
    Retired Detective Sues Netflix and Making a Murderer Filmmakers for Defamation Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Andrew Colborn says the Netflix docuseries exposed him to “worldwide ridicule, contempt and disdain.”
  9. oscars 2019
    Get Ready to Fill That Void: The Academy Rolls Out Its 91st Oscars Shortlists If we have the chance to see Gaga, Kendrick, and Dolly on that stage come February and we blow it, so help us God …
  10. seen
    Goodbye (for now!) from SEEN, Vulture’s Pop-Up Art Magazine Wow, has it been 47 days already?
  11. exits
    Les Moonves Won’t Get $120 Million Severance From CBS An investigation concluded he was fired with cause.
  12. weezer
    A Totally Necessary Debate About Saturday Night Live’s Weezer Sketch We really have to get to the bottom of this.
  13. misconduct
    SMILF Creator Frankie Shaw Accused of Misconduct on Set Shaw was also accused of mistreating the people of color on the show’s writing staff.
  14. beautiful things
    Maya Rudolph Saying ‘Bubble Bath’ Has Been Immortalized in Drag-Queen Form And it’s perfect!
  15. vulture lists
    Every Clint Eastwood–Directed Movie, Ranked Examining the 88-year-old director’s prolific and unpredictable career behind the camera.
  16. money moves
    Apple Lures Justin Lin Away From Sony With One of Its Fancy Development Deals The Fast franchise director is taking his talents to the tech giant.
  17. movie review
    American Renegades Is a Bit of a Slog But there’s something pleasantly old-fashioned about the military-heist adventure, set during the Bosnian war.
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