1. box office
    Joker Wildly High-Kicking Its Way to Biggest R-Rated Worldwide Box Office Ever Who’s laughing now? You have three guesses, and the first two don’t count.
  2. your childhood
    Natalie Portman Receives a Signed Baby-Sitters Club Book, Loses Mind “I still identify as a Kristy mixed with Stacey and a dash of Dawn.”
  3. controversies
    Malaysia the Latest Country to Ban Abominable Over Controversial Map Vietnam and the Philippines have also rebuked the film for its depiction of China’s “nine-dash line” claiming much of the South China sea.
  4. black oklahoma!
    Watchmen’s Alternate Universe Has a New Spin on Oklahoma! Much like our world’s Sexy Oklahoma!, the series’ all-black production of the famed musical has social commentary on its mind.
  5. lingering questions
    14 Big Questions From Watchmen’s First Episode The series premiere drops viewers into a strange but strangely familiar alternate reality. So let’s parse “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice.”
  6. theater review
    There Is a Party, Everyone Is There: David Byrne’s American Utopia on Broadway ’American Utopia’ is “a concert so beautifully and completely choreographed that it’s also a dance piece.”
  7. crazy coincidences
    Tom Brady Swears Massage Parlor Cameo In Netflix Show Not a Robert Kraft Joke A stunned Paul Rudd spots the Patriots quarterback leaving a strip mall spa in the pilot of Netflix’s Living With Yourself.
  8. viewing guide
    From Masked Avengers to Space Squids: A Short History of the Watchmen Universe A guide to the key players from the landmark graphic novel, and the impact they could have on HBO’s new “remix” series.
  9. dracarys
    Emilia Clarke Is ‘Truthfully Sad’ About the Game of Thrones Finale Backlash Especially for the showrunners.
  10. on cinema
    Francis Ford Coppola Joins the Anti-Marvel Film Club Right on cue, a Marvel director responds.
  11. maritial bliss
    Jennifer Lawrence Is Now Jennifer Maroney, Reaching Her Full 30 Rock Potential Happy wedding weekend!
  12. my single is dropping
    Frank Ocean Releases New Song, ‘DHL,’ Makes Us Forget About that Nightclub Stuff Way to pivot, Frank!
  13. weddings
    Everything We Know About Jennifer Lawrence’s Lavish, Possibly Haunted Wedding Fancy clambake rehearsal dinner, anyone?
  14. roll clip!
    Could Courteney Cox’s Friends Quiz Be Any Harder? Grab your left philange and play for yourself.
  15. le romance
    Ronan Farrow Proposed to His Fiancé in a Draft of His Book His partner, Pod Save America host Jon Lovett, responded with … “sure.”
  16. 2 jokers 2 films
    Jared Leto Was Reportedly Hell-Bent on Preventing Joker From Being Made He felt “alienated and upset” that Joaquin Phoenix’s clown prince of crime was getting more attention.
  17. keeping up with the royals
    In Rare Interview, Meghan Markle Discusses Her ‘Really Challenging’ Duchess Life “Thank you for asking. Not many people have asked if I’m okay.”
  18. horror
    Sam Raimi Sets Sail to Spooky Murder Island With New Horror Movie The untitled thriller is described as “Misery meets Cast Away,” so yeah, Tom Hanks could have had it worse.
  19. movies
    Robert Zemeckis in Talks to Make Pinocchio a Real Boy in Live-Action Remake Could probably upcycle some of those Marwen dolls for Geppetto’s workshop, if he wants.
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