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  1. happy to meet you
    May ‘Edelweiss’ (Christopher Plummer’s Version) Bloom and Grow We can finally hear his original vocals, which were dubbed over in The Sound of Music.
  2. the law
    Is the Jussie Smollett Case Finally Closed? A court has rejected the former Empire star’s appeal and upheld his hate-crime-hoax conviction.
  3. celebrity relations
    Macaulay Culkin Tears Up Thanking Brenda Song at the Hollywood Walk of Fame Their two sons also came to see him get his star.
  4. sign off
    Julianna Margulies Now ‘Sincerely Apologetic’ for Racist Podcast Remarks Walking back claims that the Black community had “been brainwashed to hate Jews,” among other inflammatory comments.
  5. daytime tv
    Dionne Warwick: ‘Doja Who?’ She recently learned Doja Cat exists, now that the rapper sampled one of her songs.
  6. movie review
    Todd Haynes’s May December Is a Deeply Uncomfortable Movie Watching it with an audience, I found myself cackling with delight. Stepping out into the rainy night, however, I felt like I needed to take a shower.
  7. in conversation
    Todd Haynes Plays the Superego The director is interested in people constrained by society’s rules. In his new film May December, he makes it harder to root for the rule-breakers.
  8. fan me off
    Swarm on These Hands All the ways Renaisannce: A Film by Beyoncé came to slay.
  9. movie review
    There’s No Heroism or Fantasy in John Woo’s Brutal Silent Night In his latest action thriller, the director foregrounds grief and pain over the balletic mayhem of his previous work.
  10. gleeunion
    The Glee Cast Sings With Naya Rivera on a Posthumous Track Proceeds from “Prayer for the Broken” will go to Alexandria House.
  11. operation varsity blues
    Felicity Huffman Says FBI Arrested Her ‘at Gunpoint’ for Admissions Scandal “I literally turned to one of the FBI people, in a flak jacket and a gun, and I went, ‘Is this a joke?’”
  12. scandalized gasp
    All the Hottest Gossip From Virgin River Break out the phone tree and prepare to be scandalized by season five’s secrets, dirty deeds, and weird glamping obsession.
  13. now streaming
    The 10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend Beyoncé + Godzilla Minus One + plenty more December delights.
  14. vulture 10x10
    The Holiday-Horror Puzzle 3-Down, Three Letters: Lose all your hearts in a Zelda game, say.
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