1. d23
    Jeff Goldblum Promises Not to Mansplain in His New NatGeo Show The World According to Jeff Goldblum showcases America’s funky uncle going places and trying to figure out the stuff he seems genuinely curious about.
  2. muppet news
    Disney+ Is Promising You Muppets Now What do we want? Muppets! When do we want them? Sometime in 2020!
  3. d23
    Star Wars Series The Mandalorian Transposes Samurais and Westerns to Deep Space “I feel the Force is in me. I understand it now.”
  4. d23
    Ewan McGregor to Start Shooting Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+ Next Year “We have all the scripts written.”
  5. trailer mix
    Noelle Trailer: Bill Hader Drops the (Snow) Ball, Anna Kendrick Saves Christmas “My dad was Santa!”
  6. trailer mix
    Lady and the Tramp Trailer: A New Era in Dog-Kissing Technology Has Arrived This Disney remake is actually live-action. (Except for the parts that aren’t, of course.)
  7. sequels
    What Dreams Are Made Of: Hilary Duff Returns for Disney+ Lizzie McGuire Sequel Crazy as it seems.
  8. regrets
    Taylor Swift Says She’s All In for Election 2020 The singer is “really remorseful for not saying anything” in 2016.
  9. trailer mix
    Lifetime NXIVM Movie Has a Trailer So It’s Time to Assess Fictional Allison Mack With Peter Facinelli as Keith Raniere.
  10. the feeding tube
    The Great British Bake-Off Returns to Netflix on August 30 For the first time, episodes will stream on Netflix three days after they air in the United Kingdom.
  11. tv review
    This Way Up Is an Amiable But Aimless Exploration of Recovery The British series starring Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan is at its best when facing ugly emotions rather than hiding them with humor.
  12. songs of the week
    The Best New Songs of the Week: Charlie Puth, Missy Elliott, and Taylor Swift Listen to them all.
  13. movie review
    American Factory Gestures Toward the End of the Working World As We Know It The Obamas’ Netflix doc is an eye-opening prelude to the rise of machines.
  14. food tv
    Good Eats Is Still Great TV Alton Brown’s seminal cooking show returns, and it’s more or less the same as it was.
  15. tv review
    In On Becoming a God in Central Florida, the Real Pyramid Scheme Is America Kirsten Dunst’s new Showtime series centers on a subculture desperate to transcend the financial burdens and repetitious obligations of American life.
  16. left on read
    A$AP Rocky Ghosts Donald Trump After Returning From Sweden “Rocky hasn’t even called us.”
  17. now where were we?
    Catching Up on The Affair’s 4 Seasons of Wild Drama The Showtime drama has never lacked for twists and turns, so here’s a refresher on where each character stands going into the fifth and final season.
  18. follow friday
    Brodie Reed’s Favorite Band Is Still Linkin Park Talking tweets with the L.A.-based comedian and writer.
  19. podcasts
    A Plagiarism Scandal Shakes Up the True-Crime Podcast World Crime Junkie’s recent troubles bring new scrutiny to an often unchecked genre.
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