1. last night on late night
    Timothée Chalamet Reflects On That ‘Surreal’ Dinner With Kanye and Pete Davidson Much of which he spent panicking and texting his friends in the bathroom.
  2. the law
    Cuba Gooding Jr. Groping Case: Seven More Women Accuse Him of Misconduct He now has 22 accusers.
  3. lawsuits
    And Now Fortnite and Dancing Pumpkin Man Are Feuding He follows in the (dancing) footsteps of Alfonso Ribeiro, 2 Milly and Backpack Kid.
  4. trailer mix
    The Trailer For Miracle Workers: Dark Ages Takes You Way, Way Back The earth is flat, the devil is real, and Simon Rich’s comedy is now an anthology series set in the Middle Ages.
  5. uncut jewells
    The Atlanta Journal Constitution Slams Richard Jewell’s Portrayal of the Paper “While the film may tell truths about Mr. Jewell, the ‘facts’ it portrays about the AJC and its journalists are untruthful, defamatory, and damaging.”
  6. closing noticies
    Sorry, TikTok Fans, Broadway’s Beetlejuice to Be Booted From Theater The Music Man is reportedly a-comin’ in after it.
  7. theater review
    Theater Review: Daniel Kitson Keeps Only Things That Spark No Joy Whatsoever A monologuist who can’t stop interrogating himself and us.
  8. the mandalorian
    Meet the Man Beneath the Mandalorian’s Armor Brendan Wayne — yup, John Wayne’s grandson — doubled for star Pedro Pascal on set, and was instrumental in establishing the character’s physicality.
  9. but why?
    Why Is Stephen Sondheim Karaoke in All Our Movies Now? Noah Baumbach, Rian Johnson, and Todd Phillips (well, his music supervisor) explain.
  10. vulture recommends
    The Grooviest Song From the Who’s New Album Was Actually Recorded 50 Years Ago “Got Nothing to Prove” was originally shelved in 1966 for its lack of emotional resonance.
  11. golden globes 2020
    Marriage Story Leads 2020 Golden Globe Nominations And Cats gets a nod!
  12. music videos
    Lizzo’s ‘Good As Hell’ Video Is a Tribute to Band Kids Everywhere Quick Q: Baby, how you feelin’?
  13. obits
    Juice WRLD, Rapper and Singer-Songwriter, Dead at 21 In a startling new report, the rapper reportedly may have caused his accidental death by swallowing pills, so police wouldn’t find them.
  14. behind the scenes
    So, Who’s Really Under the Mandalorian’s Helmet? Pedro Pascal may be credited as the series’ titular helmeted star, but the character is a collaboration among multiple performers.
  15. easter eggs
    A Guide to Watchmen’s Stealth Easter Eggs The HBO series is packed with subtle background references to the original comic. Here, some of the deepest deep cuts you may have missed.
  16. awards
    The Biggest Snubs and Surprises of the 2020 Golden Globe Nominations Another year, another Golden Globe ceremony without any nods for women directors.
  17. auteur theory
    HFPA President Shrugs Off Lack of Female Golden Globe Director Nominees “We vote by film and accomplishment.”
  18. vulture lists
    Every Noah Baumbach Movie, Ranked As Marriage Story hits Netflix, we take a closer look at a director who’s constantly evolving.
  19. stand-up
    Maria Bamford’s 2020 Gift to Us All: A New Stand-up Special Weakness Is the Brand debuts in late January.
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