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  1. theater review
    Fat Ham Aims to Put the Ha in Hamlet Too too solid.
  2. tributes
    Lorraine Bracco, Martin Scorsese, and Others Remember Ray Liotta Liotta died at the age of 67.
  3. nihilism
    Does the Johnny Depp Trial Have a Point? Experts weigh in on the great nihilistic trial of 2022.
  4. refresher course
    What Stranger Things Are We Afraid of, Again? As we brace for a fourth round of chaos in Hawkins, let’s review the villains, both otherworldly and human, we’ve met along the way.
  5. obits
    Andy Fletcher, Depeche Mode’s Keyboard Savant, Dead at 60 The band confirmed his “untimely” passing.
  6. extra credit
    Maggie Rogers’s Coachella Set Doubled as a Grad-School Project The singer-songwriter recently earned a master’s in religion and public life from Harvard.
  7. stan culture
    Amber Heard Addresses Johnny Depp Stans and Social Media in New Testimony She told the jury that Depp promised her “global humiliation.”
  8. 2022 summer preview
    A Guide to This Summer’s Indies (Based on Genres Familiar and Not) Is “ethically dubious podcaster” a genre? Maybe it should be!
  9. encounter
    Édouard Louis Wants You to Go Protest After Seeing His One-Man Show The French writer is frustrated with Americans.
  10. don't get your pooh on shein
    Public-Domain Winnie the Pooh Stars in New Slasher Film It’s a rather murder-y day.
  11. summer preview
    36 Albums We Can’t Wait to Hear This Summer From Lizzo to Maggie Rogers.
  12. summer preview
    44 TV Shows We Can’t Wait to See This Summer It’s blockbuster season in TV Land.
  13. obits
    Ray Liotta, Crime-Drama Boss, Dead at 67 The Goodfellas star reportedly died in his sleep.
  14. crime
    Kevin Spacey Charged With 4 Sexual Assault Counts in U.K. The charges came down while he was in a New York courtroom for a separate sex-abuse case.
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