1. hungies
    If You Broke Charlie Puth’s Heart, I Swear to God … He just released a new breakup song.
  2. dancing with the stars
    DWTS Host Tom Bergeron Would Like to Be Excluded From This Sean Spicer Narrative He responds to today’s controversial casting news.
  3. new shows
    What The Real Housewives Taught Aisling Bea About Making Her Own TV Show The Irish comedian talks about her new Hulu comedy, This Way Up.
  4. trailer mix
    Bombshell Trailer: The Silence, Stares, and Wigs Say It All Three blondes walk into an elevator …
  5. last night on late night
    Marc Maron Is Also Mad About Conan O’Brien’s Variety Cover “I don’t buy it, O’Brien!”
  6. hats!
    Barack Obama in Heated Custody Battle for … Aretha Franklin’s Inauguration Hat To be fair, it’s a very iconic hat.
  7. timelines
    Who’s In? Who’s Out? An Exhaustive Timeline of Taylor Swift’s Squad Ahead of Lover and just after her feud with Scooter Braun, it’s time for a refresher.
  8. pose
    A Pop-Culture Guide to Pose Season Two What to watch, listen to, and read after every episode to more fully experience the rich history of NYC’s ballroom scene in 1990.
  9. this week in web videos
    Lonely Batman Is the Hero We Deserve “Am I lonely? Sure. But everybody’s lonely nowadays. Thanks, Twitter.”
  10. casting
    Dancing With the Stars Cast Includes Karamo Brown, Hannah B., and … Sean Spicer This is normal.
  11. i heart th
    Tom Hiddleston Will Not Be Discussing Taylor Swift at This Time, Thank You Even if you’re the New York Times!
  12. the industry
    Spider-Man’s Marvel Cinematic Future in Jeopardy As Disney and Sony Butt Heads Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige is stepping away from the Spidey franchise.
  13. things that are not real
    Celebrities on Instagram Fall Prey to Instagram Hoax Another day, another copypasta.
  14. stand-up
    Bill Burr’s New Netflix Special Debuts Next Month Prepare for Paper Tiger on September 10.
  15. horror
    Into the Dark Renewed at Hulu, So Get Ready for Another Year of Holiday Scares The horror anthology series will remain in production through September 2020.
  16. casting
    Demi Lovato Returns to Movie-Musical Roots in Will Ferrell’s Eurovision From Camp Rock to Europe’s largest reality-singing competition.
  17. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Wants Trial Moved Out of NYC Attorneys claim media pressure may affect jurors.
  18. trailer mix
    The Antlers Trailer Features a Huge Beast Terrorizing Keri Russell Produced by Guillermo del Toro.
  19. famous plants
    We’re Pleased to Reveal the Two Ferns in Between Two Ferns: The Movie And according to Scott Aukerman, we can expect many sequels.
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