1. soulja boy tell 'em
    Just How Many Artists Feel They Got Ripped Off by Ariana Grande? Hint: it’s a lot.
  2. the industry
    With Notes App, Lee Unkrich Says Farewell to Pixar Remember him.
  3. surviving r. kelly
    After Scathing Documentary, R. Kelly Is Back on the Charts Good to know edgelords still exist!
  4. fyre festival
    A GoFundMe for the Fyre Fest Caterers Has Raised Over $60,000 Time to set right what scammers have wrought.
  5. on politics
    Bill Maher’s Own Audience Boos Him for Giving Ann Coulter Airtime Preserved in a video for posterity.
  6. etiquette
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Shoots His Shot to Shame Hamilton Fan for Recording the Show In real time, he tweaked “My Shot” to call out the “lady filming in the fourth row.”
  7. holier than thou
    Is Kanye West Starting a Church? Pray for Ye.
  8. on comedy
    Andy Samberg’s SNL Hiring Came on the Condition He Would Get a Haircut, and Fast Studio 8H is a no-flop zone.
  9. last night on late night
    16 Years Later, Laura Linney Still Isn’t Over Her Love Actually Make Out Scene “People feel sorry for me, but they shouldn’t.”
  10. last night on late night
    Hey, Fox & Friends, Try to Pronounce Stephen Colbert’s Show Correctly Hint: He’s not on Comedy Central anymore.
  11. daytime tv
    Wendy Williams Takes Extended Break From Talk Show to Work on ‘Well-Being’ A statement from her family says the host is reportedly experiencing complications from Graves’ disease.
  12. pilots
    NBC Orders Pilot From Your Favorite Future Sitcom Dad, Kenan Thompson Does this mean he’s leaving SNL?
  13. cancellations
    Sean Penn’s The First Is Taking A Giant Leap Off Hulu After One Season The astronaut drama from House of Cards’ Beau Willimon was a Hulu original.
  14. holiday weekends
    12 Movies to See Over the Long Weekend Squeeze in some Oscar contenders before nominations drop on Tuesday.
  15. tv review
    SMILF Season Two Is an Intimate Portrait of Womanhood, With an Asterisk Despite allegations about SMILF creator Frankie Shaw, season two excels at depicting the personal struggles of its women.
  16. discographies
    Deerhunter Front Man Bradford Cox Dissects Some of Deerhunter’s Best Songs “Everything we’ve done, we’ve suffered to do it. It’s never been easy,”
  17. explainers
    A Very Simple Guide to True Detective’s Multiple Timelines Confused by season three? Here’s a chronological guide to all the major events of True Detective’s grisly story.
  18. exclusive
    David Letterman Interviewed Kanye West for His Netflix Talk Show A large portion of the chat reportedly revolved around mental health.
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