1. fall fashion
    Lucy Boynton Plays the Ingénue The actress is Hollywood’s newest golden girl, and the fashion world’s favorite dress-up doll.
  2. book excerpt
    A Party Room and a Prison Cell: Inside the Friends Writer’s Room It was like a vampire, forever hungering for fresh blood to suck.
  3. agenda
    11 Things to Do in New York City Over the Next Two Weeks Tame Impala at MSG, Ed Baynard at White Columns, the Rave Theater Festival, and more.
  4. comics
    Art Spiegelman Says Marvel Comics Insisted He Remove Trump Critique From Essay The Maus cartoonist withdrew his essay over Marvel’s objection to a line comparing Trump to Captain America villain Red Skull.
  5. obits
    Katreese Barnes, Saturday Night Live’s Musical Secret Weapon, Dead at 56 The Emmy-winning musical director and pianist took home one of her awards for “Dick In a Box.”
  6. box office
    Let’s Hear It for the Boys: Good Boys Comes In Number One at the Box Office The first R-rated comedy to do so since 2016.
  7. the industry
    By the Power of Grayskull, Kevin Smith Brings He-Man Anime Series to Netflix The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot director will showrun Masters of the Universe: Revelation.
  8. celebrity
    Cardi B on Jay-Z’s NFL Deal and Whether She’d Want Her Own Talk Show “I feel like Jay-Z could bring back Colin Kaepernick. I feel like he has that power,” she told TMZ.
  9. food fight!
    Tituss Burgess Will Fire Food Out of a Cannon on Cooking Competition Dishmantled Pinot noir, caviar, the judges found your dish subpar.
  10. game of thrones
    HBO’s Game of Thrones Finale ‘Doesn’t Change Anything’ for George R.R. Martin “You can’t please everybody, so you’ve got to please yourself.”
  11. cancellations
    CBS Series Instinct Canceled After Season Two So long, Dr. Dylan Reinhart.
  12. tv
    Friends Monkey Marcel Might Be in FX’s Y: The Last Man Adaptation Katie, the white-headed capuchin monkey and storied actress, has already filmed her part in the pilot.
  13. obits
    Roger Rabbit Creator Richard Williams Dead at 86 He died at his home in Bristol on Friday, his family announced.
  14. racing
    Slayer Deemed Too Awesome for NASCAR Sponsorship The metal band says they were yanked as a sponsor due to “reactionary concerns.”
  15. music
    Elvis Presley to Put His Suspicious Mind to Work in Netflix Animated Spy Series Netflix’s Agent King was co-created by Priscilla Presley.
  16. way too close reads
    Let’s Speculate Wildly About the Meaning of Taylor Swift’s Lover Song Titles Who is the “False God”?
  17. the law
    Everything We Know About the Danny Masterson Scientology Lawsuit They’re being accused of covering up rape allegations.
  18. obits
    Actor Peter Fonda Dead at 79 The Easy Rider star suffered respiratory failure after a battle with lung cancer.
  19. they did that
    Doja Cat, Normani, and Rosalía Casually Won the Week in Music Videos A pop trifecta we didn’t know we needed.
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  • Succession (S2/E2) The Lion’s Den Once again, Logan has all his children firmly under his thumb, each completely vulnerable to his capriciousness.
  • Mindhunter (S2/E3) A City Too Busy to Hate Holden’s trip to Atlanta establishes some crucial context for atrocities yet to come.
  • Mindhunter (S2/E2) Open Doors Bill and Holden interview their first celebrity murderer of the season, building out a profile on BTK that’s mostly — but not entirely — accurate.
  • Mindhunter (S2/E1) In Every Dream Home a Heartache Season two picks up at the absolute low point in the BSU’s existence, as it’s overcome by paranoia, distrust, and infighting.
  • Younger (S6/E9) The Fallout With the personal fallout from The Secret mostly addressed, it’s time to pivot to the business fallout. It’s not great!


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