1. new music
    Hear ‘When I Wasn’t Watching,’ Mandy Moore’s First New Song In a Decade Add it the soundtrack of your Wistful Girl Fall.
  2. the industry
    Sophie Turner Fights to Survive on Quibi in First Post-Game of Thrones TV Role Alongside 24: Legacy star Corey Hawkins.
  3. remakes
    Issa Rae Reportedly Ready to Set It Off The Insecure star is developing a “reimagining” of the 1996 heist drama.
  4. dinosaurs
    Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic Short Welcomes You to An America Where Dinos Roam Camping? Fun while it lasted. Vacationing without the fear of a T. Rex eating your kids? We had a great run.
  5. theater review
    Theater Review: Wives, in Four Exuberant Feminist Conversations Imagined talk between queens and mistresses, Martha Gellhorn and Mary Hemingway, and more.
  6. the voice
    Taylor Swift Joins The Voice As a ‘Mega Mentor,’ the Alpha and Omega of Mentors Basically she’ll coach everyone.
  7. snl
    SNL Fires New Cast Member Shane Gillis “The language he used is offensive, hurtful and unacceptable.”
  8. vulture lists
    All 169 Seinfeld Episodes, Ranked From Worst to Best A critical look back at the iconic sitcom.
  9. behind the scenes
    These Chairs Need a Tony Tom Hiddleston, Gio Ponti’s Superleggera star in Betrayal.
  10. network tv
    ABC Doubles Down on Nostalgia With ‘Cast From the Past Week’ The stunt will turn ABC shows into retro reunions of Cheers, The Drew Carey Show, and other ‘80s and ‘90s faves.
  11. the streaming wars
    Seinfeld Will Switch From Hulu to Netflix in 2021 When a Friends door closes, a Seinfeld window opens.
  12. just wondering
    Would Brad Pitt Run Me Over With This Dune Buggy If I Asked? What if I asked really nicely?
  13. trailer mix
    Two Pauls Rudd Do Vicious, Poreless Battle in the Living With Yourself Trailer A pair of timeless beauties.
  14. tv review
    The Transparent Musicale Finale Is the Best and Worst of Transparent All in One The series concludes with a musical that teeters between self-parody and daring celebration, without ever fully falling on either side.
  15. switcheroos
    Christie Brinkley Replaced by Daughter on Dancing With the Stars Due to Injuries Sports Illustrated power!
  16. true crime
    How Unbelievable Tells a True Crime Story Without ‘Rape Porn’ The showrunner of Netflix’s new drama turned a Pulitzer-winning investigation into propulsive and essential TV.
  17. stand-up
    Jenny Slate Will Get Over Her Stage Fright in a Netflix Comedy Special The special premieres on October 22.
  18. q&a
    A New Documentary Explores the Secrets and Lies of Roy Cohn Trump mentor. Joe McCarthy protégé. AIDS victim. More than three decades after his death, he still haunts American life.
  19. refreshers
    A Quick Downton Abbey Character Recap Before You See the Movie It has been four years, after all.
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