Amy Winehouse Fist-Fights Charles Mingus in Heaven

Amy WinehousePhoto by Getty Images

The latest MP3s to hit the blogs.

1. Amy Winehouse, “Back to Black (Rumble Strips remix)”
Sounds like the hard-partying British soul singer fronting Television and the Charles Mingus Big Band — which is one tour rider we’d like to see, quite frankly. [Covert Curiosity]

2. Wu-Tang Clan, Various
Wu-Tang Clan tapped into their inner Ryan Adams yesterday, posting 215 (!) unreleased demos and rarities on their official Website. [Wu-Tang Corp via Spine Magazine]

3. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, “Oregon Girl”
After the news of Yeltsin’s death yesterday, music bloggers reacted swiftly, posting MP3s by this winsome Springfield, Mississippi, quartet who will now undoubtedly face even more tough questions about their stupid name. [Radio KGB]

4. Nick Drake, Family Tree
This compilation collects 28 previously unreleased tracks recorded at home by Drake and members of his family. The gorgeous “All My Trials,” a duet with his sister Gabrielle, is probably a good deal better than the White Russian–fueled “Theme From Shaft” your uncle sang with the band at your cousin’s wedding. [Bolachas Grátis]

5. Elliott Smith, “New Monkey”
In this slow burner from the just-leaked New Moon outtakes collection, Smith sings “anything is better than nothing,” a notion wholly disproved by this clip of Chris Cornell covering “Billie Jean.” [Strike Gently] • Lane Brown

Amy Winehouse Fist-Fights Charles Mingus in Heaven